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Gululu Li

Combat (yippee) -My first blog-story of relevence!

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Yesterday I engaged in a combat mission. (Whoopee right…) Anyways, as of my last restart, I have been accepting very little assassination missions and the like, preferring to go for logistics, or transporting wares like medicine into Boron sectors. There are reasons I gave up on combat, 1) I’m trying to befriend the pirates, and 2) Assassination missions where getting boring. However, I accepted this particular mission in, which was a Kha’ak resistance mission in Boron southwestern space. I had not known that it was Kha’ak at the time; I would much have preferred an attack against the Xenon, oh well. Anyways, the Boron had offered me a generous sum of credits (700k) for just accepting the mission alone, so alright, I accepted. My current rank was Fighter Chief, just so you know.
So I drifted around the nebulous sector, my visual range of approximately 20 kilometers, and a radar range of 30. All was calm against the violate hues, my ships weapons humming into a readied state.

A blinding flash of colors raged against my view, and a few red blips registered on my radar. No, not Xenon, but Kha’ak. The fleet consisted of 2 Corvettes, 4 Fighters, and a few interceptors and scouts. The latter two broke off into their own wing heading to the core of the sector, while the prior 2 groups headed more north. The lighter wing had, much to my chagrin, stole off into the direction of… Oh wait, my freighter! Damn. Ok, open up control console, order: Jump out of Sector. Oh wait a second, that’s right, I was too lazy to install jumpdrives onto them. Well now, that’s just peachy. Looks like I’ll have to leave the Corvettes to carnage the sector while I attempt to save my freighter. I found it surprising, however, that the Corvettes weren’t even paying attention to me. Whatever was unlucky enough to catch their attention? I glanced to the right, and let out a sigh of relief as an allied Boron carrier moved in to intercept. Good, now that’s one less thing to worry about. I quickly dealt with the four attacking fighter ships with my H. Dragon, and carried on my way to protect my freighter.
I looked at my sector map, and sighed. Thankfully, my freighter was in the clear. Not only that, but those pesky Kha’ak light fighters honestly thought they could carve up a Ray. They were wrong, yes, quite wrong indeed. One of the fighters, yes, it turns out there was a fighter in the lighter wing I had known about, had chased after a Boron Hydra by the North Gate. It was quickly destroyed, and I glanced back to the Shark, which had just finished of the second Corvette, and with 88% shields to spare.
Look at the pretty Sharkie!

Now for round two. A vicious looking swarm, identical to the last, had just jumped in to the eastern part of the sector. I glided to intercept, alongside a Ray and Shark.

The Shark had already started to fire on the swarm, and I decided to do the same. I cruised a full speed, weapons blazing. However, CMOD had eliminated my invincibility, and now my shields were falling like a rollercoaster. Engage jumpdrive: Jump to north gate. Thankfully I survived, jumping away. I immediately flew back to the combat zone, my shields charging rapidly. The Shark was the prime target, and was handling most of the lighter craft just fine. It, however was low on energy and was having some difficulty destroying those Corvettes. Thankfully, it finally got assistence from the Ray, who launched salvos of explosives and carved up the Corvettes’ shields with Ion Cannon lasers.

Most combat was done by the time I got there, all I did was assist in destroying the final corvette, however the Shark ended up getting the final hit. So I quickly docked at a station, saved, and prepared to move upwards and eliminate more Kha’ak in Reservoir of Tranquility.

(I have yet to complete that, I have tried but was carved up quickly by Kyon emitters. Not to mention there is no friendly capitals in the sector ) Hehe, yeah…

EDIT: Completed mission by convincing the Kha'ak vessels to attempt taking on the Raptor wrecking havoc in the sector.
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