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    Thread: OLD FAQ Short Answers (before 0.7)

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      Default OLD FAQ Short Answers (before 0.7)

      Short Answers

      • How do I install this Mod? - Beta 0.6+ Answer here.
      • What programs are necessary to install the mod? - XScript Installer
      • Where can i find a document with the Xtended ship stats - Answer
      • Can the Xtended Mod be Combined with the DDRS/XFP Mod? - No.
      • Can I combine this Mod with other Mods? - With some mods yes, but we recommend you don't even try.
      • Can I use other scripts with this Mod? - 99.7% of other scripts will work with this mod. Please see this topic for details of scripts not compatible.
      • Is the Xtended Mod compatible with the EMP Mod? - Yes, in fact the EMP mod is now built in.
      • Can I turn the cockpits on and off? - Yes, cockpits are no longer built into the mod
      • How Do I Install a Cockpit Mod? - Answer here.
      • How long does it take for AI M7s to appear? - Between 15 and 45 minutes.
      • Will the AI M7s use their fighters? - Yes, like any other capital ship.
      • Why Are There Two Terran Thor Models? - One is used by the plot, the other is upgraded for the mod.
      • How Do I Deploy the Orbital Weapons Platform? - Answer here.
      • How Do I Find The Terran Shipyard? - Answer here.
      • How can i check if Xtended is working correctly? - Answer here.
      • What are the MkI and MkIII ships? - Answer here.
      • What is the bonus Treasure Hunt? - Answer here.
      • What happened to the M6's from version 0.5? - Answer here.
      • What has been changed effects wise? - Answer here.
      • Will the new effects cause performance issues? - Answer here.
      • Why will the Pirate Shipyard only sell me Harriers? - Answer here.
      • Point To Point Jumpdrive
      • Leviathan Features
      • Xtended Commands list
      • M8 Utility Class Frigate
      • Repair Docked Fighters Command
      • Xtended Ship Descriptions
      • Who are the Otas Consortium?
      • What are the Otas Consortium Ships?
      • What are the Xtended Options in the AL Plugin Menu? - Answer here
      • How Can I Negotiate the Dyson's Sphere? - Answer here
      • Why do the shipnames show up as ReadText's? - There is a problem with the German .xml's that causes this. We're working on it.

      So say we all!

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