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Trying out the Turret Control on my Osaka

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OK, so got to try the turret control out for the first time last night, can't believe I did not know about this - its awesome!!!

Need to give a little background to put the end of this story in context, it was 4am in the morning and I had been working through the night to get a report out, clicked send and then natually thought might as well spend a cheeky hour on X3 before bed - missus won't notice.

Will keep the mission details sparse just in case anyone hasn't done it - but it was a recon mission to an unknown sector. Should be a sinch in my Vidar!!!

I arrive through the gate and am greated with a dozen or so signals, all L's and N's - no real threat, no P's in sight but in the distance it looks like a Xennon station completely undefended - sweet. So I throttle down and start to mop up the L's, am getting through the N's when I see the tell tale flash through my windscreen, a K has popped in shortly followed by a J. No trouble, done this many times before, split the J off, take outs its fighter support, then the J and finally get in close to finish off the K. Easy ... hang on a minute, flash, and another K, followed by another J and another, and another, and the beat goes on ...

So forming up on my right the smaller battle group of 2 K's and 2 J's.

On my left the larger battle group with 3 K's and 4 J's. This is now by far the largest number of cap ships I have seen in one place! Contemplating bailing out, as a quick check showed that most of my fully loaded Osaka's were low on energy and wouldn't make the jump without a resupply, I was tired and didn't fancy waiting for that, wanted to get into the action, so I drop the 2 Osaka's that can make it in to the Sector, set them up on my right and left displays and order them to engage, within seconds they have started to dance around each other clearly in an innane attempt to distract the enemy armada rather than engage them head-on.

Remembering Galders advice on the turret I head over to the Osaka fully loaded with 8 PSP's at the front and a further 8 in its starboard battery, transport myself over and turn the helm to face the smaller battle group!! Here goes!!

So I target the lead K and floor the Osaka, well as far as you can floor an Osaka, more of a liesurely stroll, but nethertheless we are closing ranks. What seams like whole minutes later and we are almost in range so I transport myself down to tthe forward weapons array and take manual control of the turrets. I start to charge the 6 PSP's, hang on a minute were are the other two? A quick check confirms my fears, in my sleep deprived rush I got in the wrong Osaka, rather than 16 PSP's across my forward and starboard batteries I have just 6 and a load of anti-fighter weaponary! Oh well, this should be interesting, so I charge up the PSP's till they are vibrating, steady my sights just ahead of the target and let loose a full volley. I watch the salvo trace across the void, strangely resembling the photon torpedoes from Star Trek 2 The Wrath of Khan, and then I see the damndest thing, the shield bar on the K twitches and then crashes, it is almost instantaneously down to about 20% shields!!! I ready another salvo and pow!!! seconds later and the K's shields are gone and its hull is down to about 30%, I don't even bother charging the third salvo, the K breaks apart in a satisfying ball of flames.

So thats one down and it didn't even get a shot off!! I turn to face the next nearest, a J. It is slightly out of position and I get a glimpse of its belly. Thats all I need as I charge a salvo, they tear the J's shields apart leaving its hull lightly beaten but largely intact, another salvo has the J up in flames - 2 down and not a shot fired back. I have another J bearing down on me, flighters fom the first J starting to close and that other K is somewhere, but this Osaka is briming with anti-fighter weapons so I stay my course and let the AI take the fighter screen down, I check my shields and they are holding firm as I engage the second J. Head to head I unleash a salvo just as I see its own laser trail arking towards me. Seconds later the J is history and only minor damage to the shields, but where is that K? With so many other cap-ship symbols on the edge of my screen and the turning circle of a cross channel ferry I quickly flick up the sector map to try and get a pinpoint on where she is - about 4km off my starboard bow, just where my other PSP battery wouldd be kicking in IF I had only transported to the right ship! So I quickly turn under and over, twisiting as I do to bring me back up on the side of the K. I've taken a few hits from some heavy weaponary but my shields are surprisingly intact so I unleash my charged shots from the PSP's and the K no longer presents any threat.

A total of 10 salvoes and 2 K's and 2 J's will no longer trouble anyone, shields holding very well without any reversing to maxmimse the range advantage, no jumping back to gates to charge the shields. A full on and bloody (for them) capital ship battle!!! So feeling mightily cocky I turn towards the second battle group.

I keep checking my shields on the top right moniter as I tear in to the unsuspecting Xennon, almost feeling sorry for them as the 4th cap-ship in this larger battle group errupts in flames. Starting to take some heavy weapons fire but shields remarkebly intact, excellent, two K's closing from both sides, no problem at all,

"docking computer destroyed ... 2Gj shield destroyed"

Hang on a minute, that doesn't happen when your shields are almost on max!!! Then I realise, it does if in your sleep deprived state you have been checking the shields OF THE OTHER OSAKA!!!!

Still, head to head full speed (a whole 52ms I will have you know) against 5 K's and 6 J's and I managed to take out 3 of the K's and 5 of the J's. Not bad going me thinks, but still thinking of what could have been if I had just concentrated!!!

Thanks Galder, one of the best moments I have in X3 so far :-)
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  1. stemardue's Avatar
    Would make a great clip either! Very nice snippet!
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