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    Thread: OLD Long Answers (before 0.7)

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      Default OLD Long Answers (before 0.7)

      How Do I Install the Terran Weapons?
      The Terran weaponry can only be installed via the HUD at the present time due to current X3 restrictions.
      Trying to install via the weaponry screen won't work.

      How Do I Find The Pirate Shipyard?
      The pirate shipyard will be built in a random pirate sector, you'll simply have to go search for it!

      Why Can't I Find the M0 Mission?
      The M0 mission appears only in Argon stations, and only when you reach Argon Hero of the Federation.
      It's an important mission, so be prepared for it whenever it appears.

      How Do I Deploy the Orbital Weapons Platform?
      After purchasing the Orbital Weapons Platform (OWP) from an Argon Shipyard, load it onto a TL and transport it to where you want to deploy it.
      When you have reached your destination, DO NOT eject the OWP from the cargo bay. That will not deploy it.
      Instead, select the option in the ships Custom Commands section for Place OWP. A screen will open up similar to one you would have for deploying a station that allows you to choose the location for the Weapons Platform. Select the position you want and the OWP will be deployed if they TL is close enough, or the TL will move closer and then deploy.
      To collect the OWP, select the Retrieve OWP command in the Custom Commands section. The TL will move into position and collect the OWP.

      How Do I Install a Cockpit Mod?
      There are two cockpit mods currently available, of which only Galaxy613's will work with the Xtended Mod: Here.
      Download the Galaxy613 mod and then check what .cat, .dat files you have in your root X3 Reunion directory. Probably they will number 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, etc. with .dat and .cat file extensions. Find the last number, in this case 07.cat and 07.dat.
      (1) If the highest number is 07, then copy the 08.dat and 08.cat files in the download to this same folder.
      (2) If the highest number is not 07 (say 09) then rename the 08.cat and 08.dat files to the highest number plus one. In this second example, it would be 10.dat, 10.cat.
      This procedure installs it as a false patch and so will be loaded along with the Xtended Mod at the start.

      So say we all!

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