A Yaki Sennin Captain returned back to dock white and shaking after a close call. The Sennin was shadowing a Paranid convoy looking for opportunities to raid when an unidentified Boron Ray entered the sector.

The Captain dropped his ship back to watch what developed, trying not to attract attention to themselves, when he saw the Ray open fire on the Paranid convoy. There was a lot of scrambling between Ion fire for the Paranid pilots, but quickly the destroyer cornered them, blocking access to the nearby gate.

The Paranid responded by engaging their jumpdrives and thus exiting the system. The Ray then began to move towards a nearby Paranid ore mine when gravidar picked up a second ship jumping into sector. The Sennin computer was unable to recognise the new ship, clearly Paranid design, but certainly new to both ship computer and Sennin crew. While a lot smaller than the Ray, the new ship rapidly advanced on the Boron ship on attack vector.

While still considerably outside of the Ray\'s weapon range, the unidentified ship opened fire with a ammo firing weapon not yet seen. Moments later violent detonations engulfed the Boron destroyer , and soon after the giant ship disappeared in a catastrophic fireworks display.

The Sennins captain instantly engaged his jumpdrive and exited the system quickly as he could, returning home quite white with fear at what they\'d just avoided.

The Boron government denied that any Boron Destroyers had been on patrol in the sector, and the Paranid government flatly refutted that there was any new Paranid super destroyer, suggesting that the Yaki had actually been seen flying irratically under the influence of Spaceweed.

Updates will follow depending on intelligence at our disposal.

Observation video enhancement goggles footage from the Sennin at maximum magnification: