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from egos site new beta for 4.1

Version 4.10 Beta 5 (226387)

Improved font readability in certain cases.
Improved crosshair visual quality.
Improved slider bar behaviour for large range values.
Improved positioning of minigame display to try to avoid obstructing other elements.
Improved output errors caused by mods which generate certain UI problems.
Improved output from errors caused by Steam configuration issues when trying to start game.
Improved AI fight/flee behaviour.
Improved squadron engagement logic.
Improved combat movement for capital ships with forward-mounted weapons.
Beta 5 Improved determination of zone in which to mine for station-based mining ships.
Beta 5 Improved station-based miners engaged in inter-sector mining.
Beta 5 Improved defence officers on capital ships now target surface elements of hostile ships.
Fixed several issues with Chinese localisation.
Fixed scroll-bar overlapping frame background in menu in some languages.
Fixed sliders in some menus starting somewhere in the middle rather than at the left.
Fixed notoriety bar not displaying correct LED-states in certain cases.
Fixed several crosshair behaviour and appearance issues.
Fixed several other minor UI visual glitches.
Fixed NPC command not updating correctly in menu.
Fixed sound position of long range scan echoes.
Fixed Xenon capital ships being boardable.
Fixed mining laser getting weapon mods that affect cooling.
Fixed Withdraw From Battle not holding fire.
Fixed squadron escorts not moving to attack in some cases.
Fixed trades getting disrupted by ships fleeing.
Fixed escape pods not moving after being ejected.
Fixed capital ships sometimes getting stuck trading, especially with other ships.
Fixed ships and stations not becoming hostile when their trade drones are destroyed.
Fixed rounding issues causing engineers to sometimes not make progress when repairing hull.
Fixed several issues with ship pathing.
Fixed rare cases of untargetable icons being displayed or comm-actions being listed incorrectly in the interact menu.
Fixed relation mismatch between the Argon Secret Service Licence and the mission rewarding it.
Fixed Argon Secret Service Licence not being able to be regained when achieving the required Argon relation.
Fixed engagement distance tolerances for capital ships moving in combat.
Beta 4 Fixed plot getting stuck when trying to capture the Taranis with Borman (problem introduced in 4.10).
Beta 4 Fixed small lines appearing in certain font sizes (problem introduced in 4.10).
Beta 5 Fixed long-range scan hints appearing too often.
Beta 5 Fixed R&D Chem Lab stations requiring Bio-Optic Wiring during construction.
Beta 5 Fixed subordinates of capital ships taken from the player during the plot ending up in a broken state.
Beta 5 Fixed weapon mod menu being available on NPC ships.
Beta 5 Fixed circular command structures when assigning multiple ships a commander.
Beta 5 Fixed request to repair ship resulting in new drones being installed instead.
Beta 5 Fixed case of fleeing ships failing to do so.
Beta 5 Fixed capital ships without long-ranged weapons moving too close to very large targets when in combat (problem introduced in 4.10).
Beta 5 Fixed button to open command line blocking input the first time you do it (problem introduced in 4.10).
Beta 5 Fixed mass traffic clumping after loading a savegame (problem introduced in 4.10).
Beta 5 Fixed crash starting game on a PC with more than 8 graphics devices.
Fixed problems with targeting objects in various cases.
Fixed endless loop when loading a savegame in certain cases.
Fixed several small memory leaks.
Fixed several causes of crashes.
Beta 5 Numerous small performance improvements.