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Jey 16

My First Steps

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One day my eyes found that magazin, the cover showed me the deep darkness of space and one thing that should later become my favourite girl - well the magazin was called CBS, a german magazin about games, and the girl was the Argon Nova - X The Threat was inluded in this magazin. I never heared of it until this day. I took it, well I dont know why I took it with me, maybe it was the question thats still flying inside my head that forced me too buy this. "Are we alone, is anything out there? " thats what I think when I watch the sky in the late hours of the day, with its shiny stars and those mysterious fogs ...

At home I just installed X and I was thrown in this realy deep environment ... it took me half an hour to find the south gate to Home of Light and another half an hour to find something called Terra Corp. HQ. - strange game - my ship is a tiny piece of **** and the controls are a bit difficult ... ok lets say I needed a few trys to dock at TCHQ and after that I just earned my first Credits - wow
Nice feeling ... I slowly learned the keyboard controls, earned more credits and hey ... Im still flying a Discoverer, well what I knowed so far - this was the best ship to be shot down in a single burst ... but i upgraded it! And yeah it was fun to fly arround, I felt like Im driving my own car searching for a empty parkignslot in a gigantic spacestation. And that one day I did that mission where you have to fly thos silly Borons to the Terra Crop HQ. I was chased by thousands of pirates and just in the last second that mighty ship arrived an shot dem all down - my hero - I want that ship ... I earned more Credits and after a few other missions and side missions where I earned more money, I saw a cutscene ... the sector was called Trantor, I just left that sector when a custcene showed me how strange triangulars messed up that sector. Later they were called the Khaak.
Hell yeah that was cool and it was even cooler to find this huge broken gate ...
The game was so cool ... I never thought that I could have over ~1000 hours of fun with a game that costs 4 ... Then I bought that ship called Nova ... oh and yeah this was the beginning of the best time i ever had with X The Threat ... I killed pirates and slayed Xenons to get better an d better - and i got better and better every day ... It wasnt easy to fight in X, not like its now in X ... the ship felt more like a real ship with its own feedback, it was cool to fight against them earning money with the police license
I earned enough money to start using missiles ... well yeah moskito - ehrm ok thats a nice litle split toy but lets talk about wasps and dragonflys that was fun ... nowadays I dont use missiles in an X Game, I dont know why but theyre just so ineffective, they explode just after you launched them cause to many laserbeams are flying arround ... in X they where pretty, cool pretty effective and also pretty dangerous!
I loved the Nova - its still my favourite ship in X ...

Then I found a race called the "Paranids" ... I remember this day like it was yesterday ... I entered this sector and saw the mysterious yellow fog and the mysterious music in the background that just was like an invitation for an big adventure ... I hunted pirates there .. and suddenly I was allowed to dock at their stations - wow - they look strange ... yeah I made my way through Paranid Prime and other sectors, their ships looked differented but theyre not as cool as my Nova - I called her "Trinity" ...

My journey lead me to the point where I was allowed too chose the long secure way or the shorter, more dangerous way with either Bret or Saya ... I took the dangerous way ... the Xenon should be no problem ... ok we passed their sector without a scratch - but their big capital ships where very impressive - but what I saw in the next sector was ... something that teached me a lesson in X-Games ... I used my new device, that I bought a few hours before, to to zoom in - and I watch the things arround me ... that freighter flying to a station ... and suddenly - zap - zap - zap strange lights just popped up near that freighter something smiliar to thos things from that cutscene jumped into the sector and startet to split off and - oh my god they just blasted it away with those beams .. and oh one of those ships seems to be very big and ... its growing! ... na wait thats impossible ... its not growing - its heading towards me - oh lets get out of here and - zap - that sound when the kyon-emitter first hit me just burned into my brain ... this terrible sound of destruction ... I escaped but my ship was damaged by that M3 type ...

From now those Khaak were my biggest enemys ... and I tryed to fight them but that fight showed me that I need something else - better tactics to kill them ...
And yeah I found the AP Gunner in the next sector and a Mammoth should secure it but wait ... no not yet - Khaak attacked our group .. a lot of M4 types and M5 but only a few M3 ... lets use the missiles this time and yeah - I felt like Im the teacher for a new jet pilot ... I talked to my self "dont shoot until youre in a good position" and - "yet - shoot" - and I watched my missile and - booooom - it hit the Interceptor just in its triangular-ass!
This fight was awesome ... I never played a better situation than this one in any X-game! The best fight mission ever!
And the things just started to get bigger - I even got my first station as a reward!
After all that action I traded a bit collected more Credits to fight those Khaak ...
And after some more mission with them and even one mission in one of their god damn sectors I thought that I was ready to fight them back but ... until then I never fought anything bigger than M3 ... I even got a new tactic to kill them ... the "barrel roll - galaxy of energyplasma" - yeah just rolling and shooting looked like our galaxy - twisted and in green ... they missed me but I hit them
and then they ordered us back to Omycron Lyrae ... yeah the big endfight of the game with the mighty M0 that missed an entire planet ... a planet maybe the biggest target in the whole sector and they missed it :P and we blowed it up .... yeah thats the story ... and I started to rise my empire in the whole galaxy of X and earned enough money too buy my own M2 and even M1!

After all - that was possible the best X-game ever ... and my first step into the X-Universe ... Thats how I came to the X Universe and the Egosoft mainpage ...

And there I just read about X Reunion .... And I thought - WOW I NEED THIS
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