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    Thread: Negotiating the Dyson Sphere <Spoilers!>

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      Default Negotiating the Dyson Sphere <Spoilers!>

      The Dyson Sphere is a HUGE object spanning almost 50KM across in space.
      Upon approaching the sphere, the first you will notice is the Sphere's shield.
      This is a semi transparant layer, surrounding the entire Sphere.
      The sector light only reflects on the side of the Sphere facing the sun.
      When you get within 40km range, the real Sphere will reveal itself.

      The Sphere's equator has docking facilities on 1 side.
      Be carefull when requesting docking to the Sphere you do not request too close to it cause auto docking
      might crash you into the shield.
      Instead move away for more then 50km, and line up on the Sphere's equator axis.
      Try to figure out by yourself which side of the Sphere contains the docks by using maximal zoom on your
      video enhancement goggles.

      When docking is accepted your ship will line up to the dock approach corridor.
      This is a LONG line, using SETA is advised.
      The Shield will deactivate shortly and then reactivate once you have docked.
      Do NOT fly to the shield upon undocking, it will be UP and you will crash into it.

      Instead enter the inside of the sphere and negotiate the it to one of the exit corridors on the top and bottom. These are small corridors in the middle of the bigger shields which close the big caps on top and bottom of the spere.

      When you break free of the shield you will experience a heavy framedrop for a short period,
      This is due to your ship passing the Sphere's energy barrier.
      When you are clear of the shield, you can exit the light corridor.

      Ofcourse you can also Jump Out ;-)

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      50km... But where is it ?:P

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      you will know when you find it, its damn hard to miss, just keep looking :wink:

      We Can't Last Out Here For Long Buddy... But We CAN Give Them One HUMONGOUS Repair Bill!
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