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Are forums dying out because of social networking?

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You can do a search and there is an flood of opinions. Many think they are the same, actually very different. Sites like FB allow anyone to self promote, self glorify, a thought, feeling or opinion. but after posted when the likes or dislikes are done, that moments flair quickly rolls off the pages in history out of sight.
Those arguments, opinions or what badge you got on a mobile app is not what is found in the search engines. Engines never bringing that to surface in any results. It is the individual challenge of each person to feel wanted, liked or argue over what they ate for dinner the night before or snap shot of the kids.

Social networking is where people must defend or glorify what they do on a day to day routine or Social resume for a product or thought. When you get down to it that individual content there is not much of a review but to look over some pictures and the occasional arguments how far people would go to post stuff they would never say in public. Yet wanting to hide themselves when a following base is shocked. All that Drama is Drama to get returning users and the web ads pay to be seen upon drama build sites.

They many not be friendly based for a one click post taking too many steps to post stuff or incorporate outside content. But Forums are the place to go for information and technical info which is found in search engines. Forums are a power house to organize data which does not drift off the page. and most forums have administers to keep much of the drama out via guidelines.

just like the title of this blog everywhere else is another ploy to pit social networks how they are killing forums and how they are dying out. .....NOT..... Yes there is less traffic on many forums, WHY, technology does not allow people on there iPhone to drive and view standard formatted forums, or find a quick post while you hind your device under your desk saying "Yeah I am almost done with this report".

As fast has Browsers upgrade and bandwidth data dumping on users are more 1080 then 720 dpi makes older PC devices choke handling it. So many get mobile devices and find a social app to keep them busy in the car, at work, in bed or smoke break without dragging a PC cord walking around.

At the end of the day when people look back at all the likes or drama they may not have gained anything but a bright moment in time which is long forgotten huddled over watching how many likes they got for a topic that day. On a forum you could find a game tech topic in a help or data forum, but what you ate that night and who you kisses will most likely NOT.

Once peoples lives and new devices are upgrade they will return to more normalized life. The data on the web is there for Social or Forums or any other platform to get it. It all comes down to the format that makes it move with the changing devices to render it with ease. and 10 years from now, people with still find the data you have if it is not based on a fad but a daily function which others can step into doing when your done.

There is no perfect format, it is was so, way or there so many different style like twitter, FB and many others, it just that people are so busy and many standard mobile device don't incorporate spontaneous drama post buttons for others to follow. these are apple and oranges.

Forums are specialized not like Social networks you have your heavy metal band buddies reading what Grandma posted "Glad you liked my cookie, and please where the hat I made you" while grandma see you buddies post the picture of you after you drank past your limit.

There will be a time where people will want to separation from life functions from each other. People will desire and like the privacy once again, when one stupid post can be left on an outside forum and not have an embarrassing moment tag you and follow you your MAIN Life.

How many people lost their jobs for something a co worker saw on you family post or robbed because a friend shared what you bought or hobby. those doors are too open in peoples personal lives and many are starting to see it and social networks know it the thorn with people return to use them less or going away.
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  1. Roger L.S. Griffiths's Avatar
    Overuse of social networking on the internet is a symptom of an overarching disease of society (reality TV programmes such as Big Brother being another) and too many people are perhaps not as careful with their personal information as they should be while there are some that abuse the anonymity afforded by the internet.

    Social networking is a tool that can be put to good use when moderated properly (e.g. Linked-In perhaps) but it is all too easy for some to be both used and abused (e.g. Facebook and Twitter both of which have been reported as influential in bad RL events).

    Forums are still useful tools but the problems with their liveliness diminishing in general is probably more down to changes in attitudes in society (for the worse in the main).

    Another factor may be that as some older forum users get older, the demands on their time increase in the main meaning they have less time to spend on some things (e.g. spending time in forums).

    It seems to be heading in the direction of the way the internet was over 15 years ago with News Net groups perhaps replacing Bullet-in boards, but in this instance consolidated Social Networking Groups may in the long run replace forums in the main.
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