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I present you with Chapter 2 of my humble story have a good read and post ur comments

Chapter 2

In Search for a Purpose

Red nova clouds were passing by the cockpit window of Boneea's small Discoverer as he making his way to the South Gate in the heavily populated sector of Home of Light. Slowly the round shape of the massive gate came into view and with it came the tell tale shape of an Argon Titan patrolling the core sectors around Argon Prime.
Looking at the gigantic ship Boneea began to make up visions in his head in which he was commandeering one of them in an epic battles "Just a dream" he sighed.Soon he passed trough the gate and woke up in the sector of Ore Belt a few sezuras later, and found the same desolate landscape dominated by asteroids and stations, some of which even belonged to his father because he needed the materials from Ore Belt to supply his more recent weapon complexes in Power Circle or The Wall.
Slowly he made the long journey to the West Gate constantly looking at his father's numerous stations and military patrols that kept the peace in this unruly sector.

Cloud Base South-West is best known as being the sector that houses the religious sect called the Goners.
Goners generally aren't well thought of in the Universe, even in Argon and Boron space they are victims of the populations xenophobia, and that is mainly due to their radical ideas which contradict most of the teachings that the local population receive as they grow up.
Boneea never was much of a believer in the Goner faith but he never did harbor any ill feeling towards them,that was pretty much one of the very few good things that his parents taught him "Be ignorant towards them, and they will be ignorant towards you" was the saying of his father regarding the Goners and for a long time he stuck to it like a glue and indeed he never was troubled by them.
But now he left his ignorance aside and decided to seek out the Goners, hoping for a good piece of advice as to were to start his journey.

Anxiously waiting for the turbo lift to reach its destination, Boneea was thinking on how we will be greeted by the Goners,which he assumed were aware of the fact that he was the son of Greeda Boneea, Boneea never got the time to think about it because the lift suddenly stopped and the metal door opened revealing a large hall with a big stairway at the other end, magnificent pillars ,covered in argon marble, lay at the sides and at the middle of the ceiling was a massive candelabra, reminiscent of old Argon mansions in Argon Prime. From the candelabra a beautiful orange light seemed to invade the hall, creating the impression of a terrestrial cathedral, large rounded windows, that covered orange lamps, also accentuated that feeling.Goner monks were walking up and down the stairway,or talking intensely with each other near the massive pillars.
Boneea took his first fearful steps into this strange new world, looking in awe at the greatness of the hall.
As he was heading towards the stairs he was distracted by a voice calling him.
"Excuse me sir, can you please come here?" said a thin, old womans voice
Boneea jerked his head immediately and saw a little old lady sitting behind a desk, just behind the lift door, smiling at him.
"Excuse me, I did not notice your presence." said Boneea
"Ahh, no problem young man, it is not the first time people fail to see me, and I doubt that it will be the last time." she said smiling
"Well, your desk isn't exactly well positioned to be obvious upon entering this marvelous hall." smiled Boneea
"Indeed it isn't, now if you don't mind I would like to ask you for some sort of identity so that we know who enters our Temple."
Fearful, but having no inspiration to make up another name, he just told his real name.
"I am Paul Boneea." he muttered
"Paul...Boneea...There you go, welcome to the Goner Temple!" she said smiling
"Thank you, but i want to ask you one more question, where can I see the Master of the Temple?" he asked
"Well, i find him most often in the cathedral at the 5th floor, thats where he spends most of his time, talking to his missionaries and followers.
"I will be on my way then."


The show was a marvelous one, it had to, thats why the OTAS Theater agreed to play it, but not everyone was paying attention to it. At the balcony two of the mot powerful people in the Universe were deep in talk.
"What about Paul?" asked Corrupta
"He will realize that his foolishness has taken the best of him and when he does he will return to us." said Greeda
"And what if he doesn't?" she asked
"He will, he will, trust me on that."
And with that the two fell silent while the Theater was shaken with thunderous applauses.


"Father, I will go in the navy, and that is final." said Proudo
"No,you will stay here, I will not let you risk your life in some forgotten sector!" cried the President
"I must go Father, for too long have i been sitting here enjoying the comfortable life of being the President's son and not having to worry about anything, I am 19 jazuras old father, I think I am old enough to take my own decisions, good or bad!" said Proudo frustrated
"Very well then, but know this young man, you said that you are old enough to take care of yourself, so you shall be on your own and do not expect any help from me because you will not get any!" said the President
"Very well then Father, i ask only for one thing, that you assign me to the Astrid, 4th Argon Fleet based in Circle of Labor." said Proudo in a demanding voice
"Very well, consider that as a departure gift on my behalf."
"Thank you Father, but now i must leave, the Astrid is waiting for me."
"Good bye son, make me proud as you have always done."
"I will."
And with that Proudo departed from his father's room and went to fulfill his own story, his own destiny.


The Goner Cathedral is the heart of the Goner Temple, this is where the Goner gather and fall into silent contemplation, the resting place of tired Goners Monks and Missionaries, an island of peace in a sea of chaos.
Boneea found himself slowly walking between the empty benches of the Cathedral, the peace of that place was in contrast to his state of mind, even though he would not admit it,he was lost, confused, as if a part of him had run of somewhere in the depths of space.
He sat down on one of the seats and fell deeply into thought.
After what seemed like a jazura Boneea lifted up his head and he was stunned when he saw that next to him was a very old Goner, smiling.
"I see that you have returned from the depths of your own mind." he said with a calm and soothing voice
"Indeed I have, and a very deep they were." murmured Boneea
"That is obvious even to an untrained eye young one, but tell me with what purpose have you come here?" he said
"It is difficult to say Master Goner,I...am lost." he said with a sigh
"You cannot be lost without going onto a journey, and so tell me what is the purpose of your journey young man, I may be able to help."
"I seek to end the corruption that has been created in the Universe before it destroy all of us, more than that i will not reveal."
"Corruption is not an easy thing to destroy youngling, you risk a great many things if you decide to start crusade against it" said the old goner in a grave tone "you must understand that corruption is like a plague, once it grips you firmly, then release is impossible."
"I know Master Goner, for years I have been trying to reveal the corruption around us, but for years I have laughed at and ignored, I do not know what to do Master Goner." said Boneea on the verge of crying
"Go south, young man, go south, everything shall be clear there on, everything shall be clear." said the Goner
"What will I find south Master Goner?" asked Boneea
"You will find a Blade young one, use it wisely and your name shall travel far and wide among the stars for it will be you that will destroy both evil and corruption, you will be the Hero of all Heroes." said the Goner with a tone that inspired strength and bravery
Boneea rose up felt his warm blood rushing trough his veins and he knew that the war would soon start.
"Thank you Master Goner, I now see what I must do." said Boneea
"Good, now go and fulfill your destiny, go and write your name in the stars." said the goner

The Goner looked back at Boneea as he left the Cathedral, a smile on his face.
"Unexpected this is." he said
Out of the shadows came a woman far older than the goner monk that laying on the bench.
"The plan is going better than we have expected, we have both Boneea and Honora on our side." she said
"Not exactly on our side, they are just helping us without knowing it." he said
"Corruption is finally dented, after so long a time we can finally bring back peace."
"It is too early to assume anything, they may still have an ace up their sleeve..."

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It's getting intriguing m8. :)

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Very good, and as Aragon S said, it must take a really long time to write in english, very well done,
I'm pleased the goners are part of it " starraidersama " :angel:
keep on going :)

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actually it doesnt take very long
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