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    Thread: X-Tended - Terran Conflict Patch & Manual 2.1

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      Is there a technical support section of these forums? I didn't see any in the list.

      Anywho, I played several days before I realized it, but many of the weapon forges are making impulse ray emitters instead of what they're supposed to. For example, the matter/anti-matter forge makes the warheads, but in place of the launcher it makes IRE. Same for electromagnetic plasma cannons and forges for other races as well. I would assume this is something overwriting the weapons or station files, but all I have installed are:
      Automated satellite network
      Bad A** Marines (which doesn't seem to work properly)
      Complex Cleaner (Installed *before* all XTM false patches just in case)
      Gazz's OOS rebalance
      MK3 Optimizer
      and Security and Rescue Service

      All are confirmed compatible (with tweaks for some) in this thread: XTC 2.0 - Script Combatibility List - Reports from players Any ideas? Am I missing something glaring?

      Edit: Removed Complex Cleaner as well, still have factories making IREs.

      Edit of Edit:
      I removed everything and started adding it back one at a time, and it appears to be caused by Gazz's OOS Rebalance . This seems strange since it doesn't modify weapons in any way, and just reads damage values to assign a weapon rating.
      There are no individual lasers OOS. Each ship has a Light, Medium, and Heavy laser battery, that includes all apropriate lasers.
      Laser class: Heavy
      Any laser with
      ( Shield.DPS > 22000 OR Hull.DPS > 8000 ) AND Range > 4500

      Laser class: Light
      Bullet.speed > 580
      I'd like it higher but that would exclude EMP and leave terran fighters without any "light" laser.

      Laser class: Medium
      Anything else
      I didn't think it would cause trouble, but I guess I'll have to live with Q's dominating everything until we get the *hopefully* (crosses fingers) AP version.

      Last edited by Kaylo; 29-07-2013 at 11:55 PM.

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      Is this worth installing? i mean, does it work with the previous savegame? or a new game is required? also, i installed 2.0 to my laptop for X:TC and i got some map colors in sectors which i didn't want them, instead XTC on my desktop same version 2.0 doesn't bring any colors to the asteroids and suchs. Would this hotfix change colors to the sector maps?

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