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Pirate's Bane

A Gift from the Kha'ak

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What has transpired before:

Pirate’s Bane and his band of mercenaries, collectively known as the PB Intruders got a butt whomping from a Kha’ak Destroyer while flying a Heavy Dragon with a Panther as back up support (the heaviest weaponary available to both ships were CIGs and ISRs). The Kha’ak Destroyer had both ships out-gunned and out-ranged, and the mercs barely escaped with their lives by engaging the emergency jump drive.

PB then began contacting his allies and he was able to make a deal for a stripped down Boreas. After flying sector patrols, factory protection, and “hit” missions against pirates, the mercs were able to outfit the Boreas with Ion Cannons and PPCs.

The story continues ….

PB instituted the following standard operating procedure (SOP) for dealing with Kha’ak Destroyers. Upon identifying a Kha’ak Destroyer the Boreas is immediately jumped into the system. Due to the Boreas’ heavy shielding and fire power, the Destroyer dies a quick death and the Heavy Dragon continues mop up of the remaining demoralized Kha’ak.

Last night, a Kha’ak Destroyer again attacked the Heavy Dragon. According to plan, the Boreas soon jumps into the system to deal with the threat.
The Boreas comes into range of the Destroyer and the front turret starts pouring Ion and Photon Pulse Cannon fire into the gyrating Destroyer.

The Kha’ak is not even in Kyon firing range before half its shields have been burnt off. Then the Boreas’ side turret unleashes more blazing balls of death into the Destroyer. The Destroyer’s Kyons finally kick in and start hitting the Boreas. But it’s too late for the Destroyer.

Seemingly seconds after it begins firing at the Boreas, the Destroyer explodes in a blazing, blinding expolsion that buffets the Boreas and causes the crew to scrabble for a safe tie down.

Having ridden through the shockwave, the commander of the Boreas signals Pirate’s Bane in his Heavy Dragon that it’s safe to turn scanners back on now that the electromagnetic explosion has passed.

PB turns back on his scanner, the items cast off in space start appearing as dots on his space map with descriptors of the items running down the right side of his screen. He scans the descriptors … “e-cells” …. “Banshee missiles”…. “water” ….. “promotional plates”. “Hmmm, just the usual space junk”, he thinks to himself. Then he looks to the bottom of the list and reads, “incendiary bomb launcher.”
“Oh, those useless lasers that the cargo ships carry”, he thinks to himself, “more junk!” And then a thought tugs at him and he reads the descriptor again, “incendiary bomb launcher.” Recognition triggers in his mind, “It can’t be! It’s one of those pirate lasers that we’ve been looking for!”
He immediately clicks on the info screen to get the ware size and quantity, “ware size 110, quantity 4.”
“Damn! Four of those things! Four million credits worth of those impossible to get pirate lasers! Let’s get them aboard!”

As the crew scrabbles to make the necessary course adjustments to pick up the gifted lasers, another thought hits Pirate’s Bane, “Oh no, we don’t have 440 excess hold capacity! Belay that order! If we try and load them, they will explode. Comm the Boreas and have them pick up the lasers.”

Next the story picks up with how PB’s Intruders used their new found lasers.

PB Scorecard:

1 Heavy Dragon
1 Boreas
1 Panther
4 IBLs

$83 million credits
17 man “cap” team training

0 factories
.010 of storyline completed
0 Thanks, 0 Likes, 0 Dislikes
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