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12-08-2012, 07:57 PM
First, *massive* thanks and kudos to the XTC Mod Team. Wow. Just, wow.

Second, [ did check, didn't find this discussed, but my search terms may be suspect ]... I am interested in understanding a little bit more about the way that the XTC Universe "expands". It's the most amazing idea - it takes the game to a whole new level - though I am not entirely sure if it is based on passage of time, player progress, random triggers or something else. I'd be interested to understand more if anyone would care to explain please.

Also, one the subject of ships... I don't see mention of the Hyperion anywhere in this game. In X3R it was a personal favourite of mine - reasonably quick, reasonably cargo capacity, and you could arm them up to be good sector patrol vessels if you flew them in squadrons of 3 or more. Does anyone happen to know if the Hyperion made it into XTC? If not, would anyone care to recommend something suitable. Obviously, we're talking Bond-Villian-Esque, with that right blend of armament and attitude to put a smile on your face? What should my shortlist be?

It can't be said enough. Thanks to the XTC Team for continuing to push the envelope of this awesome game engine.

Can't wait to see what you guys do with Rebirth...

12-08-2012, 08:14 PM
Hiya Peeps, :wave:

Ok, even though I'm not part of the :xtcflag: team, I can answer these questions for them.. ;)

1: Yes, the expansions are time based...
2: Unfortunately the Hyperion, while it is in the game, is no longer classed as an M6 Corvette in :xtcflag:, it is now classed as a TP+ (unfortunately in 1.2a every TP+ ship, except for the Boron Angel, shares the exact same model as the Hyperion, however in 2.0 {which we hope to release soon} all the TP+ ships will have their own ship models.. {for a preview of what each new TP+ looks like, have a look at new ships mentioned in AP (Albion Prelude) on the EgoSoft forum}...


Cheers & Thranx

PS I sure one of the other guys will pop up & fill in any info I may have left out.. ;)

12-08-2012, 08:50 PM
Thanks, NovaCatt, I really appreciate the update...

21-08-2012, 09:16 AM
I have played a few game weeks (holding back from more since 12/2011 due to imminent :P release of 2.0) and wanted to say if your game style is combat based then you will want an M7 or an M2 because the TP+ vessels are bad at shooting capitals... They can mount no real anti-capital weapons and most of their damage is applied within Bflak range...ftl (example M6 and M6+ have a lot better anti capital weapons whereas the Hyperion the proverbial M6+ that was the insparation for M7s has none) and have no hangar space... In comparison you could fly a Tepukei that can kill all capitals with its IBL front turret while strafing like a pr0 AND can carry an M6+ (which if for example a Heavy centaur can carry an M3+ of its own) or a Vanguard with P2P jumpdrive AND can carry one of the new mega TSs with with 2 giga shields which are good for looting, hoarding and e-cell storing...

I personally toyed with the Ocelot TP+ a bit and quickly put it aside. Perhaps in 2.0 they will not be that ****...

21-08-2012, 10:01 AM
Well, it is based on the passage of in-game time. When you start the game, the first stage is "open", that's the core Aldrin sectors + about 3-4 sectors per race. That's also when the "next stage" opens up. That has a bunch more sectors - a couple per race, and they open up at a rate of about one per hour or so. You can see info on what sectors have opened up (though not precisely where - we're not so cheap as to give you coordinates for them) in the Galactic News System. The sectors from this stage will keep opening up, and within them, TL ships will be dropping stations (hence the dynamic economy thing, while stuff is expanding, you need to be on your toes if you are a trader/builder). Once all sectors of this stage are opened, there is a pause - I think it was 12 hours or so - and then the next stage kicks on. In total, there are about 5 stages past the initial "start", with later and later stages involving more uncharted, unknown, xenon sectors. (To be fair, I don't remember if 1.2 actually had Xenon activity - sorry :( ). The process of building stations within the sectors may take longer than the pure stage unlocking, so you definitely will notice sectors being half-filled or so if you rush to newly opened ones. While the timers are based on sector-opening (so there is no waiting for, say, all stage 2 sector stations being built before stage 3 starts), in general you could expect about a day or two, in-game, after the last stage is done, until all stations are placed.
To this I will also add that the economy is pretty stable and shoudl handle this progression on it's own - the sectors are, in fact, stage-independent in supply/demand cycles, so even at the very first stage things should be progressing economy-wise. It does make it a bit harder for things like automated Sector Traders and Universe Traders to operate, as there are no more massive holes left for the player. There are deals, sure, but they are more emergent and not critical failure points.

Ships - yeah, unfortunately the TP+ class was woefully underdeveloped (as in not at all) in 1.2. If we manage to get 2.0 out, that will have a full complement - but as others have said, we've been promising and re-delaying 2.0 for ages now, so saying "oh just wait for 2.0" just plain feels like a dick move by now, imo. The hyperion should be in the game, though - but I'd advise against buying TP+ ships from the argon, split, teladi, terrans - they aren't properly working/balanced.

Rebirth - we probably won't do anything with Rebirth under the xtc name, at least. The game seems to shape up to be massively different, so porting anything of the current assets over to it would be just plain idiotic on our part. Moreover - it's not clear whether most of the team even wants to keep modding the X games, because honestly.. well, XTC has really, really, really been a heavy toll on all of us. Plus, you know, there is the hcance that Egosoft does things well enough so that there's no need to "fix" anything with mods. That would be cool.

21-08-2012, 10:23 AM
1.2 does have xenon activity but not a lot unless u enter their sectors

21-08-2012, 03:35 PM
1.2 does have xenon activity I second that.
Also Kha`ak activity, most of the times m6 clusters but sometimes I encountered invasion fleets ( Flagship, carriers, destroyers etc) The amount of damage they can do is........breathtaking.....

21-08-2012, 07:27 PM
1.2 does have xenon activity but not a lot unless u enter their sectors
i would rather call that xenon passivity =P