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Stranger in a Strange Land

Krewcifix - Journal: Day 5

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Things have definitely gotten more interesting since my last entry.

It started when I decided to try my luck at leaving my quarters again. The corridors were empty as far as I could see and the decision to make a break for it was more of a misguided impulse than a plan. I knew that my ship was gone and had a pretty good idea that I wasn't going to be able to hide for long. Once security realized I was gone it was going to get hot in here and I prefer the cold of space. I made it to the rework facility on Hangar Deck 3 without being noticed and even managed to pull an officer's uniform from the laundry. I knew it wasn't going to fool anyone for long but I only needed 1 mechanic and a ship and 5 minutes.

I took a moment to compose myself and catch my breath then strolled onto the Hanger Deck with all of the confidence and and swagger of a fighter jock. I picked a ship that was in nearly new condition and started in on the Mechanic while I was still a fair distance away. The kid was so surprised that he dropped his tools, snapped to attention, saluted me twice and could not form a complete sentence that didn't have 7 stutters and a few sirs in it.

"Is this ship ready to fly?", I asked. Trying my best not to sound too eager.

He looked at the ship and looked at me then he glanced at the guards that were entering the hanger deck behind me. I glanced briefly to make sure they had not identified me yet then went back to the nervous mechanic.

"Is this ship ready to fly?", I asked again. Certain that the urgency was obvious from my tone of voice.

He looked at me then back at the guards again and waved at one of them as he started walking in their direction.

"I'll be right back", he said.

He stood and talked to the guards for several minutes, all of them looking at me then at the ship, then back to their conversation.

Red lights started to flash, sirens and horns blasted. A woman's voice came over the Station Comm System and began to announce my escape. I had taken my eyes off of the Mechanic and Guards in my initial panic and when I looked for them they were no where in sight. I pressed the canopy release and started to climb in as I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Damn", I thought as I turned and met the stern gaze of the Mechanic and 1 of the 2 guards.

"You'll need a helmet, Sir". The mechanic said as he handed me MY helmet and he winked at me.

I wasted no time. I was sure that it would only be seconds before someone tried to stop me.

I hit the ignition and lit the engines. As soon as the Docking System was online I lifted off then pushed the throttle to full as I left the Plasma Lock. Energy Cells online. Jump Drive charging. The hospital ship lit up like a destroyer as the Jump Drive reached 80%. My shields were taking heavy damage and then... Flash... Kingdoms End... I need a place to hide.

Now here I sit in a stolen Fenrir, writing in my journal and avoiding the authorities. I don't remember much. But I know that the prospect of ending up in the Boron System does not excite me in the slightest. I need a plan.
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Updated 03-08-2009 at 03:08 PM by Krewcifix

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