Hello everyone,

I'm not sure if we still have regular players [or even regular visitors] but as I didn't see anyone else post this update, I thought I'd mention that back in April, Egosoft released another patch for X3:Terran Conflict (v3.3)... You can read all about it here:-


As it happens, I am half way through a fresh run through whilst using XTC and as such I'm a bit nervous about attempting to update my installation of the game with a patch that has not been tested with XTC before... As/when I get to the end of this run I will perform a clean install and then patch to 3.3, add XTC and report my results [unless anyone else beats me to it].

One of the nice things I see in the patch notes is that Egosoft claim to have fixed a number of issues - including memory leaks and a range of other bugs. Always good to squash bugs.

Well, hopefully [and I mean this in a nice way] people aren't stuck inside playing computer games, considering we're having such a glorious summer. But at least we've got something to enjoy when the evenings draw in and it gets colder.

Oh, while I think of it... I'm now playing XTC on a machine with a triple monitor set-up [so screen resolution is 5760x1200, using an nVidia 1080GTX and a 5960 Extreme Edition Core i7 CPU. It's glorious. OK, so the graphics might look a little dated when compared with say Elite Dangerous, but I much prefer the colour tones of XTC...

See you in the black...