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    Thread: What has been changed effects wise?

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      Default What has been changed effects wise?

      First of all the old EWFX mod has been merged into the Xtended mod. This was necessary because Xtended now adds new weapons.

      -All classes of ships have new ship explosions that are better looking and cover up the disapearing of the ship model
      -All missiles now put out visible trails, different types of missiles have differant looking trails
      -Missiles now have new explosions, also depending upon the missile type
      -ES fighters (m3/4/5) now have visible, grey exhaust trails
      -Many of the added Xtended ships will have various kinds of exhaust trails
      -Flak, PPCs have new muzzle flashes and impact effects
      -PACs have a new impact effect to get rid of the lag the old effect created
      -Hepts and MDs have slightly altered impact effects
      -Flak has a new, improved sound effect that won\'t wake the neighbor
      -Kyon Emitters now have an effect that shows as they begin to fire

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