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Roger L.S. Griffiths

A Terran Adventure (Part 11) - Interlude

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After discovering the Xenon home sector adjacent to the new Terran Sectors, I decided it was time to expand my fleet and build a Xenon containment force.

Given that the Xenon are sending fleets of fighters being led by capital craft ranging from an M6 up to an M1/M2 pair I decided that there should be three layers for containing the Xenon in their home sector.

Layer 1 would be 4 M2s guarding the gate leading to the Xenon sector in Terran Unknown Sector 3. Layer 2 would be 4 M2s set to guard a position between the gate to the Xenon Sector and the gate to Terran Unknown Sector 1. Layer 3 would be a Split Panther loaded with Spitfyres patroling Terran Unknown Sector 1.

As this will cost alot of money and time to set up, I decide to set up Layer 3 first and leave my Boreas wing as a temporary Layer 2, until I have setup Layer 1 and can afford to replace the Boreas wing with a permenant Layer 2 task force.

After a few missions, defending some stations for the Split I have built up 60 million of funds, enough to start my Layer 1 with a fully equipped Panther while leaving some cash left over for personal expenditure.

After purchasing the Panther and setting it up on gate defence duty in TUS1, I receive a rumour that there could be more Goner Arans abandoned in deep space. Deciding that I could do with a second Aran for reverse engineering later, I head over to my Goner Aran "Spirit Sanctuary" and prepare for some deep space exploration.

After a few jumps, I start to realise that the Gravidar masking system of Spirit Sanctuary is not 100% perfect. On a few occassions, the fighters that were near my jump destination in deep space started attacking me. Luckily, the fighters were unable to cause signficant damage to the shields in the time that I had to be in their sector of space.

After a few hours of jumping and exploring, I discover an empty sector... well nearly empty... apart from the few asteroids there was only one other ship, a Goner Aran...

As with the Spirit Sanctuary, the discovered Aran was masked from the gravidar and targeting sensors. After briefing my team of 5 Terran marines that captured the first Aran, I jump into the command seat of Spirit Eater and prepare for the boarding operation.

This time the boarding operation did not go so smoothly, although the operation was a success one of the marines lost their life to the Goner Aran's internal defences. His sacrifice will be honoured by a company party on the anniversary of his death.

Upon my return from deep space, with my prize (a Goner Aran with 22% hull), I jump into Spirit Eater for a trip to the Hub to check on Mahi Ma's progress while I send the new Goner Aran to one of my Equipment Docks in Asteroid Belt for storage, and Spirit Sanctuary to an equipment dock for upgrades.

Upon arrival at the Hub, I am greeted by Bala Gi who elected to remain with Mahi Ma and help with the repairs. Looking at the report he gave me I rub my eyes in disbelief... Less than 170K more crystals are needed to fix the second gates! Bala Gi smiled with satisfaction at seeing the surprised look on my face...
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