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    Thread: Weirdness In Grand Exchange

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      Post Weirdness In Grand Exchange

      Honestly not sure what's going on here, so sharing in the hope that this might help someone else...

      I decided that it would be nice to build myself a nice little missile production complex in Mines of Fortune that would provide me with Mosquito, Silkworm and Typhoon missiles [all using Teladi factories]. Over some extensive gameplay I saved up sufficient credits to purchase all the stations and spent some time in my Mammoth collecting what I needed. However, I couldn't seem to find a Teladi shipyard offering a Typohoon Missile factory. After double checking sector-by sector and then by using The X3 Active Map, here:-


      I determined that I needed to go to Grand Exchange. Except on my X3 map, there was no Shipyard in that sector... So I've been back, cleared the place of a handful of pirates who were messing with the Trading Station, but... no shipyard. I did find one piece of station wreckage - it looks to be one SPP disc, minus infrastructure. I'm a little curious: would any regulars happen to know if this is supposed to happen? Could this sector have been blitzed by Khaak or Sohnen, or is there any other explanation please?

      I am pretty sure that the Typhoon Missile is only available from the Teladi, so having access to this factory blueprint is kinda useful if you like using missiles. To get round the problem I have loaded in LV's Cheat Script and performed the "Add Station to TL" script, which has enabled me to find a workaround for the problem. [ Yes, I could have "gone without" but I had previously used the on-line Complex Calculator to design myself an all-Teladi complex that produced a perfect blend of missiles with a small surplus of intermediate products from a single, compact complex. I really didn't want to throw away that Complex design as it was a nice one... So in this case I resorted to a work-around as there was no other choice.

      This isn't a game-stopper for me - I can rely on LV's Script if I absolutely have to - but it's not the same... [ For the sense of fair play, I went to the Goner Temple in Cloudbase South West and made a donation to the equivalent cost of the station [ 9 mil or so] and suddenly I'm real popular with the Goners...

      Any information on what could have happened to Grand Exchange would be much appreciated... The weirdest thing? I *know* I've used that Shipyard in the past, because that's where you first dock the Hyperion after salvaging her from the sector south-west of Maelstrom... and it was there when I needed to do that!!!

      Ah well. Not the end of the world, but any insights would be very much appreciated.

      Thanks and Best Regards,


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      Grand Exchange is located next to a Xenon sector, and in those sectors you will get random (but infrequent) invasions comprising a P, several M3', M4's and M5's. There is also the Pirate Galleon (and pals) wandering around.

      So, your intuition the SY was destroyed is probably correct. However, the Teladi will build another SY to replace it - although that may take some time.

      In XTM, though, it is my understanding that each race's stations will be purchaseable from at least 2 of their SY's. If you look through the stock of other Teladi SY's you should find the Typhoon factory available. For reference, the Teladi have SY's in Seizewell, PTNI Headquarters, Grand Exchange, Ianamus Zura, Ministry of Finance and Further Wealth.

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      Cheers LG, thanks for that.

      I'm grateful for the tip-off regarding looking for the station elsewhere. I've done a reasonably detailed check without success so far, but I'll get back to it. At the moment I'm concentrating on trying to build a complex in "Mines of Fortune" that doesn't look like a mass of spaghetti when it's done. Boy oh boy do I hope that Egosoft sort out this *awful* factory construction process from the current generation of X-Games... There are suggestions that they will, so my fingers are crossed...

      Thanks again!

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