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Roger L.S. Griffiths

A Terran Adventure (Part 12) - Frontlines

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With the second set of gates so close to being repaired, I decided it was time for me to spend some time preparing for connecting the second set of gates.

The first question is where to connect them to? With the Xenon becoming ever more persistent and sending more ships through Terran Unknown Sector 3, the logical gate to connect to would be the Aldrin 2 jump gate leading to Terran Unknown Sector 1. Doing this would enable my frontline Xenon Containment Force to get quick re-inforcements while allowing easier trade between Aldrin and the Commonwealth.

While this is one option, the Yaki have been becoming a bit of a nuisance lately with random attacks on my satellite sensor network. A while ago I had cleaned out the Yaki claimed sectors on the eastern edge of the gate network, so I decided to investigate their sectors and update my intelligence on them.

Powering up the jump drive of Spirit Eater, I target the North Gate of the Yaki core sector... Weavers Tempest. Upon entering Weaver's Tempest, I note very little activity, but after exploring a little I found only two stations... a Space Fuel Factory and an Incedary Bomb Launcher forge.

While backtracking along the eastern edge of the sector, I came across a lone Kha'ak fighter which decided to try and attack me, and died in the attempt. I plot a course to fly out of Yaki space, and head through the North Gate to Senator's Badlands.

Upon entering Senators Badlands, I notice alot more activity but nothing that would pose a serious threat to my Springblossom. About half way across the sector I notice a rather strange station configuration I have never seen before... Checking my databanks, the computer identifies it as a Yaki Shipyard. Making a note of this for my company's intelligence division, I head towards the North Gate and the last of the Yaki sectors... Ocracoke's Storm.

Crossing Ocracoke's Storm, I notice very little activity and no stations at all, so I head to the unclaimed sector of Savage Spur, which acts as a buffer zone between the Paranid and the Yaki.

Upon entering Ocracoke's Storm, I note some Yaki activity on the north-western edge of my sensors. Heading north, I note that the Yaki are active on the western side of the sector, away from the jump gate leading to Paranid space and a lone station.... a Pirate Base.

Deciding that this might be a good time to begin preparations for infiltrating the Yaki ranks, I head over to the Pirate Base and start asking around for work.

I decide to steer clear of the smuggling missions for now, and instead elect to do some taxi work, a couple of courier jobs, and a few station construction jobs. I also found a few friendly pirates who were willing to hack the Yaki stations for me. My reputation with the Yaki is not good enough to let me land at their stations, but at least the station hacking will lay the foundations for my future infiltration plans.

Upon returning to the Hub, Mahi Ma met me at the docks to report that the second set of gates are ready to be connected and to ask me to contact an associate of his in Priest's Pity. I decide to leave immediatly, and go and see this Paranid associate of Mahi Ma's.

Upon arrival at the Communications Outpost in Priest's Pity, I note a number of rather dirty looks from the Paranid there, but none of them seem to pay too much attention to me... I guess that two-eyes are not popular visitors here. Heading over to a communications station I look up Mahi Ma's associate and comm him.

The rather typical Paranid indicated he remembered Mahi Ma and would be willing to help him, but he would need a 15 million credit donation to cover the cost of his services. Deciding to play nice, for Mahi Ma's sake, I give the Paranid his 15 million and give him the docking bay number where my ship is docked. Checking the station's canteen for a snack, I note that the only food on offer are things that look like peanut shells... deciding to opt for an MRE ration instead, I head back to the ship to taxi the Paranid to Mahi Ma.

Thankfully, the journey to the Hub was swift, and Mahi Ma quickly disembarked the Paranid to show him around. As I was readying my ship for departure, so as to put as much distance between me and the Paranid as possible, I receive a message from Mahi Ma... he wants 400 thousand units of Silicon to start the repair work on the third and final set of gates.

Leaving the Hub, I opt to connect the second set of gates to the Aldrin 2 jump gate and start issuing instructions to my fleet to ship all the spare Silicon stored at my complexes to the Hub.
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