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    Thread: MoneySpinner: Space Weed

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      Default MoneySpinner: Space Weed

      Selling space weed is potentially very lucrative. In this short guide, I will outline a few ways on how you can get stinking rich on this little weed. One way in particular is a bit on the cheeky side, but as you will see, it isn't really cheating.

      Note: Space weed is considered illegal by all races except the Teladi.

      A few facts

      Sold at: Teladi Bliss Place
      Bought at: Teladi Trading Station, Pirate Base, Pirates Slave Trader
      Average price: 2.912 cr
      Min price: 903 cr
      Max price: 4.921 cr
      Container volume: 6 per unit, S size cargo

      Problem: supply & demand

      Obviously, you can trade this product just like any other, buying at bliss places and selling to the Teladi or the Pirates. But there you run into the first problem. Supply. There aren't that many producers around, and as a consequence prices are high. So how is a poor little smuggler going to turn a profit? Well, you can keep an eye on the factories with satellites, and jump in to snatch the goods when stocks are high and prices are low. Trouble is, that might never happen. There are some easter eggs with space weed floating in space (see bottom of this guide), and those will make you rich as stink, but they won't last in the long run. The obvious long-term solution to this is building your own stations, i.e. grow your own weed. Note: don't try doing this in real life.

      Once supply is taken care of, there's the second problem: demand. Your customers (pirate bases and Teladi trading stations) will only buy 40 units at a time, and that means you'll have to travel around a lot. Also, most will only pay the average price of 2.912 cr/unit. So what you have to do is find a pirate base that pays more. They do exist (check the one in Ore Belt). Still, once you've done that, there's still the problem that they'll only buy 40 units.

      The money-spinner

      In 0.7.5, however, the Pirates Slave Trader stations will buy a practically unlimited amount. There should be 4 of these stations spread around in the 'verse, but I think their locations are random (pirate sectors). Now, here's a proper money-spinner for you: the easter eggs placed around the 'verse are free for the picking, so take the biggest freighter you can get hold of (a Dolphin SF, or even a TL if you can afford one), fill it up with free weed and sell it to your pirate friends. At more than 4.000 cr per unit, the sum total of the free weed will generate some 15.000.000 creditssss!

      Even when the free weed runs out, all you have to do to make money in 0.7.5 is produce weed in vast quantities, and sell it off to the Slave Trader stations. They will buy more than 54.000.000 passengers to turn into slaves, and (from what I can decipher from the jumbled numbers on the screen) more than 11.000.000 units of weed. This is bordering on being a bug; a station buying this much weed is hideously exploitative. Still, the XTM team won't do anything more with this, since they've moved on to X3:TC. That means - permanent demand for weed in XTM.

      Locations of free space weed easter eggs (thanks to Achatos' active map):
      Farnham's Legend, pos. 47, 50, -42, 489 units
      Zephrain, pos. 25, -46, 46, 2.656 units
      Spaceweed Drift, pos. -30, 10, 20, 25 units
      Greater Profit, pos. 49, -35, 12, 4.547 units
      Ceo's Buckzoid, pos. -52, 34, 25, 1.659 units
      Teladi Fortune, pos. 49, -26, -48, 2.567 units
      Lost Profit, pos. -50, -39, 44, 2.654 units
      Oi, pos. 50, -30, -48, 1.402 units
      Xenon sector 437, pos. 22, 34, -44, 2.459 units

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      Here's an addition:

      It appears that there are more than one type of Pirate station/factory that craves resources. I just found a Pirates Problemsolver Factory in Cyclone's Fury, m'kay... and since its maximum storage of energy cells is 1.355.000 units (and you can never fill that up), they will always pay 19cr for them. Equally, the price they will pay for Crystals will also be high (around 1.900), since they can store 90.332 units.

      This is legal trade, but with a pirate station in a pirate sector. I'm not sure it boosts your pirate rep, but it can't hurt. Most importantly, though, these stations are always paying top-dollar for specific products.

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