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28-04-2012, 08:36 PM
I started XTC as Terran "A new career". Before receiving the call for the start of the plot mission "Unfortunate Leviathan", I did several types of missions in many different sectors, of course, using the comms menu on each station. I did not notice any npc names that were UI (i.e. ReadTextnn-nnnnnn ReadTextnn-nnnnnn).

When I received the call for the start of the main plot mission, I went and talked to the person I was supposed to, got into my Hyperion (Freight (1723/3333)), and did what I was directed to do. So when I landed on the station as directed, my passengers were delivered and I was notified to talk to a person on the station, I went into the comms menu to talk to the person. I noticed that one of the names in the comms menu was "ReadTest30-690980 ReadText30-691072". The person I was supposed to talk to was in the list so I selected that person, however, it simply returned me to the station menu and no communications occurred. I checked my cargo hold to see that I had not received the cargo that I was supposed to either. The Mission Briefing still listed talking to him as the next step.

I have the following scripts and mods loaded (all mods are false patches with XTC 1.2a being the last false patch installed).

Cheats Package v1.60
Complex Cleaner Mod v4.09
Lucikes Collection (All but Complex Planner and Travel Drive)
Lucikes X-Tended 1.2a Compliance Upgrade
Mars Fire Control v5.20
Plugin Manager v1.41
Ring of Fire v2.31
Sector Take Over v1.57
and X-tended Mod 1.2a

I followed R-team's guidelines (http://www.thexuniverse.com/threads/22660-The-quot-more-quot-usefull-Compatibility-List-for-XTC1-2a-and-maybe-more) as they pertained to these scripts/mods and the files they change. ((Thanks R-Team for the great information)) All were installed and then a new game was started.

During much testing, I found that all of the passengers names, associated with this mission, are also listed as "ReadTextnn-nnnnnn ReadTextnn-nnnnnn". At the station I can communicate with the person who's name shows up in this format, and can even accept a mission from them (not plot related).

I tried using many different ships, undocking and re-docking, flying to a different sector and then re-docking, I restarted from a save prior to taking over any of the unknown/uncharted sectors and then ran in seta mode until the mission call came in again, each time with the same results - all passengers names listed as "ReadTextnn-nnnnnn ReadTextnn-nnnnnn" (does not include Marines), then they are delivered to the station and I can't communicate with the person I am supposed to for the next part of the mission. The Mission Briefing still lists talking to him as the next step.

So, has anyone else experience this? Does anyone have any ideas about what is causing this or what things I should check?

28-04-2012, 09:07 PM

I've already finished the plot and i can tell you, there were no errors. Unfortunately i cant say which mod you are using does have an influence on XTC, but what i can say is: if you get some "ReadText....", no matter where, then something is going wrong with your game. Try to clean up TC-gamefolder of any mods and after that - do a XTC1.2 reinstall. If the game works properly, try to install one additional mod after another, each time doing ingame checks if it is still everything okay.

28-04-2012, 10:12 PM
There are two possible explanations. First, you don't use the english language files. There's currently only a german translation available by Diemetius, Lucius vantarius and all the others ;) (sorry if i don't mention them all). In this case, you should download and install the translated laguage files or switch to english language.

The second reason may be the plugin manager. XTC is a mod on its own and he may have problems sorting all the files. There are a lot of changes which aren't using the standard ES procedure for naming and command structure, which the plugin manager assumes. For example some ships aren't in their original objects directory anymore, so the will show weird behaviour. I'd advise a separate installation without the plugin manager in this case. Copy the complete main folder, containing all the game files to a separate location and create a shortcut on your desktop to the X3TC.exe in this new folder. Then delete all files realated to the plugin manager. Or copy the plain vanilla installation (patched!!) without any mods and install XTC plus the hotfix to this specific folder.

Complex Cleaner is from Gazz nd should use customised game files. I've never used it, but Gazz is known for the compatibility. This should also apply to MARS, you just need to install the custom weapon XML for XTC in this case. Lucikes Scripts are already available on his site in a specific XTC compatible download. Sector Take over works with XTC, Ring of fire... don't know, that's only a Lasertower sript afaik, and that shouldn't cause any readtexts at all... don't know.
If nothing helps, start deinstalling mod after mod (except XTC ;) ) and always start a new game to see if the readtexts are remaining. Could be anything, i'm a bit poking in the dark ;)

29-04-2012, 12:21 AM
Thank you both for your replies and the info you provided. I will continue to test as you have suggested.

I am still hoping that someone has some knowledge of this particular issue and will allow me to learn from their experience with it, since I didn't encounter the issue until this far into the game, it will make testing a challenge.