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18-07-2009, 02:53 PM
Script: Community Plugin Configuration
Created: 03/06/2009
Author: Cycrow
Version: 1.20
Game: X3: Terran Conflict V1.2+

:arrow: Installation:
http://www.egosoft.com/img/button_download.gif (http://cycrow.thexuniverse.us/tcscripts/CommunityPluginConfiguration-V1.20-03.06.2009.spk)

Download and extract the file into your Terran Conflict directory. Make sure the script editor is enabled to use

NOTE: This script is mainly for use for other scripts and can be included with them

:arrow: Introduction:
This script is designed to allow the community of a central location for thier configuration menus.
This creates a menu that lists all the scripts that have configuration, selecting them will open up the scripts own configuration menu.


:arrow: Users:
This script will only work if other scripts have been added to its list. To use it, simply set the hotkey and press it to open the menu.

if no menu opens, then most likly there is no configurable scripts available.

:arrow: Scripters:
To make use of the configuration menu, simply call the script, plugin.config.addscript, from your setup script.
It takes 3 arguments, the script name and script author (ie you) and the config script.

The menu will split the scripts into sections for each author and display the name, which you set as the first argument.

The 3rd argument, config script, is the string name of the script to run. Ie, you create your own script and type in the name of it here.
When your script is selected from the menu, it will run this script so you can have your own menu open up to do what ever config is required

The 4th is a boolen (true/false) if you want the author to be displayed

The 5th is the section you wish it to appear in, leaving this null will put it in the first section in the menu. Anything else will add a new section below to seperate your script from the rest

:arrow: Additional Options:
You can also add single options to the menu, that users can change the value off without needing an additional menu.

The Option, and its current value will be displayed on the menu, and selecting it will change the value

22-01-2011, 10:59 PM
Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr now I know.
Having never been involved with addons, scripts, I,m an absolute novice about these things.
So , do I install the addon, script, whatever, into the X3 main directory to?
p.s. Does this mean that using this plugin manager say with an addon one can put it on and off at will?:)

23-01-2011, 12:13 PM
Is this compatible with XTended 1.1r?
Your post does not specify.

24-01-2011, 05:27 AM
Yes, I take it I install the XTended !.! Into the Plugin Managers directory.