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USC commander Start: The Adventure Begins

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-sometime between 12 AM - 2 AM-

There i was, again, hovering at the point right below gravidar range, dont want another run in with the AGI TaskForce.
Staring at the massive orbital defense station, the Taurus,and watching the small blips of blackness move about the station. I thought to myself, "hm, Looks like the ATF are preparing another Fleet for departure."
always struck me as odd that they always prepare under the cover of darkness, or rather, earth darkness,it must always be dark in space.....right?
but whats the point? there is NO possible way anything nonhuman has set foot on terra,heck it was hard enough for me, AN EARTH CITIZEN,to visit some people from my school days who have settled on the moon and get back, it was a whole day affair to confirm who i was!
im never leaving earth again unless im absolutely SURE im not coming back to it.
i look down to the controls, take another look up at the stars,then back at the controls,and set the destination coordinates for my home's landing pad.

-a few months later, 2 PM-

another uneventful day, the Taurus is back within view,i accidentally got lost in thought about joining the USC fleet, my father noticed this and reminded me that the people in the USC fleets are offworlders who barely have any idea about earth.I keep telling him that if the ATF were just abit more relaxed,he cut me off here and said "if they were more relaxed,then the Sol System would become polluted and corrupt just like our friendly, squeeky clean Argon brothers are and were more concerned about the welfare of others and not the annihilation of AGI".There really isnt much i couldve said back to that, i hardly know about anyone or anything that isnt in the Sol system.

-That same day, a few hours later-

here i am again, on the rooftop of my house, looking up at the Taurus,there are HUGE sparks of activity going on at the edges of the station, guess they must be expanding.Very little activity tonight,atleast from down here it looks like none.Wish i could fly up abit and take a closer view,but Father took the ship out again, didnt say to where, just said "to see an old friend".As i was dreaming about fighting along side other USC pilots, i saw a spark,no, it was definately bigger than the regular station sparks, almost like....something..somethi.....thats entering the atmosphere!
My eyes are fixed on that fireball coming down to earth, time has completely stopped,besides what that fireball might sound like as its burning i cant hear anything. it almost seemed like its heading,....hea..heading my way! im now panicking, there is absolutely NO WAY that this can be happening, i look down at the ground,jus...seeing my dreams dashed away in some accident during expansion of the ironic! i look up again, and..its gone..the dream dashing fireball...just vanished....i..i have no idea whats going on. i walk over to the Elevator,as im waiting for it, i cant help but think what happened to that fireball and how scared i was if it actually impacted,i hear the elevator open, walk inside and go downstairs to the main Living space.
When the doors open, i see the symbol of the ATF, i think to myself "oh no....please dont let anything have happened to anybody".I look further up the arm...and...and..its an ATF uniform!? just what is going on?! i look over to this unknown person, and he is wearing an USC emblem.After what felt like a VERY long time, Father notices me and asks me to introduce myself to his friend, an Admiral of the USC fleet.

-months later, from 6PM - 9PM-

I can hardly contain my excitment while waiting for the USC scabbard transport ship to take me to the orbital Taurus station,im pacing and constantly looking up at the sky every chance i get and hope that the next Scabbard i see is for me.There are other people at the spaceport as well,they all seem very anxious for the transports arrival as well.Looking around at some of them,i notice some have terra academy training emblems on their space suits,they must come from some serious high ranked USC families.
It's nightfall now..just WHAT can be holding up that scabbard so much? i want to say that its the usual ATF redtape and their restriction of having any vessel flying during earth sun hours, but its been nightfall for 2 hours now.some of the cadets look really bummed out that the transport is delayed, some have even left convinced it isnt even coming!I for one will wait untill that scabbard pilot gets fired and repla-,looking up into the sky, i notice a ship coming this it gets closer,myself and other cadets notice the USC emblem and the shape of the scabbard,"Finally! the thing has arrived". i said,with MUCH satisfaction and a smirk on my face afterwards, thinking about those who left in doubt.
As we board the transport, the first thing i notice are a bunch of ATF and USC uniforms.....and i wonder "oh my...what have we gotten ourselves into?". i take my seat next to an ATF uniform,he seems very nervous that i chose to sit next to him,so i guess small talk while waiting for docking permissions onto the taurus is out of the question.

-a few days later-

The few days aboard the taurus has been quite unsettling,the ATF has setup checkpoints along EVERY pathway aboard the taurus.Paths leading to critical systems have triple the security that non critical systems do,and apparently the mess hall is a critical system,it is incredibly hard to get in just to grab a snack,kinda makes you beleive thats why everyone is so sloppy when they eat.
the docking areas are completely off limits to cadets not wearing a terra academy emblem, a USC or ATF emblem.Likewise,the cadet training dock areas are off limits to any personnel not authorized to give out flight instructions,the official ATF statement about this, is that if there IS an infiltrator aboard,then he or she wouldnt be able to easily influence any naive cadet.Noone beleives this ofcourse,but i dont necessarily beleive any of the unofficial reasons i hear floating about.As im sitting at one of the viewports,looking at earth,i hear the holocron buzz to life and the ATF commander aboard the station addresses all the cadets and informs us that training will begin soon and to report to our designated training docks.

-6 months later-

its been a long final 3 months...the AGI training was infinately times more harder than the USC survival training,kinda makes you doubtful that we will survive an incursion if AGI ever found out where we are again.over 90% of the cadets failed this training and would just be a casualty statistic,which is what the ATF captains are calling us by now,cadet casualty #28479 is my number.I feel abit better though,those snobby terra academy cadets have also failed the test,so to get back at them all the other cadets mock them by only calling them by their casualty number.Tomorrow is the final test,instead of seperate flight groups led by a seasoned officer, a cadet will be leading the entire group.

-the day after-
waiting in my Scimitar, i nervously look at the Orbital Accelarator, hoping that AGI doesnt come through.I mean, it would be good to test our skills against real opponets, but what would some cadets be able to do against ships that decimted entire seasoned battlegroups consisting of our best pilots? ive ordered the entire cadet wing to sit near the Taurus, our mission is to protect it, and in turn we will seek aid of its heavy anti everything, i see some sort of debris near the accelarator, just WHAT is that?, then more and more and more debris show up, thats when i realized...that isnt debris! those are AGI ships.

-few days later-

ive been assaigned a patrol in Neptune Orbit. i really dont wanna be out there, after that final test, i want some more recoop time.I guess all i gotta do is put it onto auto pilot and recoop in the cargobay of my Scimitar.
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  1. Roger L.S. Griffiths's Avatar
    Nice start to the story!
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