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    Thread: [FAQ] What are the MKI and MKIII Ships?

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      Default [FAQ] What are the MKI and MKIII Ships?

      The MkI ships are much older ships than the new models flying around in X3. You may recognise some of them from earlier X games. These are typically used by pirates and less well off members of the X-Universe. MkI ships can be bought from the special pirate scrapyard dealer.

      MkIII ships are brand new, top of the range ships!!! Often much more powerful than a standard Vanguard ship, these are specially designed military grade patrol ships with new more powerful turrets and capabilities. These can be bought from the current race shipyards for a higher price and race rep.

      Going up against a MKIII Military Centaur while flying a MKI Centaur is not recommended!

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