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beauty of fire.

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Day 2: after some much needed repair and upgrades i am back out to see if i really can make a living collecting the leftovers of space battles, i just hope that no one takes me as a threat.

after a few hours of cruising around the argon/pirate border sectors. i landed at a station in Splitfire to take what little e-cells i could find to a "Friend" of mine. while i was there he told me of a large pirate armada that was moving into the area today, a brigantine and a small fleet of support craft. the objective? to harass and show power. apparently they intend to shake down the stations there in the sector.

sure enough that armada showed up. and not 15 min later a Paranid fleet entered the sector. i didn't know what to do, not only had i never been near any major battles, the closest thing to a firefight i had been in was a fist fight back in flight school. needless to say i was scared and exited at the same time. watching those two hulking bodies dance around each other throwing their respective punches, the fighter support swarming around the two like space flies. loosing myself in the raw, morbid, beauty of it all i remembered. "i am only out here, risking my life, to gain a little profit and some leftover hardware.

three hours later i had made two trips to the outpost to sell my wares and i made a cool 130k, life was good. two days and i have made money then i did in 6 years of being a taxi.

then it dawned on me, maybe i don't have to wait till someone else destroys a cargo ship, a fighter, a vessel of any kind.

maybe, just maybe, i can do a little pirating myself.
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  1. J VORTEX's Avatar
    Nice start. I wish I had your flare for words...
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  2. ReeverDrak's Avatar
    Nice work there dude cool one
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  3. stemardue's Avatar
    Tempted by the dark side are you... Strong you must be! And resist!


    Sorry for that, it rolled off almost by itself

    Good start! Hope to read more soon
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