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J.G.Vortex Data Logs. 4

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I am turning a nice profit with Sunkist my miner ship. I will start setting up another miner shortly. I have a Demeter, Demeter Super Freighter and Demeter Super Freighter XL, Mercury, Iguana, and Toucan Hauler. Regrettable they are all busted up bad and will cost me a mint to repair. I jumped to Split Fire and there were not many ships about. The
Kha’ak had split into two groups now. The Alpha group consisting of the Frigate teamed up with one M6 and the two M3, they where patrolling the North and East gates. The Beta cluster is a M6, M3 and a M5 working the East to South Gate. I have been the South gate by engaging the Beta cluster and running them far of the trade lanes then jumping back to South Gate. This gives me time to claim ships and send them to Priest Pity. I made another run back after Beta Cluster and they lite me up as I jumped again and found Pirates entering from the South Gate adding to my mistake. I add a panic jump to the East gate for getting about Alpha Cluster and some Marauder jumped in to. This is very bad as my shields dipped to 23%. Jump fasters dam it, get a move on Betty. As I enter Priest pity I started getting Betty mouthing off that your ships are under attack, Split Fire. Oh well is all I could say seeing that my hull was at 93%. While my shields were recharging I figure I look around a bit in here.

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I went to the West Gate which was Priest Rings. I met with turn around and leave this SECTOR YOU PRESENTS IS NETHER WANT NOR TOLERATED HERE!!!! I think I’ll be leaving now. Them Nemesis live up to their names. I looked through what ships I had here and picked them clean of what I could hold. I think I’ll pop though the North Gate and see what’s there before I head to shipyard.

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As I enter Split I saw the Kha’ak Beta Cluster working on the last Station left in the system. While I was thinking that there will be no one to stop someone from claiming this sector. Well, beside the Kha’ak and Pirate’s any way. I figure I hang out and watch a station decompress from a safe distance when the South Gate went active. A large ship enters the sector and sets an intercept course to the station.

I had not seen this type yet. I went a bit closer to get a better look at it when it open up on the M6 and before it could disengage the station, the M6 was history. Its escorts did not fair any better as they went to engage the ship as it change course for the other cluster. The Frigate, M6, and a M3 grouped were working on a pair Marauders and a mix bag of Pirate fighters that were by the East Gate.

I had to get closer for this fight and see if I could see what this ship was. As I yelled at Betty to scan the ship it came up as an Otas Boreas. What is it Betty I need more info now. M1 about time!! This should be good. Wait there are six Marauders in the sector now with a bout a dozen M3s pouring in from the North Gate. The two Marauders from the South Gate were bringing up the rear and the other two joined the fight with other two Marauders that the cluster was fighting with by the East Gate. I had settled in at the asteroid field to watch the melee, when two crabs had sneak up behind me and lighted up my shields. I turned and returned fire as I charged my jumpdrive and jumped to the South Gate and headed toward the planet while I was watching the main event unfold. They couldn’t wait a minute could they? I’ll take care of them after this fight is done. The action was furriest as the three groups all merged by the East Gate. I put the Boreas on one screen and the Frigate on my second screen to watch to damage infected. As I neared the East Gate the battle had faded half way toward the South Gate. As far as I could tell the Frigate killed two Marauders and was split up it’s turrets fighting fighters and the M1. The M1 had crush the Kha’ak’s M6 and the two southern Marauders when it stared on the Frigate and the Pirate fighters. It seemed to have some problems with the smaller ship unlike the Frigate witch put them in a cahoona grinder. As I circled the slaughter the two crabs kept me moving about. The M1 shields were down about haft way when the Frigates failed. The Frigates seemed to stiffen then when half the hull was gone and then the turrets stopped and it was done. The Kha’ak’s M7 floated adrift and the Otas Boreas mopped up two more Marauders that had jumped in. I had had enough of my tails and went to work on them. I had to claim the ship before someone else does. I lead the crab off the main trade lane and jumped to the South Gate given me a nice gap between them and me. I check my scanner and saw five ships adrift and the M7 had shield charged now. How luck was that. I set course to salvage it as I saw a Marauder Jump in for the North Gate. I need this ship is all I could think as I seem to crawl to the M7, It’s huge I’m not even close enough to claim it yet. Please have good size shield left and some weapons left. I can’t claim it only to have it destroy before it can be saved. Here comes the goblin drones, why did the Boreas leave all ready? Ok almost there 1400, 1300, 1200, 1100, and here is 1000 claim it Betty claim it now! Scan it, shield and weapons, ok set weapon to defend. She’s moving, wow there goes the drones and here comes my crab friends just in time to meet my new friend. The M7 is a wreaking machine. As it started on the crabs I easily took them out and the Marauder Jumped before I could engage it.

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My M7 in Bad shape; the hull is at 27% and on the good side it still has a 500MW and a 125 mw shield intact. It also has six Beta Kyon Emitters on board. I have set her to go the Elena’s Fortune Shipyard along with the other ships I salvage. I sent for Vortex 1 to help clean up the containers the litter the sector. There are 5 ship here all ready scooping up the profits I need to fix my ships and start exploring more. It looks like my salvage jobs are done in Split Fire after this.. I need to read up on making some money now.

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