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this is a story that im inspired to write. please be patient, cause inspiration is what it is, and it comes when it does. if i force the next chapter then it will not be as good. the start is a little slow, but i promise it will pick up... and fast too!
it is based on the Nividium Horizon start for xtc, but only at the start. my imagination goes wild while i play this game, and this is just one of the stories that comes while i play. if people like it, and if i enjoy writing it as i think i will, i will probably write the stories that go with some of the other characters that will pop up shortly. i have the framework for the whole story, and it is sound and interesting. the only real thing left to do for "amnesia" is to fill in the blanks, namely, the words.
Well thats my preamble... without further ado, heres the first chapter of


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CHAPTER 1.... What the?

When i woke, i didnt know anything it seemed. i couldnt think of my name, who i was, or what i was doing sitting in what appeared to be the cockpit of a small space faring ship.

i decided to start with the basics. there is what looks like a flight control in front of me, and given that this looks like a cockpit i figured what the hey, might as well see if i can fly her. first i take a look around to make sure that if i get a little out of hand, i wont accidentally hit anything. it seems all clear, though there seem to be several stations in this area, but they are pretty far away. i notice also that they, and this ships i can see moving around here seem to line up with different shapes on the screen in the middle of the contols, so i figure this must be my way of identifying, at a glance, what is near me and just how near it is. i gently pushed the controls forward, and as i did the ship pitched down... so far so good. pulling back pitched her up, and turning it left and right rolled the ship the same way. seems rather intuitive. near my feet there is a set of 2 pedals, and gently pushing either left or right makes the ship turn. i think i can get the hang of this...

i can see clearly how to change the direction of this ship now, so all i got to do is figure out how to make her go. to be able to stop would probably be good info to have as well. i look around for a few minutes, but i cant see any sliding levers or anything like that. then i notice a blank rectangular screen to the left of the screen with the markers on it, right above another one that has a series of blue and green bars, one on top of the other. i put my finger on the blank area, and instantly a bar appears under my finger and the screen starts filling with blue, as the ship starts moving forward. i found the thrust control. i try putting my finger at the far left, and as i expected, the ship starts slowing down. there is a "^" shape to the left of this bar, so i touch it and it changes to a "v". forward, reverse. well this seems easy. now to see what the rest of these buttons do!

i spend another 35-40 mizuras trying out various things and discover that some buttons work weapons. i almost took out what is apparently a "vulture" when i found that out, lucky for me the shots just missed it, going underneath. there was a moment of panic though.
another button brings up an are map that displays a grid of what are apparently called sectors , the one im in now being called Atropos II, and touching one of them (the map seems to float in the area in front of my eyes!) shows the sector to me. ive only got good info for this sector, i guess ill have to fly around to the other ones to find out whats there.

i also dicovered that if i put my finger on the canopy on top of one of the icons flying around me it will tell me what it is, as well as "select" it, giving me instant information like how far away it is, and what speed it is going. touching it again brings up a menu that i can only imagine is part of my helmets function. i can then press any of the options that appear, wich range from gaining information about the other object, to following it, to attacking it. this is getting to be pretty overwhelming by now, im learning all this stuff that i feel i should know, since here i am in a ship in the middle of space. i mean i had to have gotten here somehow, right?

well sitting here pinning wont do any good, so i decide its time to land somewhere and start trying to find out what the hell has happened to me. i touch a bunch of stations on my canopy till i find one called a "teladi trading station" and select dock at from the menu that pops down.

overwhelming though it may be, this technology is pretty cool.

as my ship is turning to get on course for a landing, i notice that only one ship in the area has a green box around it on my canopy, where the rest have blue. i think maybe this is a friend of mine or something like that, so i touch it. the menu that pops down on this one is a little different. there are options to issue commands to it, and it can tell me what the prices are like at all the stations around here too! i must also own this ship, called "nividium horizon", and she must be for trading. i wonder now if maybe thats what i am... a trader. that seems about right for some reason. the idea of eaking out an existance by buying stuff where its cheap, and selling it where people are willing to pay lots for it is very apealling. i command her to dock at this "teladi trading station" as well. i think ill fly her for a while, and since this ship seems to have a protect feature in its computer, i can have it follow me around in case someone decides it would be even easier to steal the stuff that someone else bought cheap and sell it for 100% profit. actually not a bad idea, but i dont know at this point if i have the firepower or skills to get a plan like that making credits for me. it is, however, an option that i will keep in mind for the future. if im still scrambling around looking for something to do for credits, that is.

the station is about 35 km away, so for now its just a waiting game.

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Chapter 2... And you are?
I wont lie, letting the ship dock itself was a little scary. i suppose i will get used to it after a little while, but that station only appeared about the size of my thumbnail when i selected it but by the time i was within a kilometer of it it was almost all i could see! and my ship came at it just fast enough for me to think... "holy ****, i hope she lines up properly!" but she did, and now im docked, for the first time i can remember, at a station being welcomed on behalf of someone named chairman ceo. a menu apears, much like my map does, only in the left of my peripheral vision. i decide to try and com the station, the information service may be able to help me in some way.

Turns out it was closed... so i read through something called the galactic news network for a little while, getting mostly useless information. there are a couple of trade tips in there too, but i dont know at this point where the mentioned sectors are or if i could meet the demand in time with the products being requested, since i also dont know where to get any of these things yet either.

just then, a strange beeping noise startled me. it was beeping in time with a button that i hadnt tried yet, so i pushed it to see what would happen. the beeping stopped, and nothing else... for a few seconds that is. then everything changed.
"Sinassis? Are you there?" a vaguely familiar sounding female voice seemed to come from all around me. "SInassis? HELLO?"

I would bet many credits im this sinassis persons, so i say "Yeah, im here."

"Well you shouldnt be!" she snapped back right away, "What the hell are you doing around here? And with hacked relations to the teladi too! I hope you know what you are doing, but i cant talk verye much. if security knew it was you i was talking to they would not just fire me, they'd fire me at top speed towards the nearest planet! and not in a ship either! meet me in 2 stazuras at these coordinates... 100,100,100. got that? i hope so, i made it easy for you, now leave this station! you should be alright with your hacked relations to the teladi at other stations, but the security here is actually looking for you! GO!"

"Wait, wait," i replied, already thinking that slight change in the background noise of this ship meant that she'd already disconnected. when no reply came after about 10 seconds, i decided to heed her advice and leave this station immediately. i dont know why anyone would be looking for me, but she seemed very excited about the whole deal so probably they were looking pretty hard. and at this station too.

i switched to the Nividium Horizon and hit the undock button. 2 stazuras is a while, if the clock in my cockpit is accurate, so i decided to explore a bit then head out to the coordinates she'd given me. i wished she had given me her name too, but there would be time to ask her questions when i met her later i think.

According to my ships computer, there were cheap energy cels about 20km away from this station at a solar power plant, so i figured i may as well make some money while i waste time waiting for this mystery lady and our rendevous at the "easy" coordinates"
energy cels pay alright, but theres got to be a better way to make credits around here. im going to have to start looking for some sort of regular work before long. or maybe something more profitable to trade in. i wonder if my other ship, the one i woke up in, has the fire power to rob other people of their wares? these trade runs take some time anyway, and thats all i really want to do till i get to this meeting soon anyway. maybe she will have some information that will help me make more credits. seems like i should have a lot for some reason, even though im not sure where i can buy better gear and what gear is available to buy at this time either. for all i know, really, i could be flying the best ship available for trading in and being protected by the best fighter around too.

but seriously, this buying energy cels then selling them at another station is a little boring. especially when the two stations are 50km apart. im getting kind of hungry too, but ive been warned not to be at the trading station here and none of the other stations appear to be places to eat, so after this meeting im gonna check out the surrounding sectors for somewhere i can sit down for a few minutes and eat.

well, its getting close to time to meet up with my lady advisor, so i set the ship to move to the position at 100,100,100 and notice that its quite far from the rest of the stuff in the sector. she must really be worried that we'd be overheard. or seen together. its going to be a bit of a ride to that position, and im beginning to wish i had some magazines or something. this space place is big. i mean, really big. back to waiting it is!

she arrived at our meeting place... and only 15 mizuras late too! selecting her ship on my canopy told me it was a "titan"... nice looking ship too! maybe ill put one on my list of things to get. i also found out her name, illisa sillarne. too bad it didnt ring any bells. i was hoping she would trigger something in my memory but no dice.

when illisa got closer she commed me

"sinassis, you there?"

"where else would i be? a pretty lady tells me to meet her, i meet her. especially one shrouded in such mystery. so, what are we here to talk about?" i replied

"first things first. i absolutely cannot afford to be seen with you, and this far from the rest of the sector it wond be long before we attract some attention from sector security. im sending something to your ship, its called a jumpdrive. you can use it to move from sector to sector almost instantly. this one is a little bit special though, it has the "unfocused" mod, so it can be used to move to a random sector outside the normally available routes. these sectors are generally not inhabited and dont have any jump gates so the only way to get there is to use the unfocused jump drive. now that its on your ship, use it and ill set mine to follow you. ive already hacked your nav computer by the way... you really need to work on security in your ships if you want to survive around here! ok, hit the jump button"

i did what she said. what other choice did i have? my ship started counting down from 10, and i wondered if i could maybe get a sexier voice for my computer.

the ship jumped to somewhere called "unkown sector" and there was nothing but asteroids to be seen, including my backup ship... that one must have been left in atropos II when i jumped. i feel a little more naked than i did before.

about 3 sezuras later, illisa jumped in too. she commed me right away.

"I thought id never see you again, Sin, and really you shouldnt be pusing your luck around these teladi stations! what the hell did you come here for?" she asked.

"i dont know what your talking about, or anything for that matter. i was really hoping you could tell me. i cant seem to remember anything beyond whats happened over the last few stazuras. so lets start with the basics... there are 2 things i need to know... first is, who am i? secondly... and you are..?"

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Chapter 3 ... What do i do now?

"You really dont remember anything, or are you trying to fool me again sin? how could you not remember us? what do you remember?" illisa asked, sounding almost panicked

"i dont remember anything. if there is something to remember, its lost on me. all i know for certain is that i woke up in my other ship, the one i was in when i docked at the trading station where you commed me. it took me about 50 mizuras to figure out how to fly it around and while i was doing that, i also figured out how to interact with other objects in space around me. thats was just before i docked at the trading station where you commed me. care to tell me what you know? and who are you, and whats with "us"?" i asked, gaining a little hope for what might be relayed to me next. i may soon know more about who i am, and how i came to be in that ship sleeping in space

"really? this all seems so convenient. after all that argnu **** you put me through, suddenly you cant remember anything. and the first thing you do once your "memory" starts over is come to the station where ive worked as a liason officer for aldrin commerce for 5 jazura now. yes, this all seems too convenient." she said after some pause

"well you can believe what you want. right now you have me alone in an area of space i dont know, wich could be any area of space for that matter, and im telling you what i know. little though that is. id bet a million credits that "thor" of yours has this freighter out gunned also. now i want to know some things too. who am i?" i asked, getting a little mad that i was being treated like some sort of criminal for reasons i did not know.

"you are sinassis, you must know that by now since you and i have talked a little and i know ive called you by name. you are my former lover. and i cant stress the former enough. we are through. you used me and lied to me and cheated who knows how many people out of their credits while we were together, and i want no part in this anymore." was the answer i wasnt expecting. i guess im supposed to be a criminal of sorts then. well, that explains the gruff treatment.

she continued "the teladi are looking for you something fierce. they say that youve stolen some sort of factory ship from them. one that can make its owner a very wealthy being. they are following its jump trail too, so if you have that ship you best be on the lookout!"

"as far as i know, i only own the two ships. they are the only 2 that come up on my properties list in my computer, so they are looking for me somewhere im not if they are looking for me in that ship they say i took." a meager defense, i know, but its all i could come up with on the spot. suddenly im very eager to hear the rest about me, or rather, who i was. im also beginning to think the future was going to be very interesting.

"and you really dont remember anything before today?" allisa asked, still sounding a little peeved

"nothing before today. all i remember happened after i woke up. but its shaping up to be quite a list of memories from there, though." i said. " ok, so i guess im supposed to be some kind of thief. tell me, what did i steal?"

"mostly credits, you were quite a salesman. thats how you came to work for aldrin commerce. unfortunately, you were quite a thief as well. you could sell ice to an ice processing facility, and when it never showed up, make the people that bought it off you believe that it was somehow their own fault. then get them to pay you for a few auto pilot ships to run extra security for them. i know, ive seen you do it. and recently. to say that the teladi are looking for you is an understatement. you have enemies all through space. both in the old sectors, and the expansion region." she told me. my stomach was starting to knot a bit. i would never have guessed that i was a con artist. that probably explains my previous urge to rob ships of their trade goods to make credits.

"wow, i sound like a real winner." i replied. what else could i say?

"you were though. it was only recently that ive seen you in this new light. 2 mazuras ago, you could do no wrong in my eyes. you had me fooled real well, i tell you. i though you were the most honest, charismatic, and best businessman i could have ever been blessed to work with. we were going into business together. we were going to be married! now this." allisa said.

i wonder what changed for her then. if i was as good as she says i was, how did she find out that i wasnt being honest?

"a thought occurs..." i started, " if i was the man i seemed to be... and for a long time i must have been, then how did you find out i was not doing honest business with these people?" i asked

"terran security had been watching your business ventures for a while." she told me. "the last day i saw you, they approached me and told me all about what you were really up to. they had sector surveilance footage of your trade ships being attacked, or at least of the times and places your ships were supposed to be being attacked, but to my suprise" she said, "there were none of your ships around then. and none that could be traced using that sector as part of a trade route. since mostly you were using ice from terran ice processing plants as a trade commodity they were worried by the amount of tales of your ships going missing in transport. they didnt want a bad name from these deals. and neither did i! we worked together on a lot of those deals, and its more good luck than anything that im still free! but im on some pretty thin ice, if you can pardon the pun, and all of my accounts are being audited. good thing i was honest. they wont find any shady dealings from me. now i only want to tell you these things cause the love i felt for you was real, even if its not there any more. you need to be careful out there! there are many people who want you dead! your best bet is to assume another identity, and start over again. if you really cant remember what happened in your past, then this is a chance for you to make a new life for yourself. go legit. dont lie, dont cheat, and dont steal! there is a bounty of 500,000 credits for anyone who can capture you alive and bring you to the terrans. i could have used this opportunity to do just that, and set myself up for life with a couple factories of my own with that kind of credit. but i wont, i will only warn you once though. do not come around here again. you should probably leave the expansion region since there seems to be a lot more people here aware of your criminal standing, and your bounty. this is the last time i ever want to see you. to be honest, this is one more time than i ever wanted to see you again. if you need energy cels to jump your ship back to the old sectors, i can give them to you. your kite can also be programmed to follow you there but your better off selling that ship and getting a new one that has no ties to you. same with this bucket too. i see youve changed her name and id numbers, but i know that old tub when i see her and a lot of other people will also. trade it in and get something different." she finally stopped speaking for a second, so i took the chance to say something myself

"ill take your advice, since if all you say is true then you are trying to help me. and im sorry i hurt you. i'm glad i dont remember doing it cause you seem like a good person. i wont bother you again, either. but i do need to know how to get to the "old sectors" as you call them. where should i go? and, what should i do now?" i asked

"go to veil of delusion first. theres a pirate base there and they can help you change your identity. after that i dont care where you go, and what you do. just dont do it near me. im leaving you to your fate now, please live a good life from this point forward!" she replied

"thank your for everything, ellisa. i will try and do good by you." i answered.

i dont know if she heard me though, since her ship jumped out of this part of space in a flash of light that was almost blinding since id been staring at her ship when it happened.

well that was interesting, i thought while i pondered my next move.

on my ships computer, i brought up the options for the other ship i owned and ordered her to dock at the nearest shipyard. while i waited for that to happen, i connected to GNN and saw that there was actually a story about me and my 500,000 credit bounty. should i go to a pirate sector, dock at a pirate base? that was a lot of temptation. i had some credits of my own, plus i would be selling a ship soon, maybe i could pull this off.

the ships mail system beeped to let me know i had a message. my other ship was at the shipyard and awaiting more orders. the decision was suprisingly easy to make though... i cycled through the menu till i got to the trade options and hit sell. 1,360,000 credits added to the roughly 1 million i had before. time to start over. the only real question was, what do i do now?

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Chapter 4 A Pirates Bay

mostly at this point i had two options. turn myself in to the terrans so nobody else can collect the half million... or fly off to veil of delusion and see if i can bribe my way to a new identity. seems like a pretty obvious choice to me. i checked my map, and sure as anything there was a sector on it id never been to before... veil of delusion. i selected jump to sector and that not quite sexy voice started counting down again. while i waited, i wondered quickly if i really had stolen a ship that could make me very wealthy. and if i did, could i keep it?
once i arrived in veil of deception, i noticed just how red this sector is. not just the fog all around me, but the a lot of the ships and stations around me were also flagged as red. even with my memory loss, i knew that couldnt be good. there was a pirate anarchy port that was blue though so i decided to try my luck there. letting my ship run autopilot to the dock didnt really seem like a good idea though, since there were a couple red flagged ships between it and i. so i started flying by hand. i was able to make it without incedent though, so i counted myself lucky so far. i docked manually by comming the station to request a dock, then just following the lights in. if im going to be flying around all these ememy ships, some of wich may not be as obvious as the ones around here, im going to need something that isnt a freight ship to do it in, i think. something with more guns.

not even 2 sezuras after i docked, my com started beeping at me. last time that happened, it was all bad news. here in a pirate sector, at a pirate station, theres no way it could be good. with great hesitation, i answered.

"Uhhh.... hello?"

"Sinassis! you are to wait on your ship while you are boarded. then you will be excorted... heavily... to my section of the station. any attempts to leave will be met with your instant death. this is no joke!" came the reply, followed immediately by the sound of a disconnect. oh great.

almost instantly, i heard the sounds of approaching steps. i wondered briefly if jumping out of the sector would be considered an attempt to leave. then i was surrounded by some very military looking beings... i thought they were supposed to be pirates here?

at least they didnt carry me to the callers home. i was led by one, flanked by 2, and followed by 2 more of these military style goons though. we wound through some sort of market area where people were selling all sorts of goods, even one person shouting about having the best used ships for 10 sectors. then we were into some hallway labarynth. i doubted i could find my way back to my ship even if i managed to get away from these guys. better to just go with the flow at this point. that knowledge didnt help the sinking feeling that just kept getting worse and worse as we got closer to my next piece of what i could only assume was really bad news.

after travelling a good 15 mizuras, we arrived at a non descript door, in yet another non descript hall. the lead good pressed a button, and the door opened to some pretty lavish living area. whoever lived here obviously lived good. i hoped it wasnt from collecting bounties on people. the lead goon told me to sit. and wait.

naturally, i did. and did. and did some more. the waiting was a little more than i was prepared for really. i was there almost 1 stazura before anyone else showed up.

"I am Zuzuamis Luuligos Yalos IX. and you are sinassis. your presence is this sector is concerning, at the least. you have a large bounty on your capture. why have you come to my port?" the man asked.

"You are right, i am sinassis. but i am here in the hopes that you can change that. i do not intend to bring trouble with me, and when i jumped to this sector i jumped from outside the sectors so i was not likely followed. i have here to purchase a new identity. and possibly a new ship. i do not know why there is a bounty on me, i do not remember anything from before the last few stazuras." i went on to tell him of all that had happened to me since waking.

after hearing my story, zuzuamis thought for a minute.

"you are worth quite a bit of credits as sinassis, what profit could be made from making you someone else?" he asked

"im sure by now youve hacked my accounts since you knew who i was when i arrived, id bet many credits you know my financial standing already. " that bet would have been a bluff " so perhaps we can come to some arrangement. it is my understanding that i am worth 500,000 credits. i can offer you triple that to change my identity. and more, if you can find me a small ship to leave here with, i will give you my freighter. with all her upgrades and freight." i answered

"so you are offering 1.5 million credits, but your accounts show you have 2.3 million, " the bluff was good, apparently, "what is to stop me from impounding your ship, taking your credits, and turning you in? that would gain me great profits." zuzuamis asked

"theres nothing stopping you from doing anything that i know of. whatever course of action you choose, you will be free to pursue since here, you have the forces to enforce whatever choice you make." i said. that sinking feeling had hit my toes by now. "maybe we can work some sort of deal out. i can offer as much as 2 million credits for the identity change. the rest i will use to start that new life. im not sure what my ship, nividium horizon, is worth, but im sure you can profit from that trade as well if you were to find me some smaller ship to leave here with. any other terms you have, you will have to ask me. i dont know what im capable of right now, since my memory is gone, but im sure there has to be some work you need done." i hoped that laying everything on the table would make zuzuamis a little more willing to work with me on this, instead of just turning me in.

"i will see what i can do. i am only part of this venture here in veil. i will discuss with my partners what we should do, and what you can do for us in return. i will return shortly. for now, though, you must be hungry. i will have a meal served for you. i will return." and with that, zuzuamis left.

true to his word, a couple mizuras later, a meal was served. several argnu patties cooked perfectly, some sort of paste that was delicious, and drinks i could only drink a small mouthfull at a time since they were so good. i ate my fill then went back to the thing i was becomming an expert at... waiting.

it wasnt long this time when zuzuamis returned.

"we have some good news for you. we will work with you in changing your identity. and we have found a ship that we will trade for your frieghter. but you must do some things for us. a few tasks we cannot trust to our syndicate."

"the first task we have for you is to simply follow one of ours. we are suspicious that he has been meeting with some people who are no friends of ours, and we are certain that if he is meeting them he is giving them information that we do now want leaked. for this, we are giving you a ship called a starburst. it cannot carry any weapons, so you will not be a threat to us or him. it is very fast though, and can outrun most missiles and lasers known to us. when he reaches his meeting, you will listen to his ship with a software we install on yours. then you will return and relay what you have heard. simple as that."

i was quite relieved that this point, but still i wasnt sure i could trust these people to do what they said they would do. such is life, i suppose, when youve docked at and asked for help at a pirates bay.

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chapter 5 the new me
i was set up with a new identity. at least, as far as my ships computers were concerned i was anyway. and when im scanned, thats what they'll look at im told. since i didnt have any sort of identification papers on me, i was inclined to believe that too. my name is now uguras rudilis zusilas iii. setting out i checked into the gnn to see if this name brought any unwelcome information. it came out clean, but that was no guarantee. 2 million credits lighter in the pocket, i set course for the north gate and hit the autopilot.

my target was tracked to the next sector, faded dreams. a split by the name of mo t'kt flying a mamba raider. if he caught on that i was following, i was out gunned for sure since this ship didnt have any gun mounts on it. but i was assured i could outfly any missile and many of the lasers available on the market. i was also taught that keeping back about 20 km would keep me off his gravidar. i hope the pirate wasnt lying to me. back to my favorite hobby, waiting.

as i entered the next sector through its souther gate i was met with a display that will stay burned in my memory for a long time yet. there was a massive battle going on in the northern part of the sector, and though i couldnt get any of the ships information on my canopy, i could see that they were all rather massive fighters. lasers were flying too and fro from both sides, punctuated occasionally by a ship exploding. when these big boys blew, they blew big. its was a pretty sight, thats for sure. i just hoped it was "good" guys winning, and that the sector wasnt about to be overrun by people that didnt care if they blew me out of the sky just as i was making life safe for myself. it was all so distracting i almost forgot why i was there.

there were a few mamba raiders within scanning distance, so i started poking them on my canopy to see what the pilots name was. id tried 3 when i found my target. he was only 12 km away! as if i needed a reminder to stay on my toes. i started heading away from him on a 90 degree path to his current trajectory until the distance increased to about 18 km. it didnt take long, they were definately right about this ship being fast! i now turned and matched both his trajectory and speed. we were headed towards what appears to be the east game. i was still too far away to get the name of the sector it linked to but really that didnt matter. this seems easy enough. once again, my favorite hobby... waiting.

there wasnt much to look at in this sector either... there only appeared to be 2 stations of any kind. the battle that was taking place in the north of the sector was also winding down, and my gravidar was starting to show that there were a lot of crates and missiles just floating in that area of the sector now. i should have tried to keep my freighter, i could have sent her out to pick the junk up and sold it all for profit. oh well, you cant lose what you dont have so the floating freight was really no loss to me.

i followed the mamba raider through 2 sectors, queens harbor, and menelaus' oasis, till we turned south and into an unknown sector. there are a good number of asteroids in this sector, so i hoped this would be where the meeting would take place. for all i know, they could be meeting somewhere 20 sectors away. if there are that many sectors, anyway. as lu neared the center of the sector though, another ship appeared from behind an asteroid. they aproached each other then both stopped. this must be it. i started the listener program that zuzuamis had installed on this ships computers, and found a spot where i couldnt see the ships themselves.

after exchanging pleasentries, lu told the other ship (whos name i hadnt got) that he would begin transmission. sounds like hes sending a file or something. or maybe some wares. i didnt hear much during the next mizura so i inched my ship out from behind the asteroid id been hiding behind, turning so that my ship was nearly invisible to anyone looking closely in my direction. both ships were there still. neither moved for another 5 mizuras, then the comms channel came back to life as they said quick goodbyes and started off in different directions. i figured i should maybe get the name of the other pilot, and any other information i could so i flew in its direction, on a path that would take me near it but not directly to it. i hoped that was enough to not raise any suspicion.

the other ship was labelled boron customs mako raider and flown by one popo bo. i didnt know if that meant anything or not, but i thought zuzuamis would like to know who his information was going to if that indeed was what was happening. i set the autopilot to dock me at the anarchy port back in veil of delusion and decided that once i was clear of this sector i would take a nap. and once i was clear of the first gate, thats exactly what i did. i didnt realise how tired i was until i reclined my seat and shut my eyes.

it wasnt a long nap though, as this ship is very fast. i was back at the anarchy port in close to no time. docking there i was met by what i assumed were the same goons that had picked me out of my old ship and escorted back to zuzuamis' office.

"what did you discover, following our friend mo t'kt around, sinassis? or should i say uguras?" he asked me as i sat down.

"i would prefer ugaris if that is what im to be known as now." i said. "i found your friend meeting in an unkown sector a few gates from here with a popo bo, in a ship labelled as a boron customs mako raider. they did not talk about much other than to say hello and goodbye, but i suspect there was a file transferred between the ships."

"yes, we have listened to the logs from the conversation. your ship recorded them for us. whats more is they show us the nature of the transfer between the two ships and without telling you too much i can say that for us it is troublesome." zuzuamis told me, with genuine concern. "we have changed the nature of your tasks from this point forward. maybe when you complete them we can tell you why but i think one as smart as you could figure it out before long."

"me? smart?" i chuckled "how could i be smart when i cant remember anything other than the last tazura?" i asked

"you must be smarter than even you think, as you have come to us to ask for our help when it turns out we could use yours the most. for the next task, you will be given back your freighter and it will have a cargo on board. we want you to go back to faded dreams where you will find a customs outpost outside the normal boundries of the sector. its coordinates have been programmed into nividium horizons computer. tell the people there you have found this freighter in space, abandoned, and know it to belong to you... sinassis... and that you think the terrans will find it interesting. the borons there will see it as a tool to gain some leverage in their talks with the terrans and take it almost without question. then you will get back into this starburst and fly very fast. but not back here. you cannot return for a while. your next communication will be waiting at brannan's triumph, in the pirate base there. they will be expecting you and you will be found by the right person once you have landed. it is a long journey but your ship is fast. and your patience will bring you much profits."

"if i must, i must" i said. this sounded suspicious indeed, but after all id apparently done in my life, should i care?

with that, i boarded my old freighter and set a course for the security outpost. so, this is the new me.

26-11-2012, 09:58 AM
Hiya Peeps, :wave:
Hiya mate, I'm liking this story of yours! O0
If you need some pointers about story "flow", have a peek at some of KRM's stories & see if they can give you some ideas when you get stuck.. ;)
Oh yeah, don't panic too much about any typo's that may crop up from time to time, so long as you're happy with the way your story is progressing I have no objections to them being there & will get around to fixing them one of these days.... :lol: (I still have a year or two of KRM's story to do yet... I'll get around to fixing them one of these days.. :rofl:)

Cheers & Thranx

PS Oh yeah, while I think of it, feel free to join the "Writers Guild" here on the forum.. click on the top one, "Writers".. ;) (http://www.thexuniverse.com/profile.php?do=editusergroups), it may take me a day or two accept your application request, if I haven't accepted your request within a day or so of you applying, send me a PM to remind me to check it for you as I sometimes get sidetracked & forget to check it.... :o

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as for flow, there are some points where im trying to convey the feel of travel around space... ie the waiting. and waiting. and waiting. also, there have to be some points where i introduce people that will pop up later and it makes a slow portion of the story but one that later one you will get a chance to say "oh, now i get it!". ive got the entire story mapped out in my head, really its just a matter of putting it to words. but my schedule allows what it allows, so i sit and write when i can. as for typos, yah theres prolly a bunch. i dont even do a spell check after im done, and prolly i should. but im pretty happy with the story thus far, so im gonna keep posting the "chapters" as they are typed out.
thanks for your positive feedback! im glad to hear that someone else likes the story, since i liked it the second i conceived it. i knew it was something i had to share too.

**EDIT** [27/11/2012 - 1:56pm AEST] Hiya mate, welcome to the Writers Guild! O0 yep, you guessed it, I've just accepted your request.. ;) Cheers, NC ;) **END EDIT**