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  1. Pirates & Corona Borealis
  2. Bug TP passenger missions
  3. Bug Pirate Plot bugged
  4. Activate Voices?
  5. Same Soundtrack in every Sector
  6. Bug Bug with Argon Griffon ?
  7. Installation issues
  8. Faunus
  9. jumpdrives
  10. A little lost with the mod's beginning...can someone help?
  11. How fast does the universe expand?
  12. Chaffs, the the hell are they
  13. Teladi Plot?
  14. X-Tended AP Random Crashes
  15. the point of prisoner rescues?
  16. Where to find medical equipment?
  17. Betty dont speack at all [solved] Audio driver
  18. Request Escorts for Hi-tech transporters
  19. Scripts Script called in time
  20. No effect or voice sound [solved] Audio driver
  21. Thrustmaster Flightstick X throttle issue
  22. Question about shields vs Vanilla, possibly bug
  23. Discussion "The Gate" Gamestart: Work On Increasing Rep or Not?
  24. X3TC Extended V3.2 X-Treme Difficulty Level
  25. What is this ship? (Manual)
  26. Captured my first Xenon I, how do I sell?
  27. EST and CAG not jumping
  28. CTD CTD with virtually all combat missions with mission difficulty above Easy
  29. Request Need help with Khaak start on X-tended Albion Prelude
  30. MARS removing weapons on turrets
  31. Gameplay Question about Shield Produktion
  32. Walkthrough Split Plot - "Split Loyalties" (WIP)
  33. Federal Argon Shipyards instead of normal Stations [solved] 3rd party conflict
  34. Missiles causing CTD [solved] Asus Audiodriver
  35. Request Lucike's Script Collection
  36. Scripts X-Studio
  37. Bug Cursor does not register with sidebar/HUD
  38. Changing Settings for Xenon
  39. Help!! My delivery ships are swapimg my warf!
  40. Game freeze in AP version of X-TC
  41. Information Where do I go to download Xtended?
  42. Missions/Plots for a new player
  43. Mission Bring back missions to build stations + couple issues
  44. Why are EQ docks giving my unlim supply?
  45. Scripts Request for change time for build up own ships in own shipyard
  46. Bug Pirates spawning in Pirate Core sector instead on Mission ssector
  47. Gameplay STO Question
  48. Crashing every 30 minutes to hour [solved] Audio codec
  49. Installing AP on to a retail store DVD purchase
  50. A couple of questions...
  51. Terran Rank ressets randomly
  52. Text How to install EST with XTC or X3 in general?
  53. Gameplay TS+ OOS Behavior
  54. How do I starts plots and where do I train mercs?
  55. Problem creating Turret command slot
  56. Inventory in stations bug
  57. SS_WARE_SW_NEW4 on fresh non-steam AP install
  58. Salvage Claim Software not working?
  59. All Mercenary Training facilities destroyed
  60. XTC Extension fail and language changed
  61. Idiot Auto-Pilot?... Or Idiot Player? [ You Decide! ]
  62. Help Ditching Early-Game Persuers
  63. Idea Scripting Question - Don't Trade Equipped Items
  64. I... don't get it. (Terran start)
  65. can't find any marines for sale
  66. Unable to build missiles on board (m.generator or M1-M2) [solved] broken install
  67. Changed Shipreseller on Player-Owned Shipyards
  68. Complex Trader Issue
  69. Adventure begins - looking for a new home for Her Majesty
  70. Compatibility EMP-X Wares
  71. Bug XTC:AP jump beacon ware name text
  72. Bug XTC:AP Griffon engines & turrets offset from model
  73. XTC:AP selling to docks & stock level [solved]
  74. First impressions
  75. Mission Fishy Business, need help
  76. Modding Remove linked Race relations from Pirate factions. (help)
  77. Pirate Race relations
  78. How do you set hotkeys where there are 2 characters?
  79. Ships How to claim a Kha'ak M6?
  80. Bug Strange Station Stock Bug
  81. CTD Player Factory Causing CTD
  82. What's the best sector to use as a home base?
  83. Unfriendly Core Sector makes permanent enemies!
  84. Gameplay Multiple problems...
  85. Bug Tama Bo called "actor.name@xpxtc01.Tama Bo" in Search & Rescue
  86. Gameplay Configuration Settings
  87. Gameplay T0 Transports script needed to.... set and forget!
  88. Blade's Edge Main XTC Questline
  89. REQUEST: XTC Terran Expeditionary Taskforce from X:R
  90. Plots fashion
  91. Hi, is there any way to reset missions?
  92. Ships Fleet build-up
  93. Gameplay npc factors change with difficulty
  94. Khaak bug sector 1716/1718
  95. Bugs on the forum
  96. Mods Help Modding Player Shipyard Build Times
  97. Gameplay CAG implemented in XTC?
  98. Bug? Bad Luck? Issues with ReadText in names of Mission-offering NPCs
  99. Hired TL wont dock
  100. Can't go thorugh gates near pirate zones
  101. Gameplay Tractor bean help, pulling stations sector-to-sector
  102. Sector (Otana Prime) issue
  103. small shipyard/scrap bugfix
  104. Bug bugfix shipyard/scrap
  105. Bug Request to the creators of Extended.
  106. Tip How to permanently disable the 'Plot Protection' and have Xenon/Khaak be active again
  107. News Using XTC with X3TC v3.3
  108. Reduced Sector Size Files
  109. Gameplay On Strategy
  110. Question on Map Expansion [Possible Spoiler]