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As a skilled Pilot massive heavy Xenon groups pose only 10-20 min fun in a Split Python M2
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Been around long enough to know what a real threat is, X-Treme fight rank has been my rank for well over a year so understand all too well the danger mission spawns can produce.
How do you clear 3+ sectors with probably 8-10 spawns per sector, consisting of maybe 2M2&3M1, countless fighters and M6's in 10-20 mins in a python.
Some of the battles I get into you WOULD NOT last in a Python [even with Mil barrier shields] especially now that the gate jumping - shield recharge glitch has been removed.
Considering that you just see an image there are normally many more waves to deal with, python doesn't even have P2P and gates can get dangerous.
If all J's (any M1) release their fighters its too much for the on board computer, not all the ships get the targeting red box around them, fighters hiding on your tail reducing your speed is a problem.
Also turrets struggle without external mods like mars, mefos or smart turrets (I dislike all turret swapping so have disabled mine)