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10-05-2011, 03:18 PM
- "Docking granted" beeps cheerfully the docking computer as my ship slowly approaches the Trading Station.
I look at the stars and, as always, I can't take my eyes from the view outside. The sector's gates are placed in the narrow passage between the beautiful lush jungle planet Calyx 2 and the spectacular lava red Calyx 3. Red to the left, green to the right, the black of the space ahead and behind. I once called it "The path of the Gods" and rightfully so! Spectacular beyond description, my words can but poorly reflect the beauty and serenity of this corner of space. And I wish I could freeze time and enjoy the moment forever. I just stare and wonder how many sentient entities felt as I do. How many looked at the stars and the planets and felt crushed by the immensity of space and elated by it's beauty.
The neutral voice of station's computer system shatters the moment.
- "Queen Atreus and the Kingdom of Boron bid you a peaceful welcome aboard!"
- "Thank you", I whisper and prepare to execute the transaction. I'm in a good mood today but only the thought of adjusting the protection suit gives me pause. I'm not going do visit the station, they're all alike. "The Boron sectors are boring but safe!" our fish friends use to say. I'm not anxious to see their faces, anyway.
Time goes by before my business is done and the cargo bay empty. The Energy Cells fetched a good prise, the stations around here are hungry for more. I grab a new contract and then close my eyes for a few seconds. Then, the thunder strikes:
- "Will the parents of the Argon girl Susie.."
I swear I will sue the stupid technician responsible for station announcement being delivered at full volume. And for the thousandth time I promise myself I'll do something about it. I must, because you see, it was my fault, only my fault...

To be continued.