View Full Version : Music Retribution (I just happen to like bagpipes)

04-11-2010, 02:28 PM
Finally finished this one - had a little break from anything music-realted for two weeks or so.

Retribution (http://downloads.thexuniverse.us/Eliah/Retribution_v2.mp3)
[3:38; 8.33MB; 320kbps]

Initially I started it with the intention of making a BSG-inspired military 'scene' track, with clear-cut structure.. Well, that didn't really work out and for two/three days the instruments,sound, everything seemed to just go further and further away from the initial concept - so I left it completely for two weeks, went back to it this morning, edited a few things completely out, changed this and that, introduced pipes & the flute, and the outcome is, while not what it was originally meant to be, something rather decentish, imo.

So, yeah. Warning - has bagpipes and maybe some drums.