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Kha'ak Ally

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For some time I feel as though Kha'ak are too powerful for their hive like nature.

Description and lore says they are bugs that do not think for themselves but whats best for the hive. So who researches the weapons and stuff?
We hear of no Kha'ak Queen, Scientists or Builders of some sort. So who does?

My answer is, A secret ally. One with technological power but needs the Kha'ak for protection ether because of some disaster that left them feeble.
They are the masters behind these mindless bugs who control them until repair what they have lost.

Now I have a good idea what this ally would be.
From Masters of Orion 3 their are lore about the Antarans and the Orions who are so advance they could make artificial planets and stars that could also destroy them. They could create worm holes to get around quickly and could make dimensional portals into new universes to banish civilizations.

Now lets say one of these civilizations was the Silicoid race.
Who are big silicon, crystal creatures that are highly intelligent but suck at doing anything since they are just crystals.

These crystal like creatures grow slowly and since they take a long time to grow their space crafts or reproduce their people they would need an ally.

Now lets say the first race were the Kha'ak.
They are given technology which the Silicoid consider primitive but is highly advanced to the X Universe. In return they fight anyone who seem to threaten them or their masters.

Nividium is said that the Kha'aks use to make their ships so they are highly protective over it. It could be their masters are new to this material and have found many properties for it and told their pets to protect it.

I plan to add a couple sectors with these Silicoid, mainly next to Xenon Sectors and Kha'ak. They might be as powerful as the Sohnen in XTM or just a tad weaker in ship shielding.

About 10 to 20 new ships will be added. Silicon based creatures can't really use Kha'ak ships. Cockpit and life support would be completely different after all.

For anyone with the Kha'ak start would have access to a new shipyard for modified Kha'ak ships that have increase weapon and shielding recharge and capacity. Might also increase speed at a cost of storage space. Even though better engines mean more cargo space in Masters of Orion. I just don't want to make the ships too powerful.
I do plan on having these ships in the clusters which mean more dangerous encounters.

Hmm... That's all I came up for it so far.
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