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Intense negotiations in the sector 1716

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I hate to rise early in the morning. Can't get awake before 10:00 and two cups of coffee. But today it's different and you know why? I'm eager to test the view from the bridge of my brand new destroyer. The captain's chair is soft and amazingly comfortable. Around me the crew is busy running last minute checks and slowly, my mind starts drifting. I had the most amazing dream last night. I dreamed of a new home, a full sector working for my corporation. Profitsssss swelling my accounts!

-Sir, we're ready! The jump is initiated! My First Officer is an insolent Argon who loves nothing more than disturbing my most deep thinking moments.

And so we jump. As we exit the gate I take a quick look around. No stations, the gravidar shows ships...Red ships!!!

-I'll kill the idiot that gave the coordinates for this jump!
-That would by you, Sir!

The indolent voice beside me makes lift my sight and I start to think I'm dreaming. This sector, I've seen it before, in my dream! This is my sector!

-Xenon activity ahead of us! We can see five destroyers, a couple of frigates and a lot of Corvettes. What shall we do, Sir?

Irritation starts to grow inside of me! The can openers have been cruising around my sector without asking for permission!

- Is any wire bucket on an intercept course?
-Negative, Sir! They are all moving away from us!
-Ah, they are running! Won't pay the sector fee, will you? Quick, follow that I! I won't let them get away with it! Move, move!
-Don't worry, Sir, we're faster! The Boreas is the Ferrari of the destroyers!
- The what? Shut up and accelerate!

So, as soon as we're in communication range I decide to start the negotiations:

-Here is the owner of this sector! You have 10 mizuras to peacefully leave this sector. I did not allow you on my property! Oh, and leave your belongings behind. I am confiscating the ships as payment for your transgression!
-01011001011011110111010100100000011101110110100101 10110001101100001000000110001001100101001000000111 01000110010101110010011100100110000101100110011011 110111001001101101011001010110010000100001

I pride myself on having excellent communications skills. I speak seven languages and I master 10 dialects of the commercial language but this, this thing!

-Does anyone speak Xenon? No? Do you think they understood me? Maybe we are too far away and our transmission gets distorted!
-They are turning toward us, Sir! Your orders?
-We must make ourselves understood! Activate the heavy communication lasers! We are going to negotiate ship to ship!

The heavy communication lasers we use, also known as PPCs, are a very subtle persuasion tool. They are used to convey someones disappointment usually over failed negotiations. Also can correct small misunderstandings but have the unfortunate side effect of releasing a certain amount of energy once reaching their target. The inevitable stress caused to the receiver ship can cause (un)desired explosions in the case of overexposure.

-Communication lasers running hot, opening up!
-Turn slightly the ship, would you! We must allow our side lasers to start broadcasting the message!

The negotiations last a while. We are in no hurry. At the end we prove to be most persuasive! The cute Xenon have agreed to leave some of their ships behind to repay our kindness in letting them admire my property. I am not unhappy since we got one I, one K and one Q. The Xenon get to stay but I'll soon be back to collect what's mine!
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