I wanted to play XTC again recently. But i never liked the huge distances in our XTC universe. They made traveling tedious and everything take considerably longer and result in very low density traffic. I prefer the X3 vanilla distances, they are more cosy, more stuff is happening on the trade lanes (yaharrrrrr).

So i reduced gate distances from average of 100 to 160 km down to 60-80 km. I also moved many suns above/below ecliptic, so you dont have to stare directly into suns when flying to a gate...
Backgrounds are more varied between sectors as well. Not just red and dark for split or blue for borons.

You can download it for standard XTC here
and for AP Experimental here
Read the readme.

I do need to mention however, the sensor ranges in XTC are suited to longer distance. So you might want to reduce it (TGlobals.txt if memory serves right) to match the reduced sector sizes.

If you do not have /maps folder (or addons/maps in case of AP), just extract the zip as is in your X3 installation folder.