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14-04-2009, 01:30 AM
Hi all, just had some random idea wile I’m working on getting things started... and well I came up with a concept for a graphic novel/comic that tells the story of the last few moments or the day of the fall of Antiganing and the fate of the Titan stationed there to defend it, a Titan called Anterra's Legend, and it also tells the storeys of the men and women stationed aboard her on a personal level, and of what became them in the fight with the Xenon and how to this day if you look hard enough you might be able to see the ghostly translucent outline of the Anterra's Legend as it keep trying to defend over and over again a place that is lost forever..... And the souls of the people trapped re-enacting the last moments of that fateful day till the end of time....

Main Consept Art iv posted here, if you can't get to it let me know and tell me which would be a better host for you

http://i621.photobucket.com/albums/tt294/reeverdark/th_anterrasgoast.jpg (http://s621.photobucket.com/albums/tt294/reeverdark/?action=view&current=anterrasgoast.jpg)

I got my inspiration from listening to the main menu music on X3TC, I know that’s a little strange of me but it does have that sad quality to it....

As for the picture itself well I’ve become a fan of the old ink comic styles that I think when added to a concept like X3, brings a new element to it outside the norm and gives a new perspective of interest....

Now what I’m going to do now is open the floor with a little story game so that anyone wishing to add to the concept by making their own stories to do with the crew members of the Anterra can do so, like a chain stories that the community can add to as long as its kept in mind that it has to span only one day before the end.
Multiple stories can be made between different crew members and the more the merrier... think- we are the fly on the wall watching the advents as they are about to happen... and how they not really know what will happen until it really happens... I’ll try to fix up the front story as to the outside advents and the last moments.

I’ll come up with new pictures as soon as I can, and feel free to add your own and if you like I can render them to the comic book style that I’m using....

*note, I only know the basic story behind X3:r and TC, so if the tail has already been told in X, or X2 then oops never mind this can be an alternate version of advents... and a fun exercise in creative thinking...

So everyone join in and have fun :)

29-04-2009, 06:58 PM
I think youre idea is awsome. I too love the old ink comics, like Flash Gordon a.o. The basic idea,as far as i can understand, is to make a comic ,old ink style, about the faith of the lost souls and why/how they became exactly that.Epic,truly epic i think. Maybe there also can be some few survivors here and there. Someone captured and kept as slaves/servants by the enemys. And others living from the huge dead sceleton and remains of the defendig ship, with small parts of it still kept alive and a couple of flight decks still in one piece,so they can move in short distances around in this vast area.Hmmm,i went a litle further then planed in writing here,but i love the idea,hehe.
Please go ahead,and if you do..thanks,lol.8)

30-04-2009, 03:51 PM
Thank you and i will if iv got the time lol, what would help is if people can make X3 high rez picture scrap books and send them to me (or the links to get them) that way i can start manipulating things and make the comic. =)