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06-09-2011, 05:05 PM

Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean

The English sailing barque, Oceanis, voyages the Atlantic en route to the Caribbean. On its journey, the ship encounters a rather strange phenomenon.

NovaCatt (Stepping onto the deck)

What 'ave ye done this time, eh?

NovaCatt (Holding a thick coil of rope)
I have here the most dehydrated rope in the world -- so dehydrated that it will absorb any moisture it touches and tighten into the stiffest cord there is.


NovaCatt (Walking to the port bulwark and gazing into the lively ocean)
Never. Now stand back.

Neurotoxin (Pulling hat over face)
Don't make a fool of yourself again.

NovaCatt (Tossing the rope to sea)
I'm no fool!

Neurotoxin (Leaning over the side)
I think you were supposed to hold onto the other end.

My bad.

After about a minute.

Neurotoxin (Staring into the water)
Soo, now what?

I'm not sure at this point.

Both lean over the edge to observe as the ocean is instantly flash-dried and the ship slams into the sea floor that has now become a barren desert that smells like fish. The rope cannot be found.

Laaannd hooo!

We've been ROBBED!

Admiral Scoobing
07-09-2011, 10:22 AM
Brilliant !!!

07-09-2011, 01:08 PM
NC spawned the concept in the shoutbox -- a sitcom-like drama with TXU peeps in the oddest setting possible. Wasn't sure it would be successful but I'll add sketches whenever a funny idea shows up. ;)