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  1. (Outdated) XTC needs a new sound track
  2. Mission Director Scripters Needed
  3. Modellers needed
  4. News 3rd anniversary of XTended and news of XTended - Terran Conflict
  5. Discussion XTended - Terran Conflict Teaser Discussion
  6. (Outdated) Proof Reader Needed
  7. News XTC News 3rd June 2009
  8. News XTC News 14th July 2009
  9. News XTC News 5th October 2009
  10. (Outdated) Wanted: General Modder
  11. News XTC News January the 22nd 2010
  12. Help for the XtendedTC!
  13. Guide XTC V2.1 Manual
  14. Request M0 for Boron and Teladi?
  15. Guide X-Tended - Terran Conflict Compatibility List Version 1.2
  16. Guide X-Tended - Terran Conflict Download Hub
  17. X-Tended - Terran Conflict Media Gallery
  18. News X-Tended -Terran Conflict V1.2a Released. [26/06/2011]
  19. Guide for scripters: How to create events for the news system in XTC
  20. Weapons XTC Weaponstats sheet
  21. Guide Shipstatistic for XTC v 1.1b
  22. Tip Frigate Drones vs. Fighter Drones: a cost comparison
  23. Tip List of Shipyards' docks
  24. Information Size comparison
  25. Music XTC Soundtrack Virtual CD is here!
  26. Compatibility TC patch 3.1 has been released....
  27. Request Suggestion for the FAQ
  28. Scripts Add marine training option to all races military outposts in XTC.
  29. Misc. help with XTC (BBS News Anchor)
  30. Tip XTC Explorer - an online do-it-yourself universe mapping tool for XTC.
  31. Graphics XTC Player Pictures and Clips
  32. Information My Extensive XTC review
  33. Mods Hull Multiplier mod for XTC
  34. Modding Set Universe Expansion Stage
  35. So... any word on 2.0 release? Is there a Beta version to enjoy?
  36. News XTC news 24th December 2011
  37. Which is better/more fun overall--Albion or XTC?
  38. FAQ The "more" usefull Compatibility List for XTC1.2a and maybe more
  39. Mission [MD] PsiTech Missions
  40. [HOW TO] change Ship docking types on existing docking ports
  41. Ships Ship texture competition
  42. Discussion Poll for the ship texture competition
  43. Semi-Autonomous Player Fleets
  44. XTC - New game discussion
  45. the goner Aran and the unfocused jumpdrive
  46. Request Looking for Mentors for Mods, Scripting, Graphics and Designs.
  47. Discussion What was your greatest moment of stupidity in XTC 1.2a?
  48. I am unable to continue the plot - **Unmarked Possible Spoilers**
  49. Discussion XTC Game Starts
  50. [Media] I love XTC
  51. Ships Part 2: Ship texture competition
  52. M6L (MKI) "troop transport" ships?
  53. Economy and Trade
  54. A pirate start
  55. Request Please give all caps PACs and PBEs back!
  56. Ship balance incorrect within battle
  57. Stations Is there any way to produce Military Shield independantly?
  58. Alpha Kyon Emitters
  59. Pirate bases.
  60. The max number of boarding marines?
  61. List of factories and their resources
  62. Playing New Horizons untill 2.0 is ready!
  63. Information Getting back into it after a LONG break - a few q's
  64. 1 Year Release Anniversary!
  65. Gameplay a little question on xtc 1.2 missions(possible spoilers)
  66. Information aldrin sectors
  67. About pirates reputation.
  68. Discussion About Bailing setting...
  69. Any news on 2.0
  70. Compatibility Are these few scripts mostly compatible with XTC?
  71. Tepukei landing bays
  72. Modding Is it possible to export specific ships into regular X3TC
  73. Where are the quests?
  74. Ships Wanted: ATF Ships...
  75. Mods How to make Aldrin sectors spawning ATF ships instead of Argon
  76. Quick Questions on XTC Map and Ships
  77. Gameplay Combat rebalance suggestion
  78. Installation questions
  79. How do you set up XTC for steam?
  81. Weapon/missile/shield production complex not producing.
  82. sector trader stuck in standby
  83. Friendly Faction, Some Hostile Ships
  84. Scripts 2.0 "INCLUDED" SCRIPTS
  85. Ships Not enamoured with the ship balancing
  86. Compiling 00948.bob - Error with "VER"
  87. can't increase paranid rank
  88. Few Questions..
  89. Stations Glitch, installation issue?
  90. Tip OTAS shipyard spoiler.
  91. Ships Leviathan Load-out
  92. Idea Xenon Start Background..
  93. Discussion Ship yards
  94. Cant dock at marine training Barracks'
  95. News X-Tended - Terran Conflict 2.0 Release Thread
  96. Is there any way of increasing comm range?
  97. Pirate Start Tips
  98. Problem with the XTC Text Files in the german installation
  99. Gameplay SCS needed.
  100. Gameplay Aiming problems.
  101. Compatibility Lucikes Basic Salary Script
  102. Ambientus´s 2.0 Question thread
  103. Differences between SY and HQ
  104. XTC 2.0 Ammunition factories Scorp log bug
  105. what is dynamic reputation
  106. New Terran M4 Cockpit 'odd' (Falchion)
  107. Do NPC ships use chaffs/ECM?
  108. Gameplay Question About NPC Bailing/Balance Missions
  109. Mission Minor issue: Prisoner rescue mission - can't 'complete'
  110. many jump gates dont work properly ??
  111. Boarding Transporter Extension in 2.0 still working?
  112. Bug ReadText7214-347
  113. My Start Battle Hymn
  114. Cargo Transporter Extension
  115. to repair or not to repair, that is the question / Availability of Repair Laser
  116. Ships that will not dock at specific stations
  117. Idea Automated Traders/Slaves issue
  118. Pirate Chimera Raider - laser energy reload rate 2210
  119. no missions
  120. Bug Crashing When Using Chaffs
  121. New AI crate pick-up behavior?
  122. Wonky Data Transport Mission
  123. Laser and Shield fully regenerate after jumpdrive
  124. Pirate Falcon Raider (confirmed)
  125. Sell to Equipment docks
  126. Geochen, Pirate Buzzard Vanguard
  127. News/events/lottery
  128. Hostile Reputation
  129. Universe expansion going backwards ?
  130. Many readText errors
  131. Fleet Support/Deliver Fighters Mission Bug?
  132. A nice and safe sector
  133. Station Security Script
  134. Complexproblem
  135. Discussion Hostile vs Neutral indicators...
  136. Any Suggestions for profitable stations?
  137. Text Minor typos - delivery mission
  138. Has anyone had anything larger than an M7 bail for them?
  139. Armstrongs gates broken?
  140. Text Minor typo - Medium Barrier Shield
  141. Unnamed Pirate Centuar
  142. Bartering availability?
  143. Early ship management/repair question from the uninitiated
  144. Wares not increasing or decreasing?
  145. [Spoiler] Kha'ak AL plugin has chance to break plots
  146. Request Abandonded Ship Locator Script Idea
  147. Bug Phantom's main guns don't shoot
  148. Race rep issues.
  149. XTC: [X-Tended]Corporations settings
  150. Salvage Bonus not paid
  151. Notoriety problem buying second-hand ship
  152. Text Description of Forceful Acquisition
  153. Possible lore problem
  154. Siezed -> Seized
  155. Potential hitman mission bug
  156. Stations What´s a Depot good for?
  157. Guide READ First; Known issues with XTC 2.0
  158. Bug Player owned EQ docks - add max shields
  159. Potential friendly fire problem
  160. Auto explore
  161. Possible Bug: Argon Mammoth - Only Allowed 1 Small Shield Emmitter?
  162. Request XTC configuration difficulty settings
  163. Race on race action
  164. No verbose computer.
  165. Shield Charger - not charging?
  166. Mission Plots - spoilers
  167. Description - Cargo Transporter Extension
  168. Odd initial ware behaviour in Equipment Dock
  169. How to test for X-tended in a script
  170. no voice for sector names
  171. Mission Question about a certain mission - SPOILERS
  172. Divine Retribution issue - contains spoilers
  173. Discussion So, what's with these Bounty Hunters?
  174. Built-in Freight Scanner not registering scans for Anti-Smuggling missions
  175. Self repair...rules?
  176. Yaki only passiv?
  177. Salvage got red!
  178. Wares Required Mission
  179. Description for Boarding Transporter Extension
  180. Sector description - Predefined Assurance
  181. Sector description - Terminus
  182. Red and Blue military ships
  183. Best m7
  184. Sector Description - Atropos IV
  185. Hostile m7m using missiles against player?
  186. Xenon Sectortakeover forever?
  187. need advice on complexes, transporters and depots
  188. Paranid Perseus Sentinel Laserrecharge Rate
  189. Bug Problem claiming an M6 Katana
  190. Stations No complex construction kit connection point for Split Spacefly Farm?
  191. Self-defenseless
  192. Typo (somewhat spoilery); possible bug
  193. Jumping now replenishes shield energy as well?
  194. Sector Description - Liberation of Thought
  195. Poem More advanced turret control possibility?
  196. Request Need some things sent to me in a private message, if possible!
  197. Text Spellcheck of 7211-L044.xml (First part)
  198. Can a TL dock at player-owned Complex ?
  199. Text Spellcheck of 7211-L044.xml (Second part)
  200. Discussion Pirate start FAQ.
  201. Modding Help request for any scripter with free time.
  202. Requests for some tunings
  203. Discussion Point to Point jumps - some confusion
  204. Boneheads M5
  205. Trade MK3 and relation with races
  206. Text Spellcheck of 7211-L044.xml (Third and final part)
  207. Tip Missing feedback on wrong ship for taxi mission
  208. What happened to the slaves?
  209. Text Spellcheck 7212-L044.xml
  210. Spellcheck 7213-L044.xml
  211. Text Spellcheck 7214-L044.xml
  212. Mission Pirate Plot issue - contains spoilers
  213. Text Spellcheck 7215-L044.xml
  214. Text Spellcheck 7216-L044.xml
  215. Bug Wing Command for Clear Home Base Nonfuctional
  216. Gameplay Trapped Ships! ...and other nasty surprises.
  217. Abandoned ship still firing
  218. Anyone found the Pandora crate?
  219. Bug Tracker Mine Factory and Ion Mine Factories sell wrong type of mine
  220. Scripts Compatibility - XTC 2.0 with Lucikes Script Collection for X³: Terran Conflict
  221. Ships Boron pirate ships can be repainted?!
  222. How to increase reputation with Teladi
  223. Failed assassination mission treated as success?
  224. Request "MARS" script help request
  225. Text Spellcheck 7217-L044.xml (First half)
  226. Universe Expansion Stalled?
  227. Spawning pirate clans/Enslaving astronauts
  228. Khaak taking over sectors?
  229. Can Pirates be wiped out?
  230. Mods Xchange guild portals
  231. Text Spellcheck 7217-L044.xml (Second half)
  232. Almost all ships use "SMALL" shields???
  233. Text 9500-L044.xml Spellcheck
  234. Gameplay Odd Assassination mission - what should the race reputation effects be?
  235. Quick Question on Pirate Bases (No Spoilers)
  236. Wares Differences between shield types? (Military, Hard, Barrier, Flux)
  237. Assassin/hitman mission - inconsistent reporting of race/name of target
  238. Missing feedback on failed "Materials to TL+" missions
  239. Request XTC X-tended 2.0 Ship stats?
  240. Does XTC 2.0 allow to block sector/station for a UT?
  241. Installation XTC installation doesn't work
  242. Walkthrough Enemy at the Gate - Walkthrough = Massive spoilers
  243. Joke Easteregg Message SPOILER
  244. Scorp Map
  245. Walkthrough Leviathan Plot - SPOILERS!! (Work in Progress)
  246. Shipyard Questions
  247. Discussion I just happened to buy my first carrier...
  248. Problems with "Deliver material to mobile factory" missions
  249. Gns: raid xenon sector readtext 7214-347
  250. Text Sector description - Conrad