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Roger L.S. Griffiths

A Terran Adventure (Part 10) - Origins

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With Aldrin reconnected to the Sol system, and Bala Gi helping Mahi Ma with fixing the Hub, I decided to do some more prospecting and try and find a suitable location for my fifth complex (and my first Terran based complex).

As the new Terran Unknown Sectors are a bit of a wildcard at the moment I decided to steer clear of them for the time being. Once my finances have been rejuvinated and I can extend my fleet of Boreas then perhaps I may consider building in those sectors of space. For the time being there is only one Unknown Sector that looks promising and this is one sector away from Xenon space.

The Terran stations are rather modular in design and bear the same clean white appearance of their ships. This has made the beginnings of my fifth complex rather clean, though my next Terran based complex chain will be much cleaner.

Soon after completing the first part of Spirit Plex Five, I receive a signal from my Boreas patrol... Fleets of Xenon ships have been coming in waves from TUS3... Initial scans indicate that they may be originating from an as yet undiscovered station or sector in the south-east quadrant of TUS3.

Armed with this information, and keen to stem the tide of Xenon ships and secure the sectors bridging Aldrin and the Sol system, I decide to go exploring in Spirit Eater.

Upon emerging from the West Gate in TUS3, I push the throttle to 100% and check my gravidar and sensor net information. My TUS3 satellite array shows that the current wave of Xenon ships are originating from somewhere high above the eliptical plane in the South East quadrant.

With the Xenon apparantly ignoring me for now, I use the video enhancement goggles and scan the region where they appear to be originating from. Lo and behold I see what appears to be an active gate!

Checking the gravidar again, this gate does appear to be the source of the Xenon waves. Deciding a closer inspection is called for, I point my ship towards the gate and decide to explore the sector beyond.

Emerging through the other side of the gate, the ship computer chimes in "Entering Sector Xenon Sector"... what???.... I think to myself, no other designation??? ... Just Xenon Sector???

A quick check of the Stella Nav software identifies this sector as the sector where the Terraformer wars started, and thus is the birth place of the Xenon. A further check of the gravidar and radiation sensors, shows that some of the Xenon ships here bear damage that bears a strong resemblance to that inflicted by weapons only used by the Commonwealth.

Noting all the information, I decide to ask Bala Gi later if he knows anything of this sector. In the mean time, I retask my Boreas patrol to TUS3 in the hope of containing the Xenon a little better.
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