Today we bring to you a batch of ingame screenshots featuring a small skirmish between 2 new additions to the Paranid Fleet; the M8 Assault frigate Agamemnon(only featured 3rd shot 2nd row), the M2M Missile destroyer Poseidon, vs their cannon fodder: a couple of Xenon Q M7's.

Sharing the experimental Heavy missile Cannon, the Paranid M8 and M2M have little similarities left. Whereas the M8 equips 2 of these powerful weapons from it's main cockpit, the M2M handles them in two gigantic (3 times the size of a M6) Quad mount turrets on its front.
The M2M, by far the stronger of both vessels, relies on endurance while the M8 needs it's agility and the main weapons reach to outlast and essentially outrange it's targets, which -preferably- are just a size smaller then the M2M's choice of prey.

Like always, combat is extremely difficult for tantalizing captures but the screenshots should provide you with an impression nonetheless, even if it doesn't come close to the actual live experience tbh: