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    View Poll Results: What is your favorite boarding ship?

    12. This poll is closed
    • Angel

      0 0%
    • Hyperion

      7 58.33%
    • other transport

      1 8.33%
    • name your own cap ship

      4 33.33%
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    Thread: boarding ship study

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      I'm using the hyperion at the moment, because my marines still need some training and I boarded til now (with 1.2) only M6 (nearly 70) and so I shortly interrupt the education for some marines with a high enough education for boarding M6 to board a bit and to advance their fighting skill, after a while they get replaced by others, when they reached the 100 fighting skill.
      Boarding with the Hyperion is easy, because of the capacity for more than 5 Marines and with 6 Marines the boarding of M6 without losses is easier.

      atm my favourite targets are the osprey (sold for more than 10Mio) and the Heavy Versions for a perhaps later personal usage.

      Later (for the bigger Targets and 20 Marines) I'm going to board with the Tiger and two TP (Angel or Scabbard for their shields and their chance to survive a few hits). This combination worked fine in 1.1.

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      Hmm my personal favorite now is my 2 angels with 10 advanced trained marines each and my tepukei for lower shields..does a very fast job of it so I have to be careful and with only front turret this is kinda tricky :/ this combo has landed me 2 tigers back to back now but I may have to switch to one of the tigers to see how this works for me. I would like to get a ship that can transport its marines to the target and take down the shields as well without the use of the angels.

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      Has anyone else noticed what I have that the rate at which ship pilots bail out seems very rare. I have done the patrol missions that are very hard and killed dozens of ships all in one sector and not one ship pilot bailed. It seems that the AI bails are more frequent as I will see the odd blue ship in a sector that I haven't fought and most likely had a fight with the pirates and bailed but i can't seem to get them to bail anymore. U would think with a higher combat rating the pirates would be more afraid and bail more often. NO such luck. Any thoughts on that one? Also I guess that is why I like the marines at least to capture bigger ships so I can buy the small ones )

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      Quote Originally Posted by zietman View Post
      U would think with a higher combat rating the pirates would be more afraid and bail more often. NO such luck. Any thoughts on that one
      OK are you using the configuration settings that controls how much they are gonna bail ?...
      such as if you set your combat level high well that just means that you get killed more.... (and gives you more of a challenge....)
      you'll need to experiment with the bail settings and find the percent you like also if you say like set it to. Example: for 95% bail you need to put 9500 for that when setting them, if you only put 95 that will be 9.5% chance then a 95% chance....
      plus with the bailing system you can capture.... TM, M1, M2+,M,M7/M7M,M8,M6.....really anything that can bail you can capture, the price is only 600,000 not to much if you capture a couple fighters, it pays for its self
      the name of this software is: Salvage Claim Software, available at your nearest Terran & Teladi Equipment docks or pirate base...... with that software you can capture ships that bail from 4.50km away, no getting out and space walking to the ship any more, just drive up, press the hotkey and the ship is yours.

      now don't get confused, i'm not telling you that you should stop playing (i think he means boarding rather then playing... NC) with marines, but i used them use in X3TC and cursed a blue streak when my best guys got killed and i used a m7m cobra missle frigate....
      but now i don't worry any more about boarding pods or training marines, i just go see the ship i want and fire until he bails, this is a quick way to get rich also ..... as i am a pirate in my game and have captured 3 Rays only a few minutes apart and the only thing i have to worry about is getting the ships back to friendly space....

      well hope this helps some.


      yes i know a wall of invincible text.. **EDIT** Added some much needed punctuation to where I could work out it was supposed to go.... Hmm, looks like I'll take him in hand & teach him all about the use of punctuation & proper sentence structure when leaving comments.... Cheers, NC **END EDIT**

      Last edited by NovaCatt; 25-08-2011 at 11:38 AM. Reason: added much needed punctuation.. NC ;)
      My work is never done as i am shooting your ships.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Trooper1994 View Post
      yes i know a wall of invinceible text.
      You 'ain't kidding. I have had to stop reading your posts as they are always literal walls of text that give me a headache. Punctuation is there for a reason, and trying to read something that is just one continuous sentence gives me eye strain.

      Being dyslexic myself I try not to say anything about the way people write as I know how embarrassing it can be when you can't help it. Additionally this forum has people from all over the world on it and many of them do not have English as their first language, this means that you have to be more forgiving of miss-spelling and grammatical errors.

      However, in this case I have to say something. No-one expects you to have perfect grammar or punctuation, but please try to break up what you are saying so that it is at least readable to those of us that do not have text scanning cybernetics installed.

      I Hate Macs.
      Than/ks K.J. thanked for this post

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      Quote Originally Posted by Trickmov View Post
      You can't I have edited the title now for you - but I don't have access to the poll-entries, thus I can't change that myself
      A little late, but I have changed the poll title for you.

      I Hate Macs.
      Than/ks NovaCatt Points for Visitor Messages (Given), Trickmov thanked for this post

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      Ok, after I've had enough good trained marines I've started to board some bigger targets und after boarding the poseidon, I'm more than a bit annoyed and need to rant a bit.
      The boarding penalty (loosing 14 ranks- only for boarding - no ships destroyed) is only too much. In Vanilla it was too less, but now it is the same (even more out of balance), only in the other way.
      But that's only the start, because after improving the rank, a few dozen ships so easily switched on red, don't switch back to neutral and they have also no option to apologize, that they must be destroyed, if the player wants ever again a peaceful territory.
      And that is for me necessary, because of using the traders of @Lucike and they don't work, when in every sector at least one hostile M6 is present.
      Now I'm flying from sector to sector to destroy the ships and here I see the mismatched balancing of the rank penalty for boarding, because sometimes after destroying a M6 I don't even lose one rank, when it was in a high percentage. (while boarding a M6 costs 12-13 ranks).

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      I like using the Mani, myself. I can't help but feel vulnerable in the Angel, and I can't quite get over the Hyperion change. I'll freely admit, I've not tried the Teladi/Argon TP+ and I don't plan to really - I like few Taladi ships. (Kestrel, Shrike, Condor, and while I can pick it apart in how amazingly Un-Teladi-Like it is... I also like the Cormorant.) I find it incredibly difficult to explore in X without having some speed.

      I guess when they were assigning penalties, they felt blatant capturing of a ship is worse than accidentally killing a ship.

      Last edited by Makkenhoff; 28-08-2011 at 01:04 AM.

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      I also voted for the Hyperion but in the meantime, it doesn't matter so much anymore which ship I use.

      My targets are M7 and M1 class ships, sometimes M2. My favorite strategy is doing patrol missions, M1 and M2 pirate ships will spawn pretty much at higher ranks. Best locations for this are core sectors due to the high race specific AI warship presence. Latter mentioned often keep them fighters busy while the capital ships still stay in the behind because of their slow speed which makes them engage in combat later. So, I use my OTAS Castrum to point-to-point-jump and fly within 4.5 km range of the capital ship. Then I shoot its shields down to zero per cent. As soon as they are down I switch to my Hyperion (which is docked at my Castrum) and "launch all marines" through the boarding transporter. Keeping the shields down below 5 per cent is a cakewalk with capital ships. Only M2's can be pesky because they continue still firing their PPC's at you. I was wondering first that even my Castrum w/2 GJ military shields won't survive such an attack during a boarding operation.

      Anyway, this is how I boarded eight capital ships last night.

      Thanks for this great mod.

      Than/ks Aragon Speed Points for Reputation (Given), pixel, Galder Points for Reputation (Received) thanked for this post
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