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Stranger in a Strange Land

Journal - Day 3

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How long was I asleep? When I woke up I found my clothes folded at the foot of my bed. It will be good to get out of this open back, medical gown.

It is as I suspected. Nothing in my clothing triggers anything even close to a memory. They have been laundered, no doubt, anything that might have had meaning to me is gone.

I took a peek at my chart while the nurse had her back turned. The name on the file simply says Crucifix. Why do I have a feeling that my identity is less of a mystery to them than it is to me?

I was able to see my ship briefly, right before they pushed it passed the plasma lock and then blew it up. The Auto-Pilot indicated that last known position somewhere in Herons Nebula... As soon as I am released I will make my way there and see what I can discover.
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