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  1. Request Turret Scripts
  2. Station Prices All The Same?
  3. AI firing repair laser at me
  4. oops...(Argon XXL SPP Wrong Model)
  5. Text Sector Description - Glow of Faith
  6. More Questions.. [You guys probably hate me by now :o]
  7. Text Sector Description - Sudden Assault
  8. Cant Claim a Katana
  9. Text Sector Description - Scct's Mutiny
  10. Text Sector Description - End of Patriarchate
  11. Missing ships..
  12. Salvage claim softaware spolier
  13. about race response fleet
  14. Missing HUD / Gravidar (Self Resolved - kinda)
  15. Discussion That urge to re-start
  16. Text Sector Description - Divine Triumvirate
  17. Just starting XTC. Why do some gates spit me right back out? I'm trapped!
  18. Configuration Settings: Bailing Question.
  19. Mapping service ships with no pilot
  20. Discussion Did you manage to capture a valhalla?
  21. Whats the deal with the following sector : [possible spoiler alert]
  22. Bug Autopilot Freeze
  23. "Sending you the co-ordinates of some salvage"
  24. FAQ The players' FAQ for XTC 2.0
  25. Text Sector Description - Glow of Faith
  26. Text Pirate M1 Morrigu missing part of its docking ability in description
  27. Generic Missions with Kha'ak or Xenon as Hostiles
  28. WINE about the TP+ murder
  29. Certain fight and turret commands not working properly
  30. Wrong verbose computer info
  31. Kha'ak entering through wrong gate?
  32. Bug Shields Refilling
  33. Marine skill level
  34. Station name not displaying correctly on map
  35. Text Sector Description - Tidal Magnificence
  36. Discussion What silly things...
  37. Can't sell ship from return ship mission
  38. Compatibility MARS working with v2.0
  39. Updated Mars Tfile
  40. I love the XTC Crew.. Click to see why!
  41. CTD Sudden crash after 8 ingame days
  42. Installed the official Egosoft bonus pack on my XTC 2.0 install. Bad idea?
  43. Request Game start editing help request
  44. Noob question about plots ...
  45. Discussion Confused about Pirate reputation
  46. Any way to build Military Shields?
  47. Read the manual? What manual?
  48. Text Sector Description - Zrt's Revenge
  49. Text Sector Description - Rhwyk's Disgrace
  50. Ships Nemesis bug?
  51. Military shield too over powered?
  52. Two questions/possible bug: ion cannon construction & universe expension
  53. Xenon wing keeps respawning forever: Possibly related to Xenon I
  54. GalNet Sweepstakes
  55. Walkthrough Pirate Plot - SPOILERS!! (Work in Progress)
  56. How do you set up an ST/UT in XTC?
  57. Pirate Harrier - fire vs hull inverted
  58. The eagle has landed!
  59. Wings useless or am I doing it wrong ?
  60. Hurray !!! First pirate base destroyed !
  61. Collisions...too easy
  62. Bug Ship naming options: unique number not unique
  63. Xenon etc Sector Raids
  64. Best Player Sector in XTC 2.0? [Some Spoilers]
  65. Mobile Shipyards?
  66. Gameplay I piloted my M2 in an excessively arrogant and careless manner...really?
  67. Equipment station stays red
  68. Bounty hunters on my head ?!
  69. Dynamic reputation anomaly (?)
  70. The mighty slowness of bullets, help?
  71. Text Sector Description - Extended Rift
  72. Text Sector Description - Trinity's Gift
  73. Text Sector Description - Stellar Expansion
  74. Text Complex configuration - shields, weapons, missiles etc
  75. Quantum Tube Fabs use Silicon instead of Ore
  76. Text Sector Description - Scorched Credits
  77. No missions
  78. Odd bits and pieces of feedback
  79. This has to be said once more
  80. Ships Darius TM docking
  81. Divine Retribution, I'm stuck at... (beware: no spoiler tags!)
  82. repair laser on normal?
  83. otas castrum dock bug
  84. Scripts UTProfit compatibility?
  85. Guide XTC Statistics Spreadsheets
  86. XTC 2.0 Easter Eggs
  87. Build ammo for meteor cannon ?
  88. Stott Mixery L Model Problem
  89. Help! My Bugs are bugged!
  90. Text Leviathan Plot Message
  91. TL Question
  92. Text Sector Description - Akara's Ruin
  93. Guppy Frontweapons
  94. Teladi Arena?
  95. Lifeform Question- spoiler inside
  96. asteroid yields
  97. Is this normal or am I just lucky?
  98. Marines, marines, my kingdom for marines!
  99. AI constantly cheating new ships?
  100. Text Sector Description - Juno I
  101. Where can I buy aldrin ships?
  102. Text "crystaline growth" to "crystalline growth" - hull repair settings
  103. Instantly respawning escorts
  104. Gameplay Unusual Message-type noise?
  105. Atropos II has a transparent planet
  106. "Kill Rocks" Command
  107. Pirate Bases have wrong shields installed
  108. Potential problem in "Enemy at the Gate" Plot
  109. The battle for 1716
  110. Ships Drone Frigate???
  111. Text Sector Description - Xenon Sector 203
  112. Reputation cheat at EQ docks
  113. Hydra Rear weapon mount
  114. The speed of Sabre Vanguard
  115. Yaki Sector?
  116. Mods Lucike's Commodity Logistics Patch for XTC 2.0
  117. Boarding Help
  118. Text List of Objects Destroyed - Kha'ak Kha'ak Hive
  119. Possible issue in "Enemy at the Gate" Plot
  120. Wares Large Shield Emitter/Large Shield Recharge rates swapped
  121. Compatibility Lucike's CAG scripts compatibility
  122. Am i being stalked?
  123. Joke ZOMG!!! really???
  124. Bug Narrow Scope Bug In "Unfortunate Leviathan" - Spoilers
  125. Odd Message (Possible Spoilers?)
  126. Text Encyclopedia: Unnecessary spaces behind every Laser
  127. M6 Combat Loadouts
  128. Ships cant claim M6 Heavy Nemesis
  129. Possible bug: Universe expense stalled
  130. Warning to SETA users.
  131. M2 - Tyr
  132. Lore behind YOUR game!
  133. This is getting tedious....
  134. Pirate Plot Problems (spoilers)
  135. Continuity/Lore Question
  136. STO
  137. How to supply player factories with resources
  138. Bug "Corvette" is upside-down
  139. Request Anyone have dbox2?
  140. XXL wares complex issue
  141. Conventional engine damaged ? :shock:
  142. Modding Remove Automated Station Greetings
  143. Jumping recharges shields
  144. Bug Carriers change friend/foe settings during patrol
  145. Chip Plant prices
  146. Scripts Satellite Early Warning Network by Cycrow
  147. Text Dialogue - "Enemy at the Gate" Plot
  148. Asgard - scanners
  149. Large Shield emitters?
  150. Scripts My XTC 2.0 Script Testing List
  151. Boarding woes
  152. X3 bonus package and CLS software
  153. Bug Aldrin ships have no pilots
  154. Mesh Collisions [Very Minor Spoiler]
  155. Gameplay Xenon no-show in Raids
  156. [joyful exclamation :D ]
  157. How does the boarding extension work?
  158. Text Sector Description - Xenon Sector 104
  159. Text Col oss al
  160. Discussion SUGGESTION: Pandora without dora aka nothing is for free
  161. Possible bug: Pirate Plot stuck after having delivered the terran expert
  162. Graphic fade-ups
  163. Walkthrough Paranid Plot 'Divine Retribution' SPOILERS (Work in Progress)
  164. Marauder can't use tractor beam
  165. Can't dock at Dockyard
  166. Building complexes and Race stations
  167. Cargo Bay Extensions - Player-owned stations
  168. Upcoming patch question
  169. Compatibility Some compatibility questions
  170. Text Pirate Rankings
  171. Questions about a m2+ Kha'ak....
  172. Text Sector Description - Corona Aurealis
  173. Text Sector Description - Inflation of Rage
  174. Text Sector Description - Fierce Persistence
  175. Stations Solar power plants can produce without resources(crystals)
  176. Discussion protection
  177. Gameplay Product are not bought
  178. Gameplay Building of a station complex - where and what?
  179. Bug "Unknown Object" in BBS where a name should be displayed
  180. No Loot From Kha'ak M7-M1
  181. Bug Ships Missing Compatible Weapons
  182. Discussion ADS or CODEA
  183. missing AL options
  184. Request A view distance mod, or hints as to how to make such a mod
  185. Installation TL Ship Name "www UNDEFINED www" - Did I bork my installation?
  186. Scripts Hephaistos Corp - Not Compatible
  187. Transfer money to stations ?
  188. Gameplay Kha'ak at gates !!! HALPZ !!!
  189. Scripts Question for the devs about (user) addons
  190. Problem with Khaak Border Sectors
  191. Corporation vessels
  192. Galnet question
  193. Heavy Dragon Turrets
  194. Request Display "ships under repair" in Player Owned Shipyard differently
  195. Possible bugs found
  196. Cannot sell certain loot
  197. Question maybe bug?
  198. Aldrin reputation resetting?
  199. requirements for autorepair?
  200. Swordfish vs Thresher? why both?
  201. Something not right with M5 ship?
  202. Good notoriety but occasional hostility
  203. Xenon P , Right Turrent
  204. Problem (bug?) with pirate shipyard - they are EASY - spoiler tag if necessary.
  205. sound problems
  206. Nividium Mining...
  207. Running X3 map by Scorp with XTM 2.0
  208. Request randomish requests and questions
  209. Agamemnon wrong gun selection
  210. Osaka up and down turrets broken
  211. Discussion Trading extensions - (formerly Universe Trader for TS+ only?)
  212. Scripts UB's questions regarding XTC modding
  213. my khaak are grumpy :/
  214. Information Sector 'Necessary Tribute'
  215. M8 & Tm docking at wharfs
  216. Shield Emitters
  217. Complex Construction Kits acting wierd
  218. Modelling Pass through
  219. XTC 2.0Lottery Winners report here
  220. Wares for profitss, stock for later?
  221. Haul of a life time (Shark) Mission(enemy at the gates) Ship compliment(type)
  222. Where to find rare ships
  223. Using Drone Frigates as mobile SYs
  224. Where is the lag? A big thank you to the team!
  225. Gameplay How to befriend the Yaki?
  226. Bug M2+ onboard fighter repair issue
  227. Text Sector Description - New Abbey
  228. Gameplay "Problems" with AI-ships
  229. what are the advantages of the "power" weapons?
  230. Best M2 / M2+ as player ship in combat
  231. Kha'ak Vanguard shows duplicate compatible weapons
  232. Heinlein/Phantom Heavy Torpedoes ware size
  233. Gameplay Think-Mission with Station Hack
  234. Pirate Fighter Patrol do not fly if master ship is destroy OOS
  235. Help...Split Plot stuck...again...
  236. ADS-Anarkis Defense System posible issue
  237. Request Editing Tmissiles and other tweaking ideas
  238. Khaak, that aint fun.... some help please (spoilers inside)
  239. Terran Mines don't work in complexes
  240. Taipan - unable to dock M8
  241. Pilot Bug [Pilot is a Unknown Objekt or something else]
  242. No multi production factories?
  243. Xenon and Khaak Game Starts
  244. Gameplay Ore Mine explodes on placement
  245. Gameplay Sector Takeover
  246. Spoiler alert
  247. TP+ for what?
  248. Discussion slower pace
  249. Khaak Frigate
  250. Gameplay Savage Ship mission does not end?