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Pirate's Bane
24-08-2009, 03:56 PM
From: Pirate’s Bane
To: The War Councils of the Galactic Nations

Subject: Declaration of War on the Split

In lieu of our repeated attempts to negotiate a peaceful solution with the Split on their source of Pirate Incendiary Bomb Launchers, and their refusal to disclose this source to us, we have no choice but to take these weapons by force from the Split.

We will use two M2 Battleships (Boreas and one undecided) and our two M-7s (Panther and Tiger) and as many drones and marines as we can stuff inside them and take from the Split what they have denied us.

We will also use the latest software for warfare including; factory capture software, and the latest turret control software (MARS) in an all out effort to occupy Split space.

We will be jumping into Split space as soon as we have outfitted all ships and personnel.

If you have any comments or tactics to suggest, please post them here, as we will soon be curtailing all communication prior to beginning hostilities.

28-08-2009, 03:48 AM
From:Admiral Catra Crusaire
To:Pirate's Bane

Subject: Offensive tactics to use against the Split

Hello again PB,

i would assume your "negotiations" were just stall tactics so the savage split wouldnt roll right over your amassing forces, as peaceful outcomes only exist with them when there are no more split.

now as for tactics,

the split have little to no underbelly coverage on their large cruisers,and coupled with the fact that their cruisers have minimal shielding makes this problem more glaring, just a few heavy fighter bombers would make any capital vessel a smoldering wreck in seconds.advised to keep ALL cruiser vessels of your own away from them.

the Split Fighters are variable, sometimes their M5s and M4s are much more deadly than their M3s, due to speed and excessive weaponry. sometimes a few M3s can defend an entire sector from forces 2 - 4 times their wing strength as experieced split pilots are given access to the full loadout capability of their M3 class Fighters.

the Split M6 and M6+ are quite formidable, they feature good shielding and pack ALOT of heat. unlike their cruiser brethren the M6 class ships have no blind spots, rather they have have "slow" spots. its no secret split love heavy weapons, so its time to turn that love into hate :].

those are the tactics i have learnt over these few months battling the split, maybe theyll work for you too if you dont run into forces trained to cover up these weaknesses

good hunting PB,

-end of transmission-

Pirate's Bane
28-08-2009, 04:18 PM
To: Admiral Catra Crusaire
From: Pirate's Bane

Subject: Offensive tactics to use against the Split

I have shared your tactics and words of encouragement with my company and allies.
Your tactics may save us many lives. May we meet on the battlefield one day against our common enemy.



28-08-2009, 04:54 PM
...Encoded transmission from Boron Intelligence.

We are glad someone finally will openly stand against those aggressive maniacs.

We suggest starting operations in Family Rhy, Rhy's Desire and Rhy's Crusade to cut off some important production farms and mineral resources.

May The Queen watch over you.

...end of Encoded Transmission.

Pirate's Bane
28-08-2009, 05:46 PM
… Routed via Taledi mainframe x1x3
…. Intercepted by special ops ATF cell ?????
… Routed through the Queen’s Computer Network (QCN) …

To: General Stemardue
From : Pirate’s Bane

Thank you for your targeting suggestions. Soon we will strike and regain honor for all who have been slighted by the Split.

May your Queen live forever,

28-08-2009, 05:48 PM
Incoming Message... encryption detected.... receiving decryption hueristics....

*decryption complete*

message begins.

the terran federation are pleased to see that we are not alone in our view that the only way of ensuring peaceful terms with the split is through either their total submission... or their total annihilation. we wish to help you in your war against them. as such we have organized that some of our technology may fall into your hands "accidentally". included are details of where you may find these technologies.

**receiving information upgrade for database**

also, we have had our intelligence networks forward us these useful pieces of information, that you may use them to great effect against the split military forces.

- split ships are fast, but they are vulnerable against fast moving missiles, as such we recommend use of commonwealth missiles such as the wasp in large quantities for fighter sized targets. against m6 vessels the hornet is reccomended.
- larger split ships are particularly deadly if not pre-emtively struck with use of a larger warhead before engaging, as such the use of firestorm torpedos and if you can find some, the obsolete terran missle the hammerhead.
- engaging large split vessels is best done with both large and small craft. as split capital ships are highly maneuverable, fighter wings provide suitable distraction for your larger ships to bring their full weaponry to bear.

we applaud you in your campaign against the split and hope what we have provided is helpful in your fight against them.

message ends.

Pirate's Bane
28-08-2009, 06:46 PM
…. path Taledi Central Bank Network (CBN) …. path Terran Central Bank (TCB) ……
…. uploading …. data request … galactic network lookup (GNL) ….. * * *

To: General Scorch
From: Pirate’s Bane

We appreciate your gift of software and your insights on how to defeat the Split fleet. Per your advice, we will take on as many missiles as spaces allows, however we are hoping to use the latest MARS software innovation – “goblins” – to harass and occupy the Split forces for our destroyers.
If we can establish a base of operations in Split territory perhaps we can experiment with a dedicated missile frigate.

May the Terrans one day recover what is rightfully theirs,

…… GNL lookup …data request ….. uploading ……………

18-09-2009, 09:06 PM
\\:encryption enabled
\\:hack detected**

<decoding transmission>\-recorded;017533
`working online [voice-activation enabled]...

Three wozuras have pa ... passed and our numbers ... decreasing. We have little support left on ... counter-attack. Invasions procee ... Calling support from Teladi Task Force ... area. Split defeat is imminent! Forced secto ... urrender to Terran fleet. We have only few ... weapons are transferred. We must now revea ... location of munition ... or face annihilation at the hands of ou ... enemies. There ...

<unable to complete decoding process>
\\:hack blocked*
`attempting to re-establish [voice-activation disabled]


Commonwealth Federation Bulletin (Stub 14507:c)

Tachyon Defense Industries Chairman,
Martin Daniels

Addressed to: Terran PMC Task Force # 6 / 8 / 23 / 39

Our recent success on the Split front has come as a well-deserved pleasure to those who took part in the instrumental movement against foreign hostility. The Split government is well caught up in the predicament, and much aggression has occurred between neighbouring factions over as little as commercial trading rights in the area. The partially decoded message above was intercepted by an electronic-warfare reconnaissance cruiser twelve hours ago. As a private military contractor, Tachyon Defense Industries has been granted full authorization under the USC’s Paramilitary Engagement Act during the duration of the conflict. Should any financial and/or combat espousal be required for the remainder of the campaign, Tachyon Defense Industries has signed for obligatory assistance consent. Task Force 17 will be positioned within stationed for patrol at the coordinates provided, along with peacekeeping Task Force 22. The spearhead of our fleet will be provided, if necessary, upon request. The Terigon Carrier Battlegroup will remain out of harm’s way for auxiliary support until further directives have been made. From here, our corporation will consolidate for the final onslaught.

We are willing to offer our Battlegroup arsenal cruiser, Orion, as a temporary addition to your contingent. The bomber will be retro-fitted for the attack, and will be armed when needed.

Martin Daniels

Anon loyalist
19-09-2009, 04:54 PM
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