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    Thread: X-Tended - Terran Conflict 2.0 Release Thread

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      Default X-Tended - Terran Conflict 2.0 Release Thread

      X-Tended - Terran Conflict is a complete overhaul of Egosoft's game, X: Terran Conflict. Featuring a completely new ship & weapon balance, numerous gameplay enhancements, streamlined ways to manage your assets, dozens of new weapons, wares, missiles, ships, new missions, a completely new map and a setting that is faithful to the official lore laid out by the books and games.

      X-Tended - Terran Conflict 2.2

      Welcome to X-Tended Terran Conflict 2.2, probably one of the most extensive modifications to ever be made for an Egosoft game. XTC 2.0 has been in the making for 4 years and in that time has seen many different team members blood, sweat and tears. It has sent more testers running for the hills in a panic than we can count. It even broke a number of PC's along the way. Not to mention the office coffee machine... But that's a different story. She was a consenting adult!... What?!...

      We would like to thank the community for it's patience and support. Even the 5 times a week questions Is it done yet? When will it be ready? which at times became annoying are, in the end, appreciated, as it showed that people were still looking forward to the mod and gave us the will power to continue.

      And finally we would like to thank Egosoft, who created the original game that made all of this possible. Without the game and without their additional support at times, this mod would not have been possible.


      Torrent: Download 2.0 Full (A torrent download requires a torrent manager to work correctly. uTorrent is one program, there are others as well.)

      Direct download hosted on our TXU server: Download 2.0 Full

      Download the latest XTC patch here (currently 2.2)

      XTC 2.1 Manual: Download (PDF) - also applies to patch 2.2

      Installation Instructions

      1. Download the Mod. (Duh!)

      2. Make sure you have a new, clean installation of Terran Conflict patched to version 3.2 or later. (A clean installation means there are no other scripts and mods installed Not even the official bonus pack.)

      2. Start the mod's installer.

      3. If the installation path in the installer is not correct for your installation of Terran Conflict, use the browse button to set the correct location. (It should be pointing towards the same folder that has x3tc.exe in it.)

      4. Wait for the mod to install.

      5. Start a new game and enjoy.

      Warning! X-Tended Terran Conflict 2.0 does not support game saves from either vanilla Terran Conflict or from any previous version of X-Tended Terran Conflict. You must start a new game. X-Tended Terran Conflict 2.0 is only compatible with Terran Conflict, it will not work with Albion Prelude.

      Four quick ways to check that XTC 2.0 has installed to the correct location:
      a) Terran Conflict's launcher will have additional info for XTC and will say 'Start XTC' on the launch button.
      b) The loading screens when the game launches are for XTC.
      c) The main menu has XTC next the 'New Game' option.
      d) The scene playing behind the main menu is different.

      X-Tended - Terran Conflict 2.0 Changelog

      • Active pirates - Pirates became alive in XTC 2.0, seeking out weak targets, attacking stations and generally being more like pirates than before. Pirates will now build bases in hidden locations and create defences to fend off attacks. Rumor has it that they established a large base somewhere...
      • Active Kha'ak - Kha'ak can now invade sectors that neighbour their own territory. They will overtake them once they eliminated all resistance. Be prepared...
      • Active Xenon - The Xenon hate organic life and will try to destroy it whenever and wherever they can. Xenon will now mount sector attacks, building up their forces and then pouring in through the gates or jumping directly into the sector for surprise attacks. They can also call for heavier ships if things start going bad.
      • Active race military - The military are fed up with being called 'Big girls blouses' and told they are about as effective 'As a chocolate fire-guard', so they now run fast patrol ships in their races territory. These patrols actively watch for enemy forces and once they are spotted radio their position back to HQ. Then HQ sends out ships to deal with the threat....
      • Active sector threat assessment system - The military now monitors sectors for threat assessment. We're all used to sectors having military ships floating about to protect them (usually core sectors), but how often is there a sector that has ships being destroyed all the time and it seems like no-one cares? This is no longer the case, the more ships and/or stations destroyed in a sector, the larger and stronger the military ships patrolling that sector will become. Conversely if a sector becomes quiet again, the amount of ships on constant patrol in it will slowly drop. This assessment is also weighted, an M2 or a station going boom will draw a lot more attention than a couple of M5's - People tend to get annoyed when big, noticeable and, most importantly, expensive stuff gets shredded.
      • Complete set of ship models - In 1.2 there were a lot of ships sharing models due to them not being finished yet. Each ship now has its own unique model.
      • New ships - New ships added to complete the started sets in 1.2 (M2+'s and TS+'s for example). Additionally there is now a complete set of TP+ ships (luxury yachts) for your enjoyment and a set of Orbital Missile Platforms to defend your valuable complexes.
      • Shield system reworked - Added new types of shields. Hardened shield types for extra strength but slower to charge, faster charging shields that are weaker and finally a set of shields that charge faster than normal and are stronger than normal but not as fast or as strong as the specialized shield sets. Add in military versions of these shields as well and you have a total of 48 different shields to choose from now. Additionally reloadrates now depend on the ships powergenerator (which was/is not the case in xtc 1.x and vanilla)
      • New generic missions.
      • Bug fixes and rebalances for current generic missions.
      • More new music.
      • New extended mission sets (plots) that allow you access to certain large and flyable assets....
      • New balance that stays true to the vanilla (X3TC) feeling but is improved in various ways, such as: Increased combat performance, longer fights and alot more. If you want to know more details you can check out the changes we made and the philosophy behind it here.
      • Completely overhauled laser graphic and sound effects. No toy guns anymore that you where used from XTC 1.2
      • Betty now says the name of new softwares, shields, missiles and lasers as good as the available soundfiles permitted.
      • Many smaller changes and additions. For example improved docking capability on complex hubs and more performant complex tube models, better distribution of equipment factories in the universe, ship selfrepair options, missile ballistic computer, ship descriptions list docking options for the ship-in-question and many more.
      • And finally the one thing that has taken more time to do than almost anything else in the mod - Full and complete sets of race specific stations. No longer will Boron, Split, Paranid and Teladi share models with the Argon for the stations in their sectors, each race now has it's own set of stations. From the massive shipyards down to the lowly snail farms they all have their own models - each race sector now looks like it belongs to that race rather than having to make do with Argon cast-offs. Don't believe us? Check out the pictures below.

      (Click thumbnails to see full size image.)

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      I Hate Macs.

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      The manual is not ready yet, but as we promised the mod ASAP, here it is.
      /edit: it is now

      Last edited by K.J.; 29-04-2014 at 10:06 AM.

      I Hate Macs.

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      *Has visions of people hunched over their torrent clients obsessively watching the MB counter tick upwards....*

      I Hate Macs.
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      How about la changeloga? <3

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      The file version check scripts were updated to the final 2.0 release this afternoon. As soon as that final change was made I exported our repository, moved the files to my main pc, packed them up in cat/dat sets, added the files to the installer, moved the installer to the web PC and uploaded the file to both of our Download servers. When it had finished uploading to both servers I created the torrent file using the copies of the installer on our servers as web server seeds. I then uploaded the torrent file to TXU's download server. Finally I created the release post and released the mod both here and on the ES forums.

      There has been no time to do a change list yet. Sorry.

      I Hate Macs.
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      I see. Thank you, no matter what. Most X-universe fans were eager for this day.

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      You have no idea of the depths of my gratitude. Good thing I don't work until Wednesday.

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      Direct download now available thanks to Akiko.

      I Hate Macs.
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      Yeah, I hope it helps the people who have some trouble with BitTorrent.

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