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18-07-2009, 06:09 PM
Script: Satellite Early Warning Network
Version: V1.22
Author: Cycrow
Created: 03/06/2009
Game: X3: Terran Conflict 1.2+

:arrow: Installation

http://www.egosoft.com/img/button_download.gif (http://cycrow.thexuniverse.us/tcscripts/SatelliteEarlyWarningNetwork-V1.22-03.06.2009.spk)

:idea: Requires: Community Plugin Configuration (http://www.thexuniverse.com/forum/showthread.php?t=16596)

To install, you use the plugin manager, download and open the spk file.

:arrow: Introduction
This allows you to link your advanced satalites into a network to report enemy activity in sectors.

Any satalites in your network can be programmed to warn you of enemy attacks, you can set what ships to detect for and what kind of warning it sends

:arrow: Starting Up
As the script uses the community Plugin Configuration, you need to have a hotkey setup to use this. Then use that hotkey and select SEWN from the list to enter the setup.


:arrow: Network Configuration
As above, you open up the configuration dialog to setup your network. There are various settings available, the top is the global settings for you network with the below section listing the satalites in your network.


First section is the Network Configuration, this is your networks global settings and will be applied to all new satellites

Next section is the list of all satellites in your network (only appears if you have any added). The top option allows you to remove all the satellites. Selecting one of the satellites from this lists open up that satellites configuration.

The Bottom section is a list of all other Advanced Satellites you have. Simply select one to have it added, or choose the top option to add them all.

:arrow: Global Configuration
The global network settings are applied to all new satellites as well as any that are set to "Global Settings" in thier individual config. To change the settings, just select it.

Detect Ships: This option is used to choose what type of ships the satellite should detect.
Message Type: This is the type of message that should be sent to the player
Warning Time: This is the time in minutes that each warning message should be sent

:arrow: Satellite Configuration
To configure each satelitte, simply select it from your network configuration dialog.


The top info section display details about your satellite including the number of enemy ships its currently detecting (based on your settings)

The next section "Detect Ships" allows you to set the ship type to detect, the global settings will change when ever you change it in your networks configuration.

The "Message Type" section is for how you want messages to be sent to you.

The "General Settings" section as the rest of the config options, this includes the time to send each warning message.

Finally, the commands at the bottom to remove the satellite from the network and to close the menu (pressing ESC also closes)

:arrow: Warning Messages
There are 3 settings for the warning messages, the Voice will send a destress call to you from your ships computer with the sector.
The Message will display a message across the bottom of the screen showing the sector and satellite.


The other one is for both the voice message, and a saved entry in your log book.

Change Log:
Added Claimable Ship Detection

Added 4 Custom SEWN Wings for protection
Added automatic protection
Added Call For Aid option, allows you to manually call in a wing to help protect a sector
Added colour in satellite name when detected ships are in range

Performance increase for large network