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    Thread: X1PF Beta 3.7 Released

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      Default X1PF Beta 3.7 Released

      Lots of CTD's, reworking, then leaving some stuff out of this patch. So this patch is just fixing the mod and not adding anything. Sorry

      X1PF Beta 3.6 to Beta 3.7

      X1PF Beta 3.7 Released March 24 2011
      Added / Changed:
      * fix cockpit position argon custom m3 fighter ship (X1PF_A_7)
      * fix engine effects on argon custom m3 fighter ship (X1PF_A_7)
      * add argon custom m3 fighter ship (X1PF_A_7) to a shipyard
      * Create a name and description for X1PF_A_7
      * More work to x2 weapons
      * Lots of work to the MD files, still need a lot more too.

      There is two spk's in this zip folder, the ALT one is if you only have the beta 3.6 FUll installed. The other is as normal. Beta 3.8 will carry on as normal.

      Updated to do list and change log

      See here for latest information and downloads: http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=252384

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