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    Thread: [MODELS]Pirate M1 'Galleon'

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      Default [MODELS]Pirate M1 'Galleon'

      Pirate Galleon Class.

      Converted out of outphased Border-World fluids supply-TL's, these ships
      are the backbones of the largest pirate battle-groups.
      Capital assets as they are, the Galleons contradict the Carrack and Marauder doctrine in that this vessel is actually maintained and equipped on a fairly advanced level. It's point to point jumpdrive enables it to jump into sector well out of reach of the main tradelanes and taskforces present.

      Typical pirate battle tactics usually call for the launch of a small scout force
      comprised out of m4 and m5 class ships, then -when the all clear is given- the Galleon can launch up to 5 Marauders and 32 fighters.

      The ship features extensive repair and building/re-fitting facilities.

      Most times the Galleon itself remains under protection of at least 1 Carrack together with an Elite Marauder and Nova Raider/Falcon Vanguard
      detachment and is only deployed when the risks are minimal of the ship itself getting into harms way.

      It's own defensive systems include a large amount of weapon arrays -most of which are capable of carrying weaponry like flaks, kyons, psg and hepts
      of B-category max., covering most angles of approach towards the giant bulky hulk.

      Galleons are highly vulnerable to fighter attack since, once broken through the perimiter, even a single fighter can take it out by sneaking into the spaceous open inner hull. Rumors speak of certain Galleons being protected by a inner shield which overcomes this major designflaw.

      Most likely, the Galleon addition to the XTM mod will also feature a "Pirate Heavy Raiding Group" Al-Plugin.

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      That's going to be a shock when you come across it in pirate space.

      The carracks are bad enough, this'll make the Xenon really "glitch"

      (ot, there whould be a comms from xenon ships that you cap saying "this program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down" )

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