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Roger L.S. Griffiths

A Terran Adventure (Part 9) - Reunions

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Back in Asteroid Belt, I report to the Orbital Defence Station for my next mission... the ATF want me to deliver a specially manufactured glowing crystal to the new Jump Gate construction complex in Neptune. Setting the course to Neptune, I engage the autopilot and decide to catch a nap.

Upon reaching Saturn, the computer alerts me to a couple of missions, one on Saturn Research station (a mission to deliver a Sabre) and one on the Shipyard (another mission to deliver a Sabre)... I wonder if they trashed each other's ships in a collision... buying two minimal equipped Sabres I turn over one to the guy at the Shipyard and instruct the other to dock at the Research station then go back to sleep.

As I enter the sector of Neptune, I take over from the autopilot for the approach to the Jump Gate construction complex. Parking along side the complex, I teleport the crystal over to the specified location at the complex. I then receive a message from the ATF, apparently Bala Gi has a plan to eliminate the Kha'ak presence and asks me to meet him at the equipment dock in Kingdom End. While waiting for the jump sequence to complete and take me to Kingdom End, I note that the Sabre has just arrived at the Research station so I turn it over to the client.

Upon arrival at the Equipment Dock, I look up Bala Gi on the comms system and contact him at his office. Apparently, his plan is to use the Hub to forceably reconnect the North Gate of Terran Unknown Sector 1 to a different sector, and by doing so cut off the Kha'ak sector from the gate network. The procedure is too complex to explain in the time allowed, thus he needs me to taxi him to the Hub in order to complete the procedure in person.

With Bala Gi on board, I jump us both to the Hub's sector. Docking at the Hub, I instruct my crystal traders to take a vacation for a while and take Bala Gi to meet Mahi Ma in order to let them get re-acquainted and for Mahi Ma to explain what he has done to the Hub.

While the two Borons, exchange dialog in their native language I rearm Spirit Eater with more spectre missiles, satellites and M/AM warheads. Upon Bala Gi's orders, I connect the Hub's only active gate set to the North Gate of Unknown Sector 1. Five minutes later, Bala Gi suggests I investigate the new sector...

Upon exiting the jump gate in the new sector, the computer chimes in "Entering Sector Terran Unknown Sector 2"... a quick visual scan reveals that this is in fact a completely different sector to the one the Kha'ak was in. Transmitting the initial scans to ATF HQ, they indicate that the sector appears to be one of the sectors visited long ago by some of the early pioneers and that I should keep an eye out for a deactivated Jump Gate.

A short while later I find the Jump Gate in the northern part of the sector, and transmit the co-ordinates to the ATF. Acknowledging receipt of the co-ordinates, ATF HQ ask me to guard the gate while they connect the new gate in Neptune to it. A short and uneventful time later, the gates are connected and the Aldrin people are finally re-united with their Terran cousins.
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Updated 29-05-2009 at 05:05 PM by Roger L.S. Griffiths

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