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    Thread: New Horizons Questions

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      Default New Horizons Questions

      I have been a long time player of the X games and I just started out on New Horizons. I love the new stuff!

      I did have a few issues that I could not seem to find the resolution to so I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

      I am in the early stages of the game on the Janus start and donít have much in the way of reputation with the races, my fighting rank is ďMarksmanĒ or something around the same place, and I donít have a combat fleet of any sort. Iím still in the WarHawk that came with the start.

      I turned down the Yaki invite to follow him to fame and fortune (after initially agreeing and quickly finding myself unable to kill the Yaki that later showed up to kill the guy that initially invited me to follow him), but ever since then Iíve been plagued by Yaki attacks everywhere I go. If I stay in a sector too long, like when Iím cleaning up the missiles and debris from my last fight for later sale, along comes a Yaki Freebooter with five MX friends. They start off blue until they get near my position, the Freebooter turns red and then shortly afterward the MXís turn red as well. When they were still away from my position, I tried to move out of their way but they are following my position (not bothering my Iguana in the same sector, though).

      I tried to call the ISF to deal with them, but I get a response that they donít detect any problems, ect.

      My questions are:

      #1 Is there a way to keep the Yaki from targeting me as I fly around?
      #2 What am I missing as far as calling up the ISF?
      #3 Is there any way to save the Yaki who is inviting me to follow him?
      #4 How do I start the NH plot? Iím guessing it has something to do with the above question.
      #5 Is there any place I can get a list of what the new stuff does? I'm at a loss as to whether or not I want to buy things like Strafe extensions, ect...

      Thanks in advance!

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      Hiya Peeps,

      @ JohnathanB.........
      Hiya mate, Welcome to the forum!!

      Onto your questions which I shall endeavor to answer as best I can....

      #1: Go into the AL (Artificial Life) menu when in game & there you can change the settings for the Yaki attack groups, etc as well as the settings for the ISF & the Xenon migration........

      #2: The only time the ISF will show up when called is if it's a Kha'ak or Xenon invasion, otherwise your basically on your own as far as the pirates & yaki are concerned.... Although iirc, they may turn up for pirates in sector but not for yaki.....

      #3: Well, no & yes.... No, not in the normal sense & yes, if you don't mind use LV's cheat script all the time.... (Confusing, I know... )
      Normally he get's killed off by the other's who then turn around & try to kill you as well... BUT, if you use LV's cheat script, then there's a chance you may be able to keep him alive that way....

      #4: Hmm..... Good question.... I don't believe there is a Plot as such in NH...
      However, one of the other guys, such as our illustreous mod leader Phlt, would have more info about that if it does exist....

      #5: Well things like the strafe drive extension are a hold over from X2 & as such aren't really needed as the strafe drive has been built-in on all ships in X3....
      As for a list of what's available in NH, if you have a look in the downlaod area (the same place you d/l this mod from), there should be an excell spreadsheet file, which lists most things in the mod, available as well.....


      Cheers & Thranx

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