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The X universe meets Andromeda Ascendant

Chapter 1: Trouble Returns

Captain Hunt was hanging on his console for dear life while the Andromeda Ascendant was taking a huge beating. The enemys kept coming, one wing after another and none of their calls for help were getting answered.

“I thought you said the Tenations are friendly, their planet is right there...” The Captain Rebbecca Valentine asked as Dylan looked less than happy to be reminded.

“They called us here to discuss being added as possible entrants into the New Commonwealth, but they aren't acting like they care right now,” Rommie said, and as the 'ship made flesh' she saw everything the ship saw, and more.

“Well guess what?”Becky asked as Dylan didn’t even ask,” this was a setup, and even someone as stupidly honest and trusting as you has to be able to see that.” Finally Dylan nodded it was true and asked Rommie to get them out of there.

“To where? They have both slipstream portals blocked, and we cant run through them, not now.” She added as he looked more sorry than any time lately for rushing in to talk peace without checking first.

“Launch all remaining drones and try and break through,” he ordered as Rommie said they were all gone, they launched them minutes ago. “Slip fighters then?” He asked as she shook her head no and he looked seriously pissed.”Then what are our options?”

“We could go out in a blaze of glory, taking all of oh, say...” she mentioned and looked at their weapons display,” 4 others with us. Or we could try outrunning them but they're smaller ships and we don’t really have much chance there either.” She went on as he looked like he would scream, she was on one of her teasing spells, her way of reminding him they had waited too long and just about no options were available.

“What about a random slip?” Becky asked as they all looked her way and couldn't believe she could even ask.

“If we managed enough power to slip, and have no idea where it ends, then we're just as likely to jump right into a star, or other natural object, but if we survive it, we'll be stuck somewhere, probably unknown space.” Rommie reminded them as another salvo hit them and smoke was rolling out of consoles all around.”Talk fast times about up.”

“Slip, now.” Dylan decided as they held their breath and opened the slip portal with their remaining power and the ship slipped from normal space into the void of passages and trails in subspace that made up the slipstream network they all used everyday. The ride was a rough one with people asking when would be a good time to try stopping and finally, Rommie dropped out of slipstream for the best reason yet, they ran out of power to drive it.

“Well we're still alive, thats a start,” Dylan mentioned as they started scans to see where they were and what they could do to get back again.”damage reports?” He asked as they were still getting worked on and Rommie and Becky looked more serious than even he had seen lately.

“Armor is at 30% engines are off line recharging, and even if they were working, we have no idea where we are or where to go next. It'll take days to get a proper heading from here, wherever here is.” She went on as Dylan looked sad he asked.

“It better be friendly, because all but 2 point defense turrets are gone and we have no fighters or drones. We threw everything we had at them back there, I hope their satisfied.” Rommie mentioned as everyone just nodded as Harper called from somewhere down below.

“Is it safe to come out now? There are fires everywhere, where are the android repair crews?” he asked as Rommie checked and more than half of their android crew were down, either broken or destroyed.

“Do your best Shamus, that’s all I can say,” She added as he started ranting and she cut him off and the entire crew started working to put out fires and get repairs started, something that out here, wherever that was, might take a very long time.

Meanwhile a sector away a lone corvette stopped at the last outpost on the frontier and dropped off the cargo they were carrying. The war with the Terrans was still going strong and cargo carrying ,not usually his job, was paying enormous dividends as Sam Silarn sat there smiling that he had done so well in such a short time. But suddenly something happened that would change his life and he wasn't even aware of it yet, as his ships scanners picked up a powerful subspace surge not too far away and after thinking about it for a minute, he decided that it was worth investigating and they pulled away from the equipment dock and started out into deep space.

They flew for a few minutes at best speed and as they did a small speck started growing on his screens and his eyes popped as they stopped a dozen miles out, to see a monstrous ship sitting there, obviously hurt badly, but too massive to even consider attempting to board. He waited and no coms link came in so he made the call, and waited to see who they were and why they were way out here.

Chapter 2: New Friends

Sam tried three times and when he was about to give up a screen came on and a man, as massive as the ship, appeared and Sam smiled his patented smile and welcomed them to Argon space.

“I am Captain Sam Silarn, trader, and who might you be?” He asked as Captain Hunt introduced himself and his ship and Sam smiled and nodded as he asked if they needed any help.

“Thats a little obvious isn't it?” Dylan asked sadly as Sam smiled and agreed. Even he has had some days like this and he could empathize with this new man.

“Argon space? Never heard of it, but then we're a long way from home.” Dylan said as Sam smiled.

“Do you need some help, I can have a crew beam over and help with the fires if that’s OK with you.” Sam offered as Dylan thought about it but decided that having unknown marines on board might be one of those things he'd hear a lot about later.

“I think we'll pass on that, my crew is getting things under control.” Dylan said not too convincingly, as Sam smiled and agreed, having strange people running around your damaged ship might cause a real problem,and he didn’t want that either.

“A trader you say? Once we get this under control maybe we can do some business,we'll be needing a few things to get her back up to speed.” Dylan said as Sam smiled wide, now he was talking and he agreed and said he'd check back with them in a few days, and Dylan nodded and left the link to fight fires even on the bridge, before someone else found them.

Two days later they were sitting around eating the last of their rations, or at least all that survived the fires and talking about what they needed and what they had to trade.

“Some real food would be nice,” Harper said looking a little upset to be eating the same rations again today.

“And some maps and details about where we are.” Dylan mentioned as they all agreed.

“While all that is true how about weapons or missiles or armor repairs or...” Rommie started as everyone just waved for her to stop. It was true they were hurting badly but they had little or nothing to trade as Dylan mentioned but Becky disagreed as Rommie gave her a dirty look.

“The scans of his ship showed we have a lot to trade. Their technology is at least 50-100 years behind ours.” She added as Rommie said she wouldn't think of trading her specs or specs for any of their weapons to some backward country bumpkins even for food.

“You don’t really need food but trust me, it comes in handy.” Harper added as Rommie gave him another dirty look and Dylan stepped in to say that they had a lot to offer, even old technology closer to what that ship was using now, and even Rommie thought about that as they sat there resting up after days of firefighting and basic repairs, that were just about the best they had to work with for now.

Finally they agreed that it might work and Andromeda made a list. If that didn't scare away their new friend nothing would, Dylan said looking it over as she just smiled and said she actually held back but these things were definitely needed and lots of them as Dylan agreed and they waited for the trader to return.

But Sam got some scans too and while he was waiting he gathered a few little things he knew they'd need and then started back to show them his good intentions. He pulled along side and called over and Dylan was on the link a minute later and they exchanged pleasantries, until Sam mentioned that he had seen they had some serious problems with their food supply when he was here last and Dylan agreed, as 6 meat steak cahoonas beamed on board and some wheat and other food stuffs that made at least a few people there happy.

“People cant negotiate on an empty stomach,” Sam mentioned as Dylan agreed and thanked him for planning ahead.”Now what else can I get you?”

“I have a list, sending now,” Rommie said as he looked and looked and it went on as he blinked and some of these things he had no idea what they were and he said so.”If you have questions ask, and I'll explain it to you.”

“Good that'll help, thank you,” Sam added still looking a bit overwhelmed when he saw something that he definitely understood.”Missiles, what size or type, we specialize in missile warfare.”

“Good, you might be helpful after all,” Rommie added as Dylan quickly stepped in before she insulted their friend any worse.

“Missiles for defense, mostly, maybe big enough to destroy fighters that would be helpful.” He added as Sam thought about it and mentioned they had 3 sizes of fighters and that was a big difference in missiles, so they decided that a small assortment would help them decide, and Sam made a note of it.

“Drone fighters, it says here, we have fighter drones, small autonomous fighters but not very powerful is that what you mean?” Sam asked as Dylan explained they had full sized fighters that they ran remotely, and Sam nodded he understood, even some freighter captains had tried that even now, with varying results.”Small, high speed fighters with little shields, medium fighters with average weapons and shields or heavy fighters, with the best of both?” Sam asked as Dylan looked overwhelmed by now himself.

“One of each, to see what they are,” He heard from someone in the background and Sam smiled and agreed saying with the war on, there were fighters in various conditions that he could get cheaply, and they agreed. Of course he didn’t say he was a salvager himself, and had salvaged and sold dozens of fighters, mostly M5 fighters before this, after all a good trader has his supply secrets and he smiled and Dylan approved.

“A war you mentioned, is it close to here?” Dylan asked as Sam smiled and said no, the war was quite far away and Dylan was glad of that at least.

“But war has a habit of leaving a lot of good materials behind. I get a lot of free stuff to help pay my crew,” Sam mentioned as Dylan nodded that he had seen people do the same thing, war is very wasteful after all.”OK, then I think I have enough information for now and you have some decent food that will last you a while, so I'll go and get started, I should be back with some equipment in a few days.”

“We'll be waiting,” he heard as Dylan smiled and when the link went down he asked why she just didn’t do all the talking herself, as Rommie got her nose up and said she didn’t talk to barbarians, and Dylan laughed and they went for a good meal for a change.

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Chapter 3: Salvage

Sam jumped right back to the core sectors and soon was gathering missiles after the last skirmish. He was doing pretty well,and he laid some back for the assortment he promised and then he parked his corvette and moved over to his TM class and moved the missiles as well. Then he started again, flying through sectors where battles had occurred or sometimes were still occurring, and he found one Rapier, and got that on board and his marines started repairs on it while he went looking for something else. It took less than three days to gather dozens of missiles and 4 small fighters and then they jumped back and made their drop while Dylan and Andromeda watched the little ships come on board and dock.

“Damn, he was serious,” She whispered as Dylan smiled and she tried not to see.”I'll check them out and see what we need to do to get them up and running, but they seem pretty good.” She said and was gone while Sam called over and said the missiles were coming, and crates full were beamed in while Dylan stood back all smiles and saw their new friend was a man of his word.

“This will help, thank you Sam, but we still haven't ask what you want from us.” he added as Sam laughed and Dylan saw it coming from a mile away.

“That,” Sam said pointing as Dylan smiled and said that Andromeda was not for sale at any price.”oh I don't mean that literally, I mean a set of blueprints for a smaller version, maybe 1/3 that size. My ego has a limit you see.” He added as even Dylan got a good laugh and said he'd see what it would take and Sam agreed that he'd keep gathering until they came to a deal on it, and he went away again as Dylan made his pitch at dinner time and Becky said she knew that would be it while Andromeda totally refused his offer and Dylan was stuck somewhere in between.

“Come on, Rommie we control what goes into the BP and he gets what he wants a smaller look alike, what do you say?” Dylan said as she finally saw that many of her secrets would not be getting given away.

“Even then we need a lot of supplys and weapons and repairs so it's not going to be cheap or easy.” She said very serious as Dylan agreed and they finally had a counter offer and when Sam came back they discussed it again.

“A ship 1/3 this size, same basic design but not our very latest technology,we have certain rules about that type of thing and besides some of the materials we use aren't even available here, from what we can see.” Dylan mentioned as Sam thought about it for a minute. The same design but not their very best, but he was pretty sure even a hundred years behind them they were better than much of the stuff they used today and after a few negotiations about turrets and hanger space, it was a deal.

“20 million in ships, weapons and repairs,” Rommie said seriously as Sam's face dropped and she stood there very tough looking.

“That's going to take a while...” Sam said very softly as she nodded saying it would be worth it she guaranteed it, and finally he agreed and he sat back to start the total from what he had dropped off so far. 4 light fighters, 20 assorted missiles and food, his total...1.5 million...so far, as Rommie looked at it and asked if he wasn't starting out a little high, and he reminded her missiles and fighters are expensive and she saw maybe her offer was too low, but agreed.

“But from now on, you can't charge us full price for fighters that aren't fully equipped,” She got in as Sam agreed and she made sure he knew that every load would be dickered about and he left again looking more than a little worried as she looked victorious and Dylan sat back laughing, seeing that Rommie might have met her match in this trader and he didn’t mind at all. They had weapons, missiles and fighters and so they weren't helpless anymore, and that made his week.

Rommie got a call a day later and Sam asked what this 'tritanium hydro..something' was as she looked sad.

“Armor plating for repairs,” she mentioned as he said 'ah'...and she waited again.”we cant give you the advanced armor you need but...we have something called Teladianium, that we use. Its not your advanced stuff but its good compared to your basic armor, from my scans.” Sam mentioned as she saw the specs and agreed it would work.

“How many panels do you need?” he asked and without a second thought she said 100, and he nodded without even showing emotion and the link went closed on his end as she looked somewhat impressed.

“Hull panels are coming,” She mentioned as Dylan smiled and Becky looked a lot more happy. Some areas of the ship were off limits right now, open to space from holes made during their last battle and this was going to help a lot.”It appears he's not too proud to ask for help.”

“You have to give him a little credit, he's working on it, even though that list was pretty impressive itself.” She mentioned as they had a rest and talked about what they'd do when the repairs were done.

“I still need repairs to the electrical system, many scanners are off line. We can see people coming and going even from this far away, but scanning to see where we are in the Universe is a totally different thing. I need the quantum scanners on line and we need outside work done and many more repairs before we can even attempt it.” Rommie said as Dylan nodded agreement. The fact they were slowly getting better helped moral, but the truth was, they had a very,very long way to go.

Chapter 4: New things

Sam was back the next day, and started beaming in the hull panels when Rommie stopped him.

“Take them back and send them...here.” she said as Sam looked at the new spot and nodded and sent them to the new area. “and we need some basic electrical parts, like this one..” she said and sent him a small burned part which he scanned and then agreed.

“All exactly like that one? No other parts need replaced?” Sam asked as she said yes, many others but that would be a start as Sam stopped what he was doing and then asked if their parts replicator on board was destroyed too as her face looked a little more tense.”you do have a parts replicator don’t you?” he asked as she mentioned that it was probably on the list, as he looked sad. It most certainly was not, as he knew.

“Lieutenant,” he called over his shoulder,” pull out the small parts replicator in the engineering section and send it over. Once you get that installed, you'll be able to make your own small electrical parts on board.” Sam mentioned while Rommie admitted that they did need a new one.”And send them two repair beams.” Sam mentioned while Rommie looked a little embarrassed and he finally smiled.

“Nano repairs in a beam, for small repairs, mostly electrical that are too small for humans to do, or sometimes even see.” he added as she finally thanked him for the explanation.”just have your engineers give the spot a quick spray and let them work. It might take a little while but they get every tiny detail right.”

“We could use a couple of those, they're expensive right?” Rommie asked thinking she saw a scam coming but Sam just smiled and admitted that they weren't and she smiled for him for the first time.”Then it's settled we need 4.”

“No problem, I'll drop two now and get the rest. The hull plates are in and I need to know what you think about that missile assortment I gave you.” He said as she nodded very seriously.

“Against some small fighters they might work, but do you have anything a little more...beefy?” she asked as he looked up and asked how beefy she needed.”think attacking your ship only a dozen times at once.” She added as he huffed out a huge breath and she saw he was finally getting the message.

“Beefier it is..” he said and a few more were sent over and she scanned them and while still not equal to their old missiles these would do a lot more than the little first ones. “better?” he asked as she nodded but said maybe a little bigger yet, and he saw that silkworms still weren't enough and he agreed, but now she had 6 new missiles and even a ship the size of his wouldn't scare her for a while at least.

“Alright then now we're up to mobile warheads,” Sam mentioned as she asked what those were and he sent her specs for a couple, one antimatter and one regular nuclear and she smiled a lot and he saw a sale.”how many of those do you think?”

“Now these are expensive right?” she asked as even Sam smiled and agreed.”a dozen for now until we get our repairs done.” She said and didn’t seem too happy about it and he agreed and added them to his list.

“OK, I'll be back,” he said and was gone again as Rommie stood there on the bridge looking shocked while Dylan asked her what was wrong.

“They don’t have our slipstream technology yet, but they're actually ahead of us in a few areas, that’s a real surprise.” She added as he asked for more info and then went to see Harper getting the little machine set up, and the repair beams that he took out for a test and smiled the whole time. In all the universe every civilization works on different things at different paces. In the old Commonwealth they had millions of supply bases everywhere so they had all the parts they needed any time or place but here, where pilots traveled much slower they had invented new things to help, and they were helping them for sure, as Harper went nuts making parts that they needed and Rommie smiled more after that day when the nanos brought back several systems and her abilities started to return.

Finally the android repair crews got some of the new hull panels on and sealed. Now they could actually get into the hanger bays safely and as they walked in to check the place, Becky walked over and lovingly patted her old freighter and talk to it like it missed her.

“Maru, baby its good to see your still in one piece.” Becky went on while Dylan mentioned she was way to attached to that old ship, and she reminded him that it helped get them through a few rough scrapes and he then did admit that having it around helped a few times.

“You know I was thinking, if theres weapons and ships just sitting around for the taking like Sam said, maybe I should go look and help us get restocked.” She added with a big grin.

“This isn't our areas, and with a war going no they'll shoot you on sight.” Dylan reminded her but she just waved it away, saying she had seen worse, and that since she owned the old ship, she could do with it what she wanted.

“We wont be coming for you if theres trouble.” Rommie added as she agreed and grabbed Harper and took off, out looking for treasures.

“that was quick, “ Dylan said as they started back towards the bridge.

“She can smell money, and that’s all that matters to her.” Rommie said sadly and they hoped they'd see her alive again.

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Loving it kev, way to go O0

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Was never a fan of andromeda as it was always on late here.

Be interesting to see how this yarn goes. Always enjoy Kev's "worlds collide" storys.

Onya Kev

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Chapter 5: Money Matters

Rebecka was running full out when she saw her first fight. It was a corvette style blasting several fighters to bits and she stayed back and watched. They had some decent firepower she admitted that and when they left the area, she found two floating cargoes that she quickly gathered.

“Not a bad start, they've got to be worth something.” She said as they continued on and watched from a distance until they got to a sector with stations all around and ships everywhere and she moved slowly and cautiously and docked at a station called an equipment dock, and she showed the man what she gathered and he gave her 30,000 credits for it and she was pretty happy about that. It meant she was in a new area and not broke, so she went and looked around a while and then got into a card game and did OK there too. It looked like she was on a roll, and that’s the way she liked it, when a massive person turned to her and gave her a really serious stare.

“Woman, I don't know you, or your friend here, so take your winnings and go before I throw you out.” The big split said as she looked very upset, she was winning pretty well and her 30k had become 100 in a very short time.

“Listen pal, or whatever you are...” she started with her hand on her gun and her face set with a really serious stare,” chasing away business isn't a way to make new friends and me and my friends here were just getting started.” She said tapping her sidearm as the big man laughed out loud, and a minute later she found herself laying against the wall in the hall and people were laughing at her.

“That does it...” she said getting back up, drawing her blaster and going back in. Shots were fired, and people got hurt and when the Argon authorities came she had no ID or reason to carry a gun, and that was all they needed and she was arrested for assaulting a businessman in his own establishment, and they took her winnings and told her that she'd be in front of a judge in a few days and her and Harper sat back in their cells side by side, and she hoped they got this settled before they confiscated her ship too.

Sam showed up the next day with more supplies and got thanked for it and Dylan asked if he saw a slightly different ship around and then explained what happened.

“Your all insane, that’s the only explanation...” Sam said looking shocked as Dylan informed him they were not insane, that person was missing and even Sam got a chuckle at that one.

“But she took my engineer with her, Harper and we need him back, her...not so much.” He added as Sam agreed and asked some questions about her and what she'd do and where she'd go and soon he got a pretty good idea and he looked very upset, saying that he was being very careful not to raise any suspicions about them and now she did this? And Dylan nodded and said she was always like this but they wanted her back, and Sam said he'd look around and then he left again as Dylan looked tired and Andromeda mentioned that Becky probably would do pretty well here, and he gave her a dirty look that she just ignored.

Sam wasn't a bad guy but he knew how to have a good time when he wanted. He stopped at a few places and asked about her or her ship and on the third try he was told she was there just a day ago, selling missiles and he nodded and asked about her and the man laughed out loud and told the story about a crazy lady that pulled a gun on a split and then shot him in the leg before the security men got there to arrest her and Sam looked more tired than he had felt in years and went to the jail to see the prisoners and see what could be done.

It took some doing and some serious cash, but in time of war, small squabbles like this aren't wroth messing with. There are far more serious things going on. He won that argument and soon he was standing in front of the cells and Becky and Harper smiled and jumped up while Sam pointed to Harper and said that was him and he paid his fine.

“Wait what about me?” Becky asked as Sam smiled and asked the guard to leave and he did after a second and she looked very upset while he explained that she had jeopardized everything he tried to do for a few credits and leaving her here would be the easiest way to keep her out of trouble again.”You cant do that, Dylan will be upset if I don't return.”

“Your Captain told me quote: she took my engineer with her, him we need, her...not so much.” Sam said as she got really angry and he got right in her face at the cell wall and told her she was on her way to a Split mine for life, that’s the way Split Familys do things here, and her face fell and she wasn't as cocky after a minute.”If you get out of here, it'll be because I fix it, and if you don’t go straight back there and wait, I'll shoot you myself.” And his face didn’t look like he was kidding so she took that as a fact.

“Guards...” Sam called as they returned,” release her, and give me her weapon, I'll keep it for safe keeping.” he added and they decided that would be OK, and as they walked out together, she held out her hand for her gun and he put the belt over his shoulder and started away, and then stopped and waved for her to follow.

“They owe me 100k,” she said seriously as he looked around with a look that made her skin crawl.

“Do you know what those Split will do to you in that mine? Over and over again, until you die?” he asked as she finally started following him and they went to the docks and said to go home and if he saw her anywhere else, he'd turn her in for whatever reward might come out of all this, and she stomped on board and launched as Sam got in his ship and left before that Split bar owner found out the guards were bribed to let them escape.

Chapter 6:Restitution

Sam gathered a little more stuff and then jumped back to the ship. He called over and then beamed in personally as Rommie, Dylan and Becky met him on the docks.

“I was getting tired talking over the coms and decided to see the place for myself.” Sam said as Dylan said it was OK, but he should let them know first, as Sam laughed and nodded.

“Android security and maintenance, and only a handful of real people on board, its not something you want enemys to find out about.” Sam mentioned as Rommie made sure he knew they were security androids too and capable of using weapons.”Anyways, another load is being delivered now... and I wanted to talk to you about this last fiasco.”

“Becky promises not to go running off half cocked again. She's learned her lesson.” Dylan said as even Andromeda didn’t look sure.

“The good thing is she didn’t bring anything back, there are a dozen groups that would be very,very happy to find this ship even in its present condition.” Sam said as Becky looked a little less sure for a second and Dylan and Rommie looked her way and asked why.

“I got a few spare parts I thought the Maru could use while I was there, that’s all, nothing special.” She admitted as Sam looked absolutely livid and Dylan asked why.

“Rommie, scan for beacons or homing devices please.” Sam said as she reminded him they weren't friendly enough to have him call her 'Rommie' and he smiled and apologized for it.

“One devise detected,” she added as a android rushed to her ship to get it and destroy it.

“Its too late now, they've had plenty of time to get a lock on this spot, you've got to move to a new location. I'll send you the coordinates as soon as I get a safe place for you to hide.” Sam said as he beamed away and Dylan looked upset and Becky was babbling about it was just some igniters who knew? And they ran back to the bridge to get ready for an emergency move before these Pirates came.

“Here, go here, theres a large asteroid field to hide in and its not far away, can you make it there alright?” Sam asked as Rommie just made a rude noise and a second later they were gone.”Good, now to fix this mess.” And Sam waited for a while and a wing of fighters came running out as he smiled and asked them if they lost something.

“Stay out of this, Silarn, we're on a hunt, a split trader is paying big money to find a woman who shot him so get out of our way.” The wing commander said as Sam asked who it was, maybe he could help.

“Was there a freighter here when you came and if so where did it go, theres a nice bonus in this if you help us.” The man said as Sam mentioned that he came out here because he heard a beacon going off and he found it just floating here a couple minutes ago.

“Damn it, she found it then,” The commander said as Sam just shrugged and said they might as well pick it up, things like that are expensive and they agreed and Sam started back towards the nearest gate.”If you see an odd ship, a freighter with a blond woman flying it let us know its worth big bucks to you.” He heard and he guaranteed if he saw such a vessel he'd let them know.

That at least told him they had no idea who they were and that it was all about revenge and not some government plot , so things weren't as bad as he first thought. He ran back to see a battle going on not far away and got shot at himself, something he tried to avoid but he got one Terran fighter that just wouldn't let him alone and a local Commander thanked him for the help.

“I try to stay out of things like this but I wont let my ship get shot at.” Sam mentioned as the Commander nodded he understood. It was hard enough for the military, a private trader marked by the Terrans wouldn't have much chance.

“Everyone knows you salvage after battles, so I'll let you know, we hit a large fighter force by the west gate and there are a few still sitting, if that helps you.” He added as Sam thanked him saying a few extra missile might find their way into a battle soon, and they had an unwritten agreement.

He was as good as his word and with tons and tons of wreckage, Sam found three ships floating there, two Rapiers and a Valhalla, and he went and got his TM and gathered them and started emergency repairs. He than looked around another sector and found one more and that made a load, and he jumped away and made his way carefully to the asteroid belt where the Andromeda sat hiding.

“May I come on board?” Sam asked as Dylan smiled and agreed and he met them on the docks again as the four fighters came drifting in and took their places along one wall.

“Not bad, wait whats that one? Rommie asked as they walked over to look.

“The Terrans use several different types of fighters these are the smallest, this one is an interceptor class, the rest are basic light fighters.” Sam explained as she nodded and Dylan looked the little ship over carefully and approved.

“I'll be taking this out for a ride soon, I like this design.” He added as Rommie reminded him about staying hidden at least for now and he just smiled and said he wasn't going to go shooting up any bars and Becky looked upset he still wasn't over it.

“By the way, my total now reads just over 5 million, that right with you?” Sam asked as Rommie mumbled around a little then said maybe it was OK and he then added one thing more.”Good then add 250k to that, fines and bribes getting your crew back.”

“Wait why should we pay for her problems?” Rommie asked a little angry as Sam reminded her that to repay him Becky would have to go back to work, and Rommie killed that idea right away.

“Consider it paid then theres no way she's leaving here until we get repaired.” Rommie said as Becky stomped away and Dylan asked Sam if eh had a few minutes to talk and he agreed and was led to the rest area, and Dylan poured him a drink and they sat back to talk.

“I want to thank you, not just for helping us get some repairs but for not asking a lot of questions.” Dylan said sipping his drink as Sam tried his and looked impressed.

“Good quality stuff, better than I'm used to,” Sam mentioned as Dylan sat back smiling. He didn’t waste the good stuff on anyone he wasn't sure about, but Sam had proven himself a friend.”as far as that other thing. In my business if I asked a lot of questions I might not find much work, or have a dozen people out looking for me. Basic info is good, too much information can get you killed.”

“Fair enough,” Dylan added as they drank a little more,” let em say in our space there is also a war going on, and our ideals are being tested. Our Commonwealth is gone but we're trying to bring it back, little by little, it makes us an easy target.” He said as Sam nodded he understood, having little 'ideals' himself he saw he had the better path.

“If it helps you, now that we've met, you can always come back and get emergency supplys from me. I've added you to my traders list, under an assumed identity, and our business is strictly confidential.” Sam added as Dylan thanked him and they drank to it. Sam was up and gone a little while later and Dylan found Rommie on the bridge going over the repairs and seeing to the new fighters.

“8 that’s a full wing,” Dylan said as she agreed.”Things are looking up for us.”

“We have a long ways to go yet, but yes, repairs are coming along well, and our defenses are certainly getting better. I'll need to talk to Captain Silarn myself next time, my scans of his database showed many lite weapons we could use in our point defense system.” She mentioned as Sam smiled, she was doing her best not to like this guy and he could see why. They had made and lost many friends so far and it might just be easier to not try.

30-08-2012, 11:07 AM
Chapter 7: Guns, and More Guns

In two days Sam was back with another two fighters and some more missiles she had asked for. It was quite the assortment as he pointed to a few and she scanned them seeing they were even stronger than the ones before.

“Those are Wraith, and these, Specters...they're actually enemy missiles but their good ones, so I cant go buy them at any station but as salvage, I can give them to you cheaper and still get your offense back up.” He added as she felt a little surprised, but she hid it well.

“Thats fine but lets talk guns or weapons whatever you call them here,” She started as Sam nodded and she mentioned their entire point defense system was down and she needed lite weapons to bring it back up.

“Point defense...so you have a missile defense system on board?” Sam asked and she agreed, not just missile defense but weapons for close combat against drones and small fighters and she showed him the specs and he looked thoughtful and he showed her some, and it was even a tad bit better and she approved.

“Particle Accelerator Cannons, small weapons made for light fighters and turrets for missile defense. Yours seem to put out about 550 DPS these do over 700. He added as she smiled they weren't used often for offense but when your being overrun by drones or small fighters these would definitely help.

“How many point defense turrets do you have on board?” Sam asked as she actually smiled and he smiled too waiting for her to decided what to tell him.

“Lets start with a dozen, are they expensive?” She asked as he shook his head no they weren't.” Good, a dozen then it'll give me something to work on and I can see if these specs are accurate.”

“If you were used to the old specs then these will please you for sure,” Sam added as he beamed away.

“Sounds like progress,” Dylan said as Rommie agreed and he asked her why she didn’t just tell him how many point defense turrets there were.

“No reason to scare him now,” she added as he smiled and went to check on some hull repairs the androids were just finishing up.

At dinner that night it got mentioned that things were going on pretty well.

“Hull repairs will be done by this time tomorrow, we have a few missiles, not the hundreds we need but some are pretty useful,” Rommie added as everyone agreed.”we have 10 fighters now all lights but they are going to help when we get back into combat, I'd like to see a full squadron, but that might not be possible.”

“Did you tell him what you wanted or are you just hoping it works out?” Becky asked taking a bite and giving Rommie a funny look.

“May I remind you...” Rommie started as Dylan laid down his fork and looked upset these two were starting at the dinner table again,” that we have no point defenses, no heavy weapons even though I did get the turrets up and running and very little food, we have a lot more to do before we can even think of slipping back home.”

“And is that even possible?” Becky asked as Rommie got a little quieter and everyone turned to see what she was thinking.

“It is, but not yet, we need more, of everything, if we don’t the first wing of cruisers will finish us or we'll be back here in even worse condition, so yes, I have the coordinates for the slip, but no...we aren't nearly ready yet.

“Then I say that Andromeda is doing her best for us, and when we are ready then we'll go home and see what happened to the Tenation system after we left.” Dylan mentioned as everyone agreed and finished their dinner in silence.

Dylan watched the calender, it had been three weeks since they arrived here, and things were progressing well, considering. The Argons had some interesting technology, like the little repair beams that Harper seemed to carry everywhere, and the parts replicator, something that Commonwealth starships should have had centurys ago, but never did. He was starting to feel uncomfortable with their deal, knowing that Rommie was scaling back everything on the new ships blue prints so as not to give them anything they already didn’t have, and with them taking new technology home with them, he saw that as a not too even trade.

“I understand what your saying but slip drive technology is far beyond them at this moment,” Rommie mentioned as Dylan agreed and ask what she was giving them then and she admitted her research had seen that they were just on the verge of having what they called point to point jump drives, a new system that didn’t need the gates anymore, and Dylan nodded, it was something they used before slip drives and she admitted it was very close.

“I have managed to add that to the blue prints so that it seems at least more advanced than theirs. Even our oldest plans are better than anything they have yet. So the plans I drew up will give them a small advantage, and a working jump drive system. I feel that helps balance what we're getting in return for what we're giving away.” She added as she saw even Dylan wasn't so sure but he nodded and left it go for now as a call came in and Sam was moving in to make another delivery.

In a few minutes Sam was there with boxes sitting everywhere around the dock.

“Welcome back Sam what have you got for us?” Dylan asked as Sam pointed to a bunch of crates sitting together and said those were Rommies point defense weapons and she smiled wide to see them. “12 PAC's all ready to go, and...another 5 Specter missiles, and a few more Poltergeist and Wraiths too. This brings our total to...12.8 million so far.” Sam said proudly while Rommie looked the figures over carefully and try as she might, couldn't dispute it.

“12 point defense weapons?” Dylan asked as he turned towards Andromeda and she waved him away quickly and he smiled and took Sam back to the office for another drink and they talked for a while again.

“I think your doing a good job for us, but to be honest a ship of the line like this usually carrys hundreds of missiles, many bigger than anything you gave us yet.” Dylan said having a drink as Sam admitted he thought as much,” but Rommie is worried about the deal and I see your doing your best to stretch things as best you can for us.” Dylan mentioned as Sam agreed.

“Have you ever left Andromeda and went out in a fighter yourself, to add some extra firepower to the fight?” Sam, asked as Dylan started laughing and started telling his storys of how he and his crew flew slip fighters for defense while Rommie did emergency repairs and the storys went on as Sam sat back laughing at the best of them, and saw even Dylan needed some one to talk to once in a while.

Chapter 8: Remembrance

Sam and Dylan spent some time laughing and drinking and telling storys. Sam got his share in too and Dylan was just as impressed by them. They had at least a little on common while being galaxys apart in real life. Sam mentioned that he was pretty sure that the little missiles he had dropped off were too light for some of their battles, but Dylan left him know that as defense missiles against boarding pods for example, they would work well.

“Good, but I'll see what else I can get you, if your attacking small capitol ships a lot, then you'll need more help than those.” Sam mentioned as Dylan also get in a word or two for more fighters and Sam nodded and said he'd see to it.

Their boys time out was over, and Sam shook Dylan's hand and said he'd see him soon and beamed away and Dylan went to see what Andromeda thought about the new guns. She was setting one up in the closest turret when he got there and watched as they tested it for the first time and she seemed pretty happy with it.

“We could use dozens of those,” Dylan mentioned while she nodded she understood.

“But we have a tight budget, and to be honest I wasn't sure Sam would come through for us like this.” She added as Dylan nodded and smiled.

“He's a good man, but they'll be waiting for us when we return you know that right?” Dylan asked as she nodded and went back to work, ordering the androids on to the next turret.

By now Sam and his crew were back at work. He went to a few stations looking for medium and heavy missiles but only managed to get a few. Not to mention this last month had all been about the Andromeda and his funds were getting low himself. He kept an eye out for money he could get quickly and gathered and sent back some small to medium argon ships to the shipyard while watching for more Terran ships for Rommie. She had made it clear she liked the Rapiers and Valkyries, so he was going to do his best for her while getting some money coming in for himself. He also left his crew go about gathering while he spent a day in the Teladi Exchange and made himself some more cash there.

After that it was a good night sleep and then back at it again and as they entered Treasure Chest his scanners showed a good fight going on and he took a small hit from a rapier that went running past his TM class. Sam ordered fire and the turrets came on and one of his old friends, now a military Commander called and welcomed him to the fight.

“I don’t chase enemys, but I wont let my ship take a beating either,” Sam added as the man agreed saying any help was appreciated and the little fighter went up in flames.

“There's a big one back there if you want it,” he heard as he checked his scan and it showed a Terran fighter, a Thor drifting behind the gate, getting slowly further and further away.

“Thanks, “ Sam said as he moved into position and a minute later the big fighter was on board and his men were working no it.

“You should fix it up, that alone has twice the firepower of your TM,” he heard and he agreed and then went looking for other fighters too. The fighting went on in the sector and Sam's crew got another small and a medium fighter that attacked them and Sam got a little better rep with the local Argon Navy without even trying. He also got two more Rapiers and a Valkyrie and that made him a load and his men sprayed them all with repair beams until the hulls were prefect again, and then they checked to see what they had on board and the big Thor had two cannons up front and one in the rear and Sam saw a good amount of firepower there for easy use.

“Thats worth a pretty pennie,” his navigator added as Sam agreed but he had a better idea and as they jumped back, he called over and asked to talk to Dylan and Rommie looked like she was upset she wasn't good enough as Sam laughed. Dylan was on line a second later and Sam told him his storys about daring do and death defying behavior didn’t fall on deaf ears as the little fighters landed and he pointed to the screen and Dylan saw the big fighter for the first time.

“That will get you to and from some fighting, and maybe keep Andromeda in one piece longer.” Sam said as even Rommie nodded it might be true.” Free, not a part of our deal so don’t look so upset Rommie its a gift, one crazy Captain to another.” Sam said and then turned and left, and Dylan looked impressed and Rommie stood there for a second as the TM left the system and she could be heard whispering 'I still haven't given you permission to call me Rommie yet' and Dylan went to see his new toy.

Harper and Dylan were all over the new ship. It was nice and inside was almost luxurious compared to some they flew.

“It almost has wings but not quite,” Harper said as Dylan laughed, Harper was a perfectionist and his idea of the perfect ship had to look like a airplane or something, wings were a big thing to him and the Rapiers just didn’t cut it.

“Wings heh? I was going to say I'd give you one for your use when we get home but, if they aren't good enough ask Sam what else there might be.” Dylan mentioned as Harper looked around like his life was in danger and Dylan smiled.

“I'm not allowed, Rommie made it clear really clear I wasn't to ask for anything special. I have a million things I'd like to ask him about, but...” he said with a big shrug as Dylan saw Rommie trying hard to stretch their deal as far as possible.

“You have my permission, this time, just try and made it subtle.” he said with a wink and Harper started watching the docks for Sam's next visit.

But back on the bridge Rommie had seen and heard everything and she gave a big sigh thinking Dylan was making her the bad guy here . So she did the only thing she could and called Sam and mentioned the little request and he looked thoughtful for a minute then smiled.

“Like this?” he asked as she saw a small ship flying by and it indeed did have wings with engines on the ends and she nodded and started to ask and he said no they weren't expensive and she looked upset she was so easy to read.”Just one, a special order, and I thank you in advance,” She said as the link went down and Sam saw his gift making dividends and his crew agreed. It took no time at all to find one. They were the standard for Argon light fighters and every weapon around fit them so when Sam went back a day later he called for Harper to meet him and when he did the little fighter drifted in and Harper was all smiles.

“Its a Discoverer,” Sam mentioned as Harper gushed at it,” Standard Argon light fighter, space worthy and capable of landing vertically on a planet if necessary. Its fast, this one could even be tuned up a bit but it'll get you to a from with no problem.”

“But I didn’t even get to ask you yet, how did you know?” Harper asked as Dylan looked away with a huge smile and Rommie looked embarrassed and said he shouldn't ask for anything else for a while and Harper and everyone else got a good laugh.

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Not being familiar with Andromeda TV Series, i am finding this very very interesting.

I have an esp Andromeda but never use it. Might have to pull it out and check its specs again :p

As WE all say Kev ...... MOAR ! bloody MOAR !!

31-08-2012, 12:58 PM
Great read but if the 1/3 Andromeda he is getting at the end proves half as good as I imagine I want one too, ya hear?

31-08-2012, 01:48 PM
Great read but if the 1/3 Andromeda he is getting at the end proves half as good as I imagine I want one too, ya hear?

Hiya Peeps, :wave:

Crellion22... I'm afraid you'll have to wait in line, mate.... ;)
I got dibs on the 1st dozen off the assembly line (after kev's modest order, that is... ;)), then blazermick's got a few on order & I'm sure Solitas wants a few, as well.... ;)

Cheers & Thranx

31-08-2012, 04:16 PM
I'm sure Solitas wants a few, as well.... Nah, I only want one....but....I want it painted in black and red :) aaaaaand instead of Rommie, I would choose a character Tifa from Final Fantasy =3

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Chapter 9: Checking In

Dylan got a big kick out of Harper going over the little ship for a few days. But by the time Sam got back with his next load, Dylan was thinking about their return trip.

By now all the hull repairs were done and counting his heavy, they had 12 new fighters. Mostly lights but two medium fighters that got brought in from Sam's salvage. They also had over a hundred missiles, not nearly what they usually carried but enough to do some serious damage, if they needed them and Dylan was pretty sure they would. He talked to Sam again and after that he was away like a bullet and even Rommie could see that their time here was almost up.

As Dylan sat down to eat a day later, Rommie joined them and after a minute she mentioned that they weren't nearly ready for a battle yet, and Dylan knew she was watching him this whole time.

“The Tenations didn’t do this,” He finally said as Rommie agreed. “they didn’t even try and leave the planet. They didn’t call... nothing, why not? Why didn’t they threaten or call and apologize, or anything? I'm thinking that something big is going on here, something we have no idea about.”

“All the more reason to make sure we're as repaired and upgraded as we can get before going back.” Rommie mentioned as even Becky agreed.

“No,” Dylan said finally and his tone made them think he had an idea about something he wasn't ready to admit yet, “ We have to go now, before its too late. Like I said I'm positive that something odd is happening and we need to find out what. We're in good shape right now, and with what Sam is bringing us tomorrow we should be able to reach a Commonwealth Base. There we can get truly resupplied and see whats going on.”

“I talked to him yesterday and said we needed to get back, and he told me he'd work all night if need be to finish the contract. With that we can be ready in another day and have a good number of our point defenses on line and working, and maybe a heavy turret or two. But its imperative that we get back, and report to the Commonwealth whats happening. By now they might even have us written off as dead, or missing in action.” Dylan said and his voice left everyone know they were going, like it or not.

“Then I better get all the androids recharged, the next day is going to be very busy.” Rommie said as she got up and walked away, and Dylan finished eating without a word while everyone else looked sad they had to go so soon.

Noon the next day and Sam was back...with his TM class and a freighter along side. He unloaded missiles he bought somewhere, mediums and a few heavies, and then a good load of food, and two more fighters and when he was done, Dylan told him that was enough, and they shook on it while Rommie stood by not saying a word... and Dylan handed Sam a disk, and Sam said he'd always be there if they needed him, and he left the sector while every person on board Andromeda went into high gear getting the new weapons on line and working.

Two days later and they were on the bridge and ready as Rommie still claimed that Sam owed them some more , while Dylan just smiled and said they did well there and that was it. They laid in a course and after moving into proper position, they slipped back into the void and stayed there for a while and finally reappeared, not more than a light year from where they originally went in. Their scans showed no enemys close by, and they ran towards the planet, so Dylan could give them a piece of his mind, and as they approached. There was a motley looking crew of ships around it, and Dylan looked sick as he had them identified as Magog vessels, and he knew that the people on the surface would not be answering his calls.

“What are Magog doing this far from home?” Becky asked as Dylan looked angry they had been away so long. They did call but as he suspected no one answered and they moved in to see if anyone was still alive when the two biggest cruisers turned and opened fire on them. Dylan called across and demanded to know why they fired and a Magog Commander opened a channel and laughed a disgusting laugh, and said that they were taking what was theirs, by the right of conquest, and Dylan left him know they would not stand by and watch a massacre.

“You have no rights here, Human, go before we add you to our Pack.” and they fired a few more times and Rommie mentioned that the armor was taking damage as Dylan nodded and they returned fire and all but one ship was destroyed and they swore vengeance as they slipped away.

“We offered the Magog citizenship in the Commonwealth years ago, and this is how they repay us?” Dylan asked no one in particular but before anyone had a chance to answer several more ships jumped in and started towards them.

“These are Mendozian ships,” Rommie said as Dylan opened a coms channel and greeted them and their Commander said he was there to see why the Tanations weren't returning anyones hails.

“The Magog were here, “ Dylan said as the man looked sad to hear it.”they are on the surface even now and we chased away their orbital support. I have no idea if anyone is still alive or not down there.”

“If they are, they need put out of their misery,” The Commander said as Dylan looked shocked.” I have seen Magog come out of a living creature, eating and slashing their way out through the guts, it's not a pretty site, and no one survives it. It would be merciful to end their lives quickly, and much less painful.”

“We can still save some...” Dylan tried but the Commander wasn't listening as his ships moved in and scanned and saw Magog everywhere,and he opened fire, while Dylan screamed that he'd report him, and the man just nodded and said he understood, but it needed done, and the 'cleansing' continued until Dylan ordered the Andromeda back to the nearest Commonwealth base.

As they jumped in a distress call was heard and they saw ships, as far as the eye could see,and squadrons of fighters flying in and out of them and a major station completely surrounded by Magog vessels.

“They have the nerve to attack a Commonwealth base?” Dylan asked and no one answered.

“I'm reading 1 thousand ships all sizes and types, seems they are gathering ships where ever they go and using them to move on.” Rommie said seriously while Becky looked sick.

“Its a mass migration,” She mentioned as Dylan agreed and they sent out a message asking for all ships in the area and they moved in to attack the rear ships while the base defended itself against the main force.

Chapter 10: Rallying the Troops

“Andromeda! Thank the Maker,we heard you were killed a few weeks ago at Tenation,” they heard as Dylan smiled and said their death was greatly exaggerated and they both got a big grin.”We've been under siege here for days and no one has come, all our allies... everyone has turned their backs on us.”

“That's impossible we have 23 members in the Commonwealth, they cant all be traitors.” Dylan said as the man looked sad.

“We started calling the day they arrived and got a few responses, mostly saying they wont attack the Magog, they fear reprisals against their home planets.” He said as Dylan looked sad. It was true that the Magog were a war like people,and their way of having young was gruesome to say the least, but if they all stood together, they could win, and he sent a jacketed message to the nearest military base and got a Commander Hage on the link, who calmly told him they were setting up their defenses there, and waiting for the Magog invasion to come there next.

“If we all attack them here,we can defeat them and they wont even see your system.” Dylan mentioned as the old man looked thoughtful.”Please send whoever you can spare and we'll stay and fight too, we can turn this around or in the very least, remove a lot of their bigger ships before they move on.”

“A brave and serious speech, as was expected of the last of the Old Commonwealth military, but we are the New Commonwealth and we will do things our way. Just do your best Commander and we'll do ours and if they make it to our system we'll see you here, fighting along beside us.” he said as he reached for his controls and Dylan called him a coward and said they wouldn't be in his sector after this and the man just shrugged and the link went down.

Dylan got similar responses from three other planets. If the Magog were on the prowl, they were all staying home and setting up their defenses and they didn’t realize that , that gave the enemy all the time they needed to gather their strength and weapons and without a common defense, no one planet would survive.

“What the hell are they thinking?” Dylan screamed as everyone looked sad for him. His idealistic approach to life hurt him more often than not and this was one of those times.

“They're all setting up defenses for their own protection, they aren't leaving home to fight... many might even be hoping the Magog pass them by, little chance of that.” Becky added while Dylan looked around like he'd scream again and went back to the coms and tried some more and found only one ship that was willing to help, and a frigate class jumped in while even his Commander screamed at him to return.

“We joined the Commonwealth to stand together, so why are you hiding at home, Admiral?” The young officer asked as his family name was questioned and his rank revoked and his very life threatened as Dylan came on the link and said he had finally found one real man, and he welcomed him to the fight.

“Its not our fight,” The Admiral demanded as Dylan left him know that the Magog were on the move, hundreds of ships and if they weren't stopped here, then even the Commonwealth might weaken and the old man said it wasn't his system and Dylan reminded him that if it was in the Commonwealths space it was his job to defend it, and that was in the charter his people signed.

“The Commonwealth protects their own, across all space,” Dylan said as the old man looked sad,” if we leave them have this system, why should I or anyone else help you when they attack yours?”

“We had a deal,” the old man said as Dylan reminded him that deal went both ways and after a few more minutes agrueing, a small force jumped in and joined them.”Your right about one thing, if they are weakened there, then when they do come we will have a better chance.”

“Thats right,” Dylan agreed as the small fleet jumped into the fight and Magog ships were forced to pull back from attacking the station to defend their flanks.

“I expect to see you in our system too,Commander.” The Admiral said seriously as Dylan agreed and missiles went flying and more Magog ships were destroyed and soon the remainder of their fleet jumped away and the base was saved and the Admiral was on the coms taking full credit for it all.

As the small fleet jumped away, Dylan docked to the station and went on board to see its Commander.

“Thank you, Captain, without your help we couldn't have held out much longer.” He said shaking Dylan's hand.

“I'm glad we got back in time,” He said softly as Rommie smiled a lot, it was like him to down play his own importance.

“We have no idea what triggered this all, one day everything was going smoothly, and the next, the Magog started going ballistic. They've conquered two planets already and took their fleets for their own, that’s probably where these ships came from.” He explained as Dylan nodded and looked sad.

“But we held out here, something we weren't at all sure of, thanks to you. If theres anything we can do for you just ask.” The Commander said seriously and Rommie mentioned they could use some repairs and supplys and he nodded saying they used up a lot of their inventory during the battle but they'd share anything they have.

“Thats all we ask,” Dylan said as Rommie went one way to see to their resupply and Dylan went to the Commanders office to listen to his storys about what happened and why he thought things went bad so quickly. If they were to help get things back to normal they'd need all the info they could get, and a little time to get more organized.

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Good news for the readers, just passed the 40 chapter mark, bad news for me is....I think I'm writing myself into a corner. The enemys are big and bad the friends are few and the universe is in danger, I'm slowing down now because I'm not sure how to end it, or if it ends,...lol might become a saga if I'm not careful.

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Hiya Peeps, :wave:

Ok Mac, break out the gaffa/duct tape.... quick, tape kev to the keyboard so he can't get away... it's Saga time!! :lol:

Hey guys, can someone refresh my memory.. Rommie, she's roughly Cap ship size, correct? (been so long since I watched the series, I only have vague memories... but I also seem to recall ships of Rommie's class had 12 Nova Bomb's onboard didn't they? or am I thinking of a completely different series? :think:)

You do know you've spoiled us with your stories don't ya, kev? ;)

Cheers & Thranx

02-09-2012, 02:38 AM
Ok Mac, break out the gaffa/duct tape.... quick, tape kev to the keyboard so he can't get away... it's Saga time!!

Yeah haaaa Saga Time !! Love the Saga's

Not knowing much about the series, i have DL a cple of Andromedas from esp. Now, i have no idea of what the tv has as its stats but these ships are all M0 class at least. So,
i think Rommie and Dylan should hook with Sam (The Man).

However, since you are at chapter 40 (rubs hands gleefully at more chapters to come), then all i can say is ...................
................SAGA TIME !

You do know you've spoiled us with your stories don't ya, kev?

His fault for being such a bloody great author !!! Keep it up Kev ... please !!!

02-09-2012, 10:46 AM
the original Andromeda could and did carry up to 40 nova bombs, but Captain Hunt hated them and got rid of them at his first opportunity. His ships launchers could do 6 missiles at once, and his point defenses were lined up along the 'wing' from one side to another, so yes, Andromeda was a big ship, in the series they called her a 'heavy cruiser' or the next thing to a battleship. But Dylan always said she was a 'ship of the line' meaning top of the line for her class.During one battle they showed the Andromeda in full battle mode, and the guns coming off that wing were so many that you couldn't count them all in a few seconds, they were mostly point defenses, but she had several heavy cannons as well.She also carried up to 24 fighters and drones, and I think even seeker mines, when she could get them, not sure about those though.

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Chapter 11: Back Home

Sam took the new BP and went to an old shipyard that was now little more than a scrapyard for spare parts. He knew the old man personally and owed him more than one favor, but he was always up for something new and Sam knew just how to pitch it to him.

“A new ship, here?” the old man asked as Sam agreed and showed him the specs and his eyes went wide.

“Thats a frigate class at least, why would you want to make your new prototype way out here?” he asked as Sam reminded him he owed him a few favors so this was his way of catching up.”I appreciate the chance, really... but to make something like this from scratch, would take a couple years here, I have very few working construction drones any more and no real sources of materials like the old days.”

“I have 20 new construction drones in cargo and my own fleet to haul resources, just say the word.” Sam said as the old man had to think about it seriously.

“It'll take more like 50 drones and all the materials will need to be first rate, no raw stuff.” The old man said as Sam agreed.”OK then if this is what you want. I'll start cleaning out the junk I've collected in storage and get ready to receive materials right away, oh and by the way, I'm not doing this for free.” He hinted as Sam handed him a fat credit chip and the old man nodded and went to work while Sam dropped off the first 20 drones and called from his ship for his freighter to start collecting resources and bringing them here.

Sam's super freighter was busy from then on. It wasn't a fast ship but it carried a lot and that was needed. First came the load of electronics, then computer components and then Teladianium panels. Not a day went by that something wasn't gathered and sent and Sam took his time to work the Markets and try and keep up with the terrific cost that this was laying on him. His crew got time off and swore secrecy, something many had done before and he trusted them, and after a week of hard work, Sam needed a break and went home for a while. To Cybil and Sherry and Janie back on Kho's world and they greeted him with open arms and Cybil gave him royal hell for not coming home more often.

“Sorry but someone needed my help,” Sam added as they all just looked away and smiled. If anyone ever needed help it might be them, their husband only came home when he was dead tired,and for them at least, that was a blessing since he did this often, and they all made a big fuss about him getting some rest and eating right and to see Janie acting like a worried wife was worth the trip home as Sam mentioned and Cybil and Sherry got a good laugh about it.

Sam stayed for a couple weeks, seeing old friends, making trips to the school to see the Headmaster and Cybil's kids in training. They all were glad to see him back,and he started thinking about some of Dylan's storys and how lucky he was to have a wonderful place to call home.

His ship returned after the second week and while they were sad to see him go, they all knew this was who he was and Cybil gave him a serious look and said she wanted him home more often and Janie agreed and Sam smiled and told them he would and they left it go, since he said that every time .

“People worry about you, you big goof.” Sherry said giving him a big hug that surprised the others there and Sam smiled and rubbed his hand through her hair, messing it up badly and said he'd be careful and she slapped his hand away saying he was still treating her like a little kid, and he smiled and in a minute was gone.

“You know its not going to happen,” Janie mentioned after he was gone,”to Sam your his little sister and always will be.” She said as she walked away but looking back she could see that Sherry was miserable like this,and if Sam didn’t decide in her favor, she might have to leave to find her own happiness.

By now Sam managed to get another 15 drones and drop them off and the first beams were seen getting laid for the structure. The supplies were still coming in steady and the old man was running ragged getting everything done he had parts for. The Command center was getting made in a separate area and would be ready when the structure for it was done. Then they just sit it in place and finish the walls around it. Other hardware was getting worked on too and Sam went back to work, gathering salvage and ships and seeing them to the proper place for sale. Soon his credits started back up again and he sent another few more drones to help work on his proto and then returned to the Market for another day.

If he could keep this pace up. In another few months he'd have his new ship,and with it, the prototype for a new weapon for the Argons. He had planned this very carefully and if his plans worked out, he'd soon be as rich as the Kho Family and his name would be forever written in time.

By now, Dylan and Andromeda were having a meeting with the leaders of the New Commonwealth planets and they were discussing the Magog situation.

“We have worked out every possible scenario, and this is the lost likely, Andromeda if you please...” Dylan said as he sat and she stood and walked to the large screen where every one could see her and started to explain.

“That Magog, had to start their attack from their systems, that are over here...” She said pointing to the map and then sliding the pointer over to the two planets they attacked and conquered some distance away.”But instead of attacking the first planet they came to, they went around like this, and then came in the other way to attack the two planets they just took from us. This for a Magog, makes no sense, since they are very hardheaded warriors and do everything face first. If they wanted these worlds, to get them they would go through here.” She said pointing to two systems that were in a direct line from their home systems and the ones they attacked.

“But they didn't the satellites that we laid out to scan for troop movements years ago, saw them leave their world with perhaps 200 ships, all junk they patched together from parts from previous wars. They never buy ships, they feel that a warrior works with what they have and then take ships from their enemys. But when we saw them here, they had a force of at least 1,000 ships, and between here and there, there is only one small fleet, on planet Atlas, and they avoided that completely.” She went on while some jumped in saying that it was clear they planned well ahead and she agreed but not the whole way.

“The Magog are known as ferocious warriors, and strong opponents, but never have they been accused of being tacticians..” she said as the room got a chuckle, “but today they are, why? What changed? They never cared before, in previous wars they run full speed into other ships or board them in small unarmed pods and then run wild through the halls, attacking the crews. But here, careful planning, and not only that but. These two planets were responsible for nearly half the food supply for the Commonwealth. They had no fleets to speak of, but the Magog had a thousand. There is only one way that’s possible. Between here and here...” she said pointing and making circles on the map,” they were given a fleet, big enough to carry enough Magog to destroy those planets, and after they got that done, they got greedy and attacked the Commonwealth Military base here, where we joined the fight. It seems nearly impossible to think it, but someone is working with the Magog, supplying them with ships and weapons and helping them plan their attacks.” She said seriously and then sat back down.

“Impossible, who would do such a thing? Over 10 million people died on those worlds, who besides the Magog would do something like that?” Everyone asked as Dylan stood and calmed them back down.

“We don't know yet, but once we find out then it will be up to us, the Commonwealth to fix the situation. If they are old enemys then we need to know now. If they are new ones even more so. I want everyone here to check their records, satellite data anything that might shed light on what happened between here and here...” he said pointing, any ships even small groups that were seen by freighter captains, or patrols, no matter who they were or where they came from, we need to question everyone and everything.” he said as everyone agreed and the meeting came to a close, but as three members walked away they were chattering to each other wildly, and one leader stopped them quickly and told them to keep quiet until they left the chambers, and they dropped their heads and walked out in silence.

Chapter 12: New World Order

“They'll find out...” one man cried as the older man looked at him with disgust.

“Its too late for that now, once they see where those ships came from it'll be too late. The next attack is ready and with it even a bigger force for them to deal with. We sit back, and watch and when the Magog get diminished far enough, we jump in and surprise everyone and defeat them. They will never see it coming, those animals, and we will be heroes,and I will win the election for President of the Commonwealth, and you two will be my trusted aids...forever.” he said with his nose held high and his 'trusted aids' looked like they would rather forget the whole thing.

“But Andromeda is getting wise to this and she is not even human, once she gets the slightest bit of information, she'll figure it out quickly maybe too quickly for us to hide it all.” The other man mentioned as they all nodded that she was a formidable opponent.

“Don't worry, we almost finished her once before and now we have the whole Magog race working for us, she's as good as dead.” The High Chancellor said as the other men looked hopeful but he wasn't hoping, he had laid out this plan with surgical skills and when they slipped in to help save the next world, the entire fleet would be on them in an instant, and her legend would end right there, and his new legend would begin. The man who saved the New Commonwealth from a terrible fate, and with Magog on two of the main planets for agriculture, his world who had grown their own food for centurys, would be worth more than ever before, because without it and the others led my his 'advisors' the Commonwealth would starve to death, so the price of food was going up, and up and up, and his world would be his new Capitol where he would rein supreme.

Dylan and Andromeda worked around the clock to figure out what happened that day. There were some vague reports of small groups of ships, but nothing the size of what they had seen and no patrols had been in the area at that time, so that was out. It seemed their new advisory had planned well and the fleet just appeared there, right on time for the Magog fleet to meet them.

Then a thought came to mind, what if...they weren't there to meet the Magog, what if they were told to be there, and the Magog were told where to find them? Then they weren't a gift really just a bunch of fools that were ,probably getting paid to be there, like the fleet that attacked them earlier,and nearly finished them. They wore no insignias from any planets, they were pirates or rogues or something and there were a lot of warlords and pirate groups around that were for hire, so maybe, they were set up, and the Magog took their fleet just like they like to do. He got hold of some intelligence people and made some inquiries and they found out a small fleet was hired by some unknown men to meet them there but they never returned.

“What do you want me to do now?” The intelligence man asked nervously while Dylan thought and decided.

“Tell them that their friends are Magog food, and that those men set them up. Even if we cant find them or these people wont tell us who they are, I'll bet they can find out, so we'll just sit back and watch.” Dylan said as the man agreed and he told the pirates their friends were set up and Captain Hunt was trying to get some revenge for them, and when they heard that, they thanked him and threw him out saying they get their own revenge, and he went back to the base as quickly as his ship could carry him.

High Chancellor Derrik was sitting having a stiff drink when he got a call, a call he didn't plan on getting. He took it making sure the maid left the room and demanded to know why they had called him at his home, an unthinkable thing to do.

“You bastu...you sent my men right into the hands of the Magog didn't you?” the pirate demanded while Derrik denied the whole thing.”My men and I know all about your ambitions,and we were willing to help, since the New Commonwealth means to do away with us eventually anyways. But not now. You gave good men to the Magog, and many of them might not even be dead yet, the poor bastu's, and it all your fault. There will be no more ships for you, now or ever, and we'll see that word of this gets around. Even Dylan Hunt knows now, and he'll be coming for you soon enough.” With that the link went closed and Derrik slammed down his glass and made a call, and the Magog Leader was on the link in a minute.

“Its time, and this time ,make sure the Andromeda doesn't get away.” he demanded as the Leader laughed and said that he had a special place for Dylan Hunt on his ship, and they both grinned and the link went down.

A few hours later and the call came in. Another Commonwealth planet was under attack, and Andromeda jumped in to help with a small fleet that had joined them. The second they were engaged in combat, the entire Magog fleet launched their pods and hundreds came screaming to wards them and one by one the other, smaller ships were overrun, and Magog took them and their crews. Rommie was shooting as fast as her guns could go and even now the Magog were closing in. The ships fired from distance, and her armor started taking damage, and one good missile hit and one engine went down, leaving her with little in the way of speed.

“Not another set up...” Becky screamed as Dylan nodded and he worked at full speed, launching missiles as fast as the launchers could run.

“It looks like someone doesn't want us asking any questions,” Rommie said seriously while another dozen Magog pods blew up not a kilometer away.

“Get us out of here, Rommie,” Dylan screamed as she made a sharp turn and started away, but the pods and ships firing were gaining on them.”Jump anywhere, anywhere but here.”

“That trick can't work every time.” she said letting him know they were at least 10 minutes from a slip point, with one engine down.

“Harper...” Dylan screamed,” get that engine back on line or we'll all be Magog food by morning.”

“I'm working on it, you don't have to yell..” Dylan heard as even now he smiled while firing another load of missiles into the Magog fleet.

“Magog pods impact in 30 seconds...” Becky said as security drones and androids came awake and started patrolling the decks.

“Come on come on...” Dylan was screaming while Rommie just stood there working saying that’s all there was, and suddenly the last engine came back on and they started slowly pulling away.

“Harper, if you were here I'd kiss you.” Dylan said as he heard laughter on the coms.

” Then I'll stay down here, thank you, oh and next time we get a chance, we're about out of nano repairs.” He said as Dylan laughed. Those little beams were truly amazing, and Rommie mentioned that they might want to stock up next time and Dylan agreed.”and now that we know we can get away,” Dylan said as Rommie smiled and they made a turn and dropped every missile they had and fired until the power points got hot and then jumped away, leaving the Magog fleet much worse for wear compared to when they arrived.

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well after several months off im finally caught up with storeys Kev you need to write faster :p

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Chapter 13: New Enemys

“What do you mean they got away!?” High Chancellor Derrik screamed as the Magog leader tried to explain that they got repairs done while in battle the scanners showed it, but he wouldn't listen.

“You worthless pieces of fur, with all the help I gave you and you still mess this up? What good are you anyways?” he went on not thinking who he was talking to and why he had gone along with him so long.

“I think that will be enough,” he heard as he stopped ranting for a minute, “the Magog people thank you for your...assistance, but it is no longer needed. We have expanded our reach by two more worlds, and have others that we can easily claim now. The fleet you gave us will come in handy, and when you see it next, it might be hanging over your world as well.” With that the link went closed and Derrik saw he had made a simple mistake. He told his worthless minions exactly what he thought of them ,and he knew this day would come back to bite him.

Less than an hour later Dylan Hunt got a call he never expected as a tall, hairy creature looked into the screen and smiled as well as he could.

“Great Warrior Gordon, why are you doing this? We asked you to join us, to become a member of the Commonwealth and for 5 years everything went well. Why start a new war now?” He asked as the creature nodded that they had tried.

“We are the Magog, when we lived on one world we fought and clawed our way across it until we owned every foot of it. Then, we learned to leave it and see other worlds and millions died in the attempt, but we never faltered. Now we have a fine new fleet, and more to take everywhere we go. Millions more have joined us and we feast and drink to our victory. That is what a Magog is, and always has been.”

“Why tell me all this?” Dylan asked as the creature smiled again.

“You among all others treated us like equals and we appreciated it, even now your our most feared enemy, but we respect you for your skills. When we come for you, it will be quick, this I swear, as a Magog.” he said and Dylan saw he was trying to offer him a quick death not like many others.

“I thank you Great Warrior for that offer and I reply in kind, a quick death when we meet, but I still don’t understand why this suddenly, maybe its true that we expected too much too soon, but why now?” He asked as the creature nodded and said,

“Why not ask Chancellor Derrik, he knows and now, so do you.” he added as the link went closed.

“High Chancellor Derrik?” Dylan asked himself as Rommie nodded and pulled up the map.

“The two worlds that the Magog skipped past were both mixed trading worlds, they sell machinery and food to anyone who can afford it. They are also friends with Derrik whose world sells food too only in much smaller quantities than we need now that the Commonwealth has grown.” She added as Dylan nodded and watched the map. “So if they could get rid of these two planets, the newest worlds to join and their main competition for the food market..” Rommie added as he looked shocked.

“He could rule the Commonwealth by cutting off the supply of food.” He added as she nodded it was true.

“And with the elections for Commonwealth President coming if he settles this mess he'll be a bigger hero than you.” Rommie added as Dylan waved it away, he didn’t want the job, flying the galaxy and helping people was a full time job as it was.

“We need more proof, just having the Magog leaders word isn't going to do it. We need rock solid evidence that he did this, then he goes away for a very long time.” Dylan said seriously as she nodded agreement and she went into over drive trying to find some evidence, somewhere of his deeds.

While Rommie worked around the clock to find the evidence they needed, Dylan had some private meetings with Council members. Many seemed shocked at what he said while a few weren't shocked at all.

“Before joining the Commonwealth, Derrik was a warlord of great power. He saw the Andromeda as his next step up, so he joined and has been pushing for us to make more like it ever since.” Dylan heard as he nodded he understood. “But we haven't, yet because we were too busy adding new worlds and getting organized, now this, a new war and with Derrik right at the center? NO Captain, I'm not surprised at all.” One member told him and Dylan suggested they get a meeting ready for when the evidence came out and he agreed and they went their ways again while Rommie started finding things to show Derrik's true intention.

First it was an anonymous call with no speech but a document that showed a contract with Derrik for a fleet from a mercenary group that the council knew well. They were sent to the exact location that the Magog got their new fleet, and the contract was marked as void...the person who called for it never returned the fleet, and Derrik had signed for it.

Then remarks caught by intelligence satellites made from Derrik to his friends telling them to plant more crops because they would soon be selling many times more and they could chose their prices, since he would remove all restrictions when he became President.

And finally, a coded message intelligence captured with him disclosing his plans and getting their support for the destruction of the two smaller , less advanced agricultural worlds the Magog now hold. That was all it took, and Dylan called a special meeting of the Commonwealth Council and a few members didn’t show up, and everyone knew who they would be. They opened a coms link to his home world and saw Derrik sitting looking quite smug while Dylan and the Council demanded he return and face the charges while he laughed and said that he had no intention of returning, and he and his friends seceded from the Commonwealth right there, and offered to sell them food, at their own highly inflated prices.

“We will not let you profit from this atrocity.” Dylan said as Derrik laughed some more.

“You will, and soon, there isn't a planet in the Commonwealth that has the crops potential of ours, and it would take a year or two to even think of starting a new one to make food for your precious Commonwealth.” Derrik said smiling,” so, when your hungry enough, you'll pay and I'll still become the head of the New Commonwealth, or you'll all starve.” With that the link went closed and Dylan heard screaming and grumbling from the council members there.

“Either we have to move to secure food, or we need to start immediately to produce our own. Any planet with any agricultural lands at all must start preparing them at once, and we will show them that seceding was their worst choice. Other than that, I vote we put charges on High Chancellor Derrik for treason and mass murder, by using the Magog to attack free and unprotected worlds.” Dylan said as everyone agreed and the charges were made and put in record and everyone started preparing for a long hard winter on many worlds.

Chapter 14: Courage in the Face of Chaos

When the word got out what happened many small worlds that previously had been thought of as unimportant stepped up to say they would help, and farming, once just local produce marketing, became big business almost overnight. They were bringing in some decent income for the first time and they shared their good fortune with their neighbors. It wasn't enough to off set the loss of two worlds, but it helped and many worlds had stockpiles of food from before that helped them for a while,as it was slowly released into the population. But it was inevitable that the losses would show,and soon smaller worlds that had no food production of their own, were clambering to anyone who would listen for help.

The Commonwealth Council named a person to be in charge of food distribution,and even he had a hard time keeping order among the starving worlds. Many were... even now, learning to plant food, and it would help them but not for months as the Council mentioned, but they were trying, and Derrik was on all the news, offering shipments to any world who would join him and secede from the Commonwealth, and a few were sitting on the fence when Dylan decided he had no choice.

“We need more food supplys, no matter where we get them, if this is a war about food then the Commonwealth needs to bring in every available source,” he said as everyone on the crew agreed.

“If we use all the storage on board,we can haul many thousands of cargo units ,maybe a months supply,” Rommie mentioned as Dylan agreed,” it might be enough to buy some time, once the food manager knows we can help supplement the stores, he'll have a negotiating chip with other worlds.”

“You just want to see Sam Silarn again, don't you Rommie?” Becky teased as Rommie gave her a serious stare.

“Not at all, but at least this time we can take materials with us for trade,and I'm sure he'll agree to help us. Its not any different than reaching out to new worlds that aren't yet in the Commonwealth.” She explained as Dylan patted her on her shoulder and said he understood as she smiled a little more.

“I do miss those Wraith missiles though,” she added as everyone laughed, the fastest way to a battleships heart, through her missile tubes,and when she heard it she turned and went back to the bridge while Dylan reminded them that she held a grudge, and everyone nodded and walked away and the plan was set. They gathered materials they knew Sam would take and then Dylan said he was going looking for new food suppliers and the Council wished him a safe a fast journey and they made a few small, short slips to make sure they weren't being watched then slipped back to the asteroid field where they had met and worked with Sam before.

Sam was sitting in the Exchange when he took a call, his crew had received a message from the Andromeda and they needed help once again. He stopped what he was doing, as quickly as possible and jumped in to hear the news and see old friends.

“A new war heh?” he asked looking serious as Dylan and Rommie explained it all.

“So, if this is about food shipments what happened to those Magog people? Aren't they in this too?” Sam asked as even Dylan admitted that they took two worlds and were probably planning on more, now that they had a greatly improved fleet.

“Wow, sucks to be you...” Sam said not to loudly as even Rommie agreed with that one.

“We brought some common materials for trade this time, no free bees,” Dylan mentioned as they went to see. There were crates of minerals, some Sam had never seen and Rommie told them what they were used for and he smiled. Then materials like gold bars and diamonds and Sam mentioned that what they had here would be more than enough to fill even Andromeda with food and she got in a pitch for more missiles and Dylan looked away smiling and Sam agreed that would be fine too.

“You just sit back and relax and leave it all to me,” Sam said and beamed away the materials and then jumped from the system. If food was a problem then that was good , because even with the war, food was not a problem here, as a matter of fact, he left hundreds of units floating because he didn’t need it and it wasn't worth enough to bother with, well that stopped now as they jumped into Omicron and he ordered his super freighter to start collecting food of all kinds and the ship started immediately while Sam took the corvette out looking and found a lot of cargos from Terran attacks still where the freighters had been destroyed.

In a day he had made two trips with the corvette and another with the super freighter, and Dylan was impressed as Sam said that food was plentiful and varied in types and everyone agreed.

“Where are my missiles?” Rommie asked as Sam waved for her to slow down and said they were coming, and he dropped around 20 Specter and Wraith missiles on her docks and she smiled a little more.

“I've never seen such a needy battleship,” Sam mentioned as even Dylan looked away and Rommie told him very seriously that she was a heavy cruiser, not a battle ship, but she appreciated his mistake. ”on my world you'd be a massive battleship, and no one would disagree.” Sam added as she looked embarrassed and everyone there tried hard not to laugh out loud.

“How much more room do you have for cargo?” Sam asked as she smiled and said they had a lot more, since it was an emergency, they were going to use the landing bays as well, and he said good because they had a huge credit surplus from the materials they gave him and he was sure even she couldn't carry it all.

With that Sam shook Dylan's hand and jumped away again, and his ships started gathering for another round. Dylan looked at the cargo manifest and smiled wide. In a day, more than 10,000 cargo units, that was amazing to someone who saw the list for the food storage back home. They barely had this much in storage for the Commonwealth right now, and he saw Derrik getting very upset when he delivered this load to the base and it was first seen on the storage lists.

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Chapter 15: Helping out and Getting Wealthy

Sam made another two trips then took a break as the bigger ship was having a hard time getting a full load. They had assaulted the local stations pretty hard that first day and needed to wait until they got resupplied again. He gave them the day off, and everyone cheered and ran into the station as he made a few more trips and gathered some more missiles for Rommie. Then he stopped for the night and gave his crew some time off, while he grabbed some badly needed sleep himself.

Sam wasn't kidding a bit, the materials Dylan brought him could fill Andromeda two or three times, since food was not expensive at all, but Rommie had other needs and they were expensive, as Sam made a break for a station around noon the next day and he gathered some Typhoon missiles to help supplement those Terran missiles she liked so much. When he got back the super freighter was loaded again, and they jumped back and made their delivery, and Rommie mentioned they still weren't done and he smiled and beamed the new missiles onto the docks and told her to check those out, they actually made those so they were at least as easy to get.

She admitted they might work out as Sam looked defeated and jumped away again and Dylan asked if she might like teasing him when they were there.

“Maybe just a little,” she admitted as he smiled,” he's so easy I can't help it.” And she added the 30 new missiles to her storage area and was looking pretty happy when everyone saw her the rest of the day.

Rommie stacked cargo units in every crack on board and when a week of gathering was done, she had tens of thousands if food cargos and another hundred of her favorite missiles to use. They thanked Sam a lot and he said they still had credit with him yet, and she slipped back into subspace and Sam decided it was time to return home, before Cybil got too angry again.

He took another week off and his crew got time off as well. And when he returned no one had heard anything more from Andromeda and he smiled thinking they might have enough supplies to last a while, but he wasn't holding his breath. He had stayed away from owning stations himself, but he saw the need so he ordered a warehouse built, and he started his own , private equipment dock, paying his men to gather whatever they could find and even hiring a few young people that were in every sector looking for work after their graduation.

The big station looked really empty that first week and as time went on, some materials came and went. Some freighter captains found out and bought lite missiles from him, and one military patrol stopped in looking for some missiles they could use and more were sold. But slowly the building started gathering materials and his new business got a good start, and he knew when they came back that he could load the big ship even faster now, and he stored load after load of food and cargos of food that got salvaged from space until it looked like he had a real business for the first time.

Rommie had docked at the storage facility a day ago, and they were still unloading her as Dylan stood by all smiles.

“This is just incredible...” the Manager said as Dylan thanked him saying they had found a new planet, not yet a member of the Commonwealth that would trade with them, but only them, and the man nodded he understood.

“I wont have another peaceful world attacked by Derrik or his friends the Magog,” Dylan said as everyone nearby agreed.” but we can get more supplys there and we'll do what we can to help supply the Commonwealth until we get this mess sorted out.”

“This will help greatly,” he was told and some smaller ships were loaded right off of Andromeda and shipments were made to those that needed them most.

“This looks like maybe a months supply.” One man said as Dylan smiled,”some of the smaller worlds have converted some of their lands into fields. There are a few farms and ranches popping up. And the Commonwealth is subsidizing them to get them started. We are seeing the first fields showing signs of growing new crops already.”

“So long as many can supply their own needs it will help others,” Dylan added as everyone agreed. Derrik was a wanted man, but his plan had shown them a weakness in their way of doing things, and that was getting fixed.

“So, will you ask this new world to join the Commonwealth? Even if they are more backward technically than us, we can help them and a new source of food would be very helpful.” The station Commander said as Dylan agreed but said they had their own problems right now, a war of their own, but then they had nothing to brag about right now either.

“Maybe, we'll see.” Was all he'd say as Rommie smiled to herself. They weren't as 'backwards' as everyone might think since their parts replicator was getting a lot of attention by the R&D department, and the new multiple warhead missiles with separate homing heads were now getting studied for adding to their inventory.

“They do have some good points though,” Rommie added as even the Commander saw they had at least one person thinking like him. And Dylan smiled thinking that Sam might be working on his own little Andromeda by now, and that made him think that the Argons were flexible and good trading partners, if they did join, they'd have slip drives in no time and be better suited to join the Commonwealth Fleet.

“I just don't think its a good idea to expose new people to our problems right now,” Dylan mentioned and everyone had to admit with Magog raiders everywhere and Derrik making his play to break up the Commonwealth that it might not be the best time.

Chapter 16: Raiders

Derrik got the word from his spys that planets were adjusting better than he had planned and that upset him to no end. He ordered ships out to watch for and destroy any convoys carrying food and supplys and the Commonwealth answered with escort ships to help protect them. The war was in full swing now and ships were fighting every day. And supplys needed everywhere were being lost to the raiders and cut into the amount that planets had to use. Dylan shook his head sadly to see mentions of another convoy being raided and ships damaged as the reports came in. Their fleet was stretched thin since Derrik and his friends had withdrawn, but they were holding their own as well as could be expected. New ships, especially smaller faster escort vessels were in construction too and as they came off the lines they went right into duty protecting the food supply they still had and convoys from planet to planet as the wear escalated.

But the Magog had been silent for some time and Dylan started to wonder if the losses they took had changed their minds about this destructive path, but no luck... as a new message came in that Atlas was under attack, and even before they got ships there to help, their small fleet was overrun by the Magog and taken and another planet fell under their marching feet.

“They wait patiently for us to let down our guard for a second then rush in, its a series of blitz attacks,” Dylan said as the Council agreed.”We can not sit back and watch any longer, there still might be people we can help on Atlas, we need to get there in force right away.” And the council agreed and a new task force headed by the Andromeda was sent and they attacked and drove off the Magog fleet but the planet was a different story. Millions of Magog were on the surface, fighting, killing and mating with humans and animals alike. Anything with enough protein for their young to grow up strong and their camps were targeted and bombed and many didn’t get to see if their victory was permanent or not, but the damage was done. The reports said that in the first hour, the Magog had impregnated enough people to replace every soldier that was killed,and Dylan saw their true power...sheer numbers.

“Once their on the surface its too late,” Dylan said looking sad as Rommie laid a hand on his shoulder and said they had done their best.”Our best would be to stop that fleet before it gets any larger.” Dylan said as he ordered the task force to follow him and he pursued the Magog fleet back towards their own systems.

They were always just a minute or two ahead of them but when they reached the outer areas of Magog space they stopped and turned to fight as Dylan and his small task force ran in and the battle began. But not long after another slip signature was seen and a large object came out. A dozen times larger than Andromeda and she looked impressed as it bore down on them. It was like a small moon, with domes and engines and who knows what else, and she got a good scan before the massive weapons came on line and destroyed half of their escort ships before Dylan declared retreat and they slipped away.

“What was that?” Dylan asked as they entered the core system and Rommie brought up the scans.

“It looks like a large asteroid, with a slip drive and domes on its surface. But they weren't happy with that, its hollow with room for thousands maybe millions of Magog warriors,and launch tubes for their pods.” She said showing the large cannons that it had for defense and offense and even Dylan looked upset he didn’t see it coming.”If they have been working on these for a while, its hard to tell how many there might be like this, in reality, we were worried they were stealing ships to travel and conquer, we had no idea they had these or where they all might be right now.”

“With a fleet of these they could conquer the galaxy,” He said as she nodded it helped their cause a lot.

“And they have unlimited labor and theres no end to how many asteroids are out there.” Rommie added as even Dylan had to sit down and rest for a minute this was worse than fighting ships, you knew their weaknesses,but these things had walls meters thick, and most weapons wouldn't even blast through that much solid rock.

“Send this new info to the Council right away, we need to figure out what to do next,” Dylan said as the message was sent and they were as lost and everyone else, and Dylan sent the task force home to resupply and refuel and wait on the next time the Magog left their home systems.

The next chance to see the new vessels was a week later as the intelligence satellites showed a small fleet with one asteroid ship leaving the system. They slipped into subspace on a course that was seldom used and had no inhabited planets in it. Andromeda went too to stop whatever they were up to and see why they chose this sector, and when they got there, the fleet was surrounding a small world, a little too far from the sun for humans to be comfortable but it had a breathable atmosphere and multiple animal types living there,and the Magog started dropping pods to the surface and begin taking over the planet.

“What should we do?” Rommie asked after all this was an unclaimed system and even under Commonwealth laws it could be colonized by whoever wanted it.

“Why do you not stop us human?” The call came as a Magog Commander was seen and Dylan saw a chance at negotiations here.

“Under the charter that your leaders signed, colonizing unknown or uninhabited worlds is perfectly legal. We don’t try and stop the Magog from expanding their civilization...we stop you from using humans to do it. Find all the worlds like this you want, and return to the Commonwealth as friends. We have no problems letting you claim these unused worlds at all.” He said all smiles and the Commander looked shocked.

“You would do such a thing?” He asked as Dylan agreed, it stopped them from using habited worlds and saved millions of human lives in the process, and maybe gave them some common ground for future negotiations.

“Tell your Great Leader, Dylan Hunt understands your needs, and this...” he said with a wave of his hand,” is acceptable, but not inhabited worlds, not there, understand?”

“I do,and your message will be sent, as a Magog Commander, I appreciate your understanding.” He said and more pods were launched while Andromeda got scans and sent word that the Magog had , legally, claimed a new world.

“Commander,” Rommie called as he returned,”I'm curious how did you find this world? Its not listed on our charts until now and we willingly accept that it now belongs to your people, but who told you about it?”

“Oh, no one told us, we have scouts out going through every possible slip point looking for free worlds like this. The Great Leader said...” well lets just say there are more worlds out there in the Universe than the Commonwealth can possibly know or protect.” He said and then closed the link and Dylan and Rommie saw the truth. While they were watching for new Commonwealth attacks, the Magog were scouting the entire Universe for new worlds that no one had claimed, and that meant that even Argon and Terra would be found eventually and Dylan said they needed to make another trip and warn them that their petty differences might not be their biggest problem.

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Magogs in the X Universe? If they thought the Kha`ak were bad, wait until they see this, though the Xenon might enjoy a new challenge :)

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Chapter 17: The Announcement

Dylan was in Argon space again in a day and Sam ran to see what was going on, and as they talked he asked how they could get the word out as quickly as possible.

“Oh finding a group to tell is not a problem,” Sam mentioned,” but just me telling them wont get it done, you need to be there, with Andromeda, something I cant possibly fake or do as a hoax. Once they see the information and your ship, then things will get done. They will ask a million questions and probably blame the fact that the gateway between our galaxys is open on you, but the word will be out, and they can do something about it, or fight until the Magog come for them.”

“And you?” Dylan asked as Sam smiled widely.

“Even if they come, we wont sit back and do nothing, every world has people like me that own their own ships and supplys. If we stand together then even the governments will have to react, eventually.” He said rolling his eyes and Rommie and everyone else just smiled.

“Then lets do this and get the word out, Rommie are you ready?” Dylan asked as she said she could over ride every coms channel and make their files known to anyone in their broadcast distance, and that was a lot. “OK, Sam lets go then,” and Sam turned and jumped into Omicron Lyre and a battle was going on at the north gate where Terrans had tried coming through and attacking the sector defenders.

“Ladies and Gentlemen... and the military too...” Sam called as a few looked his way as he ran towards them but many ignored him as the battle continued.”I have important information about a bigger threat than either one of you right now, so I suggest you all stop for a second and listen to what my new friend has to say.” With that the sector Commander told him what he thought of his joke just as Dylan jumped in next to Sam and the battle stopped dead for a minute.

“I am Captain Dylan Hunt of the Andromeda Ascendant,” He announced as no one said a word,” I have come to warn you about a threat greater than any you've ever faced before, please accept this file.” He added as Rommie force fed them all the information about the Magog and their plans. “I know coming here might upset your people but this needed done. We are from a galaxy next to this one and while you can not travel that distance yet, we can, and so can the Magog. The files I gave you show that after many years of peace they have decided to conquer the galaxy and any other planets they find while scouting. This world was just recently discovered by me and my ship and no one, even our allies knows about it yet. But don’t feel too happy with that, we are sure the Magog will find it eventually and they attack in numbers so large that your present fleets are toys to them. Since we met Trader Silarn here and became friends we felt it important you were warned, and so, today we, members of the New Commonwealth of Planets have come to tell you that you have bigger problems than this war, and making yourselves weaker by doing it will make you're demise easier when they come. Forgive me for interfering with your people and your conflict, but a truly civilized people has certain responsibilities and warning those less fortunate is one of them, again, forgive me.” and with that the Andromeda jumped away, and the Battle went into a serious time out while they discussed what they had learned.

“Is this really true Silarn, tell us but we warn you treason is a serious offense.” The Sector Commander asked as even his Terran counterpart agreed.

“Do I look like I have a massive battleship in my pocket?” Sam returned as many there smiled and he got a dirty stare from the Commanders.”Everything you have in that file is real. I found that ship drifting in an asteroid field out on the rim of civilized space, yes...even they lost a battle to these animals. If you want to continue this squabble, then fine do it, but when these things come, every planet will fall, billions of lives in a few weeks. Hundreds of pods flowing through the gates and onto worlds filled with civilians everywhere,and you can see what the results will be...” Sam said and even a few officers seeing the videos looked away and looked ill.

“Your only lucky we have made a friend, or should I say... I have made a friend, because if either of you found out about this, you'd hide away at home building defenses and let the rest of us fall. Its the way of back wards civilizations I guess.” Sam mentioned with one eye on the screens and everyone disagreed saying that they'd at least warn the others which he asked why they were sitting here then and after a minute to think, strong coms signals were sent out to every station and planet on both sides and the Commanders got messages to hold position until a decision was made.

“If you knew weeks ago about this new civilization why didn’t you tell us?” The Argon Commander asked as Sam reminded him that a trader doesn't need to divulge his sources to anyone, it gives him some safety from having deals and new friends stolen.”But in these extreme situations..” he started as Sam mentioned that he did start helping long ago.

“I have a prototype ship being built even now, a new frigate class much like what you just saw, and I'll give the rights to manufacture to anyone and everyone that wants it, as long as my rights are preserved and my royalties paid.” He added all smiles and even the Argon Commander asked to see it when it was done and Sam agreed.

“It would appear the war is on hold until these new facts can be proven.” The Terran Commander mentioned as Sam smiled.” We'll be withdrawing to Heretics End, please keep your military clear until things are settled.” he asked as the Argon Commander agreed,and the Terrans went back through the gate.

“That was some ship...” The Argon Commander said, after the Terrans left, as Sam smiled.

“Want to see it again?” He asked as the Commander agreed and Sam beamed him from his ship and they jumped away and back to the asteroid field where they did their business and Dylan gave the Commander a tour of his ship and Sam reminded him everything he was seeing was protected by Traders Confidentiality, and Dylan laughed while Rommie walked along all smiles.

Chapter 18: Agreement

Days later and there was an announcement from both the Terrans and Argon governments. There was now a reason, a good one, for peace, and they would work together to watch for these new people and guard their territories against them, forever if need be.

“It looks like your war is over,” Rommie said as Sam nodded and he and Dylan had a drink to it, this time something Sam brought, and it took Dylan's breath away for a minute.

“We call this: Spacefuel..” Sam mentioned as Dylan admitted it might be able to push a ship and they both got a good laugh.

“I like it,” Becky said as Harper just sniffed the glass and sat it back down, without even a taste and everyone laughed.

“Now that we know about the Magog, then you'll be able to come here for supplies any time.” Sam said as Dylan said that would help, and they could send freighters to pick up food and other resources and Andromeda wouldn't have to come alone every time.

“We may even offer you a place in our Commonwealth, someday,” Dylan mentioned as Sam smiled and nodded, someday...but not yet. ”meanwhile you'll be accepted as trading partners and friends, and we'll make an offer to the Council to let Trade between our worlds start, officially.”

“I'm sure that will be accepted here with a smile,” Sam said as everyone agreed.”I'd hate to lose one of my best customers.”

“When we come here, you'll always be our trading partner, don’t worry,” Dylan said as they toasted to it.

“Now that that’s settled, is there anything I can get you while your here?” Sam asked as Rommie nodded and said more food, and he nodded back and left right away and Dylan sat back thinking this was one busy week, and it wasn't over yet.

They got reloaded, and left for their home a day later. Sam went back to check on the progress of his new ship and found it was about 2/3 finished now.

“Those last few drones really helped, I was putting off some of the bigger jobs until they got here, but now things are working smoothly.” The old man said as Sam smiled and nodded. Soon the weapons would get mounted and the shields and then it would be ready for a trial run.”Give me another week, then come get it.”

“Deal,” Sam said with a handshake and he left again, for a while, to get ready for the new traders in the area.

Dylan was as good as his word, and went home to the Council and asked for permission to trade,openly with the new planets and they were surprised that it was another small Commonwealth that he had found.

“We agree, this will help us greatly, and we can see these new people, and what they are capable of.” He was told as he agreed and decided that a freighter could be sent back while he finished his business here. The ship made the trip and its Captain was happy to meet Sam and get all the storys about how they first met, and of course another good load of food and supplys. He made the trip in a few days, and then slipped back into subspace and Sam knew that his job was just starting.

But not everyone was happy that there was a new trading partner on the block. High Chancellor Derrik and his friends were not only wanted men, but being totally ignored, losing many customers they already had because of their outrageous prices.

“I want to know where they are getting those supplys and I want to know now!” He demanded as spys were sent out to watch and wait and see for themselves where the Commonwealth was getting all their new supplys. Since a large freighter full just came back they had to wait a while for the next shipment, but when it went through a small fighter craft was sitting right behind them getting all the scan info. This was immediately sent back to Derrik who jumped into a ship and took a wing of cruisers and went to see for himself.

As Sam was loading the big ship, another wing of vessels jumped in and the freighter called for them to identify themselves, and was promptly attacked for their troubles.

“Who are you? This is a deal made for and by the New Commonwealth, and we will not sit by and watch one of their ships be attacked.” Sam declared as Derrik called over and said he represented the Food Consortium, and that these shipments were no longer needed and a few shots were fired Sam's way with one bouncing off his shields and dropping them slightly.

“If thats the way you want it, then fine.” Sam said pulling back a little and laying a barrage of missiles from outside their weapons range into one ship and it took a lot of damage, as Derrik looked surprised such a small craft had such firepower.”Leave this area, or we will call for reinforcement, and believe me, you wont be going home after that. So go now and tell your leaders that we are a neutral group in your fight, and we want to stay that way. But we wont let ships be attacked in our space.”

“You've made a mistake today,” Derrik said seriously as they pulled back, but he was forced to leave the one light frigate behind because it had taken too much damage. Once they were gone, however, Sam was in his glory. He had forced the retreat of another attacker, saved the freighter, even though they needed some repairs, and got a new ship design, which the freighter Captain gladly told him to take for his troubles.

Sam took the ship in tow and slowly made his way back to Omicron Lyre, where every patrol to see him coming had to run over and see. The design was different from anything they had, and not bad looking either, but they weren't happy to hear that a new group had made itself known.

“This new agreement might be more trouble than its worth,” The sector Commander mentioned as Sam laughed to pointed to the new ship.

“I think we'll gain more than you can possibly imagine.” Sam said as even the Commander smiled and waited to see what the new ship had that they didn’t.

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Chapter 19: Big Changes

Dylan got the report the second the freighter got back, and he and the rest of the Council were not pleased. If Derrik found the way there, it was just a matter of time before the Magog did as well, and while they had been there many times, they never dropped a single coms satellite so their new friends could call for help.

“Thats an oversight we can quickly fix,” Dylan mentioned as the Council agreed and they made another quick trip back to Argon space and set up a coms link in the asteroid belt so that things like this could be reported in real time.

They called for Sam to make sure he was alright, but when he came jumping in they were a little surprised.

“Atrotian Light Frigate,” Rommie said as Dylan nodded looking a little upset. They had tried to protect this fledgling civilization from their influence but now Derrik had ruined that all by himself.

“Hi Andromeda, how do you like my new ship? That Derrik moron left it after our squabble a few days ago, and our repair systems are nothing if not efficient.” Sam bragged as Dylan tried to smile and nodded as he asked him why he was flying that and not his corvette.”Firepower of course, when they were here threatening everyone, there were 4 ships. This one took all the damage and couldn't jump back, so they took their crew and abandoned it. So, I immediately towed it to the shipyard for repairs and the Argon Navy was really interested too and got some detailed scans of it before letting me have it back.”

“We didn’t want to pollute your natural development by giving out samples of our technology.” Dylan mentioned sadly as Sam smiled and nodded he knew.

“But once the way was opened wither it was Derrik or you or the Magog, it was sure to happen. I was just surprised that you have such weak shields. We specialize in heavy shields for something this size, I still haven't got it up to our standards yet.” Sam said as Rommie scanned it and said just what he had done so far made it 2x heavier than what they used.

“We tend to use specialized armor, and have for a long time, but now...” Rommie said looking at the scan as Sam smiled. He had long ago seen that Rommie had next to no shields and three levels of armor, to each their own, so he said nothing.

“This has 200 megajules so far, but I'll add to that. Your weapons and designs, our shields and missiles, sounds like a winner to me.” Sam said as even Rommie had to admit that it would be a big improvement, on both sides.

“We'll see about that later, but for now we set up a new coms link for this area. It'll let us listen in on any coms traffic near here, and let us know when ships that we don’t send arrive here even before they start into your territory.” Dylan said as Sam thanked him, saying he would have called right away but their coms couldn't open a slip port to send it, and Dylan apologized, saying they should have done it right away, and Sam just waved it away.

“As far as our shielding technology goes, doesn't your heavy fighter have shields on it, and some of the smaller fighters we traded for?” Sam asked as Rommie said they did and she was already studying their shield specs from those.”Then with things as bad as they are right now, I'd suggest that Rommie needs more protection, at least as much as this ship. So if you decide its true let me know and I'll get something helpful for you.”

“Define 'helpful' “ Rommie jumped on right away and even Dylan saw a new shield coming in their future.

“With pods trying to land on you and blasting their way inside, a good solid shield would stop that, until fire from ships brought the shield down at least, and a good shield will give you almost impregnability while it lasts, so you can stay in battle longer.” Sam explained as Dylan agreed he understood the principle and Rommie was starting at him with wide eyes and he finally gave in, and Sam dropped a 500 megajule shield on board while Harper went nuts trying to figure out how to mount it.

“Impertinent swine!” Derrik was screaming as his ship started back to his base,” how dare he damage one of my ships, and how did that little craft take a hit from our cannons without damage?” He demanded to know while the scans showed that Sam's corvette had some very strong 'armor' and that one shot wouldn't hurt it, and he looked surprised.

“So, not only food but decent technology is there, we need to get some of that for ourselves. If they are dealing with the Commonwealth then its just a matter of time before they get it, so we need that help to stay even in battle.” He said as everyone agreed.”Send a force through and get me some technology samples, I want to see how those ships are built and from what.” And with that a new start came to the war between the two Commonwealths, and the two new enemys from beyond the galaxy.

Chapter 20: Skirmishes

In a few days, calls went out that ships were being attacked on the frontier, and that it was a new and powerful enemy. The military sent some patrols out and they got attacked too, but at least one enemy ship was destroyed and the scans showed it was very much like the one Sam had disabled some time ago.

“What else can you tell us about these new people?” The sector Commander asked as Sam sat back thinking.

“On their worlds they are food pirates, trying to hold the entire area for hostage by withholding food from planets that need it,” Sam mentioned as the Commander looked upset, even an enemy has a right to eat,” and they are led by a man called High Chancellor Derrik, a self-appointed King or something, and he wasn't too happy that we were making friends with the Commonwealth on their side.”

“So he started sending troops over to harass us here, and they've stolen some small ships I hear, what about that?” He asked as Sam took a minute to think.

“They have a drive system a hundred times more powerful than any we have, or had until now,” he added as the Commander agreed, their research people were still astounded by the ones they've seen ” But we seem to have different technology, like the parts replicators, and better shields.”

“So, its possible its a fishing expedition for new technology.” The Commander said as even Sam agreed it was very possible. “Then we need to make sure they don’t get any, or any more at least.”

“Thats what I was thinking too...” Sam mentioned as the Commander thanked him for his time.”I'll keep an eye out too, if I see anything too big to handle I'll give you a call.”

“Normally we'd say that the military can handle this and civilians should stay out of it., but you've got previous experience, and to be honest some people are saying that the new alliance with the other Commonwealth might be a big mistake. So its up to us to show it can work, and that we'll gain something from it.” He added as Sam nodded agreement.

“When the research is done, and we can travel to other galaxys, they will have no excuse to complain, but until then these are small potatoes compared to the Terran War, so have them just buck up and wait.” Sam mentioned as even the Commander got a big grin and agreed.”and I'll help with the patrols, since I have a ship equal to theirs and your friends cant complain since I have to pay my own repair bills.” Sam added as everyone agreed that could hear and Sam knew that their meeting was being listened in on.”These aren't even the big worry, if they keep coming and going, then the Magog will find us and theres where the trouble lies.”

“Dylan and his crew have gone to great lengths to protect us and our entrance to the new network, but this fool...” He said looking sad as even the military admitted Dylan had helped them a lot so far,” anyways, we need to stop him from coming here before the word gets out.”

“We'll place a patrol in the sector right away, then any ships that come and go will be seen,” The Commander said as Sam agreed.

“And I'll help, I'll add an advanced satellite from my own storage to watch over the place, even if they come in and jam coms, we should all be able to see whats going on.” Sam added as everyone agreed and thanked him. Advanced sats were expensive and mostly used by wealthy traders and intelligence officers, so they appreciated his offer.

“Then its settled, “ Someone added as Sam smiled, their 'private conversation' had broken down into a general meeting between him and the military, and even he didn’t know who all was listening in.

He had however a secret that they hadn't seen yet and the day before he got the message his new ship was done,and he parked the frigate he was flying at the shipyards, offering to let the military study it for a while and jumped to the old shipyard and saw his old friend as people ran everywhere getting ready to board the new ship for the first time.

“Its a beauty,” The old man said looking out his office windows at the ship floating there. It was all white with some red trim and across the side near the nose, it's name was boldly written as 'Rommie 2' and the old man didn’t even ask.

“Keep the bots and see what else you can do with them,” Sam mentioned as the old man asked if he could take orders for the new ship and Sam laughed and said he'd see about that himself since he was on his way to Omicron right now.” Don't be too surprised.”

“Everything I asked for?” Sam asked as they looked it over for a while.

“Yep, 6 turrets, all with HEPT's in them, two to a turret, two missile launchers, generic that can fire almost anything you find, 4 gig in shields, average speed , without Seta... of 120, that'll need checked since it hasn't really been flown yet.” The old man added and Sam said he was certain it would be fine.

“Then take a break and get some rest, you might be surprised how many of these we'll sell.” Sam added as he beamed over and his emergency crew with him. They got all the systems on line and the big ship turned and jumped to Omicron, where a shocked military ran to see the new ship as it docked at the shipyards and Sam called for the rest of his crew.

“Think we gained anything now?” Sam asked on open coms as no one disagreed, and he spent the day walking dignitaries through the new ship until he got tired and they finally had seen enough. The cost was impressive, but then it had the best of everything, until now. And Sam knew he had one more thing to add, the slip drive from his other ship, and the shipyards engineers started that job right away and the advanced Jump drive was given to the military as a gift, and Sam never heard another complaint about skirmishes in their space.

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OK, about the weapons...first off...this is a frigate class, a new one that hasn't been seen by the Alliance before. What you see on it is the first draft, the 6 turrets that Rommie 2 used for point defenses. On the Andromeda there were guns all along the 'wings' from one side to the other, maybe 24 of them, no real idea, but in battle its like a garden hose with light guns for missile defenses and drone and fighter support. She also carrys 24 fighters and maybe 100 drones (the original Rommie) so she had a lot more firepower, especially with her 6 missiles tubes, all forward. The frigate class has 2 tubes forward, thats equal to a bomber, and 5 turrets with 2 guns a turret, and she will carry maybe 10 fighters and a couple heavy guns forward, but they aren't mounted yet, this far along. There will probably be 2-4 more heavy turrets, mostly forward with CIG's or PPC's in them sometime to help out, but with nearly , if not a dozen fighters and missiles, and 4 gigs in shield, shes a powerful little ship.

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Chapter 21: Rommie Rallies

Now that the other Commonwealth was in place firmly, Dylan and the Andromeda started taking back the trade lanes from Derrik's raiders. They had a small fleet that was now on call and when any sign of trouble came they jumped in and attacked immediately. It took no time at all for Derrik to get very upset with things the way they were, because he had never planned on any long term war only quick, sure profits. But that’s not the way it is, and he soon saw that he'd wind up behind bars somewhere for starting this, and that his plans for running the Commonwealth himself were all just a dream.

“This other place this 'Little Commonwealth' they are dealing with, this is the reason I have failed so far, and its them that are to blame.” He declared as even his advisors had to step back at his ignorance, and denial.

“But sir, now that they have joined with the New Commonwealth, they have doubled their power,and they have all the food and resources they will need for a long time. Our plans have been shattered, and theres no way to recover them now.” He heard but refused to believe it.

“Theres still a way, I'm sure of it...” He decided as they looked sad for him. He saw his own end coming and still refused to stop. Maybe they should start planning too, for their own safety.”Leave me I have work to do...” He said as they left the room, but there was a bug in place and some wanted some security that said they would survive this, and they ran to hear and see what he was planning.

He sat back, knowing his end was near, and made a call, one he swore he wouldn't make again, as the Great Warrior came on the screen and shook his head sadly.

“We should have finished you by now, but I have been busy, we now rule three new worlds,and even Dylan Hunt has approved.” He said as Derrik looked shocked.

“I have news for you. While trading I found another whole new galaxy. Full of ignorant and low level humans, just starting into space seriously. If you guarantee my worlds are safe forever, I will give this new galaxy to you, and its inhabitants will become your people for decades to come.” Derrik said as even the Great Warrior had to stop and consider.

“A new galaxy? Does the Commonwealth know of this?” He asked as Derrik swore they didn’t.”Then we have a deal, but lie to me and we will fall onto your world like a plaque...” he added as Derrik smiled wide, and swore his words were true, and gave him the entrance to the new systems and the link went dead.

The advisors had seen and heard it all, and they knew now the lengths he would go to to get his revenge. His actions had guaranteed their world would fall,and the Magog would come and take them all, and they gathered some things and friends and family and ran...to the New Commonwealth and told them everything, as Dylan got very upset, and sent a message too, to let Sam and the others know that the Magog were coming, and then jumped there to wait and meet them himself as they came into the new systems for the first time. If he could speak to them, then they would find out that Derrik had lied and this was a protected area, and maybe they would go back to seeking out new worlds, and leave these people alone.

Dylan was in sector in a few minutes and Sam met him there as Rommie smiled widely at the new ship.

“Rommie 2.” She said looking the new ship over as Sam nodded and smiled widely.

“There can never be another Rommie 1, so I had to make do.” He admitted as even her face got a little red.

“There is a blueprint I was made from...maybe we can deal sometime for that, and you can have your own 'ship made flesh' on board.” she added as he smiled and shook his head looking sad.

“Do not tempt me Rommie, I'm a married man after all.” He added as she cleared her throat and Dylan got a big chuckle from the whole thing.

“This is all very nice but we have serious business to discuss,” he added as everyone agreed and he told them what was going on and Sam looked upset beyond words.

“So, why not just finish it, by that I mean Derrik,” he added as even Rommie smiled at that but Dylan was himself, saying that even a fool like him deserved to live and some on his crew did not agree.

“He offered an entire civilization, maybe more than one, for the safety of his own world? How arrogant and ignorant can anyone get?” They asked as Dylan just smiled and said that Derrik was not guaranteed anything, and he knew it.

“He knows now that either the Commonwealth will come for him, or the Magog will. Maybe he sees this as making a big mark on history, starting a new war, or just getting his revenge on Sam's people for what they did to help us, either way, hes through and hes probably hoping that we get there first.” Dylan mentioned as a few agreed that lieing to the Magog was a sure way to die.

“So, why are we here then?” Becky asked as Dylan said she'd see soon enough and after an hour more the slip stream opened and out came the Magog mother ship and a dozen smaller vessels.

“Dylan, I thought you'd be here,” The Great Warrior said as Dylan just smiled and nodded.

“This is a protected area, and will someday become a new member of the New Commonwealth.” he said as the large creature just nodded he understood.”You knew all along that Derrik was lieing, so why come here at all? Maybe just to have a quick look and see if he really was telling the truth about these people?” Dylan asked as the creature smiled as best as it could.

“I see they aren't nearly as backward as Derrik said,” he added as Sam came on the link too and asked him to withdraw.

“We are a serious people, we'll fight for our survival, as you would in our place, and we have some things going for us that even the New Commonwealth doesn't have...yet.” Sam added as even Dylan looked surprised at his serious attitude.

“And bravery as well, in the face of such an overwhelming force you can say such things?” The creature asked as Sam nodded and said if he thought they were so easy...try. And Dylan didn’t look too happy with the way things were going, and the Great Warrior said maybe these new people needed a lesson, and his fleet launched nearly a hundred pods, as Sam's ship moved in to meet them and his turrets came on while Dylan called for a halt to hostilities that went unanswered.

The pods ran in until they met Sam's shield and were either thrown away or stuck there, trying to get through. Meanwhile his turrets blasted them away like so many flys and the Great Warrior sat back watching and saw the new technology and that his pods had no chance against it. He ordered withdrawal, and Sam moved away a bit and they sat there looking at each other for a minute.

“Satisfied now?” Dylan asked after a minute and the Warrior smiled and nodded.

“They have great strength, I'm glad I came to see for myself.” He added as even Dylan smiled, it was all a test, and he thought as much.

“Even without their technology, we are friends and have agreements in place, so we would stand with them for their safety.” Dylan mentioned as the creature nodded his agreement.

“Then we will go,” The creature said as they turned to leave.

“And Derrik?” Dylan asked as the creature roared with laughter.

“Why do you think I brought so few ships?” he asked as they disappeared and Dylan looked sad.

“They were stalling us, their at Derrik's world right now.” Dylan said as Sam said they should go, but Dylan disagreed saying his people must not go out into the galaxys just yet, they had a lot to learn about things in general but that the New Commonwealth would teach them so they would be ready.

“You do realize...” Sam mentioned sitting back a while later having a drink with Dylan,” that the Magog are gathering strength even now. Even if they stay with outer worlds and worlds without humans on them, someday they will turn and have such huge numbers that even a New Commonwealth wont be able to withstand it.”

“Theres always hope for peace,” Dylan said taking a drink as Sam gave him a serious look, even now as he sat there saying it, Dylan knew it wasn't true and that it would be the greatest war since the Fall.

Chapter 22: Learning

“I was impressed with your new shields though, nearly a hundred boarding pods hit that and none got through, that’s a technology we can all use.” Dylan mentioned as Sam smiled and said he gave Rommie a shield and it was in place so by now she should have throughly researched the technology too, and Dylan agreed.

“It appears using our resources, that the shields aren't as effective, something about the materials works better here. We can make them and are, but the best quality shields seem to come from here.” Dylan mentioned as Sam sat back all smiles and started his sales pitch as Dylan waved a finger at him nearly laughing.”Don't get greedy Sam, we'll buy from you, you know that, but even we have to pinch credits a little.”

“Greedy...ME?” Sam asked looking hurt as Dylan sat back and laughed.

“Heres your first lesson, for you and your people,” Dylan said finally getting serious, and handing Sam a chip, ” before you enter the rest of the galactic community, you need to know whats out there, so don't rush to start using the new technology you have. We'll see that everyone knows of your existence, and trading is allowed. But going exploring will only cause you grief right now, so please don’t do it yet.” Dylan asked very seriously and Sam finally agreed and they shook on it.”Pass that around, then you'll get a better understanding of our past and hopefully our future.”

“And now that the lessons are over...about my new shield.” Rommie said jumping in from nowhere as Sam laughed and Dylan reminded her that they were on a budget.”his ship is small compared to me and he has many times the protection I have.” she argued as Sam mentioned that he would take good care of them and asked how much shielding they wanted and while Rommie and Dylan disagreed on the amount, it was clear that it was many times what she had now.

“I'll get something to start you off with, and Harper can get ready to mount it as soon as I get back,” Sam said as Dylan thanked him and he beamed away and then jumped out of the system.

“Those shields are amazing, and if we are to get ready for a new war, we'll need everything we can get,” Rommie mentioned sadly as Dylan nodded he understood,and that he'd do his best to get the Commonwealth ready and even add new members before that.

“And if I can keep the Magog away from technologically advanced worlds, their fleets will still be old,low tech vessels while ours will be much stronger and heavily protected.” He added while she just smiled at the thought of it. They knew even now that the Magog had taken Derrik's world and with it his fleet, and that wasn't helping, but it needed done and now they had only one major enemy, and time, hopefully was on their side.

“Are these the scans?” The Magog leader asked as his minion agreed, and he looked over the results of the test. This new technology was going to be a problem,while they had unlimited numbers, strong weapons and these shields would almost equal that. If they really wanted to roam free in the universe they needed to learn and today they had, and he started looking for a way around this and moved back away from the civilized sectors and into the open universe adding untouched worlds to their own and making millions more Magog for their massive expansion.

By now Sam was back and with him, a 1 gig shield. Harper jumped on it like a kid with new toys and Dylan thanked Sam for the help, saying they'd make sure he was paid,and Sam smiled saying it still wasn't what he was using and Rommie agreed, staring at Dylan until he promised her more later, and Sam just laughed.

“The Magog have been as good as their word so far, but don’t leave your guards down,” Dylan mentioned and Sam told him he had dropped that chip off with the Argon military so they got time to study it too.”Our people went through a lot to get this far, yours, through us... will not have to go through all those hardships, but then we're not done with our own yet. War after war, that’s what has happened so far, and theres no end in sight. I wanted to keep your people out of our troubles and conflicts for a while longer, that’s why I'm asking that you don’t start exploring yet, the slip drives are great inventions, but with them you can be inside an enemys area in a second and not even know it.”

“No rush, Dylan, we have the time,” Sam added as Dylan just smiled, he hoped so or they all were going to be in a world of hurt.

The Magog leader had every research facility on Derrik's world checked and rechecked, looking for something they could use. They're technology was a little behind the times, but with every world they took it became better. He was watching the colonization beginning when a creature rushed in with research materials in his hands.

“Leader...the research department has found evidence that they knew of this new technology, and had started doing their own research on it. They didn’t get very far, but the results are promising.” He said as the Leader smiled and nodded, telling him to make sure they completed the research and learned all they could.

“We will need that in the future...” he said as the man bowed and ran away, to get a crew working on it right away. They have a predetermined destiny, the Magog, like insects they produce young at amazing rates, but they are sentient, and smart enough to gather everything worth having, to them the universe is their playground and their shopping mall, and pity anyone who tried to get in their way.

The New Commonwealth had given them a start, a friendly start mostly because of Dylan Hunt, the eternal optimist, and they had learned a great deal, but they wanted them to stay on their home worlds and that was something that was beyond even his control. The Magog needed animals of all kinds, people too and without them they could not produce young. It didn’t have to be humans of course, but they were useful as slaves until the young Magog were ready to come forth. That helped them again gaining information and technology they needed for future espansions.

And now this new area, many worlds with different people on each one. Humans but not just that, aquarians,insects,and other civilizations, people by the billions, and good technology. He might have pulled back today, but that area was going to fall, and with it perhaps the Andromeda, since they seemed connected somehow. Then nothing would stand in his way again all other areas were just fodder for his people, and their numbers were jumping again, as the new worlds started giving birth to new Magog. Soon, their numbers would be untouchable and with that, their place in the heavens forever.


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Chapter 23: Sad Realization

Dylan was sitting down after a bit of exercising, and Rommie, in her 3d form, appeared before him smiling.

“You always go all out when your worried,” she added as he looked up and smiled and nodded. He was at that.”How long do you figure until the Magog stop listening to you?”

“I'm surprised it worked at all, but giving them free rein over all the empty worlds was just a stall, and I'm sure they know it.” he added as she agreed.”They need new ships, new technology to help their expansion. We left hem have Derrik's fleet, mainly because we were too busy to stop them but that’s not enough. They've seen a smaller ship than us holding back a full attack wave and killing a lot of Magog doing it. They wont take that laying down, and they saw the new technology that these new people have, and they have smaller fleets than we normally do too, so it's just a matter of time. I'm getting Sam to gather us some big shields and we'll make sure that the biggest, strongest ships in the Fleet get them and get ready. The next war will be for all the marbles.” He said as she nodded and went to make sure that everything was as good as it could get before they were really needed.

Sam's next delivery went right into the warehouse while Rommie didn’t look too pleased. She got another new shield making hers a lot better but Dylan reminded her that many other ships were so far unprotected and she had to agree. They were just starting to make their own smaller shields back home and they were getting added to whatever they fit, but they wouldn't do the same thing as these, and the ships they were on wouldn't take the beating either, but in every war there are turning points and Dylan hoped this new area was theirs, and that they could hold onto it when things started getting bad.

Sam and Dylan went to his office and sat back talking and having another drink when Sam asked if he thought the Magog would ever come back again, and Dylan looked sad and refused to say.

“Thats what I thought,” Sam said without stopping. “Maybe since we know right where the entrance is we can set up defense turrets to protect it from this end.” He added as Dylan nodded, it couldn't hurt.”I'll see what I can do,and I'll mention it to the proper authorities.”

“Do what you can to protect yourselves, if they really decide to attack in full force, there will be dozens of ships, hundreds even thousands of pods and getting caught by a Magog and getting impregnated is not something a human needs to do. The end always goes badly.” Dylan mentioned as Sam agreed, he had seen the videos and they weren't to be taken lightly.

“If you know this is a sure thing, why are you waiting? Why not attack their worlds before they get started and save as many lives as you can?” Sam asked as Dylan looked sad he could even mention it.

“I believe that no matter who they are or how serious they act, theres always a chance for a peaceful settlement,” Dylan added as Sam smiled and looked away, they were both sure that wasn't the case here but then Dylan was never going to admit it.

“Then we need to get ready, when they come, there will be many dead on both sides.” Sam added as he got up to go and Dylan sadly shook his hand as he left.

“We'll be here when we're needed, so do your best,” he added as Sam agreed and beamed away and Dylan sat back down and had another drink. A first strike was always an option, but what would they find? Women and children ? He could never attack whole continents of the helpless, if there were any really helpless Magog. All he knew was, if Sam and his people had the chance to use their slip stream drives, then even the Magog would be hurting, because Sam made his thought on a first strike clear, and Dylan couldn't say he was wrong, just that he personally couldn't do it.

Sam jumped back to Omicron and talked to his friend, the Sector Commander. They both agreed that defenses should be set up and Sam volunteered to pay for a laser tower himself, as the Commander thanked him for the help.

“I'll discuss it with my officers, and the trading community, when they hear whats coming, they'll help I'm sure and we can put something of real substance out there, along with a corvette patrol that I have in sector at all times.” He added as Sam mentioned that the enemy believed in mass attacks and waves of boarding pods, maybe hundreds at a time, but that their shields definitely helped.”I'll see to it the corvette we add has max shields, and fighter support, they can be our eyes out there, along with your satellite, we can get the message and start an defense all at once. I'll see that we get some firepower ready, they wont get out of there alive.”

And with that the plan was made, and Sam bought a laser tower and dropped it just a few kilometers from the jump in point, and a day later, a medium weapons platform was set up between the jump point and the gate. Now they had some decent defenses and Sam had someone in Omicron watching his satellite day and night, and his ship was carrying every missile he thought he could use. The time was coming soon, and everyone knew it, and even Dylan, back in his galaxy watched the satellite feed and knew that the Magog were getting ready to break their promise.

Chapter 24: It Begins

The Magog Leader was thinking pretty hard about what was coming too, but his thoughts were about the numbers, and nothing else. They had several new worlds, thanks to Dylan who left them know that worlds without humans were open to colonization. He had made a point of saying it that way and he knew why. He wanted them to keep busy and stay away from technological worlds with good ships and weapons, but those were needed, and he had a small fleet, small compared to what he wanted at least, and that gave him some room to negotiate if it came to that. There were worlds with good technology even here, but they were either protected by the Commonwealth or friends that might become Commonwealth sooner than later. If he could trigger an attack on his ships by some other world then retaliation would be approved even by the New Commonwealth, and he started a plan to patrol dangerously close to several worlds that had made it clear that they wanted them to stay away and of course, one world opened fire on a Magog patrol and he smiled,and send the full force of his fleet against them as the Commonwealth asked for calm, and got it, in only two days the new world fell and with it a fleet of over a hundred ships was added and over a billion new people became Magog incubators.

“Great Leader, don’t think we don’t see what your doing,” Dylan said as the big creature smiled as wide as possible.”Tricking others to attack you so you can retaliate with full force...thats a sad way for warriors to act don’t you think?”

“We have a right to protect ourselves from attack, even patrol our boarders in defense, you said that yourself and we are trying to comply,” It said back smiling all the time.

“Don't plan too far ahead,” Dylan said seriously as the creature stopped to listen,” we have many who would attack you first and bring destruction to your worlds instead of theirs. So far I have tried to call for calm and let both sides know there is always a peaceful solution. But if you persist in these tricks and attacks, it will eventually lead to all out war, and even your worlds will feel the wraith of many who will seek revenge.”

“And theirs from us...” It mentioned as Dylan looked sad but agreed.

“How many millions will you let die to win or lose? How many worlds must be permanently destroyed by nuclear weapons to stop your expansion across the universe?” Dylan asked as even the Leader looked sad for a minute but only one as he looked at the screen again.

“As many as it takes, against us, you can not win, and there will always be another world out there we can have either colonized by someone else first or only full of animals we can use. Humans have a slow and cumbersome way to reproduce, but we have a swift and streamlined approach, in a long war, we will prevail, as well you know.” It added as Dylan looked even more sad than before.

“Is this your last word on the subject? Please act like a true Leader and help us solve this before its too late.” Dylan begged as the Creature smiled widely.

“You are a good man Captain Dylan Hunt, and we respect you and your ideals, but you were born in the wrong galaxy, you were born in ours, and our ideals are not compatible. Go find a new place for yourself and...perhaps...we will allow it to exist beside ours, since you are obviously not a threat to us, those others will fall and anyone who gets in our way. This galaxy is ours, as it should be but there are many others out there where we will go very soon and make them ours as well. The Universe belongs to those that can take it and hold it, and for this time, that’s the Magog.” It added as the link went closed and Dylan warned the rest of the Council that the Magog had declared war on the Universe and that they needed to plan for it, and he sent a message to Sam who relayed it to his military friends and they got ready too, and even some groups of pirates called him and offered to stand with him as a private defense force to keep the invaders from taking their lands.

“I agree,” Sam added as the link closed and he smiled, even the pirates knew that alone they were easy pickings but together they had a better chance. So he started sending messages to every group, friend or foe that he knew and many agreed that they could stand together against this new enemy because 'we can play later' and he laughed as many others did as well. They set up patrols to help out and the military defense force patrolling the sector got another pirate patrol that made them feel a little uneasy for that first day, but after that it was clear that this was their galaxy as well, and they were here to protect it.

“I don’t know how you did it,” The Commander said as Sam smiled,” but we have at least 10 ships in sector at all times now, and that’s going to help a great deal.”

“Many pirate clans see this as a threat to them as well, so instead of trying to stand alone, they offered to help us, so theres a temporary truce between us and them until this is over.” Sam added as he agreed.”When the enemys come through, we'll show them that Argon space is full of friends willing to stand together, and they'll learn the hard way.”

“Amen...” The Commander said as Sam smiled,” May the Maker protect us.” And with that the coms link closed and Sam docked at the equipment dock and gave his crew time off. It might be a long time before this could happen again, and he went home for a week and waited for a call and when none came he returned to the ship, happy to have spent time with his family, and they too were getting ready for an attack just in case they failed here.

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Chapter 25: Preparations

Kho's world was a long ways off from the galactic center, and even Sam knew that it would never be seen by any enemy until the core sectors, and many others nearby fell first. It might not see them for years after, since it was a small world with little commerce with the outside, but he mentioned it to Janie and Cybil while he was there and they agreed that letting people know the enemy existed was better than not letting them know anything, and they went to the capitol and had meetings with the guilds,and the school and left them know that the outer universe might come crashing in on them someday, and they agreed that with planning, they would be OK, and they started thinking more along the lines that they were a part of something bigger instead of alone in the universe.

Sam also made sure the gateway sector was armed to the teeth, and after a few weeks added a second laser tower to it. Now with two towers and a medium defense turret, it could stop a small fleet on auto itself, and with a dozen or more ships in sector at any one time, the Magog weren't getting past them without a serious fight.

Dylan had mentioned their one weakness...ships. They needed them to expand their territorys and they stole them from any worlds they conquered and that was their main force. They had hundreds, but definitely not an endless number, and repairs were never their strong suit, so many, badly damaged, might never make it home again. They had superior numbers, possibly as many as 4/1 compared to the New or Old Commonwealth, and they were gaining every day, but without vessels to carry them they were stuck on those worlds, maybe forever. That would be the first plan, destroy as many ships as possible, and with them go the chances that the Magog could keep coming back.

The message was sent to every ally and the next to step in were the Split, they liked a good fight, and a few ships against hundreds made their blood boil. They sent a destroyer class immediately and got a fleet together for the first big attack. Then they started camping out in the empty sector, just waiting on their chance to see the new enemy, and they weren't there long before the first Magog ships came through, and the war started for real.

During a heated discussion about fighting and weapons , a hole opened up and out came more than a dozen ships, and they opened fire all at once, and even the Split gave them credit for being aggressive. They came charging in, and launched their pods, but none got through and many died trying and after an hour, the little fleet was reduced to just two smoldering ships that jumped away, and the defense fleet cheered and the Split sent the message home that they had held the sector and many ships were destroyed and their science teams jumped in to scan the wreckage as the military offered to share the new technology they might find and they agreed.

It all happened so fast Dylan and his crew didn’t have time to get there at all, but they were also busy throwing the Magog off their attack on another of the Commonwealth worlds. They weren't holding back now, that was for sure, and even the loss to Sam's friends only barely made a dent in their fleet, but the Commonwealth got their share too, and the Magog leader started to see that he needed more than he had and maybe his impatience was going to hurt him later on.

“I want a factory made to manufacture ships...” he demanded and he chose a world with lots of slave labor and resources on it.”there, start it there, and use designs from the ships we've captured so far. We'll hold on with what we have for a little while but make as many as fast as you can, time is of the essence.” he demanded as his second ran out to see to it and he sat there wondering why he hadn't thought about it sooner. He had millions of slaves and many worlds. If he had planned well enough, ships would not be the problem, but he had thought like a warrior, taking from the enemys and not like a Leader, something that had been mentioned once already, and he smiled that even now Dylan Hunt was teaching him, and he pulled back a little from attacking already settled worlds and sent out new scout ships to find new worlds for him to settle without a fight.

Dylan noticed it too, as one world they had fought for repeatedly was now free from attack and his scouts mentioned the Magog going back to looking for unsettled worlds again, and he knew no matter what happened in the core sectors, the Magog would have lots of worlds to settle and millions more people to lead and the sheer numbers started getting him down.

But the Commonwealth got a massive cheer from the victory and Dylan smiled and agreed that the threat was over for now as they started repairs on their ships and got resupplied for the next attack, but Dylan knew that even now they were losing, to massive numbers and good planning, and he wondered what the Great Warrior was up to now and he knew only time would let him find out.

A month later and the first small freighter came off the new assembly line. The Magog worked their slaves until they dropped and then used them for food, and went on. The first small ship was made for speed, and little else but it would work well for hauling hundreds from world to world and had the tubes for dropping landing pods so that it was by nature a colonization craft, and since no one had ever seen it, no one knew that it existed, and the Great Leader knew his ships were watched and counted as they were damaged and destroyed and having even a few no one knew about made all the difference for his future plans. He ordered it away and loaded with Magog colonists and it went looking for more worlds, while He made another and another, and then converted over to light combat vessels, and they started off the line too. This was working out better than he had imagined and soon he would have a new fleet that would surprise everyone, and that would be their last surprise.

He also had research done on those new shields, and though he was told they weren't as powerful as he wanted , any was better than none and his new combat ships had small shields that left them take a few hits before taking damage, and that made a lot of difference in small skirmishes and patrol fights. As they were used they could be improved and soon Dylan saw them in their first battles, and he looked sad that they had moved so quickly on this, even though they were no where nearly as powerful as his, they were a new threat, and a new threat was certainly not needed right now, and his report showed them being used and told the soldiers how to get around the new defenses quickly and their next battle they ganged up on the new ships and the weak shields didn’t save them at all.

It was like a massive Chess game, move here counter move there, and no one was truly winning. The Magog were losing their fleet slowly, even more slowly now that they had shields, but Dylan made speech after speech saying that they could win and bring the Magog back into the Commonwealth without having to fight them to their total destruction, something he wasn't sure they could do anyways. They too were losing ships and their only hope was that the Magog lost theirs first, almost a sure thing since they never made any only captured from others. But Dylan was not privy to the new plan and as the battles went on, the Magog started boarding ships just to capture them and not just to attack new worlds and that change caught the Commonwealth by surprise too and many smaller craft and freighters went missing and the Council swore at themselves for not seeing it coming, while the Great Leader now had a dozen new attack crafts with double the shields from before and they were used in lightning raids to gather more ships and the new attacks worked, and the Commonwealth Council saw the Magog changing more often than they had planned and that worried them more than anything before.

Chapter 26: Resupply

Dylan was almost a nervous wreck by now and even his friends on the Council could see it. He blamed himself for everything, not true, but then he was a stubborn man and no one who talked to him could make him listen to reason. His ship needed work too and even the new shields only held out so long in battle and while he personally might well have destroyed or damaged a hundred Magog ships, Andromeda needed some time for repairs too and they needed more of the newer, heavier shields since they had saved at least two heavy cruisers from being captured by the Magog. Dylan finally agreed he'd see to it and they slipped back to the Argon galaxy and Sam got the message that Andromeda was back and he ran to see what they needed and to say hi to his old friends.

“Well, its been a while...” Sam said as Dylan agreed as they shook hands and Sam asked what they needed this time.

“Shields, definitely shields...” Rommie jumped in as Dylan agreed, saying that even the Magog were using them now even though they didn’t have the contacts to buy them here they were doing their best to make their own and that made them a bigger threat.

“No problem, their on their way right now...” Sam said putting away his communicator and Rommie made sure he saw her,.standing behind Dylan shaking her head and he knew they were here for more than the shields.”I should have a good load in a few days, you need a lot right?” He added as Rommie smiled and Dylan nodded it was OK, and Sam asked him for a drink and they went to his office and he poured them one.

“You look like hell...” Sam mentioned as Dylan looked up and asked if it was that obvious and Sam nodded seriously. “If you look this bad, just imagine how the rest of the crew feels.”

“Its a war, its expected...” Dylan added and Sam sat back smiling as Dylan looked his way curiously.”What?”

“Plan on winning the war this week?” Sam asked as Dylan smiled, he wished, but that wasn't happening.”Because you wont make it longer than that like this,and if you fall to exhaustion, there will be others.”

“I know...” Dylan finally agreed as Sam sat there smiling at him and Dylan refused to look his way.

“You have a fine ship here but you cant do it alone.” Sam hinted as finally Dylan sat back and let himself relax for the first time in a while.

“I keep thinking that if I tried harder, convinced the Magog that they could have new worlds and still be a Commonwealth member, that this war wouldn't need to have happened at all.” Dylan admitted as Sam laughed out loud and Dylan couldn't help but get a small smile he tried not to show.

“And as the Magog claimed and controlled all these new worlds, making billions and billions of new Magog, your talking alone would stop them from expanding across the universe?” Sam asked as Dylan smiled wide just for a second.

“Guess not,” He added as Sam agreed.

“They truly believe that the universe is theirs for the taking, that they have every right to own it all, theres no one that can talk their way out of that, and even a pretty boy like you will fail eventually.” Sam added as Dylan gave him a dirty look and they both got a chuckle for the first time.

“I hope I'm more than a pretty face,” Dylan added as they both got a good laugh, and Rommie stayed back watching and smiled herself. Sam knew what was happening and she was confident that he'd slow those shipments down and give them time to repair and Dylan time to rest for a while.

“Your not my type, besides... I'm a married man,” Sam added as they got another good laugh and after that they sat there silently for a minute until Sam spoke,” feel better?”

“A little, thanks, I needed a good laugh, there hasn't been much reason for one lately.” Dylan admitted as Sam left him know that while he was here that he'd see that he got entertained and Dylan looked oddly at him while Sam just winkled and a few new crew members came on board and Dylan spent the next few days ducking admiring women as Rommie and Becky got one good laugh after another, until the shields were finally loaded and they were ready to leave.

“My contacts in the Shield Manufacturing Guild love you, come again...” Sam said waving as Dylan and Rommie smiled back and waved as they slipped back into the network and Dylan leaned back all smiles. That was nice,and he needed the rest and he finally admitted it. Even the crew got some time off and rested up a bit and as they slipped towards their base, Dylan looked embarrassed as he walked out of the bridge and started down the corridor with Rommie by his side.

“Am I really a Pretty boy?” He asked as she nearly laughed in his face and she took his arm, smiling and said 'yes, definitely' and he smiled wide as they ran towards home.

But even while that was happening, another asteroid base came on line, and with it, another chance for the Magog to travel to far flung distant galaxys and new worlds that the Commonwealth had no idea about.

“Go, my children,” The Great leader said as it slipped from their reality and into subspace on its quest for unknown worlds. That made three, out there ,traveling with tens of thousands of Magog on board. Even if the unthinkable happened,they would survive and another galaxy of Magog would grow to power. They were unstoppable, and immortal in their own way and he smiled that one softhearted man with big ideals made it all possible, and he felt kind of sorry for Dylan, thinking how History would see him when all this came to light.

17-09-2012, 05:24 PM
What`s this? A new fan of Kevs work? Welcome aboard Joelnh :)

Haha yes...I saw the topic in new posts and was curious and got sucked right in.....
It has made me think of other possibilities.... like if the Magog go through to the wrong universe and meet the borg.

18-09-2012, 05:14 AM
Haha yes...I saw the topic in new posts and was curious and got sucked right in.....
It has made me think of other possibilities.... like if the Magog go through to the wrong universe and meet the borg.

Judging from the fierceness and sheer numbers of the Magog, I expect the Borg will be assimilated.

18-09-2012, 08:12 AM
Judging from the fierceness and sheer numbers of the Magog, I expect the Borg will be assimilated. I doubt they will be that easy beaten.

18-09-2012, 10:26 AM
Chapter 27: Smoke and Light

Dylan made his delivery and as he sat back looking over reports of Magog activity a call came in and he answered it to see the Leader smiling back at him.

“I didn’t expect you to call again,” Dylan said as the Great beast laughed out loud.

“I wanted to ask if your offer to rejoin the Commonwealth was still valid,” He said as Dylan looked suspiciously at him and asked why.

“We needed new worlds or we would die off, our old worlds were stripped bare of animals and people we needed for birthing new Magog. But now with your new agreement, we can take all the worlds we want, so long as there are no humans on them and we have doubled our holdings and have sufficient animals for many,many generations again. It isn't necessary to fight for those few Commonwealth worlds and lose ships when you personally gave us the rest of the galaxy.” He added as Dylan looked sad they saw it like that.

“That wasn't exactly how I meant it,” he added quickly while the Great leader just smiled.

“But it is how you said it and we agreed unconditionally.” he added as Dylan looked sad that his own words were being turned around on him. A galaxy with Magog on every uninhabited world would be just too dangerous for everyone else, since they would attack anyone who even got close to them or their holdings, declaring they were defending themselves, and soon there wouldn't be anyone else.

“I think we both know what's going on here,” Dylan added seriously,” we in the Commonwealth heard your words as well, and we understand that you will never accept a galaxy or universe with anyone in it but Magog.” Dylan said seriously as the Leader smiled and looked away, maybe he wasn't as gullible as he had hoped.

“We will have to temper ourselves so that we don’t over hunt the universe right away,” The Leader said with a big grin as Dylan looked angry he could even attempt this on him after all that has happened.

“The answer is no, we have withdrawn our offer because the Magog have proven they can't be trusted to keep the peace.” Dylan added with his head held high and the Leader nodded he understood.

“Hoping to get time to rebuild our fleet was probably asking for too much,” he heard as Dylan looked sad that it had come to this,” so we go on then from here, across the galaxy and out into new ones, and soon the New Commonwealth will have no choice but deal with us or perish.” He added and the link went closed and Dylan knew what he was offering was nothing more than a flickering light at the end of a long tunnel, one that would disappear when you got near it, and he sent word that the war was in full swing now and that he had refused the Magog time to rebuild their fleet.

“He has taken my offer and turned it around, saying we offered him the rest of the galaxy if they ignore our worlds,” Dylan explained as the Council whispered among themselves, and he looked embarrassed he got caught saying something so vague.

“Obviously you didn’t mean they could take the whole universe, that’s just stupid,” One member said as everyone agreed,”they were looking for a moment of weakness something they could use and you gave it to them even though it was by accident. Now they can recall that conversation anytime we demand they stop and blame it all on us.”

“We must stop their expansion,” one man screamed as everyone agreed but they didn’t know how.

“Once they are on a new world its too late they breed across it like locusts across a wheat field, so we have to stop them in space.” Was mentioned and they agreed.

“They are sending out scouts even now to look for new worlds, and I have a feeling that they are not just staying in this galaxy, so finding them all will be a massive job, and I'm not sure we have the ships to do it.” Dylan added as they all agreed.

“They are the ones that started this war, let the deaths of those ships be on their heads,” One man called as everyone agreed and a new plan went into effect, and any Magog ship, anywhere was to be destroyed and that changed them from defending to attacking in one quick meeting and soon even the Great Leader would see that they had many times the fleet he had and his would be quickly destroyed.

But he had seen this coming too, and with his shipyard putting out small to medium attack ships and the fleet he already had, as well as the asteroid ships and mobile bases, he was confident that he had a winning hand while they knew little about his true fleet. He got word yet another world had joined his Empire and he smiled, millions more and if things kept going like this,no human no matter who could ever stop him,or cause even serious damage to his plans and he sat back feeling very confident that the Universe was going to be his after all.

Chapter 28: Casualties

The war stepped up a notch now and ships were attacked for no reason except they were Magog. Before this Dylan had demanded that they were given a chance to surrender, and many had used that moment of uncertainty to escape. But no more, as one after another Magog ships were found and destroyed and a week later, the Great leader saw that one small shipyard was not going to keep up, and he started another, on a new pristine world where the resources were abundant.

It would take time to get started and he needed more slaves and sent out his attack craft to get them and freighters and passenger ships were attacked and hundreds of people went missing from them. Now even Dylan saw that something was happening, once people were impregnated, they were released, because they could not be saved even by modern medicine without killing the patient, so why suddenly take prisoners by the hundreds? And his spys and contacts started looking for a reason while his attack fleets made many attempts to thin out the Magog fleet where ever they found them.

That first week a dozen or more were destroyed and soon they started changing their patterns and hiding away until they had superior numbers. Then they attacked once more and a few Commonwealth ships were destroyed and a few more taken as the Magog got on board, it was a big game of oneupmanship, as first one ship was destroyed then another captured and then another, and no big battles, mainly because the main Magog fleet was hiding outside the Commonwealth and repairing, or replacing their ships, and one Commonwealth captain took a force and went hunting for them and when he did find them, his message was short and clear....shipyard....and then his small fleet was gone.

“So that’s why they need more slaves...” Dylan said as Rommie agreed, the Magog were great warriors but not that good at technology, so they needed people who could do their repairs and help replace their ships,and a new shipyard could use hundreds or thousands and Dylan decided to go see for himself, and they got ready for a major fight, as the Andromeda and several major fleet ships slipped into the last known position and saw dozens of Magog ships, and a massive asteroid base guarding a new factory and they attacked, as wave after wave of Magog pods and missiles ran out to meet them. The battle went on for hours and one by one both sides lost ships, but Dylan lost one heavy cruiser almost immediately and the Magog turned it back on them a minute later.

That seemed like the deciding point in the battle, as it opened fire on many smaller Commonwealth ships and Dylan saw his small fleet being torn apart, and ordered them to retreat. Then he personally attacked and destroyed the ship, and then many others until his shields too were gone and he started taking damage.

They retreated to the cheers of the Magog there, they had fought and won and the shipyard was still intact and they started repairing ships at once and getting ready for the next attack, since the Commonwealth knew now right where to find them.

“We need to get into a shipyard for repairs ourselves,” Rommie added as they flew home and Dylan agreed. He had done his best and the Magog had stopped him short. The asteroid base was formidable, more like a battleship than a base, and the shipyard was even now making new ships to replace the ones that were damaged or destroyed, his only thought now was...making shipyards wasn't like the Magog, they took what they wanted, but now they changed to stay ahead of him and his plans, and how many others were there out there, and how many ships would be coming flooding into the Commonwealth when they were ready?

Dylan sent a message to the Council letting them know that the Magog had changed their tactics and that they needed slaves for their new factorys. Now every convoy and luxury craft in space had escorts both from the military and from private contractors. If they even saw a Magog ship, an alarm went out and any ship in the vicinity ran to assist., That made raids on personnel carriers very costly...for the Magog, and even the Great leader started to see that while he might be gaining a little this way, it was nothing like he had hoped for and he decided to scout around some more and find planets that had creatures with technology that he could use, and maybe gain something somewhere that the Commonwealth had no clue about.

In the third week of their search a Magog ship came out of subspace into a system containing several stations and many ships. They were ecstatic, as they dropped pods and captured many small craft right away. The inhabitants were not humans, but some form of insect creature, but that worked too and they claimed the sector and sent word that they had found ships and stations that were not human, and that they had no slip drives but their ships were sturdy and spacious enough for carrying many Magog from place to place. The Leader was thrilled and soon had a few ships towed home to be seen, and added new drives to them. If they were this easy to get everywhere there, then hundreds maybe millions more would be captured and he sent a full attack force in to gather everything they could before anyone else found out about it.

Sam was working his normal areas when he got a message, and it was one that he wished he didn’t have to take. On the screen was his mother and father, people who he tried hard not to see very often but they had caught him, and so he smiled and asked what they needed from him...this time.

“It summer here and you know what that means...” his mother said smiling as Sam looked away and members of his crew got a huge grin. It happened every year, their Family Reunion, and he never, or hardly ever went as he was embarrassed by his escapades,or theirs or maybe just because he had been told for many years how being a single mercenary had disappointed his mother and father at his age.

“I'm really busy right now, the war you know...” he started as she waved it away.

“The military can take care of that, besides, this year is special,as you well know.” she added as he looked positively sick.”I heard your planning on retiring soon, and you've found your place, a nice little world somewhere that you can finally call home, and I'm so happy for you.” She gushed as Sam looked around the room and everyone there was very busy right now but he'd find out who had spilled the beans about his retirement, and they'd have a talk later.

“It's not been completely decided yet, as you can still see,” he added waving around his ships bridge as she got a good laugh at his expense.

“Look how embarrassed he is, isn't he cute??” she asked his Father who just smiled and looked away, he wasn't getting in the middle of this and he made sure Sam could see he was staying out of it.”It's your turn this year, Sam as we all cant wait to see this new place. I hear the estate is quite nice and you have....companions there?” she asked leaning in as Sam looked away and said nothing.

“One week, remember we need directions,” she added as the screen went blank and Sam was left sitting looking around the bridge as one lady there looked very serious while the others looked away.

“What have you done?” he asked as she finally looked around and smiled.

“She's your mother, for gods sake Sam she doesn't even know your married yet, not to mention twice...so far.” She added laughing and the whole bridge got in on it to his dismay.

“Then your in charge of getting all the food and drinks, set course for Omicron Lyre, and dock at the trading station, we need food and drink for a small army,” he added looking sad while the bridge got a cheer and they jumped that way.

18-09-2012, 10:38 AM
Your about to see how Sam got his attitude, and reputation, and how many others like him are out there, carrying on the Family name..lol.

18-09-2012, 10:44 AM

Chapter 29: Visitation

Even during wars things like this happen. The old world sneaks up on you and things you never thought were important suddenly raise their ugly head. Sam avoided the Reunions for one main reason, his family wasn't quite the squeaky clean thing his mom might tell their friends about. But then his dad was no saint either and never had been. They were all outlaws of one kind or another but his mom loved them all dearly and made a real attempt to keep them together despite their obvious differences.

Brothers, sisters and cousins, some there each year, some refusing to come and some in prison or worse, as their 'normal' lives went on. He hadn't seen many of his relatives for a few years now, and frankly, he didn’t miss them. But his mom was a saint, compared to them, and she wouldn't give up on making them a family, and even the strongest of them couldn't say no when she got her nose up about something, and this was going to be one of those years.

They got the supplies they needed including the very best meats and drinks and made a dash for his home and what was going to be a long and painful discussion with Cybil and Janie, about what they could do and who they should associate with.

“Your family is coming here? At long last! We get to meet your mother and father, and all your friends from the Other World.” Cybil gushed as Janie saw Sam was not as keen about it as she was.

“Your not embarrassed by us are you?” she asked sadly as Cybil stopped short and Sam quickly said he wasn't, but this was a once in a lifetime thing, if he could help it..and he needed some help from all of them and they all agreed smiling but he still didn’t look well as he had Cybil lean in and whispered something into her ear and she got a huge grin and agreed and before she knew it, her and Janie were gone, back to the capitol and some cloths buying that made Janie both embarrassed and a little angry Sam had not mentioned it himself.

As a warrior of some repute, she wore leather armor a lot, and some lite cloths during training, like a loin cloth and half top, but for this party that wasn't going to do and as she turned down one outfit after another Cybil took her aside and mentioned that Sam's mother would be there and she didn’t want her to see....well...all of her hanging out even though Sam definitely didn’t mind, as Janie finally agreed and after a while they returned, with a totally new person where the mighty soldier had once been.

“Oh, my,” Sam, mentioned as Janie gave him a serious stare,” your quite beautiful, as I always knew you were.”

With that, Janie smiled wide but still looked very embarrassed. The dress was long and had a slightly dipped top, but not enough to look too outrageous, just enough to show she was very much a woman. She had shoes that looked good with the dress and her hair was done up so that it looked neat and clean and the red in it shown brightly in the sun. Sherry by now was getting a big laugh about the whole thing when Cybil turned on her too and she demanded she wasn't in on it and started running around the estate like a child which, Sam mentioned right away.

“I'm not a child, quit saying that!” she declared as Cybil finally got hold of her and Sam gave her a angry look.

“Either get dressed up a little, on me, or go back to the capitol for a few days. We need everyones help, if that’s too much to ask from you then don’t stay at all.” he added as he walked away to make the call and send the coordinates for the gathering and hoped against hope many of his relatives weren't coming this year.

“Your always trying to get Sam in bed, this is your chance to meet his mother and father, maybe even many of his relatives. If that doesn't get you some good reputation then you'll never get any.” Janie whispered as Sherry decided that maybe she could help, just this one time, and she and Cybil went to her house to see what cloths she had there and Cybil was surprised that she had good taste in cloths even though she was sure many of these outfits were stolen, that was just who she was, and they agreed on one nice dress and a belt to match, and Cybil got a quick breath as she went to tell Sam it was going to be OK, and he mentioned she might want to get a bath and dress too, the first family members were on their way.

A few hours later Sam got a call, and his crew mentioned that a frigate class warship, a Carrack, had jumped into the system and was making its way into orbit and he nodded and asked them to see who all was on board and the list made his face cringe. It looked like they planned it all along, and his Mother had made an extra effort this year, all in his name.

“Have them beam down just outside the gates. We'll meet them there.” Sam said as the crew agreed and Sam yelled they were here, and they all walked out to see what looked more like an old western movie than a family reunion as men and women wearing various forms of weapons and armor came walking up and the Golums called for their surrender and guns came out of nowhere.

“Thats enough!” Sam yelled as the Golums stepped back to their positions and many there smiled and put away their guns.

“Samuel, honey...” His mom called running in to give him a big hug while his father gave the girls there a good looking over too.”It's been too long, you never let us know what your doing anymore.”

“And this is why,” she heard as she gave someone in the group a dirty look.

“And who are these lovely women, Sam...tell your mother whats going on..come on..” she insisted as many there got a good chuckle that made Sam look positively sick.

“I am Cybil, Sam's wife,” She heard as Cybil stepped forward in all her Kho finery as his mother smiled wide enough to burst right there in front of everyone, and gave her a huge hug too.

“A WIFE!! Oh my god, finally...” she heard as Cybil smiled and nearly laughed out loud while Sam looked like he shrunk further and further into the ground.

“And I am Jane,” Janie got in, while shaking her hand as the lady smiled wide,”and...I'm another of Sam's wives.”

“An..a..an..another one?” His mom asked, looking faint as Sam mentioned that it was legal here and one good looking blond man in the front said that was it, he was retiring here too, as Sam gave him a dirty look and his mom got between them.

“And I'm Sherry,” she heard as she turned to see the youngest woman there with her hand out smiling, and his mom shook her hand.

“Your not...” she started as Sherry looked embarrassed but said she wasn't ..yet, and Sam's mom got a huge grin.

“Sam....” Cybil said waiting as finally Sam took a deep breath and stepped to the side.

“This is my mother, Sara, and my father Jake Silarn, and these are my brothers, Gil and Adam,” he said as he pointed to the blond man and another, with black hair,wearing dark glasses and all black cloths. The girls shook their hands while Gil tried to get a kiss from Cybil and his mom reminded him she was his sister in law and he stepped back, looking properly punished and Adam barely even shook anyones hand, but his hand was always resting on his sidearm.”and those are assorted cousins and other scoundrels,” Sam mentioned as a few laughed and one said 'gee thanks' and they were welcomed into his estate and they took a few minutes to look around and many there approved while it was mentioned it was a bit 'spartan' to others.

“I try not to upset the balance of the natural people here. I wear cloths like them and live like they do, its actually very relaxing.” Sam mentioned as Gil kept looking Janie and Cybil over while his mom gave him a slap for being rude.

Chapter 30: Family

They all got the tour and as it was mentioned that there were multiple houses, Sara asked how they could be married if they lived separately.

“Oh, its not far to the main house,” Sherry mentioned with a wink, as many there laughed and Sam got a small smile.

“And look at you, Sam, a happy married man, with two pretty wives, and a fine estate. This makes our station look sad by comparison. A real estate with land and animals, that’s quite the change from that little ship you've been in for years.” she added as a few just smiled. A corvette wasn't quite the 'little ship' she made it out to be and many knew Sam kept it around for sentimental reasons and he mentioned that he had another bigger ship, back at the shipyard in Omicron.

“Then why didn’t you bring it?” Gil stepped in,” we could compare guns and stuff..” and people got a good laugh while Sam mentioned there was a war starting and he had responsibilities and his crew was on patrol right now.

“Sounds like you,” Gil mentioned and turned away, Sam was always helping others while Gil was all about himself, and unless it was Family he helped no one.

“I wanted to ask,” Sherry jumped in as she handed Gil a drink,” why does everyone dress the same, all the men here are wearing nearly the same cloths.” she asked as everyone just smiled. Over the years it had become a sort of uniform, made famous by their father or uncle, and it was recognized immediately on many stations and worlds. The white shirt, with long pants and boots, and a short jacket and a low slug sidearm, it just said...'this is a Silarn' and many took it for granted even though some were just friends that the family had accepted into it. On dressy days, Gil wore a white shirt with a small ribbon like black tie, and some others left the shirt hang open just a bit, but in general they were all the same and everyone smiled that it seemed so obvious to someone from outside the Family.

“I see now,” Sherry added as Gil explained and she asked why Sam didn’t wear that here and he reminded her that he wasn't trying to change the world, but get along here, as she laughed to herself. He had changed their world enormously, and his cloths had nothing to do with it.

“You can tell just by looking at him, Sam's a worrier, he worrys about and helps everyone. I know for a fact he's given away more money than many people ever make.” Gil said as Sam smiled, that part might be true but he was also part owner in some pretty good... and bad, businesses and Gil didn’t mention that.

“And Gil here is a self-proclaimed ladies man, and a gambler, he's won and lost more money than many of us have ever seen and he does it monthly like its nothing. I see you have a decent ship now, must have been a good week.” Sam mentioned as they gave each other dirty looks.

“My ship doesn't get used for bets, a man needs a place to live, especially when some people might not like him.” Gil mentioned as everyone nearby agreed and Sherry laughed. They were family no doubt about that and even when they were cutting each other down, they were smiling about it.

“And what do you do?” Sherry asked Adam who looked at her and she could feel the power in his eyes even though he still had on those dark glasses.

“You shouldn't ask too many questions,” Sam mentioned as even Gil agreed but after a second they heard a dark, raspy voice as Sherry turned to hear and Adam handed her back his empty glass.

“I'm a bounty hunter,” He added softly as she nodded and asked nothing else.

Sam smiled and waited until Sherry was further away and thanked Adam for answering her question even though she looked a little scared hearing it.

“She's a nice kid, you better take good care of her.” Adam added as he walked away and even Sam looked surprised, Adam never liked anyone, but he did now and that was a near miracle.

Various other friends and family members got introduced, like the one former Sector Commander that retired a few years ago and joined Sam's family as a sort of cousin and a few cousins that were traders full time, not like Sam, as they quickly mentioned as he gave them dirty looks and everyone laughed. By the end of the day it was clear that Sam had a big family, and many there would do anything to help one another, even Gil, who his mother mentioned was single yet and Sam took Sherry by the arm and sent her into the kitchen to help as many there laughed.

“She's not available, at least not to you...” he added as Gil got right in his face and their mom slapped them both for ruining the party, while many others cheered her on.

But a few minutes later,and Adam walked over, very serious as always and asked about the Magog, and Sam nodded sadly that they were real and that his new ship was watching over the one entrance to their space they knew about.

“You need to talk to the Paranid,” Adam said and walked away again like it was nothing and Sam made a call right that second,and found out that the Paranid were in a state of war because some unknown aliens had taken one of their sectors, and Sam sent the message to Argon and they immediately shared all their info about the Magog, and the Paranid closed the gate leading into that sector and set up guards around it to make sure they didn’t get through some other way.

The party was over a few hours later and as everyone shook Sam's hand and got a hug or two from his wives they all started back out the gate the way they came. Sam looked around as Sherry shook Adam's hand and smiled and he looked just as shocked as everyone else.

“Your not afraid of me?” he asked softly as she laughed out loud and he looked even more shocked.

“I've been alone and on my own since I was 8...” she started mentioning as he nodded he understood,” you'll have to try harder than this to scare me.” and she gave him a peck on the cheek and walked away while Adam looked completely stunned and Sam decided he needed to talk with Sherry about her choice of friends.

18-09-2012, 12:15 PM
This story is very good.... 100x better than the last Forgotten Realms book I read by Salvatore.

18-09-2012, 06:33 PM
This story is very good.... 100x better than the last Forgotten Realms book I read by Salvatore.

Which one?

18-09-2012, 07:01 PM
Which one?

Gauntlgrym.... I don't like how he crammed so many years, so many people dying, and many new characters into one book.
Something like 40 years pass by with maybe a paragraph mentioning all these adventures Drizzt had etc...

And that's not even saying how I can't stand the new changes to Forgotten Realms that basically destroyed one of the most developed and loved writing worlds.

20-09-2012, 10:56 AM
Chapter 31: Honesty

The Reunion was finally over, and as the last beamed out, Sam took a deep breath and the girls started cleaning up the mess they had made. It had been fun and they had met a lot of Sam's family, more than they even considered he had. Of course there were some tough moments, like when two cousins got into a fight, but Sara was right there and they quickly apologized for making a ruckus in Sam's new place.

Cybil was all smiles and Janie looked pretty happy too. Sherry worked right along and even as they kept watching if Sam was looking, the others whispered to her a few times until he finally got tired of it and butted in.

“Whispering isn't necessary, if you have something to say say it.” he added as they all smiled, they just weren't sure he wanted to hear what they were saying.

“We were saying Gil is nice, but he needs a good woman to settle him down,” Cybil mentioned as Sam looked sad.

“He's had a good woman, lots of them he just uses them and moves on.” he admitted as Janie looked surprised and Cybil just nodded she understood.

“Then they weren't the right ones,” she added and left it go while Sam looked upset she could give him any credit at all.

“Why does Adam try so hard to scare people?” Sherry asked this time right to Sam who looked like he didn’t hear.”Sam?” She said and he looked up to see her waiting to hear.

“He kills people for a living,” He added as she nodded she understood.”he makes sure everyone knows it, and people just leave him alone...which is a good idea.”

“Isn't he lonely though?” she asked as Sam looked up and made sure she realized that Adam doesn't want anyone, and no one should bother him either. “Whatever you say...” Sherry added and went back to work quietly and the others gave him a hard look until he got up and went outside for a walk.

“We should let this go for now, besides, Adam may never come here again, since Sam doesn't seem to get along with him,” Janie mentioned as even Sherry agreed and kept working to clean up the mess while the other two watched her sad face. It seemed she had found someone she liked as much as Sam and maybe with better luck things might just work out for her later on.

They got done and went outside to sit in the cool night air and Cybil sat down next to Sam on the bench and whispered she had a good time and he smiled and thanked her for helping so much, but then a hand went around Sam's neck and Janie nearly lifted him off the bench, backwards ...as she asked why he never told her he wanted her in dresses and he laughed as much as air would allow and mentioned that he loved watching her practice in the mornings, wearing nearly nothing and she dropped him again and looked embarrassed but smiled none the less.

“But not in front of my mom,” he added as they all laughed and he looked around and Sherry wasn't there yet and he looked sad.

“She thinks your being unfair to your brother, everyone does something to make a living, can you say you've never killed anyone before coming here?” Cybil asked as Sam mentioned that was different, he killed people who attacked him, or someone he had chosen to defend. He wasn't going out looking to do it, they came to him.

“Big difference there...” Janie added as she walked home and Sam looked upset she questioned him openly.

“He's still your brother,” Cybil added as she stood up to go,” and Gil is too, now that your retiring maybe having a tight Family would be nice,and with your help, they might change just a little.” she said as she went home too and Sam took the time to think maybe they were right. His mom was sure to come back again, and maybe others as well. They all knew right where he could be found now and his family, and that made him think for the first time that retirement wasn't as bad as he had thought.

It was a sure thing Sara and Jake would be back, as they talked about it even on the way home. Gil mentioned that it was a nice place, but too backwards for his taste and Adam, as usual said nothing while a cousin rubbed his nose into the fact that he seemed happy there for a little while.

“It would make a passable hideout, as Sam has found,” Gil added as even Adam admitted and Sara smiled and laid a hand on her son's shoulder.

“I don’t think Sam would mind having some family stopping by once in a while, I know we will be.” she added as Adam just nodded and said nothing but she knew in his own way, that seeing his big brother had made him happy, since they had a sort of understanding, that they didn’t get involved in each others business, and that agreement had stood the test of time over the years.

“We all have more important things to worry about now.” Jake mentioned as they all agreed, these new creatures would be a real problem, if they got past the military, and they knew that Sam was going to be there and after some prodding, Gil said he would too, if his father demanded it.

“Adam?” Jake asked as he just nodded and the plan was set. If they were needed the Silarn men would be there, if only to keep Sam from getting himself killed trying to help people who would never know he had even done it.

“Still flying that Eclipse, I see,” Gil mentioned as Adam left him know that it had served him well, and they both nodded they understood. Like Sam's old corvette that he kept around more for sentimental reasons than anything else, and his fathers Osprey, and now Gil's Carrack, all the men had a favorite ship they had found or took over the years and even at that Adam mentioned that he felt like the rest of the family was passing him by as they all laughed.

“Fly what you like, I had a fighter I was really attached to once, but once I got inside the Osprey, that was it for me...of course by then your mom was having Sam and she made sure that I was home a lot more often.” Jake added as the men all smiled. Gil had kept himself busy with many women, and never found any that made him settle down, and Adam just was too hard to get to know, and the few that tried lost out to his fears that they didn’t know the real him, or his business would scare them away so he hardly ever saw anyone, except for a professional girl from time to time, and he added that was OK with him as his mom looked sad for him and he looked away so he didn’t see how disappointed in him she was.

Chapter 32: The War Resumes

Things were happening in slow motion now. The freighters from the New Commonwealth made a few trips loaded with materials for trade and getting new technology to take back. But the Magog hadn't been seen in a while so the military went into standby mode and started checking over all their ships, making sure when the big battles came they'd be ready. The Terrans got in on it too, and dropped another defense platform there right across from the Argon one and Sam's laser tower, and had a destroyer class on standby in Omicron now usually docked at the shipyard, just waiting for a chance to get into a good fight. Everyone was doing their best and since the military pulled back, Sam spent some time patrolling the sector and had a few other, smaller ships there when he wasn't. It was a plan that worked so far and as he sat there looking around one day another ship jumped in and he smiled to see Gil's Carrack pull up along side and stop.

“So, that’s the new ship, very nice...how did you manage to get that?” He asked as Sam just mentioned that having friends was a good thing and Gil nodded and smiled.”Not quite a battleship, so they're calling it a cruiser or frigate class?”

“Frigate class, if you want to see a real battleship, come by when the Andromeda is here.” Sam said as even Gil looked impressed. “I got this plan from them and this one is just 1/3 the size of the original.”

“Wait....plan?? You have the blueprint for this?” Gil asked with his mouth hanging open as Sam mentioned that planning ahead doesn't hurt either. “What does that thing cost to make? Its got to be incredible.” Gil asked as Sam mentioned where he had it made and what it had cost, but then he had provided all the materials too and at that Gil just smiled and nodded. Money wasn't too hard for him to get but doubling the cost getting resources would hurt any budget, and Sam felt safe thinking he had the only one of these for a long time yet. Just then another ship jumped in and Adam came on line asking if they saw anything yet, and he mentioned that he had just returned from Paranid space and saw the first Magog there, as they tried to spread out from the single sector they took a week or so ago.

“Since they shut down the gate they have to fly around it, that takes a week, to get to the next sector, but they aren't giving up, so that’s my info for you today, the Paranid are holding ground and the Magog still haven't gotten through.” Adam said as Sam thanked him for the report. Just then a jump signature opened and out came several of the Leaders fast attack craft that he had been making at his new shipyard. It wasn't a full attack force, but more like a scouting party, as Sam mentioned and they opened fire on them while the defense turrets got a lot of missiles fired and the ships all armed weapons and ran in to help.

“Looks like a wing of heavy corvettes,” Gil mentioned as Sam told him in their galaxy these were more like scouts and he nodded as his ship took a few hits and his shields started down.

“I hear the attack, do you need assistance?” Sam heard as the sector Commander and Terran captain came on a split screen and Sam smiled and said he had a force with him and these scouts wouldn't last long enough for them to get here.

“We'd like to see some of their technology after the fight, so we'll jump in and assist,” the Terran captain added as everyone agreed and in a few minutes... just as the first Magog scout blew up the Terran ship jumped in and began scanning and gathering scrap and parts while their turrets added to the battle.

“Two down,” Gil added as another blew and he pulled back a little to recover some shields.
“Someone cover Adam he's got one following him towards the edge of the sector,” Sam added and launched a fighter to help as Adam added a 'bite me' to that as everyone laughed.

“I got him, don’t worry, his armor cant hold much longer.” He added as shot after shot bounced off the ship and finally Sam's fighter got in range and a silkworm missile ripped a hole the size of a freighter's nose in the side and Magog and parts flew everywhere, and the ship started to slowly tumble out towards the edge of the system. “that was excessive, but it worked.” Adam added as Sam got a good scan of the helpless ship and laughed as Gil looked curious about what he thought was so funny, since they still had three more to deal with, but just then they jumped away, and Sam sat back all smiles. If the Magog were serious, then they would have sent real capitol ships not these smaller ones or a lot more of them as he mentioned and even the Terran Commander agreed.

“They cant get through Paranid space, so they sent these here to see if we were watching,” Sam said as the Terran captain agreed, again.

“Theres lots of parts here and we got good solid scans that will help us,” The Terran captain said as Sam agreed,” but what about that one, can we have it for study?” he added as Sam saw the ship still tumbling towards the outer sector.

“Thats not mine , Adam did 90% of the damage on it, so it belongs to him.” Sam said as Gil sat back listening on his bridge and laughed a little while Adam looked shocked that he had this chance.

“Pay to repair the damages and you can study it all you want.” Adam mentioned as the captain agreed and they towed it back while Adam followed and Gil said that Sam was still too soft on people.

“He's family, and even if he likes that fighter, in a big attack he wouldn't last long, and he's too stubborn to run.” Sam added as even Gil, nodded agreement.

“I can hear you on the open coms you know,” Adam chimed in as they all laughed and Sam asked if they had lied about him, and Adam closed the link and left the system on his way back to Omicron, and a week or so watching over his new vessel.

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Chapter 33: Bad Moments

The Great Leader was not having his best week. First he thought he had it all figured out when he found a new system and captured it easily, but then that stalled and even the new technology he gained wasn't worth the loses he was taking. He had two shipyards running now and fast attack crafts coming off one and big, long range freighters off the other. That was the bulk of his fleet right now, and he knew that the larger ships he had captured were being held back, hoping they weren't needed for now, as he made yet another asteroid ship and loaded it with Magog for the next trip out into the universe. He checked over his maps and saw where everyone else had gone and that the new sector, and that little one by the Argon territorys were blocking his path on that side, so now he was running out of places to try and go, since several ships had started out towards the other galaxys nearby, and even one on a long range trip that would take many weeks.

He admitted now that even though some of his plans were working well, and they gained 5 new worlds so far, his fleet was not what he wanted and he couldn't just attack and get more heavy ships since the Commonwealth was watching his every move,and any time a fleet left his space, it was met with another and forced back. It was truly a stalemate now and he started trying to think 'outside the box' to see what else could be done and how he'd gain new vessels of combat worthiness. If he had a dozen more, larger heavy cruisers or battleships, he'd win, but he didn’t have the place to make them or the time since bigger ships take weeks and months to make and massive amounts of resources, but the little fast attack crafts, while great scouts, were too small to attack line ships unless you have a huge number of them and even that he was working on but hadn't manged to get ready yet. The last scouting mission showed a few powerful ships in Argon space watching the gate. Not a fleet exactly, but enough to mess up half his scouts before he got the scans he wanted, but now he knew exactly what was there, and those platforms needed dealt with, and that was his next plan. He also decided that some stealth might be needed and he aimed for a small world on the edge of Commonwealth space, and didn’t send a fleet but two freighters, silently sneaking around the galaxy and then jumping in at the last minute. If he lost them it was no big loss but if the plan worked he'd gain something, and as they jumped in they launched a large number of pods,and this world hadn't been helped with shield technology yet, and while the ships were destroyed in a few minutes, the pods claimed just as many capitol ships as they lost in freighters and that was a deal he'd take any day, as they turned and jumped away while the rest of the little fleet tried unsuccessfully to stop them. He had gained 4 good ships, and his plan worked,this time, and he decided that it was worth the effort and before the word could get out he attacked several more small worlds and fleets and gained more ships while sacrificing a few freighters.

Now he had what he needed, he was sure. With the last asteroid ship being a battleship of some power, and his fast attacks and now some new cruisers and one battleship, he had enough to force his way almost anywhere, but only once...so he made his decision and the entry to Argon space was it, the next attack point for his fleets. If they could rid that spot of those platforms and many of their ships then a second wave of freighters could rush in and find worlds there,and that would be the beginning of their end and he sat back looking serious while his fleets got ready and he decided that for this month at least, this would be his big push and he got everything ready and when coms traffic to and from that sector was at it weakest, they jumped in and the fight began.

The Argon patrol was overwhelmed instantly as the fleet jumped in. They called for help and got it as several corvettes and a Colossus jumped in. The enemy seemed determined to rid the sector of the defenses and that left the Argon ships get some quick hits in, but it didn’t last, as the platforms went up the fleet turned on them and even with good shields, the first ships there took some heavy damage, and one corvette was taken, and several others damaged and then destroyed. The Colossus alone stood its ground and many,many pods were destroyed trying to get through but a few minutes later, and a wave of smaller, faster ships jumped in and ran towards the gate as the Commander called for reinforcements and identified the ships that were getting by him. But that was all, as his shield finally fell after being attacked by many Magog ships, they boarded him and took control.

That was all he had planned and it worked, as the other ships towed the new trophys home and the freighters disappeared through that first gate, now it was up to them and the Great Leader sat back waiting to see the new ships he got and to hear of the successful control of their first world in Argon space.

The Terrans were still working studying the little ship at the Omicron shipyard when the call came in. It took them a minute to get organized again and then jumped away to see the enemy, but as they jumped in, the smaller fleet was running through the gate and they turned and fired and a few got hit and destroyed, but they had no idea how many got through as they called and Argon sent more ships in, running this time from gate to gate,slowly watching for the enemy ships, so they wouldn't be able to get lost in the normal traffic of the sectors and then find themselves more victims before they could be stopped.

A corvette patrol with 6 fighters started from Omicron, and ran that way as the description of the ships was sent back and they knew now what to watch for. The first report was that the Argon fleet that attacked the Magog had been wiped out, to the surprise of their Commanders, but they got their defenses up everywhere and waited and watched as the hunters started their search for the new enemy hiding somewhere in their sectors.

By now the word was out that the first large attack had happened and Sam left the Stock Exchange building right along with several others that ran to see what was going on. If the reports were true, then the Magog got past the first sectors defenses,and were even now trying to find victims to attack. There were several planets close by and a few of them had no humans on them for one reason or another, but with the adaptability of the Magog, any animals might do and he wasn't sure what those worlds had, since some were not properly scanned or explored yet.

He jumped in at the first sector and started asking about odd new ships and they were seen running on, towards the next gate quite some time ago, 6 ships, all running at good speed and he jumped ahead, and asked again, and no one had seen them yet, so he assumed from that they hadn't made it that far yet. So now he had them in between somewhere and he turned and started back, watching as he slowly scanned and explored his way back the way he came.

He went through one gate and scanned some more and saw nothing new and asked any ships he saw,and they agreed that nothing new was around. So he went on again, and into another system and when he asked they admitted that a few new ships were in sector, and he ran to see. He found 4 ships running towards the north gate, and he sent fighters to stop them and they did, after a short fight. The ships were now just scrap and the Magog were all dead, but he had been told before there were 6 but he only found 4 so where did the other two go? He sat back watching the gate and nothing new came in and after a while he pulled up the galaxy map, and started looking. There were no large stations in these sectors, just trade lanes but there was one planet, way off the side, and it was unclaimed as far as the newest maps were concerned, so he flew that way and as he approached, after a long flight, he saw the two ships in orbit, and scanners read Magog on the surface, and he saw he was too late to stop them and the Magog had taken a pristine new world, in Argon space.

Chapter 34: Serious Times

Sam made the call and a Terran ship jumped in and ran to meet him. Then an Argon Cerberus joined them and they sat talking and watching trying to make up their minds what to do now. They had a policy of not messing up pristine worlds, they might be needed some day, but this one was being claimed by the worst enemy ever,and the decision had to be made what to do about it on the highest levels, and they thanked Sam for watching over it for them, but he was relieved to go his way, this was a military matter, and he agreed and went back home and did some more trading, and then returned and dropped off another laser tower to add to the sectors defenses, this one closer to the gate to get a good shot at any ships that got past the patrols.

If the Magog had worked this hard, by now they knew what had happened,and maybe they knew they had claimed a new world. If that was their goal, then they had succeeded, but he wasn't sure this victory would last long. Their reputation had preceded them and no one would ever deal with them peacefully. That alone made intervention likely, and he could see a military attack on the new Magog world coming soon, and their new colony being wiped out before it had a chance to grow.

But back in the Magog home system the word was good, and they rejoiced, another world in a new galaxy and that was what the Leader had hoped for. The policy had always been that once they were on a new world, especially a world with no humans, then diplomacy ruled and they set up a negotiator to talk to these new people and stall until they had spread around the small new world. But they refused to talk, even now and the Great leader just saw it as stubborn pride, they would, eventually talk to them and his line was laid out ready to be told and shared, peace, and prosperity on their new world, at least until they found others,and they would claim their rights as explorers and leave the populated worlds alone...for now, while making friends, that was the way to go. Diplomacy, leading to ultimate victory, and he smiled and waited on their first contact, to judge the new peoples response.

But their response was not what he had hoped. First,they destroyed his freighters, leaving the Magog colony alone and defenseless. Then they refused to talk, or even acknowledge they had tried to speak at all. They were calculating, and watching the Magog to see what they were doing as they were watching them. They had gotten used to Dylan and his way of doing things, but these new people were different, and the Leader saw immediately that having colonys here would not be as easy as before and he tried to send messages, saying they needed supplies on the new world and he'd send new freighters, but the response was immediate, if the new ships came, they would be destroyed instantly, and he sat back wondering if they were serious,and if that new world was safe after all.

It took several weeks for a decision to be made, and when it was, it was a terrible thing to see. The little world was empty of all 'sentient' creatures before the Magog claimed it, and now they were spreading out across it like a wave of wind on grassy fields. There were thousands of Magog there, and it amazed them that so many could be squeezed into such small crafts, but that was their way, and now they needed dealt with, and after a while they were. The Magog had a main camp, where many of their weapons and supplies were stored, and that was destroyed with an air strike very quickly. Then strikes were made against every small encampment, and many Magog died instantly, while others scattered out across the world and hid there. There was also the fact they had laid eggs inside many,many creatures that lived there from before, and those would be hard to find, if possible at all, and after a while it was decided, and the world was flattened, every tree and camp, every forest burned and every sea irradiated, to make sure the Magog never left there again, and the last call the Great leader received was this report, and he cried, for his lost people, and he knew that this part of the galaxy might never be his, ever.

Dylan Hunt also heard the news and he was as shocked as the Magog Leader. He never would have thought they were capable of this but then, as it was mentioned in Council Chambers, if they too had done this and forced the Magog back to their original worlds, none of this would be happening, and he saw some thinking something like that might work here, and he decided that he would step down as the head of the New Commonwealth, and just become a regular ships Captain again. The Council agreed, with a few exceptions, since he had made first contact, he was assigned as Ambassador to the Argon Commonwealth, and he accepted that post. They wanted him to see what their counter parts were doing to help control the spread of Magog, and send reports back saying how their efforts were holding up on their end. Dylan agreed and after some time getting ready Andromeda slipped back to Argon Space, and Sam met with them in the normal sector and they sat back to talk about what had happened.

“I couldn't believe anyone could erase an entire world like that,” Dylan said sadly having a drink with Sam who sat back nodding he understood.

“The world will be fine,” Sam mentioned as Dylan looked up,”in time it will heal itself and maybe even be habitable again. When that happens we will reseed it with animals and maybe colonize it later on, that will be centurys from now,I'm sure, but it will happen. You keep thinking this was a terrible thing but isn't it true that this alone is the only way to reclaim a world taken by Magog?”

“I'm not sure, really, I avoid doing things this drastic,” Dylan mentioned as even Sam looked sad. He was a peace loving man and he did everything possible to make peace, and his soft hearted nature had made him a target, and he had been used, probably by more than the Magog. “The Magog have 3 systems in our galaxy. They claim they were devoid of life, at least the kind they need to reproduce, and so I made them a deal to stay away from human worlds but let them find worlds where they could have young.”

“And your sure this is all the Magog there is?” Sam, asked sipping his drink as Dylan looked up curious about what he meant.”The Magog have made it abundantly clear, their very nature is to lie,cheat, or steal worlds for themselves. And they will expand across all the universe. If that’s their true nature, and always has been, how many other worlds, even galaxies, are they on that you no nothing about? Are you even sure yours is the first galaxy they have entered or claimed as their own? You might just be the last of a very long line of places the Magog have been and still are.”

“I...hadn't thought of that before, I suppose its possible.” Dylan said slowly as Sam nodded and looked sad. They might well have trillions of Magog spread around the universe by now and someday, they would close in from every side. “If that is true, then we are just the last in possibly many hundreds of years of Magog expansion.”

“And the force you think you can control, is but a drop in the bucket compared to the secret forces they have elsewhere....billions and billions of Magog, thousands and thousands of ships of every size and shape.” Sam said as Dylan sat his drink down and ran his fingers through his hair looking suddenly overwhelmed.

“We need to know for sure,” Dylan finally said as Sam agreed and he sent the message back to the Council that they needed intelligence to see if their Magog colonies were even the first, or the newest in a long line.

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Chapter 35 : History

Getting intel on the Magog is not an easy task, they cant send in agents, since they would be noticed immediately, but they can scan ships and hack computers and see what they have stored away they never mention. That was their best try and a special task force was set up to do it and an intelligence vessel made rounds close to the Magog planets and scanned the computers of every Magog ship they could and found a few useful things out. First: the Magog were an ancient race, their religion spoke of thousands of years of conquests and colonization. It also mentioned places with names no Commonwealth leader had ever heard, and that made some sense if they were constantly traveling from place to place.

Second: they named a single Leader for each colony area, and that one person ruled for life. It was based on strength, and intelligence, even though the Magog didn’t look like what many would call 'civilized' they had a complex system for ruling their people and it was absolute. Their very religion mentioned that the Universe was theirs, and with thousands of years of religious beliefs, it had become a sort of law, and no one questioned it ,ever.

It took a while to really get a handle on what they were finding, and they finally had to agree that the Magog they knew today were not the original Magog from their history. The names of planets and systems alone made that clear, and they really did wonder how far they had come since they were first spawned all those millenia ago.

The report was sent to Dylan too, and he sat back reading it and finally laid it down and looked worried. He had, like many before him, thought that he was talking to the only Magog Leader, and that his decisions controlled them entirely. It was far from the truth. The local Magog had made some deals, and had stayed within them for a long time until now, but there were other groups and other Leaders elsewhere and he started to see that they really would win,eventually, if they called each other for help. They might even be conversing right now, and only their new intelligence people would know first and he sent a message back saying to watch for messages between colonies, and that job began too.

“So, its true then,” Sam mentioned the next time they met and Dylan nodded it was,” they have colonies all over the Universe,and spreading out, we're only dealing with one, small group.”

“It would appear so,” Dylan said as they both sat back looking serious for a minute.

“Then what we have here, is a never ending war. Even if we wipe out the local group, it will be filled again by a new group when they find out. The war with the Magog might go on forever.” Sam added as even he looked sad to hear it.”In that case, what we did here was completely right and proper, without actions like those, we can never even protect ourselves from their expansion. You cant win a war in space alone.”

“You may be right, but I don't have to be happy about it.” Dylan said as Sam nodded he understood and they sat back thinking and wondering how very many colonies there really were when Rommie stepped in.

“According to the information we currently have, and estimating that each group or colony of Magog send out just 6 colony ships every 100 years, and each group settled 4 planets, then over the last 10 thousand years, they could have established over...400 colonies, that’s a rough estimate of course.” She added as the numbers made even Sam looked hopeless.

“Thats a lot of Magog,” Dylan added softly as even Rommie agreed.

“With their known rate of gestation and the number of animals on each known world their numbers might be as high as...” she went on until Dylan smiled and stopped her.

“I don’t think we need any more good news for today,Rommie thank you.” he added as she looked at him curiously.

“This is good news?” she asked as even Sam got a good laugh as she looked clueless.

“Needless to say, humans don’t reproduce this quickly, and never have... so in numbers alone, we are at a disadvantage.” He added as everyone agreed.

“And they can never be negotiated with, as our situation has shown, their very nature is to expand,and their religion says its their destiny to own the Universe, how can anyone negotiate with teachings like that?” Dylan mentioned as the room got quiet.

“Then we need to plan now while we have the chance,” Sam, added as Dylan and Rommie looked his way.”to just exist where we are, we need to be able to hold off thousands of ships in a battle and fight our way to victory to protect our worlds and our families.”

“He has a point, humans worry about things like cost and politics, so they don’t hurry their fleets along like the Magog do, and they don’t capture ships from enemys and keep them for themselves, at least not often.” Rommie said as Dylan agreed. “These things might need to change soon, or we will never be ready for even one major battle, and against the main Magog forces that inhabit many worlds we have not seen... we just aren't ready.”

The agreement was made solid and sent out to every ally in the Universe. Fleets need to be bigger and some ships with the heaviest weapons and shields needed to be on constant call, and the new policy of bringing the fleets up in numbers began as some cheered it on while others cried that it took money away from other causes, but they all agreed on one thing...if the Magog came, they weren't ready, and even the nay-sayers stopped complaining after a while as the fleets started to gain in numbers and many worlds felt safer because of it.

Chapter 36: Restructuring

Sam personally had several good ships. The corvette he used like a personal shuttle now, the Magog cruiser he had captured some time ago, and his new frigate class 'Andromeda II'. He made sure that the military knew everything he did, and even some pirate groups started planning for more ships, which by itself motivated the military too, since they never trusted each other.

Knowing there were Magog almost without number in the Universe made thinking like a peace lover almost extinct, as many slowly agreed that only force could match those sheer numbers for any kind of safety. And while this change was happening, the Great Leader wasn't sitting still either. Another of his asteroid ships had made a new colony, not in another galaxy but at the exact opposite end of his, very far away and good enough for his purposes. As they spread out they'd crush every civilization between them and that was the plan, as both sides started to expand exponentially.

But the new thinking was taking hold,and some small Magog worlds were attacked and one destroyed completely, and he saw that his time for slow, methodical thinking was past, and he ordered every ship armed and every slave to work and they did anything and everything to find more ships, no matter how old the design or obsolete they were. If they had guns they had a purpose, if they didn’t they would shuttle Magog to new worlds or new galaxys, and their expansion would continue. For every world they lost, they needed 2 and that was the order as the war started into a new phase, and bigger battles started happening.

Sam had just finished off another Magog patrol that ran in to test their defenses, and he sat back and shook his head. They had been lucky so far, as the Magog seemed busy other places so the ships they saw here were small groups, instead of massive attacks. That made keeping them under control easy or easier, at least, and he went back to Omicron and gave his crew time off and then he went home too, while the military sent in their people to patrol the sector and they thanked him for his assistance, and he just smiled and went his way. But he was also making his own fleet now, and the Magog cruiser was in orbit of his home world. Far enough out that it would be stable there for centurys if need be, but close enough he could use it for help or an escape if it was ever needed. The turrets were fully loaded and set on auto, so he didn’t need a crew sitting there forever, but he had people on call if needed and they could be there in very short order and the ship would become a new weapon in his fight to save his home.

The Rommie II was sitting in dock at Omicron and the military had ordered two more made. That made the old shipyard owner very happy, and he was getting quite rich now with Sam's help, and new technology was being shared back and forth with the New Commonwealth so that both sides had the best of everything, and they had an agreement,saying that if needed they'd support each other, and one spot for the Argon ships to slip into their galaxy was set and tested, and became a fall back position for the New Commonwealth if they ever needed it.

Gil had joined Sam's fleet with his Carrack and Adam with his Magog scout ship, and they too made sure their ships were in perfect condition and their coms were linked with Sam. Adam even added his Eclipse to his ship as a fighter escort and mentioned that during his own work he might get another soon, and Sam smiled seeing him getting more serious about things for a change.

They still had a personal problem between them, as Adam tried once to land with his fighter next to Sam's estate, but was forced to leave, saying that ships were not allowed to be seen near,or on the surface, and he agreed, slowly... and left again, but came back later on and beamed in to visit, and he and Sherry spent a day together talking and walking around and even went fishing in the little stream behind the estate. At least they said they were fishing, and Sam left it go, since he was told repeatedly that Sherry was a grown woman and she could make her own decisions, and he was forced to accept it.

But he made sure that Adam got the word: 'on fooling around if your not serious' and after a few minutes arguing back and forth, Adam mentioned he just might be, and Sam looked shocked he had admitted it. He also added that he wanted a place there too and Sam had to sit and talk seriously about that, and Adam said that he'd use restraint, and make sure ships were not seen, and after a long discussion, Sam finally agreed that everyone who wanted could live there, if they followed his rules.

So, Adam started looking around for a nice place of his own, and Sherry gushed at her every chance saying he was going to become another 'Champion of Kho' even though Cybil added that only Kho could say that for sure. But she was glad for her and Sam , who slowly started to get along better with his brother. They talked more often, took walks and started making fishing trips and having some good meals from them, together as a family.

Sam and Dylan were talking one day too and as Sam showed him the location of his home world, they commented that it was pretty far from the plane of the galaxy and as such would not be seen even after a Magog invasion for some time. That made Sam a lot happier, and Dylan saw it and mentioned that it might make a good fall back spot for their side but Sam argued saying that it was a primitive world and as such having large numbers of new people and ships around it would change the civilization forever, if they survived at all.

At that Dylan mentioned that if it was needed for a fall back, then it would be in great danger anyways and survival was more important than worrying about making changes to the existing culture.

“They could never survive without help,” Dylan added as Sam greed, half heartedly, but he did.” so if the time comes, they will need our help or yours depending on how things go. You could keep the ships away, and set up troops on the surface with special skills and weapons for fast removal of Magog that make it down there. Once that starts, the people will know anyways, and only advanced weapons could save the world.”

“I hate to think about it like that,” Sam added as Dylan agreed.

“Thats a long time into the future,” Rommie added as they both sat back and nodded,” they may never get this far or we may win the war, either way being ready is better than being caught by surprise.”

“The only people who would have a chance are the Ladys of Kho, they have hundreds of people world wide that have advanced technology, I'll talk to them and show them whats going on, that’s the most I'm willing to do right now.” Sam said as he left and Rommie looked sad for him.

“If we hadn't slipped into their system that day...” she added as Dylan smiled wide.

“The Magog would have found them sooner or later, so this way, we are here to help them get ready, and probably have saved them from a major attack by helping set up their defenses. Either way its too late to second guess ourselves, so we just go on as best we can.” Rommie agreed and went to see about messages from their world and supplys that were coming in, making sure they were fully stocked in every department. If the worst ever happened it might be months or years between supply drops, and she knew better than anyone what that kind of hardship would cause.

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Gauntlgrym.... I don't like how he crammed so many years, so many people dying, and many new characters into one book.
Something like 40 years pass by with maybe a paragraph mentioning all these adventures Drizzt had etc...

And that's not even saying how I can't stand the new changes to Forgotten Realms that basically destroyed one of the most developed and loved writing worlds.

I stopped shortly after Servant of the Shard in the original set. I miss the original Icewind Dale troupe.

26-09-2012, 10:40 AM
Chapter 37: Magog's 'Prime Directive'

Even though they had been doing a lot better at eliminating Magog ships where ever they found them, the New Commonwealth as very worried about the future. All the information they got in said that one colony or colony group meant little to the Magog, since they specialized in advancing across the galaxy no matter what.

“The Magog admit they have 5 new worlds here, plus their old ones they have always been in,” The new Commonwealth Leader mentioned on one of his talks that were broadcast to the fleet.”we have only their word for that, since the truth is slow coming, if ever. But we know those for sure, and attacks have begun on their worlds to slow their progression, and to stop or slow manufacture of ships.”

“We have destroyed over a hundred Magog ships to date and still they go on. With our new intelligence we are starting to understand why. One colony or group is very little to them. They just go to another system and start again. They are doing that even now. There have been some hints about new colonys in other systems far away from us and while that sounds good for now, that just means they are spreading into new worlds and systems that will eventually turn on us again.”

“With Respect...” Dylan added as the coms link accepted him and asked for his comment,” The Magog have made conquering the Universe their religion, so we know for certain there are at least 400 Magog colonys universe wide. Even if we made making ships our main purpose, and the same for our allys, we might never overtake them completely. One friend mentioned to me this was an endless war. That there will always be more Magog, since they do everything in their power to escape and start new colonys. The battles we are fighting are to stall us, while ships of every type escape to start new worlds. Someday these new worlds will turn and try to occupy the worlds they flew past before,and when they do, thousands of Magog pods and ships will come to our worlds. Thats the Magog way and we are lucky we got to see it in advance. We have no choice but to resist, since not to would mean our ultimate destruction.”

The new Commonwealth Commander agreed as many others did as well.

“The only way to even slow them down is to attack the worlds themselves,” was mentioned as Dylan said nothing but looked sad. “Like spraying bugs at their nests, its our only hope for any real future.”

“And eventually, the war will turn against us, perhaps in a thousand years distance, so we need to plan for that, for our own survival,” was mentioned as many asked what could be done.”we might need to take a lesson from the Magog, and colonize more worlds, far,far away...that way we can survive and it might take them centurys before they find us and by then we have other new worlds, and on and on...”

“A gigantic Chess Game,” The Commander added as everyone agreed sadly,”with survival as the prize. Its something to consider, but if anyone wants to start, the New Commonwealth will do what it can to help you get ready,with that this meeting is adjourned.”

The link went closed and Dylan and Rommie sat back thinking about what had been said.

“Their right, you know,” Rommie added as Dylan looked sad but nodded he understood,”unless humans find a way to make young much faster or ships that are Magog safe, new worlds are needed, and so is getting new worlds to join the Commonwealth, once they do we can advise them on what to do and what ships we need, that would be very helpful.”

“But to tell worlds to mass produce humans just to fight a never ending war...” Dylan said sadly as he ran his fingers through his hair and looked ready to scream.

“Its a law of nature...safety in numbers.” Rommie added as she disappeared and Dylan sat back thinking... he had never had children himself. Of course he wasn't too old yet but it just wasn't in him to be a father just to throw them into a war.

“So,” he said softly,” it'll eventually come down to this.” and he went to get a drink and try and get some rest.

The Argon Commonwealth was having much the same discussion , with many of the same ideas.

“If we start new colonies, and make them defensible from the very beginning, then we will have a small advantage.” The Sector Commander said as suggestions came in asking what could be done for existing planets and colonys.

“Orbiting weapon platforms are a start, and maybe some new satellites that act as defenses, there will need to be tests,” one scientist added as everyone agreed.”multiple warhead missiles in the OWP would also make a big difference, since pods aren't heavily shielded.”

“Yes...the faster they can be destroyed the more secure the planet surface,” was added as many agreed loudly.

“Perhaps Shockwave Generators mounted on the surface and aimed into space, they are area weapons and could destroy an entire area of incoming pods at once,” another mentioned as all good ideas were added to their list to test.

“Many good ideas here, and we will pursue them all, when the Magog come to our worlds they will find only their deaths, and we will secure our futures while repelling any and all attacks,” The group heard as the Commonwealth President got his speech in and rallied his troops a little.

“Then tests begin at once, and all results will be shared with our New Commonwealth allys,” The Sector Commander said and everyone agreed, the time had come for some serious work, and now the force of the entire Alliance, including the Argons/Boron/Teladi/Split/Paranid and Terrans all throwing their weight into the work. It was the first time in history that every civilization in existence had worked together, and if that didn’t make a huge difference, then they had no real hope of surviving this, new war.

Chapter 38: Decisions,Decisions,Decisions

The idea of having children stuck with Dylan and made him remember times that he had forced himself to forget. Like his fiancé from before the Sleep and back in the old Commonwealth. If that had worked out, he would have been a father by now, at least at this age, in another time-line. He was sad that it hadn't happened but then he had dedicated his life to restoring the Commonwealth and even though it was a small portion of what the original was, he felt he had done something good with his time.

But others didn’t let it go either, as it got mentioned on the bridge some time later while the full crew was there.

“I agree that having kids would help keep the human race going, but...to force people to breed, that’s just sad.” Harper added while the rest looked shocked he could say that with a straight face, considering his slightly perverted nature.

“I don’t think we're talking about forced rape here,” Rommie added giving him a sour look,” we're talking about making sure the best of humanity has children to carry on the traits that will be needed in the future.”

“Now your talking like Niechians,” Dylan added as Rommie nodded it was true. They were a race that bred for perfection, and in this instance they had the advantage over the long haul. “But, I cant say its not true, just....a sudden change to consider.”

“Well, then I might need to get to work on that,” Becky added as Rommie gave her a sour look as well, if it came to trying she had the character that made it seem easy, but as many times as she bragged about it, nothing had ever happened yet, or no children had appeared at least.

“That means Dylan will need to consider dating for the first time in ages, literally,” She added as he looked away and refused to even answer.

“The Captain can do as he pleases, he doesn't need pressured by any of you,” Rommie jumped to his defense as Dylan thanked her and smiled for a second.

“Maybe you should practice your technique on Rommie, since I'm sure shes willing.” Becky added as the room smiled and Rommie looked like she might step over there and cuff her for it.

“I think I remember what 'my technique' is...thank you Rebbecca, but having children isn't high on my list right now.” Dylan added as everyone agreed, and it was mentioned that he was putting off the inevitable, or maybe that he never planned on trying at all.

“What about you, Harper...your a big talker too, and I don’t see any half naked girls running from your room screaming,” Becky added as Harpers big grin dropped sharply, and everyone saw it.

“I just haven't found the right girl yet...at least to keep around,” he added with a wink as even Dylan got a big smile. Everyone knew that wasn't true, but she hadn't stayed to keep him happy. She was a mystery, surrounded by an enigma, and she came and went like smoke and it had been a long time since she was here last.

“Trance will be back, she loves you too, I'm sure of it.” Rommie added as Harper looked beaten badly right that second as he turned and started off the bridge.

“If that was true, she'd be here,” he added almost silently as the door closed behind him and he disappeared into the ship for another few days, to hide from the people trying to be nice to him but just making him remember that he was always second best.

“Why did you have to mention that?” Dylan asked as Becky looked sad,” you know he'll be moping around now for days.”

“He needs to think about it, either she comes back or not, he has to move on,” she added as even Dylan and Rommie didn’t disagree.

“Maybe we should consider something else to talk about for a few days and let this one go for now.” Dylan said as everyone just nodded and went back to their work stations silently. But it wasn't going to go away as he found out later as he went back to his room and Rommie appeared ready to talk some more.

“Your quite persistent today,” he added as she was doing her best to make a case for him to have a child, and he was still refusing the idea. “I don’t have anyone in this time line that even interests me like that right now, so lets let it go please?”

“I could do it...” she blurted out as he stopped dead and looked her way.

“Rommie...we both know what happened in the past when the ship made flesh and the Captain became one. She started refusing his orders and made herself his equal and when the time came, she nearly got herself killed trying to rescue him when it wasn't even slightly possible to do it.” He went on while she looked very sad.

“I would never want to leave you now, so I can understand her feelings back then,” she said as Dylan smiled and gave her a little hug.

“Even if we did think about it, we cant have children, you know that...its just not physically possible.” he added softly as she pulled away and started going on about the medical bay being fully stocked and that she was very capable of producing a child...more like a clone but still..and he stopped her as quickly and gently as he could.

“I would be honored to have a child with you, maybe someday we'll talk about it again, but not now.” he said and she heard it more as an order, and she looked sad.

“Then I suggest we start...dating at least...” she added quickly,” its not good for you to pile all this responsibility onto yourself, all that stress is bad for your health, and I'm fully functioning and capable,I assure you.” she added with her back turned as even Dylan looked shocked it had come up so quickly.

“I'll...um.... (choke) consider it...we can talk about that later as well, you should probably go now..” he added as she walked out and he sat down with a thump and looked surprised. This had been a really, really shocking day, and he knew it might not be done yet.

26-09-2012, 12:21 PM
one thing that I am curious about.... with the ability to make androids like rommie, why haven't they pursued that avenue.
make an army of androids that are immune to magog infestation with much faster reflexes etc... they could be autonomous or remote controlled.

26-09-2012, 05:57 PM
Ahem....its about Human survival there bud....and yes they can do that for extra bodies on the battlefield and yep...thought about that, and was planning on getting to that in the second book...hehehehe guess I'm getting too slow huh? But the Human needs kids thing is better for now, Dylan lost his fiancee when he went into sleep around a black hole for 300 years, and has never dated again, so Rommie...an andriod whos in love with him, is trying to get his butt moving...thats it so far, the android army thing is coming, you just jumped ahead a bit on me...hahaha.And it'll never really be an army, humans are selfcentered, so they'll put all their resouces into themselves, if they get time.

26-09-2012, 06:12 PM
Ahem....its about Human survival there bud....and yes they can do that for extra bodies on the battlefield and yep...thought about that, and was planning on getting to that in the second book...hehehehe guess I'm getting too slow huh? But the Human needs kids thing is better for now, Dylan lost his fiancee when he went into sleep around a black hole for 300 years, and has never dated again, so Rommie...an andriod whos in love with him, is trying to get his butt moving...thats it so far, the android army thing is coming, you just jumped ahead a bit on me...hahaha.And it'll never really be an army, humans are selfcentered, so they'll put all their resouces into themselves, if they get time.

haha, sorry about that jump... I did watch some of the show and just today wondered why they didn't do that.
I was actually thinking they lost some of the technology, but I wasn't sure since I am no expert on Andromeda.

Oh and Great Story!

27-09-2012, 09:13 AM
the technology to make Rommie was saved and Harper has it, but he only cared about Rommie and even though they have other, less impressive robots for security and maintenance duty's, they are few and inferior to her, slower and less agile. She is really a one of a kind in the series, but given enough time and money, others could be created, just it would take time.

29-09-2012, 07:32 AM
Chapter 39: A Possible Future

After many more meetings the Alliance made a decision, they called it the 'Bastion Plan'. They would set up new worlds as colonys, and some would remain secret even from the others. Then they would put up defenses that were second to none, with some experimental weapons and shields, even around entire planets if that was possible. Then when needed they'd be ready to defend themselves, even against very large numbers of ships and pods. It was not a cheap solution, but it was a chance at least, to have normal lives in the shadow of the Magog Empire.

Fleets had been set at a per capita formula, so that the more people needed defended the more ships were on call. It too was an expensive way if doing things, but necessary, as every Leader from every world agreed. That left only the Magog that they saw day to day, and patrols were out doing what could be done to keep them off guard and weaker than if they were ignored, and they started seeing that their days of just running home to rest and repair were gone, as ships followed them until they were forced to retreat.

“These Humans are possibly our greatest threat ever,” The Great Leader said as many agreed,” they adapt, they change their thinking and even total destruction of worlds isn't too much to consider, we need to tread lightly around them until we are ready.”

“Their worlds and ships become stronger every day, they have new technology that makes our ships seem weak by comparison, even the technology we got from some other worlds isn't enough to overtake their lead.” he was told as he finally had to admit it. Their only advantage , as always , was numbers, and as ships started rolling off the assembly lines more often and more shipyards were created to help, their fleets started growing again, and new plans were made. If they were to win in these sectors some day, new technology had to be added to theirs and so new attacks, costly attacks, were planned and the fleet would be tested more than ever before.

“The new planetary shield has failed its first test,” Sam heard on the coms as he smiled and nodded he understood.”the distance between satellites was too great so now we know that 12 sats wont do it, the next attempt will be with 16.”

“To make a really strong shield, I'd guess maybe even more...like 20 or so would work. The distance between them gives the Magog a place to attack to weaken the shield.” He added as the man agreed.

“First we'll just get it working, then we'll worry about strengthening it.” he was told as the link went shut.

“Sir, Lady Cybil is on the link,” he heard as he looked surprised and worried at the same time. Cybil had a coms link for him but seldom used it, but he had been away for a while and that meant that he was probably in trouble.

“Cybil darling how are you?” he started as her face was tight and her eyes narrow looking at him as even the bridge crew looked away.

“Its been 2 months and not a word! You know I understand your position, but you have family now and there are others that can work for you...come home we'll be waiting.” and with that the link closed as Sam sat there trying to get a word in, but failed.

“Not to mention,we haven't had time off either,” he heard softly as he didn’t even try to look to see who it was and the crew got a chuckle from it.

“Computer...” Sam started as it asked what he needed,” pay the crew full wages earned, and send a message to the shipyards that we'll be docking for a while. I'll take the corvette home for a week or so and everyone can have vacation.” With that the crew cheered and he made the official announcement and the ship docked as the little corvette ran to pick him up and disappeared into space once more.

It was in orbit a few hours later and Sam beamed down while the ship turned and started back the way it came. He walked across the courtyard all smiles as Janie smiled back from the porch of the main house and Cybil walked out to meet him, still looking angry about something.

“I'm home...” Sam said arms open while Cybil stood there not sure she was ready to forgive him yet, but as Sam stepped in and hugged her she whispered that they were worried for him and as a married man he had responsibilities at home and not just around the galaxy.”and I will exercise my responsibilities the very first chance I get.” He whispered back as she slowly smiled and hugged him in return.

“Its not like we missed you that much, your always so smug about being the trader of the universe or something...” Cybil complained as they walked hand in hand back to the main house and Sam gave Janie a smile and a peck on the cheek while her face grew a little red too.

“Shes been worried about you for weeks now,” Janie added as Cybil gave her the evil eye.” I know Sam is a great warrior and even if he was hurt he'd return home to heal, she was worried you were laying on some battlefield and we hadn't heard yet.”

“I wasn't worried at all...” Cybil jumped in and Sam hugged her some more.

“They can't kill me...I'm Sam Silarn, Champion of Kho's World.” he whispered as she gave him a soft slap for being so obnoxious.

“She's been getting very emotional lately...” Janie added as Cybil declared it wasn't true. “and not eating much either.” She added as Sam looked shocked and smiled at the same time.

“Let me check this...” he added as he reached for his bag but she stopped him looking embarrassed and said it wasn't necessary, she was already sure, as Janie cheered and Sam gave Cybil a hug that lifted her off her feet and swung her around while she finally started to smile.

“I was worried, that with everything that’s going on...” she started as he kissed her softly but seriously right there and she answered it with the same.

“Your having my child, you stiff little idiot, how could I not be the happiest man on the planet?” he asked and for a second she didn’t know if that was a good comment or not but she left it go for now.”You've made me a happy man,Cybil, thank you.”

“If your happy then I'm happy, I wont worry any more.” She added and gave him a huge hug and cried a little while Janie teased her for not eating right, after all she was eating for two now and they both laughed, and cried a little and they had a meal together and celebrated their new family member on the way.

Chapter 40: Options

Other people were thinking seriously as well, as Rommie cornered Harper far away from the bridge and told him she needed some help, and as always he was more than ready to see what challenges he had to beat this time. She explained what she wanted as his eyes opened wide and he looked less than thrilled to do it.

“I'm not a biology master, I'm a ships engineer,” he complained as she smiled and said she had faith in him and he looked sad she had forced him into a corner.

“If you need help, get it, but the Captain must never know until I tell him.” she insisted and before he could argue she walked away leaving a very sad looking young man behind. He did need help with something like this, and so he made a trip to talk to some people he had met and see what they could do to make this job easier.

“Doctor Harper...” he heard as he walked into the main medical center for the New Commonwealth, “what can we mere doctors do for the premier engineer in the New Commonwealth?” the lady asked as his face grew red, his doctorate was a gift for helping start the New Commonwealth but it came in handy once in a while.

“I have been given a new job, and to be honest, its way out of my specialty...” he added as he handed over the files and specs and the doctor looked shocked.”Doctor Solomon, this is out of my field, so I have come here to ask for help.”

“And....” she started slowly,” what exactly are you being asked to create?” and he handed her another file and she gasped for breath looking at it.”Thats...quite a request...its possible I'm sure but...who asked for this, Captain Hunt?” she asked as Harper shook his head no and pointed to the file again, not even wanting to say it out loud.

“We have no responsibility to...” she started as he stopped her and asked for her help....personally... and she sat down behind her desk and looked the information over carefully and looked serious about the whole thing.”It will take time, how accurate will it have to be?”

“90% or better,” he said as she ran her fingers over the picture and looked sad that someone was this serious. The experiments had been done before, but never for a really serious reason like this, but then...they owed them a great deal, and she finally agreed and said she'd let him know how it was going, and he thanked her and returned home.

Two weeks went by and he got another call and he took it privately and no one noticed.

“We have a problem, I need to know if the accuracy you asked for is absolute.” Doctor Solomon asked as he demanded it was and she looked sad.

“Why?” he asked as she mentioned their first attempt was off a little, at 75% ...and he shook his head saying it was all or nothing and she gave him a dirty look and asked what he wanted done with the 'rejects' and her face and manner left him know the seriousness of the problem.

“These are not lab rats we're making here you know and I'm not a murderer,” she demanded as he saw the problem, he was asking for a lot after all.

“I'll take them and give them jobs and new lives, its not their fault, I know that.” Harper said as she finally smiled and agreed, he wasn't the 'mad doctor' she was thinking he was after all.”I want one...90% accurate or better, but don't worry, the rest will be well taken care of I promise.”

Doctor Solomon smiled and agreed and went back to work. The little blond in the tube had a new life ahead of her and she didn’t need to worry for her, the second tube was now running and in it was a small child, a redhead and the last round of tests showed massive improvements, but still, the accuracy was just below the minimum, and she was saved as well and they went on. A month later and they had a successful result and they sped up their maturation of the subjects to the desired level...25 years old, at least visually they would be, but truthfully she had created 3 artificial humans, like sisters almost with different hair and slightly different bodys, but all on the same design, and she made the call that she was finished and Harper went back to see the results and nearly wet himself smiling. It was like a dream come true for him, as he flew back with 3 Rommies on board, all slightly different but all 100% woman.

As he landed, Rommie was right there and she smiled widely to see the results of her demands make whole. Harper said never to put him in such a position again and he walked away looking a little angry as a call came in from the bridge saying that the cameras in the hanger were off and Rommie said she was on it, and she motioned and they all walked away and to rooms she had set up for them. The ships security cameras saw nothing and Dylan didn’t notice that as they walked along everything in their immediate area, cameras, microphones everything went down just for a minute then returned as they passed by. They stopped in one of the rooms and as they went in and sat, Rommie talked to them about their new jobs and lives.

“I am Clare,” The little blond said happily,” and I'm an engineer. I look forward to working with you, Mother.”

“I am Mona,” the second girl with the red hair said, and I'm a Command officer, and I look forward to many years of happy travels together.”

“And I am Judy,” The last said with the black hair and in every instance nearly identical to Rommie herself,” and I hope to serve you for many years.”

“You misunderstand,” Rommie interrupted while they looked at each other curiously,” your here to serve the Captain, captain Dylan Hunt,” she said showing a video of them working on the bridge as they seemed very happy with that, as she hoped they would.” we all serve our Captain, in every way possible, every way..” she repeated as they all smiled and said they understood, and she gave them duty assignments, knowing full well that the time had come to make her big announcement and she also knew Dylan was going to be upset, but she knew time would heal all, since he was too considerate to hold a grudge too long and things would just become normal after a while and, she hoped, he would find someone he could care for that was truly human.

29-09-2012, 03:27 PM
Wow, didn`t see that coming. Rommie is really playing with fire. This is gonna be interesting.

30-09-2012, 03:22 PM
and 100 years from now we have the Rommie Wars... millions of Rommie clones march on both commonwealths..... lol

01-10-2012, 10:23 AM
Chapter 41: Explanations, and Hurt Feelings

Rommie walked onto the bridge a while later and asked for attention, as everyone there turned to see, and one by one, the girls walked in and lined up and introduced themselves.

“Oh my...” Becky started as Dylan looked shocked beyond belief.

“We can always use more crew members, and we had a lot of favors coming that we never used...” she started as Harper started to excuse himself but was stopped quickly.

“Did you do this?” Dylan asked as Harper made sure he knew that they were not androids at all, and at that even Dylan was speechless.

“I asked Harper to help me do this,” Rommie said as everyone looked her way and Harper vanished from the bridge.

“Why?” Dylan asked looking lost as she motioned towards the door and they walked out while Becky took that moment to introduce herself and get some info about the new ladies.

“Remember the talk we had in your quarters a few weeks ago?” Rommie asked as Dylan looked sad but admitted he did.” you never called, or offered and after a while I knew it was because I'm not really human. I look human that’s true, but I have to recharge like any android and I'm not capable of really having children in the conventional sense...” she went on getting sadder and more quiet as she talked and Dylan stopped and leaned against the hall and shook his head sadly.

“I never called you in because I'm not ready,” he mentioned as she nodded but looked just as sad as before.”and as far as having a child goes...I don't know if I'll ever be ready for that.”

“Now you have more options,and I wont apologize for this, it was... in my opinion, a good plan and very acceptable.” Rommie said with her head held high and she walked away, back to the bridge while Dylan slid down the wall into a sitting position and looked sad. In a minute the door opened again and out came Becky who just smiled and sat down next to him and said nothing for a minute.

“She thinks I need more options and a child or two...” Dylan whispered as Becky tried hard not to laugh out loud.

“Their real girls, made in the Commonwealth research labs,” Becky added as Dylan looked more than surprised,” it must have taken a lot of talking and arguing to get them to do this,and if they didn’t think her argument was true, they wouldn't have helped at all. She loves you very much and we both know it...how that’s even possible I haven't a clue...but there it is and now shes giving you something she never even thought of before, herself, in human form...several human forms actually.”

“Yes, but...” He started again as Becky laughed and stood and started down the hall towards her ship.

“I wish I has someone that cared for me half that much, maybe I'd have a baby or two.” She added and disappeared down the hall.

“Thanks a lot,” He said softly as she left him there thinking about what to do next. It appeared everyone around him thought she was right, and like it or not, they were here now and not androids at all, but human beings. That was going to take a while to get used to, and he slowly got up and went onto the bridge and welcomed the new crew mates and they thanked him and started to work as he stood by trying not to look at Andromeda the rest of the day.

Things were a little strained for a day or two, but slowly it settled down and everyone started getting along. The new girls, while a lot like Rommie to look at, were all slightly different. Clare was a giggly type girl, always joking and laughing and very outgoing. Mona was very serious about her job and soon became third in command after Dylan and Becky. Her insight into battle preparations and the ships capabilities was flawless and she wasn't above arguing her point, even to Dylan himself. Judy being the bridge tech, was on the bridge every day and looking exactly like Rommie, she was hard to miss. She too tried to be serious about everything, but she smiled a lot, just doing her job, and it became clear that she loved being there, no matter what was happening.

Clare hung around Harper a lot, as his assistant, something he had asked for long ago and finally got, and they were seen sitting, talking and laughing and soon people started to think that maybe Harper was claiming a girl for himself, something even Rommie didn’t say anything about.

The new crew was working out pretty well, and Becky joked one day that having a few extra people on board made the ship less lonely, and Dylan just smiled and said nothing.

The next real surprise was when they slipped back to check on Sam and his group, and he saw them for the first time. He too stood looking with his mouth hanging open until Dylan took him by the arm and dragged him into his office for a drink and talk, and he came out looking very smug about something while Dylan was more than a little embarrassed.

“Glad to meet you all,” he mentioned when they returned to the bridge, and the new girls smiled and shook his hand.” I might need to talk to Harper myself.”

“I think we're fresh out of favors for the moment,” Rommie added quickly as Sam smiled wide and shook his head trying not to laugh.

“Then that is my loss,” he added, kissing her hand again as he beamed away and for a minute she got a big smile that everyone saw and she quickly wiped it off and went back to work.

“Maybe Rommie had more than one reason to add crew members,” Becky said softly as Rommie gave her a cold hard stare, and Dylan asked them not to fight on the bridge.

Chapter 42: New Offensive

The Magog were trying to get away from their worlds again and out into the universe. They got a good fleet together, and made a run for it, but were met by a fleet that was assigned to watch them from the New Commonwealth. They were serious about containing, at least this group, and after a days fighting the Magog broke through their lines and several ships disappeared into deep space once more. It cost them a lot, but no one knew where those ships went and that made their ability to contain their expansion seem worthless by comparison to the losses they were taking.

“We can't keep this up...” One Council member demanded as the Commonwealth Leader listened in,” this is costing us a big percentage of our planets GNP, and we're not even under Magog attack ourselves.”

“If you wait until your under attack, then it will be too late, history has proven that.” He was told while he fumed about the loss of revenue.

“Money isn't the problem here, its survival,” President Amos Cardigan mentioned, softly, as the room listened.” no one less than Dylan Hunt himself has negotiated with the Magog, and has lost. They saw his weakness and used it to get time to make plans and add ships and then attacked two member worlds and took them. They openly told us that they own the Universe and always will, and Councilor...that means your world too.”

“You give one man too much credit,” he heard and he saw that the Councilor from Adopilis wasn't going to be pleased so quickly.

“That man' as you call him restarted the Commonwealth, single handedly, and brought us all here.” Amos said waving his arm towards the rest of the Councilors,” without him, we would be alone to face the Magog, and even you have to admit that would be impossible.”

“Perhaps,” was all he got in return and he left it go for today. This man was getting on his nerves and that took something so he adjourned the meeting for today and they all went their ways.

But the Councilor wasn't convinced so he went home and got on the links himself, to make his own deal and save his world and profits from this madness.

“So, let me get this straight,” The Great Leader asked as the Councilor waited,” we get 10% of your people forever, and you get left alone to rule your world?” he asked and even he looked shocked.

“Unlike the others, we can see that the Magog will definitely control the Universe some day, and if we want to survive we need to deal, so losing 10% a year, isn't as bad as losing everyone at once. This is a good deal for you and us, and we will share all information we get about the Commonwealths plans so that you know we are people of our word.” He said with a big grin and the Leader took a minute to consider and finally agreed.

“There will be a convoy of ships at these coordinates,” he said sending it over,” drop off your first payment there and our deal will be final.”

“Gladly, oh Mighty Leader,” The Councilor said with a bow and the link went closed. The Magog Leader actually stopped to consider that this might work for him too, a spy inside the Commonwealth Council itself, and a slow trickle of people to keep his home world going, now set at a million a year. Then if he was ever crossed, he could just walk in and take the rest anyways since their deal made them 'friends' and he sat back smiling. Humans were so gullible, he thought and he sent the fleet to get his first payment and went back to his planning.

After that day the Councilor from Adopilis seemed less worried and easier to get along with and that alone made him suspicious, as the other Council members mentioned when he wasn't around. The President also thought so so after dropping some serious hints about fleet movements they sat back and watched as the Magog fleet avoided those spots like the plague, and they silently knew something was up. A couple more tests and it was a sure thing, and they called a special meeting to see what he had done and why he was doing it.

“You have no proof,” he demanded as the videos of their tests and plans came up and he looked angry they never really trusted him. “Its your own fault, you say the Magog are beyond reasoning with but I have and we have a deal. They are like anyone here, tired of the war and will take nearly any deal to leave one of us alone and save their own lives.”

“And what deal did you make them for your personal safety?” The President asked as he was told the deal, and his own eyes opened widely.” You offered them a million people a year!? Thats not a deal that’s a sacrifice. Your making the Magog into Gods and offering them your own people for a ritual sacrifice.”

“Don't look so smug,” The Councilor said angrily,” when your worlds are all gone mine will remain and for centuries after your all gone I might add.”

“You wont last a decade,” he heard as Dylan came on from the coms link,” you've shown fear and the ability to sacrifice your own, they see your weakness and they wont settle for a million a year, they'll come for you very soon.” he said as the room agreed.

“Its not true, we made a deal, I'm safe I tell you!” they all heard as even the President saw his true colors.

“This is treason, during a time of war, with that in mind I asked for a vote, to release the Councilor from this Commonwealth and we will ask his planet for another representative.” He said as the Councilor left him know he saw this coming and that his world was solidly behind him all the way.

“I doubt that they will stand with you when this video we made of these proceedings comes out. How many parents do you think will be happy to donate their children to your plan after they see that your a traitor?” He heard as he got up and stormed form the room and security went with him and made sure he got off the planet as quickly as possible.

The Commonwealth Council made the video public but just as he had said the people of his world stood behind him saying that they would survive even though they would take steady losses. They refused another Council member be made and soon it became a standoff and the Council looked sad to hear it.

“How long do you think they will last alone?” The President asked as Dylan looked sad too.

“The second the Leader finds out hes no longer on the Council,” he added as they agreed and got a fleet ready to defend his world even though he wasn't a council member anymore. They were still humans and they deserved the right to exist even though their leader might be a fool.

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excellent chapters....more twists I didn't see coming..... I like when I am not able to see what will happen next. some stories/ books / movies etc you can too easily.

01-10-2012, 12:55 PM
I have a younger brother that likes to watch movies, etc, and when he lived close to me he invited me to watch movies with him sometimes. After maybe 15 minutes I'd get up to leave and he gave me hell, saying 'no way ! theres no way its over for you yet!' but it was. Then hed ask me what I thought would happen and I'd tell him...after a while he quit asking me over saying that he liked to wait and see the ending for himself...lol.

03-10-2012, 11:33 AM
Chapter 43: Battle for Adopilis

And they weren't far from the truth. In just a few weeks the Magog made a serious attempt to take Adopilis from the much hated Councilman. Their fleet slipped in late one night and began beating on the defense fleet that he had in place. The results were panic in the streets and millions of people saw the truth, the Magog could not be trusted and so they started getting ready for a long fight, and many,many casualties.

Hospitals called security in and set up defenses for themselves, and major corporations had their private armies on standby with men surrounding their headquarters and every major asset they had. The military activated their bases and ships lifted off to join the battle and thousands of military men and women armed themselves for the worst. But by now the spy satellites had done their work, and the New Commonwealth slipped into the system and attacked the Magog from behind and they caught them by surprise. With the planet defenders in front and the New Commonwealth fleet behind they lost big, and soon were forced to retreat with only a few ships getting captured from the planets fleet and losing nearly as many.

The planetary Leaders were very thankful and said so over and over as the New Commonwealth President reminded them they were still human beings, no matter how ignorant they acted, and they apologized for their Councilman and his actions and a new man was sent to replace him and the Commonwealth agreed to let them back in and the original man was never seen again.

But things were not that simple, as the Great Leader of the Magog took this as a personal act against him, and he got every ship he could together and launched a second attack, this time dropping hundreds of pods and attacking the fleets themselves and many ships were captured before the shielded ships could force their carriers away. The Magog still didn’t get the planet, but the attack lasted for some time, as ships formerly friendly, suddenly turned on their friends and attacked, leaving them badly damaged and even a few of those went to the Magog after a long bombardment to lower their shields.

It was a bad day or two for them both, but the Commonwealth managed to save the planet, at great cost, and the Magog got what they wanted all along, new technology to see and copy and Amos knew as he looked the report over, that they'd be seeing shielded Magog ships soon enough.

“Damn it!” Dylan said loudly as everyone on the bridge turned to see why,” the Magog have captured two of our shielded ships in a battle over Adopilis...they now have shielding technology.”

“And they will reverse engineer those very quickly, if someone doesn't stop them,” Rommie added as he agreed, but stopping them now would be another major battle and he wasn't sure the Commonwealth fleet was in any condition to do it. “Perhaps its time we asked our Argon friends for some assistance,” she added while he looked less than happy to consider it.

“If we used all the Commonwealth ships still battle ready and added to that a handful of heavy vessels from Argon, we should be able to destroy the shielded ships before they can have time to study them fully,” Mona added as even Rommie agreed.

“I hate to drag them into this though,” Dylan added looking thoughtful while Rommie mentioned they had been attacked too, and were at war with the Magog anyways and he silently nodded his head that it was true even though he hated to think about it. “I'll ask, but don’t count on too much.”

With that he made the call and after a long discussion he came back looking tired and hassled.

“The Argon Military is willing to give us one carrier to help, they say that they need all the ships they can get right now in their own defense.” he added as everyone nodded they understood, the Argons and their Commonwealth never got into big fleets and were working around the clock to build them up and now they were asking them to send them into combat in another galaxy, and they weren't too sure they were ready.”They may be worried that being seen in our galaxy will draw even more attention here.”

“I cant say its not true, but a fully loaded carrier will certainly help,” Mona added as they all agreed.

“But will it be enough?” Dylan wondered right out loud as a new voice was heard.

“I think it'll do,” they heard as the Rommie II slipped in and took a position near them and Dylan laughed as the crew got a big grin all around.

“You volunteering?” Dylan asked as Sam agreed and a second ship jumped in and a frigate class slipped in next to them and another as a Magog scout joined them too and another corvette class that they all recognized.

“This is my attack fleet, and we're volunteering, the corvettes cant slip drive so they'll need a ride though,” Sam added as Adam reminded him he had a slip drive and they all laughed.

“I don't have really heavy guns but I'm fully loaded with heavy missiles,” he added as Sam's old corvette echoed that as well and Rommie decided they could be used as bombers and they agreed.

“Things are looking up,” Dylan added as the Argon Carrier jumped in to join them and they set up their attack formation and exchanged info.”We want the destruction of the shielded Commonwealth ships, that’s the priority here, we must stop the Magog from copying our technology and using it against us.” he added as all Captains agreed and they lined up and slipped into Commonwealth space, with the corvettes inside the Andromeda for the first part of the journey.

Chapter 44: Their Greatest Fear

They joined the Commonwealth fleet and slipped into Magog space, and after hitting a few small patrols they found the shielded ships in orbit around the Magog home world.

“Attack the shielded ships and destroy them, the Magog ships are secondary targets,” Dylan called as every ships Captain agreed and fighters were launched and ran in firing weapons and dropping missiles as one after another the two ships took major shield damage and slowly they started to come apart at the seams. The first, a frigate class went up in flames after just a couple minutes while the Magog fleet tried unsuccessfully to stop the fighters that were flying all around them and doing some major damage.

The Magog fleet answered with some fighters too and the battle started breaking down into a small ships fight and a major capitol ship battle as the Andromeda and the Colossus from Argon got their hits in while smaller Magog vessels tried to surround them and opened fire to bring down their shields too.

“I'll protect the Andromeda,” Sam called as he dropped some fighter drones that ran in and attacked the smaller ships and they seemed lost as to what to do about these pesky little things. But without any shields the corvette classes took some damage and one blew apart just a few kilometers from the Argon vessel who got some serious shots in too, with her big guns.

“The second Commonwealth ship is taking damage, shields have failed,” Rommie got in as Dylan smiled and nodded, the battle was getting serious but once that ship went up they could retreat and call it a victory. Missiles were flying everywhere and many ships took hits and a few missiles, obviously having troubles with their guidance systems, started towards the planet, but no one seemed to care right now, and several more Magog ships exploded and sprayed the area with large pieces of shrapnel.

“Its done,” Dylan called as the cruiser exploded and the parts actually sprayed the ships nearby that had been trying to guard it. The fleet turned and slipped away after gathering the smaller ships back up again and in a few minutes they were back in Argon space as Dylan thanked the Argon ships for their help, and asked Sam if he wanted to share a victory drink and he agreed. Adam and Gil waved as they jumped away and Sam went to talk to his old friend as the whole affair was talked about over and over again on Argon news channels and Dylan sat back looking sad and waited for just the right time to ask.

“Those missiles that we saw going towards the surface,” he started as Sam took a good drink and waited,” they weren't a mistake or damaged missiles were they?”

“During times of war, we have a way of warning our enemys who their dealing with. We fire a 'shot across their bow' to let them know that we're serious and that it was just a warning,” Sam added as Dylan nodded but looked a little angry,” that was our warning to the Magog, 'this time this is all, but next time'...and we then turned and went home.”

“Do you have any idea how many people you've killed today?” Dylan asked looking very serious as Sam looked surprised he could ask.

“First estimates? 4 million.” Sam said without a blink while Dylan looked away and very,very sad.” I should go now, sorry Dylan but a war isn't a negotiation, they refused your negotiations long ago, and so maybe you should start thinking about saving lives on our side and not theirs.” He added as he beamed away and Dylan slammed his drink down on the table and looked more angry than anytime lately.

“Whats the matter?” Rommie asked walking in as Dylan looked like he'd scream.

“He used this attack as an excuse to attack the Magog home world, and millions died,”he said sourly as Rommie sat down next to him on the sofa.

“And did his actions surprise you this much, or the fact that you haven't been able to do it yourself?” she asked as he looked at her sadly, and refused to say. “It is a war, Captain,” she said very officially,” and if we want humanity to survive then maybe this is the way to go, negotiations cant help us win, not now, they have shown that clearly, sometimes even you need to remember that your a military man and not a politician.” she added as she too got up and left.

Dylan sat there having drink after drink and wondered when he lost control of the situation. Even Rommie was against more negotiations now and he felt all alone in his wish for peace. But maybe she wasn't too wrong after all, Sam had acted, while he didn't, and that made him think that maybe being a Commonwealth military officer wasn't his calling after all.

But on the Magog home world things were even more crazy, as relief supplys and help ran in from all over the planet. The first missile had hit a large city on the southern continent and nearly leveled it, while the second hit just outside their Capitol, and the flash and heat set off hundreds of fires and many,many Magog were dead, and dieing... as the Great leader sat there, at his desk, looking shocked beyond all reasoning. He had promised them all, his people that this would never happen. That his fleet would protect them and that no human would ever attack their world and safely leave after their victory, but it had happened and he sat back with his eyes closed and thought about where he had lost control, and he finally saw it. Dylan Hunt was his weakness and his attention was on him, but now...the Argon people had come to his world and left a mark, a bad mark, on his world and reputation, and he knew what had happened. A new threat was here now, and Dylan was nothing compared to it, and he made sure that relief supplys were sent as fast as possible to help the wounded and dieing and he knew that his war had made a terrible,terrible turn and that something would need done, before he lost even here, and he made sure some of his far reaching colonies were set up and running and recalled the ships he sent, to add to his badly damaged fleet and he waited for them to come home and for the biggest battle yet in their war against the humans.

Sam gave his crew some time off and went home for a while. His actions weighed on him as well, but not like Dylan. Dylan was more a politician than a Commander, while trying to be both. He worried about everyone, and every thing in his area of interest. His enemys were worried for like his own people, and that, Sam just couldn't understand. If they were willing to negotiate in good faith then fine, do that, but they had made a fool of him and his people many times and bragged about it, and now he was stuck in a hard place, wondering what to do next, and Sam had acted in his stead, and Dylan was very upset. He might never really forgive him and he knew it, but it needed done, and he wouldn't apologize for it.

He made sure he got some rest, and smiled a lot as Cybil started to show a little and her attitude slowed down and she seemed more than happy now. Janie doted on her when he wasn't around, and he knew it and mentioned that she would make a good mother someday too, while she denied the whole thing and Cybil and Sherry got a good laugh about it, thinking about the strong,tall soldier in labor made them all laugh even harder.

Sam told them why he was worried after a while, and they looked serious but said they understood. He wasn't worried for the enemy, but his friend, and what he would do now, and they sat back holding his hand and hugging him all the while knowing that he might have lost a friend while doing what he thought was best.

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excellent....and the plot thickens.... 'insert theme music for the intermission'

05-10-2012, 11:05 AM
Chapter 45: Retaliation

The Magog fleet was gaining steadily now, the Great Leader called back two of his asteroid ships and many freighters and small attack vessels. The fleet now looked much better and he made his plans and the time came to carry them out. They jumped into the Argon galaxy and attacked the first ships and platforms with full force. The call went out and many more ships jumped in to help. The battle started getting serious, and Sam heard about it and jumped in too. His little group helped stop any from getting to the gate system because without it, they had no real idea where they were. The Magog did jump a few ships away though, and the Argon military called that a few were escaping. The patrols in all sectors went on high alert, and the Magog ships were hunted down before they could disappear into the worlds that they found there.

Meanwhile, the battle continued, and ships started getting lost on both sides. The Magog got people on a corvette and the screaming over the coms made it clear they were taking it without a second thought, the weapons came on line in a few minutes and starting attacking their own ships, but they got destroyed without a second thought, and the main attack turned on the asteroid battleships they brought as many of the smaller ships exploded as the big Argon vessels ran in.

The Magog Leader was watching and listening the whole time and this Battle worried him more than many others. These people never thought twice about destroying their own once they were under Magog control and that surprised him greatly. Even the New Commonwealth had planned to get their people back, and many experiments were done to extract the Magog eggs from the host, mostly ending badly. But here it was different, and they knew what was coming and had made their peace with it. If their ship and its crew was taken, they offered themselves up and the battle went on. They would not be taken and used, not if they had any chance at all, even death was an option and he saw that these people were his worst nightmare, and that if any truly stood in his way, it was them.

He ordered the maximum damage done possible and ordered other ships to jump and they did, making the Alliance fleet very upset as one after another Magog ships disappeared into their territorys. The calls were made warning others and some ships were found almost immediately, and destroyed, a few were not seen yet and those were the most worrisome, and as the asteroid battleships started taking damage themselves, they slipped back into subspace and went home, hoping their friends found a safe place in that new, and dangerous galaxy, while the Argon Alliance hunted them down without mercy.

Dylan Hunt also was there, watching and listening. He got together with the Argon Command and helped figure out where the Magog might be going, and what they hoped to achieve. They needed a foothold in the new lands, so they would look for worlds they could get, either small, populated worlds or new open worlds with lots of animal life on it. That cut down the number of places to look substantially, and they soon found a few of their ships and a new Magog colony they had just started. But there were also some Magog fighting ships out there and calls came in that ships were under attack, and soon it became clear that they had control over some ships that would be very hard to see until it was too late.

It was a new chapter in the war, and with Magog controlling normal citizens now and having several ships of Argon and even Boron design, they were blending in, and disappearing... and that made Command angrier than any time before and scanners started getting set up at trading stations and on orbital transports, and everyone that entered was scanned and those found to contain Magog eggs were held and silently they stopped them from getting to any truly inhabited planets, but that didn’t mean they stopped trying, just that they had to find new ways to get through.

The Great Leader was smiling a lot more now. They had done it...they were in the Argon galaxy in greater numbers than before, and they had people under their control that helped them. Now the Alliance was scurrying to find them but it was too late. A new world was theirs and ships that hid away and then sneaked into stations and mines and took them over. They had no idea how many Magog there were in their galaxy now, and they would never know, until it was too late.

The one planet they found the Magog had taken over was cleansed, again and the Command made announcements that the scanners would remain in place, but that the main force had been dealt with. It might not be true but then it stopped panic and that helped them later on, while ships scoured the galaxy looking for Magog ships and stopped them from infecting more and more people, but it was true they didn’t know how many had gotten past them or where some were now, and that scared their leaders a lot more than burning a planet clean. If they were inside normal humans and their allies now then a few scanners wouldn't find them all, but they kept them going, and added more to important places, and slowly they saw more and more Magog trying to get through, and they started a serious attempt to find out where they were coming from, and how many more there were.

It became clear the Magog had changed their way of doing things. They moved around in ships and attacked smaller vessels and impregnated their crews. This was a slow way of spreading their culture into the new galaxy, but once they gained control of them they did their bidding and helped them gain new places and a few stations fell without anyone even knowing it. The Magog were a silent threat now, not the big flashy battles they had planned for and soon the word was out that the Magog might be anywhere, and even some ships owned by private people had scanners on board and they checked every person that came and went,and it became known that it was necessary and slowly a few more Magog were found and one station was attacked by the Alliance and every person on it scanned and held, once they were found to contain Magog. It showed that the new incentive was working, but the Magog also were working harder than before. How many stations, mines and ships were now under Magog control? The numbers of computer estimates scared everyone, and the new war, to ferret out the Magog from their hiding places, started and marine attack forces were placed on high alert as sector after sector, searches of stations and checkpoints checking ships became the new normal.

Chapter 46: Reality Sets In

In the weeks after the Magog attack, the news finally admitted that a new threat was in their universe. The Magog had snuck past them during the battle and was now attacking ships and spreading their spawn everywhere they could. The original video was shown on galaxy wide channels...with a warning to turn children away...and the average person knew the horror the Magog posed to them and theirs. Ships were getting refit with the scanners as fast as they could be made and sent and even the Alliance helped pay for them on ships that couldn't afford them themselves. They became mobile scanning stations and every station they stopped at became a new chance to find an enemy, and though some complained about privacy, most went along with it, and the Magog were soon thought of as nothing more than another pirate group as their ships were seen attacking convoys and TL class looking for new people.

It was a win for the Magog, that they were so soon accepted as being a part of the galaxy, and Sam and Dylan didn’t like that a bit, as they worked to make sure the Mercenary Guild had a reason to hunt them as well, and convoy protection became an even bigger job with some high pays for those men and women that did the job well.

Sam offered a bounty on Magog, 20k for every dead Magog ship, and the word got out and some made it their mission to collect it. He laid back 1 million credits for the fund and as others found out about it, it grew from other donations. The Silarn Fund became a new idea whose time had come and soon it had enough backing to keep it going for a long time, and hopefully, help eliminate Magog even faster.

The claims started coming in, and Sam had his Second assigned to watch it very carefully. There were the scam artists of course, but they got caught pretty quickly. One thing you needed to claim the bounty was evidence of a Magog kill, like gun footage of the fight, or Magog parts themselves, and after some battles seeing someone gathering a head or arm was not that unusual,as others cried about the cruelty and barbarism of it all. So soon the rules were modified and it became more accepted, as many pilots that saw things going on now jumped in to help, instead of looking the other way and hoping not to get involved.

Sam and Dylan went on a sort of speaking tour, and made sure the galaxy knew that the Magog COULD be stopped and there weren't as many out there as it seemed,and Sam mentioned more bounties coming soon as the rooms filled with pilots and even military men applauded and cheered.

But the side effect of this was they started becoming celebrities in their own right, and as Dylan was always seen with Rommie next to him or on his arm, many started asking Sam about his wife and he looked embarrassed but admitted she was at home and very much pregnant, and everyone thought that was just wonderful for him, and a high price was set up for the first person to get video of her for the news, as many, many questions were asked, and Sam refused to give out personal information while they all laughed at his embarrassment.

It almost became a sort of witch hunt, as some started saying that he might be hiding the truth but during one meeting as they badgered him about it again, an old friend stepped up to say it was true, and Karl Kho admitted that he had met Sam's wife and that she was truly lovely, and Sam thanked him for stepping in to help, and many there accepted it as fact while the price for the first video went through the roof, since now she was a sure thing.

“Tall, thin but well made...” he went on as notes were taken and Sam stood by smiling and mentioned she was now 7 months pregnant so..not as thin as before and the room laughed. “long blond hair and very ladylike, that’s how I remember her.” Kho added as Sam agreed to it all and they asked when they might meet her and Sam looked unsure when that might be.

“My wife and his are from the same world,” Kho mentioned as Sam finally admitted it was true,” and mine is here with me,” he said as she smiled widely and Sam saw the happy little redhead from before.

“I'm sure Sam will bring her around once in a while after the baby comes.” he added as everyone cheered and Sam gave him a dirty look for getting him in even deeper and the room saw it and got some pictures of the two Business Moguls giving each other hard stares.

After this Sam had to consider he hadn't been home for a while again, and Cybil was going to kill him if he didn’t get back soon. He took a little time off and gathered some nice things for the baby and then went home as they met him at the gate and gave him big hugs and kisses. Janie left him know that Cybil was still not eating right and she complained that nothing looked good to her now and they all smiled to think it. But she was thrilled with the baby toys and things Sam had brought back and they took some time and set them up in her bedroom and it soon started looking like a real nursery, and she kissed him warmly and thanked him for thinking about them during this serious time and he held her close and said he would never forget her or his home, and she should know that by now.

The scans showed the baby was doing well, and she was happy to hear it even though she checked herself daily. It was nice hearing someone else say it and when she mentioned she wanted him there for the delivery Sam looked ill and Janie and Sherry laughed at the thought of the big bad Sam Silarn getting sick during his wifes delivery.

“I'm no good with stuff like that, I'll throw up, I swear,” he mentioned as even Cybil got a laugh from it and mentioned he had to be there, or at least in the room when it happened, they weren't calling it in from across the galaxy and he smiled and agreed and the deal was set and her delivery date was mentioned so he could be there well in advance.

“I expect you to take a month off for this,” Cybil added very seriously as Sam complained that a month was a long time, and she gave him dirty looks until he agreed and he said he'd set it up so others could be there for him and she finally smiled and they had a nice dinner together.

Sam was a happy man, and his family was getting bigger, but his mind was still out there, worrying about what was coming next and where they might strike. Cybil made him stay by her side the whole time he was home and even argued with him when he said he needed to go back, but slowly she left it go, saying next month he was all hers and he would see his first child. He smiled wide thinking that and agreed and after a little time making sure everyone was happy and well taken care of he was away again, and went back to see what had happened while he was gone. The good news was several Magog ships had been destroyed and one station taken over had been liberated by mercenaries who now owned the place.

The Magog were not having an easy time of it, and that made him even happier and some bounties were paid and people were seen talking about it no the news. If the future was all about fighting for their freedom and lives, then the Alliance was ready, and things like the Magog got mentioned even during pilot training at their schools and new pilots could identify Magog ships from shadows and quick glances, and the X Universe made a step towards at least keeping the Magog at bay and not letting them increase their numbers, as the slip points became armed camps and the few that got through were hunted every where they went.

The Alliance had lost a little by letting them in but now they adjusted, and when they put their minds to it, they got things done. The Terrans sent ships to help search and patrol and every civilization added their own, and scanners became a new thing on every trade station and many Magog incubators were found and taken care of. This was the new Reality in the Commonwealth and new friends helped at every turn. But the enemy would never give up and never leave and soon they became a Horror Story told to every young person and they grew up knowing that they needed found and destroyed as the Universe started into a new time, and only friends and Alliances helped hold them together.


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And now I take 6 months off and let you consider everything you've read.......just joking....lol so, how did the first one go? Everyone satisfied so far?

05-10-2012, 04:45 PM
Just stopped by to make a comment. I like watching tv shows, some anime too, but its a surprise to me...or maybe not and that's the surprise...that many writers are seeing a time when people can get 'stuck' in games. Not addicted, well ok maybe, but actually stuck in them because they want to. To live a life, even one that time goes faster in..(ever think we get dozens of missions a day on X/) not realistic to think that. But by the time we do a dozen missions, get a second ship months would have passed in a real life there. Not to mention time off, sleeping, eating something very necessary,and a cost to be incurred. I think the technology for a game that detailed and realistic is here, now...but no one has made it , or modded it yet. It will not surprise me to see VR or some other way to make immersion greater than it is now, as well as a 'live in' world where our games are more than games..more like second lives, or hobbies. There will be jobs to do, and money to be made, but all the cheats and stuff like that will need to be eliminated. There are several games right now that have 'real world economies' so money made on game can be stent in the real world. That's the start, tying them together, so having a job and doing things for people online will become equal to doing it off line, and that will be fantastic to see. An online life and an offline life, connected and working together...and its not that far away, I'll wager.

06-10-2012, 05:42 AM
About the story so far just love it.

It will not surprise me to see VR or some other way to make immersion greater than it is now, as well as a 'live in' world where our games are more than games..more like second lives, or hobbies. There will be jobs to do, and money to be made, but all the cheats and stuff like that will need to be eliminated. That reminds of an anime called Sword Art Online.
Players can actually live and die in that game. Talk about immersion :lol:

06-10-2012, 09:48 AM
there's more and more mention of that in tv shows and games...so many people are thinking that way. I'm not sure that I'd like a game where my real body could die in it, but having to lose everything and start over would be a challenge and give us motivation.

They also say that having real, physical responses to playing games cant be done yet, but I just got a new 3d card, and it wasn't in sync just right that first day until I got new drivers for it. Everything I did, when playing off the on board 3d with only 256k of memory, made the games run a little slow. It was like throwing the stick to the side and then waiting a 1/2 second or so for it to work...very annoying...but after a while I started getting a little woozy, light headed almost, because I was trying to force the game to run faster than it could and it made me a little bit dizzy, or so it seemed. That showed me while I was pissed about the way it ran, that the game itself made a real life effect on me, so if that can happen accidentally, and yes, I fixed it as quick as possible, then if people say..."lets get drunk" in game then that's all it would take to show them that their character really is drunk, and their reflexes will show it. That's just one example of what I've been saying. The Game made me feel drunk, almsot in the real world, so effects from online can be amde real, in our mind at least.